Wanted by the FBI
William Cohen
Aliases: William S. Cohen
Age: 60+ Build: Medium
Sex: Male Hair: Brown
Height: ?? Eyes: Blue
Weight: ??? pounds Race: White

Found guilty of nineteen separate crimes by the Members of the International War Crimes Tribunal including "Killing and Injuring a Defenseless Population throughout Yugoslavia" and "Using Depleted Uranium, Cluster Bombs and Other Prohibited Weapons" GUILTY!

On March 24, 1999 defendant CLINTON ordered the military forces of the United States to participate in an aggressive military attack on former Yugoslavia and with the aid and abetment of defendant COHEN continued the attacks for more than 60 day, in violation of: (i) Article 2 of the United States Constitution, giving Congress the sole power to declare war (ii) 50 USC 1542, mandating initial and regular consultations with Congress; 50 USC 1543, mandating written reports of necessitating circumstances; and 50 USC 1544 mandating the termination of the war use of United States Armed Force after 60 days in the absence of the official enactment by Congress of specific statutory authority. INDICTMENT

Sworn in as the 20th Secretary of Defense in White House ceremonies by Vice President Al Gore at 10 a.m., Friday, Jan. 24, 1997. Cohen has authored or co-authored eight books, including two books of poetry, three novels, and three works of non-fiction.

Reston's MIC Industries Inc.[11911 Freedom Drive, Suite 1000, Reston, Virginia 20190, Tel..(703)318-1900, Fax: (703)318-9321], whose main product is the Ultimate Building Machine, a sort of portable construction factory, last week announced that it signed on former Defense secretary William S. Cohen as chairman of its board of advisers. [Washington Post, February 5, 2001] Along with US gov Guarantee of US$53,012,259 for equipment purchased by Russia ...

Part of the Cohen Group [www.cohengroup.net, wsc@cohengroup.net]... "The Cohen Group is an international strategic business consulting firm headed by former U.S. Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen; former Defense Department Chief of Staff Robert S. Tyrer; and former Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy James M. Bodner; former Special Assistant to Secretary of Defense, Paul R.S. Gebhard; and former National Security Council Chief of Staff Mara Rudman. H.K. Park, a top Pentagon aide, has also joined as a senior associate.... The firm provides business consulting services and advice on business and strategic opportunities in virtually every foreign market.... The Cohen Group has established a strategic alliance with the international law firm of McDermott, Will, and Emery."

He'll also a member of the Center for Strategic and International Studies [www.csis.org], co-director of Empower America [www.empoweramerica.org] (along with William J. Bennett, Jack F. Kemp, Jeane J. Kirkpatrick andVin Weberand) co-chair of the William S. Cohen Center for International Policy and Commerce at the University of Maine.

His wife, Janet Langhart, is president of Langhart Communications. Cohen has two grown sons, Kevin and Chris, from previous marriage.

.... We learned today that William Cohen, Janet Langhart's (third) hen-pecked husband - that last committed suicide by hanging himself - is on the Board of Directors of - Global Crossings, same outfit where DNC Chairman terry McAullife parlayed $100,000 in "stock" into an $18 million windfall. [Confirmed at: www.globalcrossing.com, 14-Feb-2002]

William S. Cohen was born on August 28, 1940 in Bangor, Maine. His father Reuben, a baker, was a Russian-Jewish immigrant and his mother, Clara, is of Irish-Protestant extraction. Cohen graduated from Bangor High School in 1958, and from Bowdoin College with an A.B. cum laude in Latin in 1962.



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