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There is a much material on the Net relative to the Catholic Church, her teachings and history. Not all of it portrays the Church in a unified or flattering light. Some of it is angry, some asks questions, and others try to answer questions and be helpful. Some deal with current controversies in the Church. Others provide a historical perspective. The unique hypertext nature of the Web creates a forum for many voices. Here are some we have found... It is our sincere belief that the spirit of Christ is not threatened, but rather strengthened, by a questioning mind and has nothing to fear from a divergence of views. May God lead you to truth. New links and updates: Thursday, May 20, 1999:
Fides et Ratio - see: Christus Rex
SFBay Catholic Electronic Magazine - San Francisco Bay Catholic attempts to provide arguments on both sides of the important Issues facing Roman Catholicism today.
150+ Anti-Gnostic Links - Catholics as Gnostic

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