Subj:	Re: message for the President re Internet web page
Date:	95-10-15 13:48:25 EDT
From:	autoresponder@WhiteHouse.Gov
To: (Richard Petersen)

    Thank you for writing to President Clinton via electronic
mail.  Since June 1993, has received over 685,000
messages from people all across the country and the world.  

    Because so many of you write, the President cannot
personally review each message.  The mail is first read by White
House Correspondence staff.  Your concerns, ideas, and
suggestions are carefully recorded and communicated to the
President weekly with a representative sampling of the mail.

     All of us at the White House are excited about the progress
of this historic project (be sure to check out the Web page as
described below!), and we look forward to future developments
(such as using email to respond to the content of your messages). 
Your continued interest and participation are very important to


                       Stephen K. Horn
                       Director, Presidential Email
                       The Office of Correspondence

P.S. Please read on - you may find the following information

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--  The only personal addresses at are the

Please write to Mrs. Gore and other White House staff by regular
mail.  The address is:  

     The White House, Washington, D.C. 20500.

--   On October 20, 1994, President Clinton and Vice President
Gore opened a World Wide Web home page called "Welcome to the
White House:  An Interactive Citizens' Handbook" and it fast
became one of the more popular spots on the Web.  The White House
home page provides, among other things,  a single point of access
to all electronic government information on the Internet. 
"Welcome to the White House" can be accessed at:


--   White House documents and publications are available on the
World Wide Web (see above) and by email.  To receive instructions
on retrieving documents by email, please send a message to the
following address:


In the body of your message, type "Send Info" (without quotes);
do not include other text (such as message headers or
signature lines (.sig files)).  The instructions will be sent to
you automatically.

List of Clinton Administration Accomplishments (three documents
compose the whole):

    Message body:      send file 317571
                       send file 317573
                       send file 317575

--   The White House Public Access Email FAQ (Frequently Asked
Questions) document is available at the following address.  The
FAQ, among other things, lists alternate sources of government
information, i.e., the Congressional email projects.  Send an
email message (no text necessary) to:


(This FAQ address is an autoresponder only; any comment sent to
this address will not be acknowledged.)