Should Bill Clinton resign?

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Has Bill Clinton's reputation sunk so low that he has lost the credibility he needs to remain an effective President? What should happen now? The New York Times has called on him to offer a full disclosure to the American people. Will he do it - or will he continue to hide behind his lawyers? What should Bill do now?
Asked by bill ( on January 24, 1998.


President Clinton should go on national TV ASAP and tell the truth.
Answered by Richard L. Goyer ( on January 24, 1998.
The president should keep his mind and duties on the problums of the United States and the World. Should he resign? No! Even with all the woman that he has had relations with since he has been in office, I still feel that he his doing a good job in office. There are more people working now then there has ever been in many years and the economy has never been better then it has been in history. I think that purhaps Hillery should keep a better eye on him.
Answered by bernard jacobs ( on January 24, 1998.
Based on the deposition Clinton Gave last week, He purgered himself when originally asked about his affair with G. Flowers. If he did committ purgery then why does anyone want him as President? Don't people realize Leaders generally surround themselves with subordinates of likekind. A scary thought. The American people are fools if it can be proved Clinton committed purgery & encouraged others to do so, and they still want him in office.
Answered by gsuniv ( on January 24, 1998.
The President is a liar! He lacks the moral character to be an effective president and he is an embarrassment to the nation. The real tragedy is that a majority of Americans actually re-elected him to a second term in office. If it is proven that he obstructed justice by pressuring individuals to lie on his behalf then he should resign before he is impeached!!! Goodbye, "Slick-Willie" and take Hillary, Socks and Buddy with you!
Answered by John C. ( on January 24, 1998.
The conduct of the President has compromised his ability to "faithfully protect and defend" the Constitution and laws of the United States. The irony is that as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces he has violated the military regulations about adultry that cause those of lesser ranks to be discharged and punished. How is it he can be immune from such conduct when Kelly Flinn is driven from the Air Force? The answer is very straghtforward....the President does not have the judgment and discipline to conduct his personal affairs so as not to jeopardize the higher duty to his office and the Constution. "Don't ask, don't tell" is not an option in a free society where the conduct of its elected officials is at the very heart of public trust and confidence. If the President can't govern, it is because he has brought this on himself.
Answered by Robert H. Cawly ( on January 24, 1998.
Absolutely not. He has done better than anyone else could have. I blame the women for this. They could have stopped to think that they were destroying our President. His personal life should not force him to resign. If this happens, we will be losing one of the best Presidents we have ever had. I hope if he gets pushed into a corner, which the women are doing, that he comes out fighting.
Answered by Judy Reynolds ( on January 24, 1998.
We don't know all the facts. We do not - and perhaps we never will - really know if Bill Clinton has a sexual addiction or just uses bad judgment or if a delusional teen bopper is toppling the president with a web of fabrication, encouragaed by those who want to take Clinton out. If Clinton had an affair or any sort of sexual dalliance, he must reisgn now. If not, he must enter into crisis management mode: "tell it all and tell it fast" in order to save himself. If Clinton played around with an intern, he must resign now and spare us this further humilation and embarrassment
Answered by A former political reporter ( on January 24, 1998.
Depending on how the facts come out on whether or not he participated in trying to get Lewinsky to lie under oath and obstructing justice, the "Lewinsky Affair" will either be the straw that broke the Presidency or the piano from the 20th floor.The shear weight of all of the incidents that have occurred both before and after Clinton took office is going to topple the President. Whitewater, FBI files, Travel Gate, Chinese influence, selling the White House and the Lincoln Bedroom, Jennifer Flowers, and there are more I've left out. All of these issues are weighing on the President and if his involvement with Lewinsky is true, he should resign promptly and not drag this country throught he mud any longer. He's become a one man Jerry Springer show.
Answered by John Kohl ( on January 24, 1998.
If the criteria for leading the US is marital fidelity, who could stand?

Now that it has been demonstrated that one can make a career and amass a fortune making fun of the Chief Executive [and even his family!], the gloves appear to be off on all hands.

Were it not so tragic, it would be funny watching the whoremasters who run Washington wagging their heads and poining their bony fingers of accusation at the President.

That is the real scandal.


Answered by Jay Crosby ( on January 24, 1998.
I don't think Bill Clinton is honost enough with himself to know what is best for the country. He doesn't have the guts to be honost with the American people. If he can weasle his way out this mess I'm sure he will. Don't hold your breath for his resignation.
Answered by Steve Lenores ( on January 24, 1998.
Dear Mr. President, Suicide is the most sincere form of self criticism. Very Sincerely, Ray Elliott
Answered by Ray Elliott ( on January 24, 1998.
We don't know all the facts,but we do know that The President is a liar!!!He has done better at being a liar than anyone other president. hay "Slick-Willie" and Hillary are out of office,out of power and out time.
Answered by p. hinkle ( on January 24, 1998.
In my opinion the reputation of Bill Clinton did not sink. His reputation is built on his achievements. I am very sad seeing all these mean persons and their supporters harassing the president. The private life of a person should not be a FBI priority. I feel that the taxpayer money are unfairly spent on these investigations, which usually do not go anywhere . Moreover these investigations can bring terrible consequences for the well being of this country. Evidently the members of this hate club don’t care about the country.
Answered by magda peligrad ( on January 24, 1998.
This is a wakeup call for America! The country elected a slime-ball couple, and re-elected them to the Executive Mansion. Now we must pay the price. Character certainly does matter!! Not only is the Presidency the highest position of leadership in the free world, it is, whether we like it or not, one of the leading role models in our society for both adults and youth.

How can anyone blame the women involved? They certainly lack character, also, but they were not elected to high office. Bill Clinton's behavior has been criminal, much like a pedifile. He uses his position of high respect and power for his personal deviations. His behavior certainly does not reflect the average US citizen's behavioral standards. We have allowed him and his fellow travelers to influence youth in a devastating manner.

Both Hillary and Bill Clinton are a disaster for our country and it will be years before we know how much damage has been done.

Past actions reflect his continued manipulation of the english language to cause deceptive and misleading meaning in his answers, although, his recent interviews reflect facial expresion and body language indicating a lack of self confidence and the old arrogance for the first time.

Bill Clinton should resign, and take Algore and Newt with him. Give us a break and a new start!

Answered by Hal Hume ( on January 24, 1998.
Yes you should stepdown. The people of America don't care about your affairs but they don't like being treated like dummies.I have never had a problem seeing through your antics (lies). If you could have stoodup and said yes I smoked dope although I don't any longer that would have given you some respect in the publics eye's. I sir have no respect for a man that can't amitt his weaknesses. mistakes are to be made in life but not the same ones twice. For the good of the world stepdown and go on with your life not mine. thank you
Answered by W. E. Jones ( on January 24, 1998.
HELL NO, the PRESS should RESIGN, after all they are not Journalists just sleeze and greed.
Answered by DALEE ( on January 24, 1998.
I am looking at him as someone who is horny all the time. Not only must his daughter be embarrassed by her fathers behavior but He also has brought discrace to Hillary as a woman. I hardly can take him seriously due to the "visual" image that i now get of him.


