>nice website - but can you tell me how there might be a
>connection to Bill Clinton?

A reply from Linda Ives who's son, Kevin Ives, was murdered on August 23, 1987. For more of the story, see: The Train Deaths

Richard -- Thanks for the nice comment on the website. I have never claimed any direct connection between Clinton and my son's murder, however, his fingerprints are all over the case.

1. The state crime lab director is appointed by the governor and serves at the will of the governor. At the time of the boy's murder, the director's position was vacant. Three department chiefs, Ken Michau, head of toxicology; Ralph Turbyfill, who I believe was head of latent fingerprints and; Bear Chandler (I've forgotten his department) were designated by Clinton to be the "acting directors. When Steve Cox, who was the crime lab's trace evidence expert, found cuts in both of the boy's shirts, he wanted to do further testing to determine whether or not the cuts in the shirts matched any of the wounds on the boys' bodies. Cox received a memo from the acting directors stating that no further testing was to be conducted because the crime lab was "going to back Malak's ruling". This information came from Cox's grand jury testimony. In fact, Cox left the Arkansas state crime lab and moved out of state. I do not believe that the acting crime lab directors would have made the decision to stop Cox from doing his job without orders from above. The only person they answered to was Bill Clinton.

2. For 5 years Clinton steadfastly defended Fahmy Malak (medical examiner who ruled the boys deaths accidental) despite a huge public outcry for his dismissal and even recommended a 41% salary increase in his salary.

3. Understanding that Malak was a definite liability and problem for his presidential campaign, when Clinton decided to run for president Clinton's office participated in "negotiations" to create a new position for Malak in the state health department despite a hiring freeze. Then when the "negotiations" were exposed in the media, Clinton lied about his involvement, which was also exposed and loudly protested to no avail.

4. An FBI agent told us that the State Democratic Party Chairman, Lib Carlisle, called the state capital to call of the state police investigation of the boys' murders.

5. Don Birdsong was the state police investigator in charge of the case in 1989. If you have looked at much of the website, you know that, in my opinion, the ASP investigation was a sham. Birdsong withdrew from the case and was appointed Arkansas State Police liason to Clinton's office.

6. Robert Shepherd, appointed by Clinton as the state drug czar, interfered with three separate investigations of the boys' deaths. He tried to convince the U.S. Attorney's office that Jean Duffey was "crazy"; He warned John Brown to back off the case and; he attempted to intervene in the FBI investigation.

7. I was placed on Clinton's "enemies" list and, in fact, singled out by White House Counsel Mark Fabiani to reporter Phil Weiss who wrote the New York Times Magazine article, "Clinton Haters". The "Mainstream Conspiracy Commerce Report" was a Why was I important enough to even be on the list, much less be singled out to reporters???? Phil Weiss' conclusion was much like mine -- I am not a conspiracy nut out to get Bill Clinton -- I have a legitimate complaint about the handling of my son's murder case.

Although Clinton My agenda has never been to "get" Bill Clinton -- The only persons I am interested in "getting" is my son's killers. Likewise, I also cannot ignore the obvious connections he has to the case.

Kindest regards,

Linda Ives
Tuesday, October 12, 1999

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