Who's Who in Bill's Big World...

Inspired by: Who's Who in Bill's Little World...

Al Gore the Veep. What's all the fuss about a few calls?
Alan Leventhal $3 million "energizer bunny" & CEO of Boston-based Beacon Companies - $200 million
Alfonse D'Amato representative from Israel or is it NY? a one man foreign policy?
Barbra Streisand singer and loyal contributor
Benjamin Netanyahu rogue Israeli Prime Minister - what can you do with him Madeleine?
Bernard Schwartz good for another mil?
Bill Clinton That's me, POTUS, the President and of the United States.
Bill Gates the other Bill - does the word "anti-trust" mean anything to him? See Les Wasserman ... his Little World...
Bob Bennett president's lawyer - schedule for sensitivity training
Bob Dole an example of Republican strategic planning
Bobbie Ann Williams hey I'm great, but not that great
Boris Yeltsin Russian Prime Minister
Buddy Young security? What does he know?
Calvin Klein cash & "youthful" ads
Chelsea Victoria Clinton my kid. keep your hands off
Connie Hamzy slut, but no liar?
David Copperfield Magician, there has got to be some way to use him
David Letterman Does Top Tens ...
Dianne Feinstein Will she or wont she? Di Fi
Dick Morris thanks for '96 and the book
Edward M. Kennedy the Senator from Mass
Elizabeth Ward nice pictures!
Elvis The King.
Fred Seigel the other $3 million "energizer bunny"
Gail Zappa cash and no yellow snow
Gennifer Flowers why is she on this list?
George Bush a not yet dead former President
George Lucas Star Wars. Coming again soon.
Harold Ickes ex chief of staff with lots of notes
Hillary Rodham Clinton FLOTUS and wife
Internet, the ?
James Carville $100 dollar bills and trailer trash
James Riady 20 visits & $1 million
Janet Reno Attorney General - could really cause a problem, why not be nicer to her? Who's Who & HELL FREEZES OVER
Jesse Helms in a monarchy we could just give him a title
Joan Konner Don't laugh; she's a professional.
John Huang $3 million & 67 visits.
Johnny Chung 50 visits & $400,000
Katherine Graham Chairman of the WASH POST/NEWSWEEK GROUP
Kathleen Willey no one proved anything, I feel Ed's pain
Kenneth Starr oh the Whitewater thing - why are people so obsessed with UFOs and the Hale-Bopp Comet anyway?
JFK dead President
LD Brown those dam troopers
Jo Jenkins hey, police lie sometimes too!
Lencola Sullivan those were the days
Lew Wasserman eat your heart out Republicans, anti-trust and fundraising can mix
Lynn Cutler The Kamber Group, $1.9 million "communication support services"
Madonna Actress, Singer and mother of baby Lola.
Madeleine Albright good to have someone who can talk to Jesse
Marilyn Monroe Dead actress, rumored friend of Kennedy
Martin Luther King slain civil rights leader.
Mat Drudge Dam DRUDGE REPORT - can Blumenthal finish him off?
Michael Isikoff nosy reporter
Michael Kinsley Slate producer. Hmmm. What if people started to read it?
Mike Espy first Secretary of Agriculture - who recommended him?
Mike Wallace 60 minutes asset
Monica Lewinsk Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, 23, has denied having any "sexual relationship with President Clinton" in a sworn affidavit --the DRUDGE REPORT
Nelson Mandela South African leader, why does the SWC want him to stay away from Arafat?
Newt Gingrich who does he owe what to?
Pat Buchanan helps to keep the Republicans divided
Paula Jones Why doesn't she quit? I must have forgotten something.
Pope John Paul II what's up with the Cuba visit?
Prince Charles UK royalty, makes me look good.
Princess Di would as many come to my funeral?
Richard Blum Dianne's husband
Rick Kaplan CNN asset
Roger Clinton stepdad
Roger Tamraz Thanks for the cash - put him down for $600K next year
Ron Brown first Secretary of Commerce - plane crash solved some problems
Ron Burkle Throws a good party, if you want to raise money in LA
Ronald Reagan ex-President, is he still alive?
Ross Perot the guy with the ears and lots of cash
Sarah McLendon Who should replace Gore?
Sidney Blumenthal good to know that he doesn't beat his wife
Steve Forbes Rich, magazine guy, probably not worth a call
Steve Jobs Apple founder, nice house and an ego bigger than mine
Steven Spielberg Film-maker and contributor extraordinnaire. Star Wars, ET, Indiana Jones...
Susan McDougal there is loyality
Ted Turner and you think Hillary is bad ...
Terry McAuliffe brings home the bacon!
Thomas Hendrickson Triangle Environmental
Timothy Maier where is his bug?
Truman Arnold what are friends for? Webster Hubbell?
Vance Opperman West Publishing & $14.2 mil *
Vincent Foster why do people keep dying around me?
Virginia Divine Blythe Clinton mother - the shrinks say this makes a lot of difference
Warren M. Christopher no longer Secretary of State
Webster Hubbell got to help a friend ... JR doesn't believe he "did a thing wrong"
Willian Jefferson Blythe III father - where was he?
William Safire NY Times columnist
William Shakespeare said something about killing lawyers
Willie Brown mayor of San Francisco
Yasser Arafat the guy responsible for keeping the Palestinians in line.

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