Answered by Barbara J. Lyons ( on January 24, 1998.
Yes, I believe the President should step down, for the benefit of all involved. There is probably no doubt that the press has taken some "liberties" with regard to this issue. But unfortunately, there seems to be a never-ending list of similar issues, issues dealing with trust, or lack of, integrity, honor, character, etc. I've heard over and over again that he is not the first. That is immaterial. I don't recall such stories concerning Bush, Reagan, or Carter. How can the country have faith in his leadership and authority when all of these issues remain unresolved? By accepting the status quo, we are lowering our standards as a nation, as a people. We are compromising all the values and ethics we try to teach our children. I think we need to step back and look at the siutation and all of the allegations. Is this someone we really want for our president? Granted, the position requires someone of high character, should we settle for less? I think it is an opportunity for Mr. Clinton to finally do the right and honorable thing, step down on his own.
Answered by Chuck Brickman ( on January 24, 1998.
In 1996, I refrained from voting for Clinton because I didn't want to elect a president who wouldn't finish his term. We knew even then that Clinton's integrity was questionable, at best. I pray that Clinton resigns, sparing the nation further shame and humiliation. If he were innocent, he would have come to the people-- but obviously there is a fire behind all this smoke. He owes an apology to his wife, his daughter, and the American people. Not only does he need to learn that character counts, but so does the entire USA-- maybe we'll remember to elect a worthy leader next time...
Answered by Francesca Norman ( on January 25, 1998.
i am not usually one for politics, nor am i especially a "fan" of bill clinton. However, i feel it is a dark time for our "great free nation" when not even the so-called "leader of the free world" and "the most powerful man in the world" is being slandered with indecency and disrespect. THIS IS THE PRESIDENT OF OUR COUNTRY. I have few words which can properly express the shock and anger i feel towards the media, the republicans, and the portion of the american people who believe that this should have gone this far. So to you greedy, egotistical, ignorant, power/money hungry, and just plain stupid bastards who dare call themselves americans i have one thing to say: "FUCK YOU". CLINTON I STILL GOT YOUR BACK.
Answered by scott michael kaufman ( on January 25, 1998.
What Bill Clinton should do now is not the proper question. The question should be what the citizens of this country should do now. . . Millions of people throughout our history have given their lives to preserve the freedom and the INTEGRITY of this great country. Now we must fight to maintain our country's integrity. We elect the individual in the White House; it is the most powerful position in the world. That individual represents us individually as well as collectively as a nation. The rest of the world judges us by our leaders--particularly our president. We should expect and demand the highest moral standards of the individual that we elect to represent us to the rest of the world. Settling for anything less diminishes us as a nation and an individual. Bill Clinton has severely diminished all of us. It's time for him to diminish his own authority by resigning!!
Answered by Jane Burchak ( on January 25, 1998.
If President Clinton is innocent, he should not resign. The way this whole thing has been publicized, The president is guilty before proven innocent. So, whoever reads this, let's let the courts decide. It is the American way!
Answered by ( on January 25, 1998.
Kelly Flinn is out, if Clinton did it, he should leave. If he did it and does not leave, don't blame the military if they follow their commander-in-chief's example.
Answered by Jerry Gonzalez ( on January 25, 1998.
I think the people will soon tire of legalistic manner in which the president makes denials. The press is wary of it. Soon no one will believe him no matter how he phrases a reponse, even the honest ones. His effectiveness will wane over time. Also, I think Leon P.'s statement speaks volumes. He may have more insight into this matter than people think.... Yes he should leave. Let the country move on. Blame it on who ever he wants to. He could do more damage to the Republicans out of the office than in it.
Answered by Jeff Jones ( on January 25, 1998.
I think Bill Clinton has done an exceptional job as President of the US. The fact that he supposedly had an affair does not reflect on how he serves the US and the world, rather how he conducts his personal life. If Hillary can stand by him so strongly, who are we to judge? I hate to bring the Bible into this, however, what does it say about 'Who should cast the first stone...'? I think once again, too many Americans are sensationalising the story out of proportion, and to resign over this issue would show him as a weak leader. Bill should stay, and I for one am prepared to overlook this mishap in light of all he has done for the US and the world.
Answered by Oliver Lamb ( on January 25, 1998.
No, the President should not resign... The President is the political leader of the USA, not the moral leader. The moral leadership of the USA is and rightfully should be the religious leaders of this country. I could careless who the President or for that matter anyone else sleeps with. I'm concerned that the President skillfully runs the political affairs of our country and as far as I'm concerned he's doing a great job at that. He has moved our country ahead in many areas that other Presidents only gave lip service to. If we are going to hold the President to such high moral standard, then why shouldn't we hold the CEO's of the most important industries in our country to the same standard. Should we try to kick them out of their position if they have mutual sex with a subordinate...I think not. Let the President run the country. It's running the best it has been in years. Please note that according to the Kinsey Institute, which research's and studies human sexuality, stated that a whopping 60+% of adults in the USA have had an extra martial affair. Do you think that they should be kicked out of their position at their employment??? Does their personal sex life have any bearing on their work product??? I think not... I'm not condoning extra marital affairs and I am one of the 40% that has not had one. I truly believe that the President's personal sex life is not relevant to his ability to govern our country. He was elected for his business and political skills, which he has used most effectively for all our benefit.
Answered by Rich Barbaccia ( on January 25, 1998.
No! It's none of our business. He's doing a very good job. People who live in glass houses... If we do it, we're all a bunch of hypocrites. History will judge the president well, and judge the public poorly. This is an awful thing. We must not let this happen. If we continue on this course, one day we will have an automated president- one who only appears before cameras, but does not exist in real life- one who takes orders from those who never appear before cameras. No human being is perfect. Intense media scrutiny demands perfection. If one has to pretend perfection in one area, then one must almost deliberately fall short in another area to compensate. We put Jefferson on a coin, we have a special holliday for Dr. King, but that's ok, cause we didn't find out till later? We are a nation of hypocrites. Please--STOP THIS MADNESS--
Answered by Jeff Winter ( on January 25, 1998.
I think people are too quick to judge other people. It takes two to tango. If he had an affair, so what! He isn't the first person to do it. I think people get too caught up in what the media says. The girl who said she didn't have an affair and then did is just as guilty of lying as the president (if infact he is lying). Why can't we believe someone when they said they didn't do something. I think the media should spend more time on other issues than who the president is sleeping with. Is that all that is important in America? What about factories that are closing and people losing their jobs? What about crime? Drugs? Gangs? Aren't these more important. I want my children to grow up in a save place to live. But the media obviously could care less about the really bad things that are going on. Bill Clinton sleeping with someone other than his wife does not affect me in the least. It doesn't change my income or safety at home or my childrens education or life. What does are all the other things I have listed. The only persons that should be worried about who there sleeping with is Bill and Hillary. That is their private life. If she doesn't have a problem with it why should we. A million people in the US have affairs everyday. WHO CARES!!!! As long as it doesn't affect me and my family. Besides who else do we have that would do a half way decent job. How about some of the other people who have wrote in. If you could do a better job run for the presidency yourself. It is about time people put their money where their mouth is. I don't see any regular citizens who love to critise running for office. Maybe because they wouldn't get elected because they don't have the money or status. I thought about it but I don't really have a political background and I would probably be assasinated for my beliefs. Plus being a women it would be really hard to get elected. Anyway this is MY opionion. It probably doesn't mean much but I have put in my 2 cents worth.
Answered by Cheryl Day ( on January 25, 1998.
Of course he should resign!! He is a disgrace to his family and to the nation.
Answered by Linda Culbertson ( on January 25, 1998.
I think the press needs to put all their energies into something else, It's like a bad Enquirer story, I don't know If these people care what they are doing to the Nation's reputation or maybe they just don't care, It's the almighty dollar, sell the story before they have all the facts, I think its embarassing, and this is going to effect alot more people then just the president. I personally don't care what or who he sleeps with, and I am tired of the woman always playing the part of a poor wounded creature,If you have relations with someone that is on you, this woman was not under age nor was she forced against her will,from what the "PRESS" has been reporting, she was compensated for her "actions" with gifts and job offers,WHO'S SCREWING WHO HERE?
Answered by Melissa McCoppin ( on January 25, 1998.
when star gets him where he belongs he should endover to be a model prisnor
Answered by joe m carter ( on January 25, 1998.
He's done it to Flowers. He's kept it up with the Jones'. He's fogged up his Monica. Now he's focusing on you !
Answered by Thomas J. Smith ( on January 25, 1998.
NO !!! He should not resign. We all new what he was like before he was elected and we realizied right or wrong that he and his lifestyle reflect the morals of this country. I hate to say it but WHAT POLITICIAN DOESN'T LIE?????? Last thing is who cares if he lies,and sleeps with every bimbo from ARKANSAS TO DC it has NO conection with how WELL he has run the country. AND NO ONE IN THE PAST 20 YEARS HAS RAN IT AS WELL !! CHRIS PLESSINGER
Answered by CHRIS PLESSINGER ( on January 25, 1998.
If anyone here is capable of admitting to his wife that he had an affair without being seen during the act I think Mr. Clinton should do the same.

President Clinton is a great human who is trying to save his reputation an marrige. He sould not be judged as president for a stupid, petty act.

Our country needs him to continue doing the great job he's been doing.

All the rest of the people who critizise him for his personal act are not more that a bunch of gelous, full of envy ignorants that never lived abroad or don't know the concecuenses of loosing MR. Clinton.

Let the man alone ! If he lied, it was not such a big deal ! You would have done the same.

Learn hout to forgive.


