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San Francisco Landmarks - a table with photos
CERES: State Historical Landmarks for San_Francisco County
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Early History
to 1900
1900 to 1950
  • 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire - 5:12 AM April 18, 1906
  • The 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition - The Panama Pacific International Exposition was the 1915 worlds fair held in San Francisco, California. Taking over three years to construct, the fair had great economic implications for the city that had been almost destroyed by the great earthquake and fire of 1906.
  • Remnants of a Dream traces the journeys some of the relics from the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition (PPIE) have taken since it ended more than 86 years ago. It chronicles the magnificent, slightly mad, achievements of what others have christened the “Best of the Great Expositions”.
  • It all happened on Fillmore Street - When the Earthquake and Fire of 1906 destroyed most of San Francisco, the Fillmore was untouched and for several months afterwards served as the commercial and political center of the city.
  • Filling the Marina - San Francisco has gone through tremendous land changes, and these changes have been dictated mostly by commercial interest. Originally, San Francisco had a very wavering waterfront that consisted mostly of sand dunes. The edge that faced the sea was eventually developed.
  • Golden Gate Bridge construction started in 1933
  • The China Clipper - November 11, 1935...Pan American Airway's China Clipper made the first transpacific airmail flight from San Francisco to Honolulu, Midway Island, Wake Island, Guam, and Manila, The Philippines
  • George Seldes 1934 Report on press and strike
  • Japanese American Internment - In the entire course of the war, 10 people were convicted of spying for Japan, all of whom were Caucasian (starting in 1942)
After 1950
Historical Figures - Biographies more places to look ...
Maps & Views
  • San Francisco--Home Page - Before and After the Great Earthquake and Fire: Early Films of San Francisco, 1897-1916 [Library of Congress]
  • American Memory - at the Library of Congress
  • ROOTS-L California - a mailing list for people who are interested in any or all aspects of genealogy with links to local history pages
Web Indexes
  • history - list of organizations from the Bay Area Progressive Directory
  • SF History @ Google
Books about San Francisco history
  1. San Francisco's Lost Landmarks by James R. Smith, 2005. [amazon]
  2. Murder By the Bay: Historic Homicide In and About the City Of San Francisco, by Charles F. Adams 2005. [amazon]
  3. San Francisco, You're History! : A Chronicle of the Politicians, Proselytizers, Paramours, and Performers Who Helped Create California's Wildest City, by J. Kingston Pierce [amazon] Chapters online:
  4. Chinese Playground : A Memoir - by Bill Lee - The book details Lee's upbringing in S.F. Chinatown and includes a detailed account of the Asian gang war that erupted with the 1977 Golden Dragon Massacre.
  5. San Francisco Confidential : Tales of Scandal and Excess from the Town That's Seen Everything, by Raymond Mungo (1995) [amazon]
  6. Historic San Francisco : A Concise History and Guide, by Rand Richards, (1991) [amazon]
  7. A Short History of San Francisco , by Tom Cole, (1988) amazon
  8. Reclaiming San Francisco : History, Politics, Culture : A City Lights Anthology, Edited by James Brook, Chris Carlsson, Nancy J. Peters (1998) [amazon] See: Shaping San Francisco
  9. A Terrible Anger : The 1934 Waterfront and General Strikes in San Francisco, by David F. Selvin, amazon, review
  10. San Francisco Almanac : Everything You Want to Know About Everyone's Favorite City, by Gladys C. Hansen, (1995)
  11. San Francisco's Famous Sea Lions - by Kat Shehata (2002) amazon - - Reading level: Ages 9-12
  12. The History of Alta California : A Memoir of Mexican California, by Antonio Maria Osio et al, (1996) [amazon]

    See also:
    Selected Annotated Bibliography @Library of Congress

    For full texts of Annals of San Francisco [1855], Barbary Coast [1933], Beginnings of San Francisco [1912], Fantastic City [1932], My Own Story [1919], Seventy-five Years in California [1929] and Yerba Buena Island [1936] - see Ron Filion's SF History.


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