Slobodan Milosevic, Bill Clinton, Ehud Barak,
Tony Blair, Wesley Clark, William Cohen,
Madeleine Albright, Barry McCaffrey

Should they be tried for War Crimes?

NATO War Crimes? add to the poll
War Crimes Complaint

Has NATO committed war crimes? an article by John Doggett
Who NATO Killed - part of Counterpunch's War Against Serbia links
If Slobo, Why Not Bill? by Alexander Cockburn

In particular, the human rights group said that NATO's bombing of the Belgrade headquarters of Radio Television Serbia, on April 23, 1999, ''was a deliberate attack on a civilian object and as such constitutes a war crime." Sixteen people died in the predawn attack, nearly all of them technicians, security workers and makeup artists. "Collateral Damage" or Unlawful Killings? - NY Times article about

War Crimes Resources
at the New England Center for International Law and Policy

A Report on United States War Crimes Against Iraq to the Commission of Inquiry for the International War Crimes Tribunal by Ramsey Clark and Others

Bertrand Russell Vietnam War Crimes Tribunal

"President Clinton assures us of this in frequent briefings, during which he engages in rhetorical combat with Milosevic. But shouting "war criminal" only emphasizes that those who live in glass houses should be careful about throwing stones." Walter J. Rockler

"We must teach our children that conflicts cannot be resolved with violence."
William. J. Clinton - April, 1999 while bombs dropping in Yugoslavia.
The US/NATO lies

War criminals: real and imagined
July 25, 2001 The real war criminals are not on trial. By Gregory Elich.

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