Answered by M. Cohan ( on January 25, 1998.
The most elevated and prestigious position in this world is the seat of the President of the United States. He stands as a symbol of our national moral character and as the paramount role model. As such he (or she) SHOULD be held to the highest moral expectations...We should DEMAND he (or she) perform flawlessly, in every way, and all of the time. In this light, the stumblings and failings which he has already admitted to, as well as the flagrant disregard for human life in the form of allowing partial birth abortions to continue, regardless of the extenuating circumstances, have shown the world (as he is our spokesman) that we as a nation hold no honor to the truths we once stood for. The ideals which formed this country, as well as those acquired by other fledgling countries aspiring to be like us, have been tarnished irreparably. Please, Bill, step down, and allow the next to repair what you have done to this country.
Answered by Joe Orr ( on January 25, 1998.
What is all the fuss about? A French president who did NOT have affairs would have to resign. Does the fact he has affairs make him a bad president? If his wife appears not to mind why should anyone else?
Answered by George Mogel ( on January 25, 1998.
he should resign what he is doing to this country is a shame get out soon save us the shame
Answered by Robert Beckham ( on January 25, 1998.
Yes. The President has shown that he is not to be trusted with his own personal business, let alone the business of the country. His alleged criminal activities regarding the latest young lady and his encouragement for her to cover-up the affair is reprehensible. As President, Mr. Clinton must be held to a higher standard and not try to explain it away as "Oh well, everyone does it," or that there is no controlling legal authority. The American public is finally realizing that the Clintons are not what we want as our leaders. They should go back to Arkansas, if they will have them.
Answered by Troy Mayfield ( on January 25, 1998.
President Bubu has decided to replace his "I Didn't Inhale" bumper sticker on his limo. The new one says "Eaten Ain't Cheaten".

I guess that syas it all

Answered by Jim Hilly ( on January 25, 1998.
Hell, ! what you people call oral sex is just an "Arkansas Howdy"!
Answered by wex ( on January 25, 1998.
For just once in this administration, I would like to hear a clear and unequivicocal statement of what happened. I don't care what Hillary says. I don't care what Bennett says. I don't care what Carvill says.

I have listened to and watched as many news programs as possible for the last 4 or 5 days. I have surfed some international coverage and read some of the comments already posted in this area.

I alternate between sad, angry, scared, and confused. In answer to the first part of the question, I would suggest people look at what others, i.e., other countries, are saying and reading.

We have seen Mr. Carvill, Ms. Ratner, Michael ___________?(another independent counsel), etc., speaking for Mr. Clinton, but we have not seen Mr. Clinton standing before a microphone, answering any and all questions. Why???? The answer from the White House is that they need to get all of the information together in order to respond. Bill Clinton has that information! He can tell us what happened! Why doesn't he? Why answer questions with carefully worded denials?

Would we tolerate this behavior in our children? Our employees?

Personally, I believe it speaks to Bill Clinton's opinion of this country that he has not either "stepped up to the plate" or resigned.

Answered by Catherine Cotter Wood ( on January 25, 1998.
Yes, this scandal is enough for America. We cannot trust Clinton anymore. This man was elected to guide this country with responsability and he has proved to all of us that he is a pervert and liar.
Answered by RICHARD SMITH ( on January 25, 1998.
I'm not ready to jump the band wagon and say Bill Clinton should be impeached. We can not prove that he is lieing. However, he has been real good at lieing to the entire country. I mean other presidents have had affairs and not much hoopla was made about it. I do, however, think that Bill Clinton should undergo a full crimanal investagation because he lied under oath. Now, if that is proven, in my belief, there should be disciplanry action that might include impeachment. But, if he's impeeched is Al Gore going to do any better of a job?
Answered by Joy Motte ( on January 25, 1998.
I think Clinton should move to Moscow.
Answered by Thomas L. Winters ( on January 25, 1998.
Why should he??? You have an affair and you dont get fired from your job why should he? If your so weak as to have to follow someone elses example and not your own belifes then your not a strong person and you need help not to be on here worring about what the president gets for cheating on his wife. his job has nothing to do with his personal choices and rather he did or didnt have an affair. not to mention this girl that claims this must have no self respect to go to the media and relay such personal intament details of her sex life or so called sex life anyway.she must be getting paid a lot of money to ruin someones life and make herself out to be a homewrecker and a slut!!
Answered by stasee ( on January 25, 1998.
Yes--He should absolutely resign! Does he really think that the American people are stupid enough to believe that nothing at all occurred between himself and Lewinski? He's a coward and a liar. Grow some balls Bill and fess up.
Answered by ( on January 25, 1998.
I think that Pres. Clinton is doing what most all politicans do; lie and cheat. But if Clinton really wants to show us that he really believes in equality he should go out and screw a black woman. Maybe even a man or a hispanic. This way we can feel that he is screwing us all equally.
Answered by rebecca studebaker ( on January 25, 1998.
no no no he should not resign ....... most of us dont care about his personal affairs.......... and this is an overblown media driven event
Answered by william e wasson ( on January 25, 1998.
regardless of whether he is president or not, there should still be a presumption of innocence. a resignation makes this country look very bad to the rest of the world and will have many more far-reaching effects on the nation than who will be the next president. a free press is one of the great things about our country, but we must use it to gather and evaluate facts not create a feeding frenzy based on sound bites and rumors.
Answered by stephanie wesch (wpwjr@dancris. com) on January 25, 1998.
I hope and trust that Mr. Clinton has the decency to resign. In my humble opinion the level of intelligency of this country showed it had sunk enough when he was first elected. I believe that a person of such apparently questionable morality should not occupy such an important office.
Answered by Jorge Luis Barinaga ( on January 25, 1998.
He denied on TV that he had an affair with G. Flowers during the 92 New Hampshire primary. He was caught on audiotape telling FLowers to just deny everything. He has finally admitted under oath that he did have an affair. Now we are supposed to believe after all the other lies from this slimeball that he isn't lying now about suborning perjury? Please. The CSM of the Army is being court-martialled for sexual harassment. The Chief of Staff of the Air Force was turned down for the Chairmanship of the Joint Chiefs because of an affair. We had multiple Army drill sergeants get court-martialled for abusing their positions to get young women to have sex. Bill Clinton is a disgrace to this country and I personally can't wait until he is wearing prison stripes. But what really scares me is that so many Americans are so morally ignorant - if he is willing to so blatantly lie about this, what ELSE is he lying to us about?
Answered by John Harvey ( on January 25, 1998.
Of course he shouldn't. He's a great president!!! Why does the media care so much about who he sleeps with? I think that's his own personal business. If every person that cheats/has affairs lost their jobs, there wouldn't be many people working? I myself think that cheating is one of the worst things you can do but I don't care if the president does as far as he does a great job. How about starting to count how well he runs the country and not how good he is at cheating? :>
Answered by Pedro Guimaraes ( on January 25, 1998.
God, you Americans. Canada didn't make this much fuss when part of our country threatened to seperate!
Answered by Karyn A. Mari ( on January 25, 1998.
Answered by JOLENE MCKEE (MCKEY4@JUNO.COM) on January 25, 1998.
Answered by SHARON BRADSHAW (IFIRUR2@WEBTV.COM) on January 25, 1998.
Answered by SHARON BRADSHAW (IFIRUR2@WEBTV.COM) on January 25, 1998.
He should resign for the good of the nation. He has had six years of scandle after scandle. This last affair is just another episode in the saga of a man who is has a great many talents, and a great many character flaws. I believe that this has gone beyond any acceptable limits for the leader of the United States of America.

Let Al Gore have a shot at bringing us back to a moral center before we waste the last two years of this presidential term..

Pleas resign, Mr. President, and do yourself and the country a great favor. It can be your final popsitive act as president.

Answered by chuck brock ( on January 25, 1998.
He should resign for the good of the nation. He has had six years of scandle after scandle. This last affair is just another episode in the saga of a man who is has a great many talents, and a great many character flaws. I believe that this has gone beyond any acceptable limits for the leader of the United States of America.

Let Al Gore have a shot at bringing us back to a moral center before we waste the last two years of this presidential term..

Please resign, Mr. President, and do yourself and the country a great favor. It can be your final positive act as president.

