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"He defines himself as a man desperately eager to please, and the voraciousness of his appetite--for more friends, more speeches, more food and drink, more time on stage, more hands to shake, more hugs--suggests the emptiness of a soul that knows itself only by the names of what it seizes or consumes." ( Can the President Think?, By Edith Efron, Reason Magazine ... Why Bill Clinton Can't Handle the Truth

The Clinton stories the media still won't cover - Accessory after the fact: the media and the Clinton scandals By Sam Smith

The Clinton Presidency at Mid-Point By Mara Liasson, 2/26/95
Big Brother Bill by John Heilemann, Wired, Oct 1996
No Respect - Why the Washington establishment hates Bill Clinton. By Jacob Weisberg, Slate

Rogue States - The concept "rogue state" is highly nuanced. The U.S. does not fall into the category despite its terrorist attacks against Cuba for close to 40 years. By Noam Chomsky

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