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Harshbarger and the Amirault Case

.... the mockery of reason and justice -- that began when District Attorney Scott Harshbarger mounted a sensational case of child sex abuse against the Amirault family, owners of the Fells Acres Day School in Malden. That was 1984. Today, Scott Harshbarger is the president of Common Cause, spokesman for all the latest in progressive-liberal enlightenment, and Gerald Amirault remains in prison, where he has been for nearly 14 years, with 20 years or more left to serve. Governor Cellucci's Chance, The Wall Street Journal Thursday, April 20, 2000

Why Swift should free Amirault By James M. Shannon, Boston Globe, 8/17/2001

"Former Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger made a political career by framing the Amirault family on child sex abuse charges." The Private Use of Public Policy by Paul Craig Roberts

Massachusett’s Scott Harshbarger, who built the fictional case against the Amirault family. Issue # 97

Violet Amirault and Cheryl Amirault LeFave

Scott Harshbarger and the Amirault Family
The Tragic and True Tale of the Amirault Family of Malden, Massachusetts (Thus Far)
Articles on the Fells Acres Day-care Ritual-abuse case by Hugo S. Cunningham
Wall Street Journal Editorializes Against Cellucci Concerned about One of Massachusetts’ ‘Most Notorious and Long-Running Travesties of Justice” – the Continued Incarceration of Gerald Amirault April 2, 2001

Open letter to the


How can Common Cause have Scott Harshbarger as President and CEO given the case of the Amirault Family which he prosecuted as District Attorney of Middlesex County? Just about everybody has agreed that that this case was a huge miscarriage of justice that put 3 people in jail for crimes they did not commit.

Dorothy Rabinowitz of The Wall Street Journal has exposed the systematic fabrication of evidence in this case. The question I ask is how can Common Cause continue it's association with Scott Harshbarger? Does Common Cause really want to put it's credibility on the line in defending the actions of a person like Scott Harshbarger?

Sent by email to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Name Profession Residence
Deborah Arnie Arnesen Radio Talk Show Host, former State Legislator, New Hampshire Nashua, NH
Derek Bok

Professor, Kennedy School of Government;former President, Harvard University Chairman, Common Cause
Derek Bok Center

Cambridge, MA
Margery Bronster Attorney, Bronster, Crabtree & Hoshibata; former Attorney General, Hawaii Honolulu, HI
John R. Chamberlin Professor, Political Science & Public Policy University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI
Dick Clark Senior Fellow and Vice President, The Aspen Institute; former US Senator, Iowa Washington, DC
Gregory Coleridge Director, Economic Justice & Empowerment Program, Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee Akron, OH
Marie Watters Colton Retired State Legislator Asheville, NC
Archibald Cox Chairman Emeritus, Common Cause;Carl M. Loeb Professor Emeritus Harvard Law School Brooksville, ME
Janet S. Domenitz Executive Director, Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group (MASSPIRG) Cambridge, MA
Robert J. Drinan, S.J. Professor, Georgetown University Law Center; Writer and Lecturer; former Member of Congress, Massachusetts Washington, DC
Paul Duke Senior Commentator, Public Broadcasting Service Washington, DC
Derre Ferdon Associate Director, Intermountain Centers for Human Development Tucson, AZ
Margaret Gordon
Professor (Dean Emeritus), Graduate School of Public Affairs, University of Washington Seattle, WA
Fred Harris Professor, Political Science, University of New Mexico; former US Senator, Oklahoma Albuquerque, NM
Scott Harshbarger President and CEO of Common Cause; former Attorney General, Massachusetts Washington, DC
Eric R. Havian Attorney; Partner, Phillips & Cohen Piedmont, CA
Philip Heymann Professor, Harvard Law School Belmont, MA
Hubert H. Humphrey III Senior Public Affairs Consultant, The Tunheim
Group; former Attorney General, Minnesota
New Hope, MN
Jocelyn Larkin Civil rights attorney Berkeley, CA
Annette LoVoi Executive Director, Texas Appleseed Austin, TX
Maya MacGuineas Fellow, New America Foundation Washington, DC
Harold McDougall Professor of Law, Catholic University Silver Spring, MD
William Parsons Attorney, Parsons & Funnell Denver, CO
Robert Pastor Visiting Professor, Harvard University Professor, Emory University Atlanta, GA
Richard North Patterson Novelist; Activist; Retired Attorney San Francisco, CA
John Rauh Chair, Children's Alliance of New Hampshire Sunapee, NH
Wendy Marcus Raymont Consultant Washington, DC
Daniel Tokaji Civil rights attorney, ACLU of Southern California Los Angeles, CA
Adam Werbach Executive Producer, Act Now Productions San Francisco, CA
Ann Wynia President, North Hennepin Community College; former State Legislator, Minnesota St. Paul, MN

[source:, 13-Jul-2001]

Replies ...

Thank you for doing this. But it's a futile gesture. For years people have been complaining to Common Cause, pointing out the immorality of Scott Harshbarger. And for years Common Cause has been turning a deaf ear. I'm sure you will get the same infuriating asinine letter from Derek Bok that everyone else has been getting. I'm one of those old-fashioned cranks who believe that evil is a moral issue. Accordingly, I boycott Common Cause and urge others to do the same. But thank you for making the effort. The folks at Common Cause need to be told that some of the American people still care about justice. -Bob Chatelle

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