Answered by chuck brock ( on January 25, 1998.
President Clinton should resign. The man who can’t keep his button under control can’t be trusted with the "hot button" of nuclear strike. The man who cant lead by example is not a leader. A criminal should be excluded from governing others. The man who is a liar will never have honest respect of other leaders. The president who by his chain of scandals distracts the political well-being if his country should be suspended from his functions. We should have a constitutional amendment to have the vice-president assume a presidential power during a criminal investigation of sitting president. O God, please restore our country dignity, morality and glory. --Witold
Answered by witold Bujak ( on January 25, 1998.
The present so called government of the former US has been a government of business and industry that pays us wages and then takes all we have earned, and leaves just enough for us to avoid an open revolt. Bill Clinton is just the latest criminal of a long line. The legit government was overthrown by war in 1865. It was called the Confederate States of America. Study your history, and learn the truth!

There are reasons why you have to work so hard to just get by, and the seeds were sown back then. Study and learn the truth.

Answered by You dont need to know. ( on January 25, 1998.
America's image in the arena of world leadership is being damaged more each day. The newspapers coming out of Europe and the rest of the world sing of embarassing comments about our president ("Seduced by lace stockings" or "Hilary Takes Charge"). It is time for the President to stand up and speak the truth and have the American people decide if this is a man we can believe in and trust to run our country and the image we want to portray to the world.. If he cannot, the State of the Union should be delievered by President Gore. Stand up, and speak up like a President should -- or pack your suitcases.
Answered by Sonja ( on January 25, 1998.
I hope the lying coward does not resign, rather I hope he is stripped of any dignity he has left by Congress. I hope he loses all he has. I hope Clinton is impeached and put in jail.
Answered by Kelly Speelman (Speelmans @ on January 25, 1998.
Though Clinton has breached the basic principles of moral decency & ethical behavior with a magnitude deserving of public outrage, there are few citizens that can claim right to those emotions. The man has been elected twice as the supreme leader of our country. The reaction of the public is not that of ourage based on Clinton's moral behavior, but embarrassment that as voters, the majority of U.S. citizens were accomplices willingly lookiing the other way. We live in a time when people of this country judge their own moral character on a curve compared to others, ignoring standards of decency that have existed for thousands of years. The term "common decency" is becoming an oxymoron. Those who believe character is not an issue when electing leaders are apparently concerned about raising the curve. However the character of the electorate is as important an issue as is that of the canidate they vote for. Bill Clinton will not likely survive this last bout of indicretion. The question is if voters will be more discriminate and demonstrate the respect that the right to vote deserves.
Answered by Kent Carlson ( on January 25, 1998.
No, the president should not resign based on unproven accusations, leaks and innuendos. It seems that anyone can say anything they want about the president and he is convicted without a trial in this media feeding frenzy. I think the president and his administration have done a fine job of running the country to date and I'd like them to continue to do so without constant interference from Republican puppet Kenneth Starr and his sleaze machine. We all should mind our own business. There are very few people who could stand the level of scrutiny that the president has been subjected to. Certainly many former much-admired presidents could not. Stop this madness and let the president do his job.
Answered by Sally Davies ( on January 25, 1998.
clinton has no character and as a result he will only do what he feels is best for him personally, without regard to the consequences for the nation.

I am suprised he needed so many women, as the major media has been sucking up to him for years.....

Answered by Bill Clyne ( on January 25, 1998.
Hey Bill: Just tell them you did't cum
Answered by steven dow ( on January 25, 1998.
Yes within the hour! He has brought disgrace to the office and to the country. As much as the thought of a Gore Administration makes me sick to my stomach, this would be better for our country than another minute of Clinton.
Answered by William Royce ( on January 25, 1998.
If the allegations are true, and we should all now soon enough, then the only option available would be to resign.
Answered by Don Marshal ( on January 25, 1998.
Bill Clinton should not resign!! While I believe he should be honest and I feel he is, I hope the matter can be cleared up. I do not believe a President should be dragged over the coals as he has been with the press at his heels. He should be given a chance to explain himself. He has proven himself in government. While we do not condone the accusations by any means, it is hard to believe a 21 year old girl with her head in the clouds should be able to bring him down with no more than we know so far. Twenty hours of tapes seems preposterous!! Something is wrong when we let a 21 year old girl create a crisis and an embarrassment for the whole country. The media is creating the fuel for this fire. This country has bigger things to worry about!!

We support the President. His sex life is his business. Leonard and Kay Benson

Answered by Leonard & Kay Benson ( on January 25, 1998.
I have a question for those who feel Clinton should remain in office. How would you fee if the girl in question was your daughter? Would you still feel it was her falt? Regardless of what she wanted a grown man should be responsible enough not to let it happen. If he so week that he can't control his emotions, how can he be strong enough to lead the country in matters that realy count. If he did do this he should admit it and accept what ever happens. Instead he is trying to destroy her futher to try and save himself. This is what really bothers me. Yes he should resign.
Answered by Robert Barrila ( on January 25, 1998.
I believe that what gos on in a bed between two consatining people is BETWEEN them. If the lady didn't say yes, then let her get out of bed and speak up right then. After a year gos by and then she tells all, there should be a time limet on when some one can tell these things, after a time limet is up then charges should be brought aganist them for slandier. The ones that are asking for Bills head probly didn't like him in the first place. He has done a wounderful job and I think that this is a family matter. Mr. Stare should get out of other peoples beds and play fare. If we not careful in time, the goverment will be under our sheets and then we'l see EVERYONE with red faces.
Answered by Grace Gault ( on January 25, 1998.
No President Clinton should not resign based on unsubstantiated claims made by people who are his political enemys. It is about time the media devoted more resources to the full range of domestic issues and international issues and forget about National Enquirer type stories. To waste the air time on this scandal all week is pathetic.

I wonder if the owners of these news services have the intelligence to report real news. After all they failed to properly report on the savings and loan scandal. Their latest big failure is campaign finance reform. Of course honest reporting on this issue would mean that networks would be forced to donate their valuable air time for real political debate. This we may never see again. Too bad the free press is too ignorant to figure out what is important. Did they forget that the air waves are suppose to belong to the people of this country?

