Note that John Phillips is not presenting a Catholic viewpoint. West ( says, "The statements and dates listed in this site seem to be based on the Protestant's confusion over the fact that when an ecumenical council or a Pope infallibly defines dogma, binding the Faithful is not when the Church came up with idea and started preaching it. In example the Assumption of Mary in 1950 and Transubstantiation in 1215. Of course the Church has always taught the eucharist is the actual Body and Blood, and The body of Mary was assumed into heaven." You may add your comments to this page here. This page offers a place to respond to those who have been critical or propagate misinformation about the Catholic church.

A Historical Perspective - 310-1950

(from Can A Christian Remain A Roman Catholic, by John Phillips)
Prayers for the dead were introduced in 310 
The lighting of candles in 320 
The worship of saints about 375 
The mass was adopted in 394 
The worship of Mary began to develop about 432 
Priests began to assume distinctive robes in 500 
The doctrine of purgatory was introduced in 593 
Worship in Latin (since repealed) was mandated in 600 
Claims to Papal Supremacy took firm foot in 606 
Feasts in honor of the Virgin Mary began in 650 
The custom of kissing the Pope's foot was introduced in 709 
The worship of images and relics was authorized in 788 
The invention of holy water was about 850 
The canonization of saints was formalized in 993 
Feasts for the dead were introduced in 1003 
The celibacy of the priesthood was declared in 1074 
The dogma of Papal infallibility was announced in 1076 
Prayer beads were introduced in 1090 
The doctrine that there are seven sacraments was introduced in 1140 
The sale of indulgences began in 1190 
The wafer was substituted for the loaf in 1200 
The dogma of transubstantiation was adopted in 1215 
Confession was instituted in 1215 
The adoration of the Wafer began in 1220 
The Ave Maria was introduced in 1316 
The cup was taken from the laity in 1415 
Purgatory was officially decreed in 1439 
Roman tradition was placed on the same level as Scripture in 1546 
The Apocrypha was received into the Canon in 1546 
The immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary was announced in 1854 
The doctrine of the temporal power of the Pope proclaimed in 1864 
The personal corporeal presence of the Virgin in heaven in 1950 

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