too long, cost too much, and hurt too many innocent people."

> --- Mr. Starr's dogged litigation against the American
> President's sexual escapades is characterized by
> Mr. Clinton himself as something that
> "has gone on too long, cost too much,
> and hurt too many innocent people."
I wish the above words could be echoed by the world about US sponsored sanctions.

I completely condemn the killing of innocent Africans in Tanzania and Kenya, these poor people have never been aggressors against the Arab world. It was a shame that they had to pay for crimes that were not theirs.

I wonder if those responsible intentionally sought the death of so many innocent African civilians.  Yet I do not know who was responsible, the FBI has not finished their forensic investigations nor have they been able to show evidence beyond a reasonable doubt other than hear say, who those responsible were.

The Zionist controlled media has put the blame on a Saudi national, Osama Bin Laden, a terrorist plotting to destroy the US. An insane individual who believes that the US military occupation of Saudi Arabia and subsequent support for the unpopular, unelected, corrupt, and  tyrannical rule of the Saudi Royal family is morally wrong.

I must confess at being confused at various self made specialists on Middle East affairs use of the term terrorists. I am a naive Arab and thus easily confused. I am grateful to understand thanks to CNN that Osama was a freedom fighter when he killed Soviet troops during the Afghan war for the US,  but is now a terrorist for wanting to kill Americans. To make sure my understanding of who is a terrorist is correct I looked up this term in my dictionary,  "Terrorism: n. use of violence and intimidation to achieve political ends."

But this official definition made me confused again. Surely if this definition was true that would mean that the US using bombs against Iraq and strong means of intimidation such as sanctions to secure the political ends of Iraq complying with UN resolutions is a terrorist act. Again I returned to CNN to learn more like millions of others across the globe. Terrorists are a threat to US national security, more so since the collapse of the Berlin Wall, but I was grateful to know that the US rather than decreasing its global military presence will instead continue to spend billions on defensive weapons like new strategic bombers, submarines and missile systems research to deter any terrorist threat to the US.

Do not fall in to the trap of thinking that these weapons are weapons of mass destruction like Iraq`s, North Korea`s or Iran`s weapons of mass destruction please, as these, in the case of the US are purely defensive. The US is a responsible government unlike pariah states and does not ignore the will of the international community (with minor exceptions such as refusal to condemn Israel, or accept the abolition of land mines or to allow the international War Crimes tribunal to be truly independent or impartial.) The US does not sponsor or allow any form of terrorist fund raising on its soil, unlike nasty pariah states like Syria that allows Hezbollah to train and collect funds from Lebanese areas under its control. At this point one must try to understand what terrorism is all about, ignore the fact that the US sponsors anti Castro Cuban terrorists, sorry I meant freedom fighters. Neither must you think that the US traditional sympathy, tolerance and fund raising for Irish Republican terrorists that kill British civilians, which really enrages many English friends of mine, is hypocritical. It is an unrelated matter to the problems of world terrorists, (I.e. Islamic terrorists.)

The US is a responsible democratic government like Israel, that does not like terrorist organisations and evil nasty pariah states commit acts of cowardly aggression that kills civilians. The US acts with the support of the international community (trust me you can count them all on your hand) and in the best interests of the Arab world when it uses cruise missals from remote bases at night that attacks legitimate military targets, such as a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan which should not be mistaken for a pharmaceutical factory. Remember even though Sudan has asked UN international inspectors to examine the site we all know that it is not possible that a famine and diseased stricken country like Sudan might actually be making medicines to help its population.

Remember the baby milk factory in Iraq that was bombed by the US during the Gulf War, despite the fact that UNSCOM officially is not interested in this facility as there is zero evidence that it made anything other than baby milk, we all know that a third world country would not make baby milk, it must be suspect if Iraq wanted to feed its babies or to try and become a modern industrialised country yet not want to import American manufactured baby milk. We all know the US is always right.

No! The US will not bow down to cowardly terrorists like Hamas fighters that cowardly leave their wife, children and home, strap themselves with explosives and during daylight look their enemies in the eyes and loose everything by ending their lives. The US will respond from now on to terrorists like Hamas by using unmanned, cruise missals fired from remote locations hundreds of miles from the target site at night.

I hope no body thinks that the timing of the US attacks against Afghanistan or Sudan, two of the most poorest countries in the world whoes combined national incomes is smaller than the CIA`s budget, had anything to do with Lewinsky testifying that same day and proving President Clinton a liar. The President has said there is no coincidence, he has given us his word (he is after all truthful to the American people, well most of the time) and has evidence showing that  mysterious and infamous world terrorists heads were meeting in Afghanistan at that time. Do not start thinking this to be a conspiracy on the part of the President even though he refuses to give this evidence to the US armed services committee for reasons of National Security.

Also I hope countries like Syria and Lebanon do not misinterpret justified American defensive actions against terrorists  and violate international law and start a military campaign against SLA terrorist bases in Israel that have bombed Lebanese civilians, as the US will pass a resolution in the security council condemning any such act which is not in the case of these countries a legitimate defensive act against SLA terrorism, (even though it would be justified if Syria was mearly enforcing UN resolution 242, like the US uses military sanctions to enforce UN resolutions against Iraq.) We know the US is always right and that Syria is one of those Arab bad guy countries.

Finally rest assured ya Arabs the US is not waging a war against the Arab people or against Islam, Mr Clinton said so, he is a man of honesty and means what he says. Mr Clinton does differentiate, for example between "sexual contact and sexual relations" like Mr George Bush who said he had no problem with the people of Iraq.

Regards Hadi:)))

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