Answered by susan johnson ( on January 25, 1998.
Should the President resign? Probably not. He is the same man now that he was both times he was elected to lead this country, which is sad and scary for the United States. The issue is not one of adultry or extra marital affairs, the issue is one of integrity or the lack there of. A person of integrity conducts all of their affairs both public and private with honesty and forthrightness. When they take and oath they keep it, whether it be an oath of marriage, or an oath of office. When they make mistakes, they take responsibility for them and do what they can not to repeat them. And they will always, to the best of their ability, do what is best for the people who are depending on them.
Answered by C G Wooten ( on January 25, 1998.
When I voted for Bill Clinton in the past elections, I voted to have a leader that can make a better change to my country, to bring up the economy, create a safer environment to live, make better schools, create more jobs and prosperity, etc. Bill Clinton delivered all these to me, I dont care if he was unfaithfull to his wife, that is something very personal and he has to solve the problem with his family. I wish him all the best and I will continue to support him.
Answered by B.K. Nia ( on January 26, 1998.
mr. bill clinton should not resign. 1)who has no thoght of sex with other woman/man can only criticise. this virtually rules out all on this planet. 2)job @ personal life are two different paths. 3)it is merely afamily matter for clintons. 4)mr. clinton was offered office because he deserved it & has done supper good job. 5)GOD_the religion does not justify that mr. clinton should resign. 6)find better reasons than this for president to resign. 7)this could go on and on.
Answered by panch97 ( on January 26, 1998.
What up!! Just got done watching the super bowl. Had a couple of fresh young interns come over and watch the game with me. I know that may have been dangerous with all this monica controversy as of late but hey i'm the prez and i can get away with anything. I run this government like John Gotti, yeah!! Hillary has been straight up bitchin at me lately, that bitch ain't going anywhere, she's been ridin my jock since yale law. Who the hell is the press to be hassling me over this monica thing. Can't a married man in his 50's have a 21 give him a blow without everyone going crazy about it? What has happened to this country anyways, geez. It's all good though, i got my boy carville out and about talking shit about starr and company. I'll get out of this one too. My aides are telling me this is more serious but i'm bill clinton and i can get away with murder, seriously. Don't people know i can't be bothered with trivial things like adultery and perjury. I'm trying to bring peace to the middle east dammit. That netanyahu gets on my nerves. I try to get tough and push him around but he's a former commando and i was in the band. I even had albright and that tough son of a bitch berger helping me out but he wouldn't budge. Why doesn't he understand like me that arafat is a peace loving man? I seen that movie wag the dog the other night and got a great idea! Check this out, i bomb iraq to take away attention from this whole monica thing, man i'm smart, yeah baby!!! I have to run and get ready for bed, hillary has me sleeping on the couch tonight. I'll try and update you guys again tomorrow.. Yours truly, Bill I luv Monica!!!
Answered by Bill Clinton ( on January 26, 1998.
There is no doubt in my mind that Clinton should resign. I have seen many pro-Clinton replies stating how much he has done for our country and I cannot help but wonder how educated people are in area of executive power. People are somehow disillusioned into thinking that the president is the reason for a blossuming economy. Such is rarely, if ever, the case. However, I can and will comment on the constant deceit and broken promises that this administration has levied against the American people. Somehow America has fallen into a moral tailspin with our illustrious leader nose-diving the country into the ground! Somehow Bill Clinton has repeatedly duped an amazing amount of our fellow countrymen, but he never fooled me. Now I can only hope that payment for his lies,immoral and deceitful behaviour, will be commeasurate with the damage he has inflicted on our society as a whole. See Ya Bill (And I hope AL Gore has enough steel to deny a pardon!!)
Answered by Bryan Peterson ( on January 26, 1998.
This joker has been a 'scum-bag' from day one. How in the hell did he ever get elected, let alone reelected. Just further proof, money talks and buss-shit walks. In truth, we need politicians like I need a second rectum. Turn that congressional building on the hill into a museum, send the politicians (damn laywers) packing , and start charging a buck admission to the Washington tourists. Let a least that one branch of the federal government start making money instead of costing us!!!! And all of THEIR appointments? (Let 'em all join Janet (Honey-Buns) Reno) and return to Florida to wrestle the alligators. Hey Americans, wake up and smell the roses. This is OUR country, not theirs!!! Tell these assholes the FREE RIDE is over!
Answered by NEIL CHARLES HAMILTON ( on January 26, 1998.
It is true that American morale has imorived since Bybba when into office. But for a person who was pushing family values during his re-election, he was just lying thorugh his teeth. He has lied about Jennifer Flowers (took him long enough to admit the truth), and will lie again. I pity Chelsea for the Actions of her father, and once he officially admits the truth, it probably be a broken family. A president plagued with scandals...a president that a lot of us don't trust, so why should he be President. Even after the election, a ABC poll stated that most Americans don't trust the president elected. If we could shave many years off of Dole, we wouldn't be having this discussion. I have to agree with Leon Ponetta (however his name is spelled) to impeach Clinton, and put Gore in charge (as sickening as it be, hopefully he's got the macerna out of his head). Let Gore be the next president to the next millenium.
Answered by Tan Nguyen ( on January 26, 1998.
This joker has been a 'scum-bag' from day one. How in the hell did he ever get elected, let alone reelected. Just further proof, money talks and bull-shit walks. In truth, we need politicians like I need a second rectum. Turn that congressional building on the hill into a museum, send the politicians (damn laywers) packing , and start charging a buck admission to the Washington tourists. Let at least that one branch of the federal government start making money instead of costing us!!!! And all of THEIR appointments? (Let 'em all join Janet (Honey-Buns) Reno and return to Florida to wrestle the alligators. Hey Americans, wake up and smell the roses. This is OUR country, not theirs!!! Tell these assholes the FREE RIDE is over!
Answered by NEIL CHARLES HAMILTON ( on January 26, 1998.
Clinton should resign before he embarrasses himself further. He will ruin any gains he has made if he fights this thing.
Answered by Thomas E. Cremer ( on January 26, 1998.
The libs don't see why private behaviour should be a factor when considering suitability for public office. Why then did they make it such an issue for Clarence Thomas ? How about Judge Bork (he admitted inhaling, unlike the big liar) ? I've seen numerous opinions that people don't lose their jobs for having an affair. WRONG ! Cavorting with a subordinate at work now usually winds up as a sexual harrasment case, with people losing their jobs. Thanks again, to the libs ! They should stop being hippocrites, like their leader Bill, and live by the moral code they've forced on everyone else !
Answered by P. Rogers ( on January 26, 1998.
YES He has disgraced his country and his family.
Answered by hank ( on January 26, 1998.
Regardless of fault or blame, Bill Clinton no longer has the creditbilty to preform the job of President of the greatest counrty on earth, he should for all our good step aside and let the country continue to prosper.
Answered by william bragg ( on January 26, 1998.
All of those people who feel that Clinton has lost some or all of his credibility probably never accepted or believed in him in the first place. They only look at the narrow picture that is painted by a frenzied media and politicians looking to make the news, they will have missed all of the benefits the country has received from his leadership in foreign and especially domestic matters. There are LESS wars, LESS unemployment, LESS crime, MORE new jobs, BEST economic climate in 20-25 YEARS and BETTER time for the country ahead because of his leadership.

Sexual conduct becomes a problem if a leader is blackmailed to do things that may be not in the best interest of the country. President Clinton does not appear to be influence by such scandals mongers. He has been willing to stand up for himself and move on with the business of government. I DO NOT FEEL HE SHOULD RESIGN FOR ANYTHING THAT RESULTS FROM THE CHARGES AND INUENDOS BEING TOSSED ABOUT REGARDING SEXUAL CONDUCT.


Answered by James T. Haro ( on January 26, 1998.
yesthe clinton's should resign! i think by now that we have seen that this is just a business deal between two lawers (not a mariage) one with the money,one with the pedigree; to steal the highest office in the land. if i want a snivling child as president or his mommy i can choose a better woman than hillary clinton! your back mr. gore! why do we have to be told what is right? did we not have mothers? did james carvell? have we been so liberal as to have thrown god out with the bath water?
Answered by james goldsmith (jmglds @ on January 26, 1998.
Too soon this cry for resignation. God knows he has flaws, but then so do I. To call for a resignation at this time with no evidence of a crime is a hysterical reaction revealing more of the critics character than the presidents. All our leaders have flaws and if we we were to require resignation because of this, Capitol Hill would be empty. A professional does his job in spite of his personal problems and Clinton has done his well to date. Wait for the facts, hold emotion in check. One weekend does not a crisis make. (For the media, however, one accusation does make for a profitable week)
Answered by William Reid ( on January 26, 1998.
I'm a Democrat who voted for Clinton twice. I've agreed with most of his foreign and domestic policies.

However, it's time for him to resign. For the good of the country, for the good of the Democratic party, he needs to step down immediately. I'm hoping he will make such an announcement at the State of the Union address.

If the spinmeister's continue to blame the political enemies, it won't take this time. As much as I hate many of the political opposition's motives, the fact of the matter is he's lost all credibility, he's shown to not have integrity, and he's impotent as a moral leader.

Answered by Ron Andersen ( on January 26, 1998.
No he should not resign. I am sick and tired of men (not only Clinton) getting blasted for things that have happened in the past. If these women have been wronged then they should make it public at the time. It is getting so rediculous that you will be an old man hoping the little girl from kindergarten will not publicly ruin you for stealing a kiss 60 years ago. He has done ok by this country and anything about his person sex life (whether true or not) should be between him and Hilary. To hell with having to tell the public what he does in the bedroom. I agree, the people yelling the loudest didn't liked him in the first place so they just love this. GET A LIFE GUYS and lets get back to running the country and let Hilary take care of any problems in the bedroom.
Answered by Sherry Beebe ( on January 26, 1998.
From my letter to the President...

January 25, 1998 Sunday 11:25pm

Dear President Clinton, As the media continues to find such an interest in your personal life please remember that being the President of our country does lend their eyes and ears in your direction. In light of the attention that "comes with the job" of being the Commander in Chief" comes your responsibility to act in an upstanding fashion. This is probably your biggest problem, being as young and carefree as an early "baby boomer." Please don't misunderstand me. I myself am only a couple of years behind you in age, but mentally, right with. The big difference though, I know what is right from wrong and when I when I said "I do" at my wedding...I meant it.

The Office of the President of these United States of America is the ultimate position of leadership in the World as we know it today. It is of national (and international) interest that you either admit to your mistakes now, and honestly accept blame while taking corrective action to prevent from making this mistake again or offer your resignation immediately. This country and the millions of us that are trying to offer our support in helping to move in the right direction have been damaged by your actions. If there is ever a time for you to "come clean" it is now. When it is all said and done and the history books have been written, what do you really want your grandchildren to be reading about you. Mr. Clinton, life is a series of mistakes that we learn from. Mistakes that we are not to repeat. When it comes time for life to come to an end, whether it be mine or yours...all we really take to the hereafter is our character.

