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Contrary to what people may think, the non-profit, Peaceful Streets, is not about ending the war in the middle east. It's got nothing to do with politics or anything controversial at all. Peaceful Streets pre-dates all the current issues that are at the top of media radar. John Ricker founded Peaceful Streets to make the streets safer for children by teaching them about guns and how best to avoid being injured by them, at a time when the biggest battles being fought were on the streets of our cities.

He has a two-pronged approach to promoting gun safety. He conducts lessons in classrooms, teaching children about the true nature of weapons and how to protect themselves by leaving dangerous situations. He also works with cities all over the Bay Area, he holding large public gun bakes, melting donated weapons and turning into works of art. His work will be shown as part of the Day of the Dead show at the Oakland Museum of California. See the update on the new show above. We will be announcing his latest, "Freedom from Fear" bells project soon and it will be on display at the StudioZ show.

John's Shows
The next public event is scheduled for November 7 at the Oakland Museum, where "The Gun Coffin" is on display as part of the Dia De Los Muertas exhibit. He'll be doing two gun smashes at the museum, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. He will also announce his next project, the "Freedom from Fear Bells", which will be unvielled at the StudioZ Show, November 15. Like all the Peaceful Streets events, the public will be invited to participate in the events, which will grow over time as participation and awareness grows.

From Guns into Art gun melts will be at 6:30 PM and 7:30 PM
Oakland Museum of California
1000 Oak Street @10th St
one block from Lake Meritt BART Station
Oakland, California 94607

driving directions on line

Peaceful Streets "Freedom From Fear Bells"
The bells will be produced from asmmunition casings, and will represent the number of people killed each year by guns in America, currently averaging around 32.000. Details on sponsorship of the bells will be forth-coming. As opposed to the large expensive sculptures that are dependent on big donations, the bells will be affordable to most people. Donors to the Freedom Bells will receive tickets to the StudioZ Show as John's guests. Bell designs will be on display at the show and orders will be taken by those who wish to sponsor or purchase them.

Four ways to support Guns into Art and Peaceful Streets
1. Donate guns and ammunition casings
2. Donate Funds
3. Sponsor or buy a bell

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