President Clinton's Bosnia Speech and Truth

    What is the truth?

  1. The bottom line is that Bill Clinton is simply not telling the truth about American history. Was the Vietnam War an example of "America's ideals -- of liberty, democracy and peace"? Has America "always been freedom's greatest champion"? The problem is that his statements are simply not true. One wonder why Americans have so little faith in their politicians and elected leaders - perhaps it is that we continue to be lied to by our leaders. My sense is that Americans "standing up for freedom" have more than likely been standing up against the imperialistic foreign policy and anti free speech position of the United States government. Does support for the Shaw of Iran and other dictators around the world set an example of "standing up for liberty, democracy and peace"? Is the United States is viewed worldwide as a "uniquely trusted nation".

    Given the history of American involvement overseas one can expect Americans to be dubious of the governments desire to send US citizens to die in foreign countries. The problem is that when Mr. Clinton lies, everyone thinks it is ok to lie.

  2. You say "America cannot be the world's policeman" - what is this?

  3. You bring up World War II concentration camps - are you including the ones operated by the United States government for US citizens of Japanese decent? The Japanese American Internment

  4. You bring up Pope John Paul II - is he an example of support of freedom? Does he support the rights of non Catholics in Ireland to chose to get a divorce?

  5. Is saying "God Bless America" your way of showing "multi-ethnic tolerance"?

See: The Clinton Vision - by Noam Chomsky