I have given you a simple method of resolve, certainly not another "ear full" of this and that. I can only hope that whomever in your employ that takes the time to read my message will see to it that it is forwarded directly to you. I believe that if you incorporate your guilt and acceptance of responsibility and your sincere promise to America that you will take the necessary steps to change your personal and professional behavior, into your address to the nation, the history books will reflect you in a positive light. Take the speech that your staff hands you and pencil in your own words that will show America that you are one of us and that you will "make us proud."


Steve Thomas Redding, CA e-mail Steve@LTV-ENT.COM

Answered by Steve Thomas (Steve@LTV-ENT.COM) on January 26, 1998.
Hey this is obviously another hurdle he will have to jump over, he has had nothing but obstacles but in his way since he became President, I personally think that he has done a very good job as President. I have never met a perfect person, male or female, if this were something your neighbor did you would not take it personally, just because he might have had some flings... (who knows) this will not effect his ability to do a good job...
Answered by Judy Staker ( on January 26, 1998.
Answered by Stanley Joachim ( on January 26, 1998.
Let's not lose sight of the seriousness of the real allegations invloved here. Who, what, or with how many someone populates his or her bed are not the issues here. Rather, did William Jefferson Clinton lie under oath in a deposition taken last week when he stated he did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky? Did he urge, encourage, or in some way persuade Ms. Lewinsky to state under oath that such a relationship did not occur? Was he involved with another individual, specifically Vernon Jordan, to suborn Ms. Lewinsky's testimony? The crimes involved here if the answer is "yes" to these allegations extend far beyond a "hop in the hay". We are talking about the crimes of suborning a witness to commit perjury, committing perjury, obstruction of justice; these are SERIOUS crimes punishable by up to 10 years in federal prison. And no one in this country, no matter what his or her position in our society, whether a thief robbing a liquor store or the President of the United States, is above the law. To people who say "Yes, but he's done such a good job!" I tell you that statement is totally irrelevant! Richard Nixon got us out of the quagmire of Vietnam and had the courage to finally end the hypocrisy of refusing to acknowledge the existence of the People's Republic of China, but when it apparent that he was involved in obstructing the investigation of the Watergate break-in he was forced to resign. No one, I repeat NO ONE, is above the law in this country, and if we ignore that precept then the constitution becomes meaningless! We should give the President the chance to explain the circumstancial evidence that points to these offenses. If, when all the facts that can be obtained concerning these charges are in and it is apparent that he has violated the law, he MUST resign or be forced from office! But not before then and certainly because of a sordid redezvous.
Answered by L.N.Cole ( on January 26, 1998.
clinton should resign, but it would take the urging of some of his fellow democrats for that to happen. we need a president with unquestioned moral authority to lead this nation. i didn't vote for him because i disagree with him politically, but there are a lot of public officials who fall in that category. how can anyone believe anything he says when it becomes obvious that he is being untruthful. this country is strong enough to survive clinton or any other president with flawed character.
Answered by john parish ( on January 26, 1998.
Resign? Why? Nothing criminal has yet to be proven against either the President or his wife. Twenty-five million dollars have been spent by the "special prosecutor" and he hasn't been able to pin a single criminal act on the Clintons. Just watch the truth about Tripp and her book deal unravel this week, and you'll see the real reason for this nonsense.
Answered by Clint Bradford ( on January 26, 1998.
No! President Clinton should definitely not resign. Give them hell, Mr. President. Many Americans are pained by this gory spectacle - this Impeachment by Television. It was spear-headed by ABC's Jackie Judd, with Sam Donaldson enjoying every minute of it, basking in the gory glory of destroying a president. All these high-paid joo\urnalists, notably Sam Donaldson, are confusing their own megalomania with the role of journalists: to deal with facts - not the fictitious blabberings of a twenty-something neurotic Beverly Hills brat. Has it occured to them that she is the one who may have been chasing the President?

I would like to ask the editors and journalists of the New York Times if I have the right to ask them to disclose to the world their sexual escapades. The New York Times of all newspapers, should not ask for such disclosure. It's bad enough that Ken Starr has exceeded his mandate to investigate Whitewater by cascading his inquisitional powers to meander into a different matter -the Trapp allegations.

The media frenzy totally distorts the real facts. It brings up a vision of a bunch of ratings=hungry sharks tearing apart an innocent victim before he has a chance to defend himself. The media has been twisting allegations into facts; false accusations into final verdicts. And every shallow-minded reporter is now editorializing, and gingerly acting as jury, judge and executioner, instead of just reporting the facts.

ABC cares little if its mad drive for ratings will destroy the country or the presidency. Cockie Roberts, an able newswoman - delved into the President's sexual morality Sunday morning, as id she were a high-priestess, demandidng an answer from the President's defender. They dubbed it Zipper-Gate. May I suggest Button-it-Gate. Clinton's sex-life is none of the media's or anybody's business. Some sane people feel the president's private life is his business. All that matters is that he has done a magnificent job of extricating the country from decades of failed Republican leadership. And this witch-hunt by Republicans is fueled by their fear that with Clinton's amazing record, the Republican Party has a snowball's chance in hell of re-capturing the White House. So mostly, this Witch-hunt is By Republicans; for Republicans, of Republicans. They have failed with Gennifer Flowers; so they subsidized the legal fund and makeover of Paula Jones -- now a dirty blonde --still with a dark past, still most unappealing, still not credible; but they hope Miss Levinsky will be their salvation. I hope not.

Historians may view Clinton's term of office as a breath of fresh air, a golden era. If all this media malice and Right-Wing Republican venom that is being spewed over the air and the internet succeeds in bending people's minds and driving this president out of office, we will all be the victims of a Medieval Witch-hunt. And the Year 2000 will regress into the Dark Ages.

It is tragic that a president whose goal was to propel the country into the 20th century should be dragged down by the backward mentality of misguided puritans.

No, there should neither be a resignation nor impeachment.

Respect Clinton's privacy, respect his position of leadership, tolerate his humanity, his weaknesses, his mistakes, and give him the chance to continue with his positive agenda. The success of his policies will enrich our lives. It would be too tragic for the world to lose such a leader over such a petty matter.

Answered by Ahuva Rabani ( on January 26, 1998.
The only question in my mind is why didn't Clinton get Monica Lewinsky to commit arkanscide when he had the chance. Of course it is the fault of the press, the right, talk radio, the internet, Kenneth Starr, Paula Jones, and just about anyone but Bill Clinton 's fault.
Answered by john murphy ( on January 26, 1998.
You Americans are real good hipocrates. You expect your president to be a person who never sleeps around and when exposed to admit the same, Idoubt if you can find many such people in USA who can fulfil these two rather difficult conditions. All these people who want him to resign would have to resign from there own jobs if adultery and lying are the criteria.
Answered by SHARAD SHINDE ( on January 26, 1998.
To execute the Office of President a man need both legal and moral authority. Clinton has totally lost the moral authority. I am ashamed and embarrassed by his activities and inability to tell the truth about it. For the good of the country it is time to RESIGN!!
Answered by Andrew Whyte ( on January 26, 1998.
He was a Model president. But, now ...... YES.
Answered by Paddy Harry ( on January 26, 1998.
I believe strongly that President Clinton has been as good a president as he could possibly be, given the continuing witch hunts and allegations that have been thrown his way. I feel also very strongly that if the man is doing his job it is realy no bodys business what he does with his personal sexlife. and even the President has to have some time for his personal life. Not only that, if we wanted everyone in washington politics to resign because of extramarital sex acts or unethical practices then Washinton D.C. would be a gohst town, in a matter of hours. I strongly believe that all who want to cast guilt onto the president had better look first into their own closets.I feel that the Republican party has done absotlutly nothing to help the people of this country by continually keeping the president under fire for alot of what seem to be trumped up un-provable allegations. But then we all know that the republicans don,t give a damn about the american people anyway, they are only out to pad their own pockets and to control all the money. The republican way you know is for the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer. At least Mr. Clinton is in there trying to do for all americans and I feel he could do a realy good job if all the damn republicans would stop their whineing and mud slinging and get down to helping run this country.Most of all I do not think it is fair to even considering to ask for the president to resign unless the allegations a proven to be true as it is supposed to be the american way to be innocent until proven guilty. Other wise how would a lot of you feel if some made up something about you at your job and got you fired for it and it was untrue, I don"t think you , any of you would take it well. A great many of you that speak and preach of morals really should get a reality check, about the real world, and once again examine your own morals before casting stones, Thanks Keith Hollingsworth
Answered by Keith Hollingsworth ( on January 26, 1998.
I can hardly believe some of the stuff I read above. The sorry thing about this whole mess is that this is the same media that has been fawning over the Clintons! Now those Clinton supporters who were so quick to agree with all the sickening powder puff BS that the media spewed for so many years, they now vilify the same ranks they so eagerly lined up with......In my opinion this country needs it's people to wake up and begin to think for themselves. Only then will the TRUE light of freedom and justice be seen by all.

