The Southern Poverty Law Center - Tolerance - Waco - Ruby Ridge and the demonization of the militia movement.

There is a kind of irony in the Southern Poverty Law Center's "Expect more Bombs" direct mail campaign of1996. The irony is that the bombs have not come from the militia groups, but from the US government itself. There has been an almost constant bombing of Iraq over the last few years. Then there is the 78-day bombing of Yugoslavia. And a few misplaced bombing attacks on Sudan and Afghanistan. What to make of all this?

First the Clinton administration has shown that it will use violence on just about anyone it pleases under whatever circumstances it pleases. Clinton shows no inclination toward following the US Constitution's requirement that Wars be voted on by the Congress. Furthermore he has shown contempt for International law and the UN charter by flagrantly violating the treaty terms calling for Security Counsels approval before interfering within the boundaries of another country. So much for Clinton, it could be argued that he is just to stooge of the ruling elite who really call the shots. Can you imagine what the media would do if the militia groups had killed as many people with bombs as Clinton. And guess what - many of them were gung ho for his Bombs.

Then we come to Morris Dees and The Southern Poverty Law Center. What are they up to? They have lots of money (over 60 million at last count). Did they get this from $25 donations? Who is behind this organization? There are some who really hate Dees.

Some people don't like them:

The Center of Hate
Morris Dees:
Fear-monger, Profiteer and Hypocrite...
An Expose

The problem is, voluminous records and testimony reveal that everything Dees purports to despise... HE IS! And now, he is being judged by his own judgments. His Southern Poverty Law Center is not Southern, is a long way from the Poverty bracket and has nothing to do (really) with Law. In reality his organization is better identified as the Center of Hate.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has computer files of more than 12,000 people identified as members of a far-right group. The Wiesenthal Center operates an extensive electronic tracking station, where researchers monitor television, cable and radio shows all over the world for racist and anti-Semitic content. Enemies R Us

To: MS. Jackson-Lee Congresswoman of Texas
From: Ray Southwell, Co-Founder of the Michigan Militia Corps
Subject: House Concurrent Resolution 206, Sense of Congress Resolution regarding the Armed Militia.

Recently I was given a copy of your speech before Congress dated August 2,1996. I was shocked at the misinformation that you gave your colleagues. Congress continues to deny an open forum for discussion on the many reasons for the Militia movement. You madam, like the press, continue to manufacture public consent for the destruction of freedoms and liberties in this nation. History will show how Congress led this country into civil war because they would not listen.

UNABOMBER AND EARTH FIRST - After the Oklahoma City bombing, the country suddenly took note of the rhetoric coming from far-right radical groups such as the numerous citizen militias and separatists such as the Posse Comitatus. Now, reports NPR's Howard Berkes, similar links are being made between the suspected Unabomber and the inflammatory language of some radical environmental groups.
Leave it to NPR to connect the UNABOMBER AND EARTH FIRST
All Things Considered, Friday 04/12/96

The Southern Poverty Law Center Report
Introduction: "Expect More Bombs"

Joe Roy says "Our aim here is not to defend big government or to condemn legitimate dissent. Our nation's founders created a Constitution that encourages us to keep a watchful eye on those in power, and we improve our government when we view it with a healthy dose of skepticism. To demand reform is patriotic. To abandon the path of democracy is not. "

Mr. Roy - what do you say of a government which will go to War without a constitutionally mandated congressional mandate? What do you say to those people who think what the US government did at Waco was wrong? What do you say to those who think that what an FBI agent did at Ruby Ridge was wrong? Is this a government we should feel comfortable trusting?

I have seen some groups online making disparaging remarks about "mud people" and gays - but you might consider where their racism came from. Howard Zinn in his book, A People's History of the United States : 1492-Present talks about how the early elites in the United States sowed the seeds of racism as a way to keep the white servants and the Black slaves from banding together against their common masters. Turns out there were too many revolts where whites and Black conspired for their common freedom. Little by little, the masters created laws to give preference to the whites over the Blacks. This effectively ended the cooperation. This all existed in law until the civil rights movement came along. Remember the extent to which the government was the enforcer of racism. Poor whites had someone to look down on. But when it ended, the whites with no power suddenly felt the lose of their place on the pecking order. Many still continue to blame minorities for this when the real culprit is the elite's who created the system in the first place.

Now the SPLC calls for Tolerance. I say this is BS. It's time to

Stop the Tolerance.

here as some things we might consider not tolerating:

What is it that we should be tolerant of? Of people with different religious beliefs or skin color? Or of people driving SUVs all over town polluting the air and running over pedestrians while they talk on their cell phones? Should we Tolerate the Rich doing whatever they like while people die on the street? While race intolerance only keeps the poor fighting among themselves, the message of the "tolerance" messengers seems to be shut up, get a job, a mortgage and keep quiet while the police state is constructed around us for our own good. While financial imperialism reigns around the world. A world where the elites call the shots, pick the people who run for office, run the media and decide which country to bomb or pollute next. While we obediently pay taxes and mortgages.

I say its time for a revolution. A revolution in how we view the world. It's time for people to become more than just consumers of stuff at department store created holidays. It's time to rise up, shake off the mental chains the bind us to our consumer-based society. Any government that claims the legitimate authority to exist ought to have the express support of "the people". As for the "tolerance" advocates, they should go peddle their wares to the elites next time they start clamoring to bomb another country. Go talk to the congressmen and "civic leaders" who hate gays, exploit fear and prejudice and think everything can be fixed by putting up copies of the Ten Commandments in schools and enacting more dumb laws while they go on bombing and lying. Let's create a society we can believe in and be proud of. But first we must stop tolerating all the crap we are being feed.

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