Bill Clinton and the 60s

Myth #69 - Clinton represents the 60s counterculture.
It helps to keep this all straight to bear in mind that Clinton, according to intelligence sources, spent at least part of the 1960s spying for the CIA on his fellow students. Further, when he was at Georgetown and working for Senator Fulbright he found little time for movement activities, witness this excerpt from "Partners in Power" by Roger Morris:

"In October 1967, Clinton's senior autumn in Washington, a thousand activists, mostly students, held a chanting 'siege' of the Pentagon, while a hundred thousand more kept quiet vigil at the Lincoln Memorial. 'None of us took part because we were aiming to be mainstream players and didn't identify with the marchers,' said [a Clinton friend] later, explaining their failure to join the protests. Bill and Kit [a Clinton roommate] had their positions on the Hill to protect, and they didn't ant to embarrass the men for whom they worked. ~ They were 'in many ways ~ a generation apart' from their own age group, thought his classmate John Kalell."
Source: Progressive Review

Clinton stands for more jails, more war, less freedom. These are not 60s values - these are the values of the elite's who ran the country in the 60s and continue to buy and sell politicians.
Clinton is nothing more than a bought and paid for mouthpiece of the East Coast establishment elite's who run the Democratic and Republican parties. Clinton keeps pushing the bankrupt "War on Drugs". Clinton pushes the interests of Chiquita Banana when no American jobs are at stake. Clinton keeps the policies of locking people up for marijuana use - even when the citizens of California and many other states vote to allow use of medical marijuana. No, media pundits, Clinton does not represent the 60s. The 60s were not about bombing Iraq and supporting dictators around the world. The 60s were about peace and the freedom to be left alone. The 60s were about the use of illegitimate authority by the Federal government of the United States - whether it was bombing the Vietnamese or telling people what drugs they could or could not use. The reactions from the 60s may still be ricocheting through the culture - but one thing is certain, Clinton is no hero of the 60's. The 60's belong to LSD, pot, peace marches. Noam Chomsky, the Diggers and a lot more of what made the 60s great. The pathetic excuse for a president that Clinton has been has little to do with the values of the 60's. He may have sounded a little populist in 1992 when he was running for president, but he has long since exposed himself as the pathological liar and con artist that he and many others in his profession are.

No wonder Americans are sick of the media - they keep feeding us lies like the crap that Clinton represents the 60s.

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