"There's an Isle south of Miami that would be just perfect for their EXILE....I understand Castro has a thing for Hillary, so she could get some payback......." - Unnamed political spectator

Answered by Dolphin Dave Fernstrom ( on January 26, 1998.
In the overall scheme of things, his probably having an affair doesn't really matter. It destroys him, not because of the affair, but because it makes him out to be even more of a hypocrite.

His biggest flaw as a President, I think, is that he often seems to be lying. Most people thought of him as a womanizer, and although probably not pleased about it, they could live with it.

If it is shown that he is lying about this one, he is seriously crippled as a President. If you have a leader that you can't believe, he ceases to be a leader. If he says we need to do something in the Persian Gulf, who knows whether he is telling the truth or not.

If she is not lying, and like most people I believe someone I don't know over the President of the United States, then he should leave office. He can't get into some lawyerese nitpicking over semantics. If he had sex with the woman, he should resign. Not because he had sex with her, but because he has continued to try to make us believe he hasn't. He may have not technically said that he didn't have sex with her, but it was the impression he was trying to leave.

I voted for him, but he can't continue if he really did have sex with her.

Answered by ( on January 26, 1998.
No, I don't think that Bill Clinton should resign. I think he's doing a better job for this country than I have seen in all the years I have been voting. I don't think that we elected him for his moral standards. I don't think we elect anyone on their moral standards. If we did, we'd be hard pressed to find any one to vote for. As far as I'm concerned, Hillary is the only one who should be the judge of this. As far as lying under oath, I think that would be my first reaction too. He was backed up against the wall--remember, this wasn't making a political or government decision. This was an entirely different part of his life. A part that we shouldn't even know anything about, because it's none of our business. And if it were not for the exploitation of it in the media. We wouldn't. I'm beginning to think BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU, Mr. President. This is a very scary thought. Be aware of hidden tape recorders and other such devices. And above all. Stay right where you are and finish out your term.
Answered by Dorothy A. Loiselle ( on January 26, 1998.
HECK NO! What a bunch a hoopla about nothing! Lets stick to the matters at hand and let BILL CLINTON run the Country. The gossipers are the ones causing Clintons family embarassment. Let our President finish his term in office and if the voters want a new President then vote to make their choices then!!!! Sorry AL!
Answered by Jessica A. Wise ( on January 26, 1998.
You Americans are real good hipocrates. When gay & lesbian marriages, living together without marriage, abortion and teeanage pregnancy are the order of the day you expect your president to be a different person. As Jesus said let the person who is above this cast the first stone.
Answered by sharon davis ( on January 26, 1998.
Absolutely! How can these people say that "the people" need to leave him alone and let him run the country. He's done everything but run the country. If he's got time to grope an intern, do it on his time, not the countries. I just can't wait to see the "James Gang", James Carvel and his media goons, get a hold of this one. They are the master's of illusion. Clinton and his whole crew are a bunch of crooks and need to be ousted. America deserves better.
Answered by Brent Irwin ( on January 26, 1998.
I believe most Americans are misinformed about the role of Clinton in the economical recovery. That is why they do not want to "change horse in the middle of the stream" and willing to forgive him even if he lied under oath. Factors completely outside his control are resposible for the present economy. Clinton was lucky to be at the right place at the right time; even Quail would have achieved the same results.
Answered by Miguel A. de Virgilio ( on January 26, 1998.
This whole thing is a circus and I wouldn't be surprised if it was all contrived by a third party (!) who was trying to deflect the American public's attention from another issue. Don't we all have better things to do in our own lives? Let him do his job and let us all do our own!!
Answered by Leathur ( on January 26, 1998.
Bill Clinton never had credibility; he had charisma. Years of waffling showed he was never an effective President; fortunately the job has little power. However, the President of the US should be a leader. He has repetedly shown that he is unwilling to follow the laws of this country. I think Kelly Flynn should be reinstated and Clinton should resign.
Answered by LC, California ( on January 26, 1998.
Bill Clinton has done much good for his country and the nation. As the saying goes, No man is perfect. It is still strange to find one good human being on earth who have not sinned , just like our Lord JESUS said in Mary Magdeline's case, let the first who have not sinned cast a stone on her. Well, what happened?

You, my dear friends, you can't just condemn a man because he has (I don't know for sure) committed adultery that he is not worthy and capable of running the presidency post. What about those so called "WOMEN" who claimed to have involved in his life. Why do they wait till now, after such a long time to cast arrows- unmerciful and unjustful ones. Is this all for Vitamin 'M', or for fun to destroy him most probably provoked by other sources.

All you beautiful citizens could you kindly examine your conscience before you say .....such things about him.

Think of the sleepless nights he kept awake to settle the country's problems and crisis. Whenever there is a problem sprouting in any part of the world, he is the one who helps. Turmoil in Iraq, Iran. Who is the one who carried the burdens of his brothers upon his shoulders. This, this one man and he is Mr Bill Clinton and his office members. They have all dedicated so much to U.S. and to the world.

I know he is the president who ought to be respected and saluted for the tremendous achievement and progress which he has brought and exercised most deligently.

God Bless and keep over you.

Thank you to, Judy Reynolds, Oliver Lamb, Rich barbaccia and Cherli Day.

Answered by Ethel Mary Celine Rathual ( on January 26, 1998.
the stupid guy should 'fess up and admit he did it then he should wait and let us impeach him he is a filthy lair he did it and he knows he did it he should be out of office asap he is so full of crap his eyes are brown he is a disgrace to this great country to his party to his fammily and to all americans evry were since this scandle i have lost all respect for this jerk he did it he tried to cover it up then he lied about it i hope this great nation of ours unites to kick him out other than the presdint the american system is OK it needs repairs but we should keep all of it except for the president we have had many great presidents and this a-hole aint one of them
Answered by David Mokma ( on January 26, 1998.
No, President Clinton should not resign. Do somebody has any proof of misconduct? Apparently a young lady spoke over the phone with a friend about her intimate realities or fantasies. Nobody really knows the truth? An alleged friend who betrayed the confidence and privacy recording the phone conversation, or an obscure prosecutor who can not clear any water and is trying to build a reputation, nor the press that does not enjoy publishing this situations, none of them really know what happened. So, why resign? (In all other cases, ho shouln't resign neither.
Answered by Felipe Torres Torregrosa, Esq. ( on January 26, 1998.
It's simply too early to tell whether he should resign. We only have accusations and no legally-admissable facts.

Keep in mind, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Kennedy, some of the top-name Presidents, were all in the same boat with Mr. Clinton.

The issue comes to this. Does he tell the truth? We know, undeniably, that he does not. He sat in front of millions of Americans and told us, point-blank, that he never had an affair with Gennifer Flowers. Then he went to court and admitted he did.

I hope the stories aren't true. This is damaging to the Institution of the Presidency and to the United States of America. Resignation or Impeachment, while they may remove him from office, don't leave any "winners." We are, after all, one nation, under God.

However, we need to cautiously and thoroughly investigate. But eventually, we will have to make a decision. If the perjury accuation is true, he must go. If the perjury accusation is not true, but the affair is true, and he has repeated lied to us, then he should be a man and move on.

If none of it's true, we should take the press our and horse-whip them all.

Answered by Todd ( on January 26, 1998.
Bill's ethos has sunken so low that he no longer has the credibility necessary to effectively carry out the office of the presidency. He should resign. If he does not resign, he will face impeachment, both because he committed perjury and because he suborned purjury, either personally or through his operatives.

This president's modus operandi has always been to lie and deny first, then admit only what others can prove, all the while stonewalling any investigation while purporting to "cooperate fully".

