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It's an old joke in Silicon Valley. Q: What's the difference between God and Larry Ellison? A: God doesn't think he's Larry Ellison. This week, we learned the difference between Larry Ellison and civilized society.... Gates and Microsoft compete with Oracle by offering consumers lower-priced products. Ellison and Oracle compete with Microsoft by hiring corporate spies operating through front companies, trying to pay off late night cleaning crews. The Difference Between Bill Gates and Larry Ellison By James K. Glassman

After conspiring with the Clinton gang to go after Microsoft - now Clinton is hitting him up to help pay for his library.

The guy from Oracle (NasdaqNM:ORCL) pushing national ID cards ... "in the electronic age, little privacy is left anyway"

This looks like trouble to Larry Ellison, so rather than using guts and creativity to respond in the marketplace, he whines to the government that his company is being victimized by Microsoft.” But he went further. Press reports in June revealed that in 1999, Oracle hired Investigative Group International, the Washington, D.C., private investigation firm that had earlier helped the tobacco industry and President Clinton with its hardball tactics. IGI, as The Wall Street Journal reported, “promptly went trash-hunting” – literally prowling through dumpsters containing the garbage of trade associations and other groups friendly to Microsoft. Ellison’s response to this sleaze: “I feel very good about what we did,” he told the press. “All we did was to try to take information that was hidden and bring it into the light. I don’t think that’s arrogance. That’s public service.” This sordid history came to mind last week when Bill Clinton -- who, in quite another sense, has done some dumpster-diving on his own -- gave a speech Feb. 19 at an Oracle applications conference in New Orleans. Clinton and Ellison are made for each other. Bill's And Larry's Continued Political Misadventures By James K. Glassman (March 7, 2001)

Well what would you call someone that promises products with features that don't even exist, only to go back to developers and demand that they deliver these forthcoming products? What about hiring staff that are not qualified for their positions -- so unskilled, in fact, that they required manuals when chosen for their respective positions? Ellison deserves credit for that one as well. - Larry Ellison

Apple recently revealed in its SEC filings that in 1999 it paid "approximately $102,865" to Wing & A Prayer, a company wholly owned by Oracle's Ellison, for air transportation of Apple executives. Insight

"Hi there, can I buy you a car?" According to accusations from an ongoing trial, that's the approach the Oracle CEO used to convince company secretaries to, ahem, "date" the boss. The case involves a 33-year-old former employee accused of forging an email message. The woman [Adelyn Lee], who was fired shortly after an affair with Ellison, obtained a $100,000 settlement from him. Larry Ellison's All-Time Top Pickup Line

Poor, poor Larry Larry's been having a bad month. Take, for example, the action of Ellison had previously been invited to join the year-old start-up's board of directors by the company's founder, Marc Benioff, a former Oracle employee. Then last month, Ellison, who is also an investor, was asked to resign because of a conflict of interest. The conflict? Oracle is launching a direct competitor called Larry Ellison has a very bad month, but Randi says he's just insecure By Robert X. Cringely® June 30, 2000

Friends and foes alike are verbally abused by Ellison. He ridiculed America Online last year, calling it "ridiculous" and deriding it as "Club Med on the web." Nathan Myhrvold, chief technologist at archrival Microsoft Corp., has been labeled an "idiot" by Ellison. And despite having a technology partnership with Netscape Communications, Ellison trounced the company last year by calling its products "very, very thin" and then adding: "You think everybody will start their day with a Netscape logo? No way. It's not going to happen." -- one must wonder if we would actually choose to trade a Bill Gates dictatorship for Larry Ellison's form of technological totalitarianism. Editor's Notebook The grand obsessions of Larry Ellison by Mike Consol

"Unfortunately, the published reports and Mr. Ellison's attempts to justify his company's behavior only raise many more questions about the nature, scope and duration of Oracle's activities. These published reports may only be the tip of the iceberg of their activities." "Oracle's attacks on trade associations and public policy groups are disingenuous and hypocritical. Obviously, Oracle has funded or supported numerous groups that have attacked Microsoft in recent years, such as ProComp, the Progress & Freedom Foundation, the Software & Information Industry Association, and the Computer & Communications Industry Association." Oracle Admits Hiring Investigators who Sought Trash of Pro-Microsoft Groups June 27, 2000

THUMBS DOWN Larry Ellison this year retained his trophy for crass behavior and pompous posturing. The highlight was his phony threat to lead a takeover of Apple. Retire to your mini-Japanese-village estate in Woodside, Larry. Let your teenage son fly around in the jet fighter you gave him for his birthday. Spend your billions. But please shut up.Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down for 1997 PC Magazine

a lagre compilation of Larry's photos

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try the Atherton (or is it Woodside) estate ??? or Pacific Heights in San Francisco

.. on Moutain Home Road... Fort Ellison (Oracle chief Larry Ellison's estate, complete with underground parking!), shown in the photo on the right.

Ellison Watch: Home Cost Doubles for famed CEO WOODSIDE — The richest CEO in California is gonna have to ante up more than twice as much as originally estimated for construction on his new estate. Larry Ellison, CEO of Redwood Shores-based Oracle Corp., is constructing a 23-acre Japanese-style imperial villa that will feature 500 mature cherry, maple, ginkgo, and other trees; 5,000 tons of Yuba River boulders; about 81,000 cubic yards of prime dirt; 10 buildings, including a 7,800-square-foot main residence; ponds, hills, islands, and a 2.7-acre main pond with a 3,200-foot shoreline that's fed by two waterfalls cascading from an upper level pond. Reportedly, the chateau has more than doubled in price to about $100 million, compared to a price tag of about $40 million just five years ago. The project still has two years left until completion. The Woodside Planning Department estimates property taxes on such a home would have exceeded $411,000 for 2000. Ellison owns about one-fourth of Oracle, considered the world's second-largest software company behind Microsoft. His paper wealth has dipped to about $20 billion, down from $40 billion in January, but still enough to cover the cost of the estate. Ellison has a similar, albeit smaller, Japanese-style residence nearby in Atherton, which he plans to sell when the Woodside project is done.


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