If the president were cooperating fully in this instance, why did he order the justice department to fight releasing the visitor logs? Principle? The very thought that this president has principle is humorous. What about the security video showing the comings and goings of people around the oval office? What about the phone records?

Come on folks! The president is lying, he has lied before in the same situation, and he is lying now. This time, he is lying under oath in a federal case. That would certainly be a "high crime or misdemeanor".

Resign Bill. It's an election year. You're going to bring your whole party down with you.

Answered by Danny Lamre ( on January 26, 1998.
No the President should not resign. He should probably just learn to keep his fly zipped. The Republicans should stop practicing partisan politics when it is not an election year. I think that is treasonous since it does not contribute to moving ahead with the business of running the country. The whole Whitewater thing should be dropped because it is obvious that people are just grasping at straws for sensationalism. Jeez. Run the stupid country you guys. The media should stop reporting from such slanted viewpoints. Oh, by the way, if we are so free in our beautiful America then why is censorship so rampant? Anyway, to get back to the original subject; Mr. Clinton is doing as good a job as he is being allowed to do. Perhaps he is allowed to run some domestic policies, I don't know but the important stuff is out of his hands. The only real gripe I have with the way Clinton is handling the tasks given him is the fact that he is allowing the senior citizens to be bankrupted by medical costs. Social Security is being raped and so is Medicare. Our government should be ashamed of itself for things like that, not boinking some dumb secretary. If someone were to step up and take charge perhaps we could continue the growth he have seen recently without caving in to asian pressure. (Those of you who read this and are concerned about being politically correct can blow me.) I think the truth is important. If he had sex with some bimbo then he had sex with some bimbo. So what? So did Kennedy. That in itself does not affect the performance of his job. The bottom line is the fact that President Clinton is performing his duties to the best of his knowledge. A figurehead can only do so much. If he wanted to really get something done he would have to speak out on so many subjects that he has no control over that somebody would do something horrible to him. I hope he survives this silly scandal and perhaps uses it to the country's advantage somehow. I doubt it though because it seems as though the people in charge in the U. S. A. are all suffering from severe sphincteritis. God help us.

Sincerely but with tongue in cheek :) Bill

Answered by R. William Eytel ( on January 26, 1998.
No, he should not resign, unless he is guilty of obstruction of justice. If it is at all possible, he should ignore the Kangaroo court of the media and Ken Starr, and keep on doing his job as the president.
Answered by Jay Hira ( on January 26, 1998.
It boggles my mind that the press has nothing better with which to create headlines than someone's personal life. Bill Clinton was "hired" by the voters to do a job - run the country. So far, in spite of all the witch hunts and allegations thrown his way, he has done a great job. His personal foibles should be discussed with and his behavior judged by his wife. She is the one who is entitled to judge, berate and whatever else she chooses to do because it effects ONLY HER! The media has brought this to the forefront as if they have all the facts, and we are being asked to pass judgement with very limited information which may or may not be true. Would you want to be in the position of being judged on hearsay? I think not. Let the President do what he was "hired" to do and leave his personal life alone. I have yet to read any denunciations of the women involved, who are all adults and who actively participated in these acts. Were they totally blameless? Or did the magnet of power attract them and when they could not become a part of that circle, did they find a way to get even? It's women like these who give the rest of us a bad name.
Answered by Kathleen Moore ( on January 26, 1998.
What an amazing scene! Not only are the U.S. media lapping up Ken Starr's shenanigans like dogs lapping up their own vomit, the vast majority of U.S. citizens are jumping up and down on both "sides" of this so-called debate like pre-programmed jumping jacks. We have all already lost becausee we have refused to use our own minds; we have elected the man we deserve and we have bought the idea that what is said in the corporate-owned media is important. Sorry to be so pessimistic, but this whole thing is incredibly pathetic. Peace.
Answered by Black Star ( on January 26, 1998.
No!--While I did not vote for the guy I have learned to like his management style. It is up to Mrs. Clinton to judge her husband and it is up God to have the final word. In the mean time, I question the lack of care by the people of our country on such issues as guns, drugs, killings of teenagers over nothing, gangs, lack of respect, ect. There are to many other things to worry about. The presidents reputation on his personal affairs have nothing to do with how he runs the country.We as as country have become to used to gossip and dirt. Shame on us. Lets get to the real issues and stop wasting our tax dollars on dirt.
Answered by Pedro Diez ( on January 26, 1998.
President Clinton should not resign. He has done a great job and will continue to do a great with the media and the republicans will let me do his job that we americans elected him to do. This so called scandal is between President Clinton and his wife. The American people are tired of reading junk mail watching junk on TV about our president.
Answered by Pamela Harris ( on January 26, 1998.
I don't understand why it is so important to the country what Bill Clinton does on his own time. In fact, didn't JFK have an affair with Marilyn Monroe while he was in office? Furthermore, the president seems to be carrying on with business as usual by working on tomorrow's State of the Union address. Obviously this recent setback hasn't hindered his ability to remain an effective leader for our country. How do we even know the allegations are true? Leave the poor man alone!
Answered by Alana Lang ( on January 26, 1998.
I enclose part of an article that was published in the Seattle Times last Friday:

(Copyright © 1998 The Seattle Times Company)

Friday, January 23

Analysis: Case is ultimate test of Clinton character

by Dick Polman Knight Ridder Newspapers

The proclamation for National Character Week, held in October 1996, had this to say: "This week we celebrate the fact that Character Counts. . . .Individual character involves honoring and embracing certain core ethical values: honesty, respect, responsibility. . . . Parents must teach their children from the earliest age the difference between right and wrong. But we must all do our part." It was signed, "William J. Clinton."

Imagine if he made that proclamation today. Even 72 hours ago he would have been able to mount his bully pulpit, play the national dad, and hit those themes - comforted by his 61 percent approval rating, secure in the belief that peace and a bull market would buoy his fortunes forever. Maybe he was a bit of a rogue back in Arkansas, but now he was a fifty something with a hearing aid and a puppy, and he seemed to be consumed with matters of state.

As for the Republicans, they had tried for years to use the character issue against him and were growing weary of waiting for the silver bullet that would bring him down.

Now, miraculously, it appears that Clinton may have put a bulls-eye on his own back, as if he is determined to demonstrate, by actions seriously alleged, that character does indeed matter, that private conduct cannot be divorced from public performance. It's far too early to say whether these new allegations - that he had sex with a White House intern young enough to be his daughter, then urged her to deny it under oath - will loosen his grip on the office.

But the tales about sex, lies and audiotape have already stolen attention from his job, relegating visiting Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to cameos and casting a pall over his State of the Union speech next Tuesday.

And therein lies the potential tragedy. He pleaded on Wednesday, "I have got to get back to work," but there can be no business as usual, not unless the most explosive allegations of his presidency are laid to rest. Clinton is arguably the most gifted politician of his era, but his professional strengths may have become hostage to his personal flaws.

What's happening right now is deadly serious business. The president is America's chief law-enforcement officer. If he coaxed the intern, Monica Lewinsky, to lie under oath in a recent affidavit, or if he lied under oath last Saturday when he reportedly denied any affair with Lewinsky, those are federal crimes - and impeachable. ---------------------------------------------------------------- The article that I posted above is right on target. Clinton clearly seems to have lost his moral authority to lead effectively. I hope that the democratic leaders can convince him to do "the right thing" and resign.

Answered by Scott Brown ( on January 26, 1998.
What a BUM ! How did he ever ger re-elected?

I don't understand why everyone is so surprised that Bill is lying..... every time he opens his mouth a lie flies out of it.

Can I believe that he is lying?? YES he is a married man who got caught with his pants down.

I think he should run (not walk) to the nearest TV station and tell the whole truth, not his version of the (half) truth.

Answered by MlB ( on January 26, 1998.
I don't think he should resign. I don't agree with perjury either. Just because everyone lies and cheats doesn't make it alright! I think we need to take a look at how he is running our country, thats his job!
Answered by Marie Stanley ( on January 26, 1998.
I think Bill Clinton can still effectively hold office. I believe that if he was stupid enough to do something like this then it's time for Hillary to pack his bags and put hime out of 1600 Pensylvania Ave. I hope the truth comes out for both of their sakes. Everyday men don't usually get fired for cheating why should he, and of course everyone makes mistakes, but if this is true this is no mistake it was just plain stupid.
Answered by Symentha McDonald ( on January 26, 1998.
First of all, I think the media needs to pull back and wait until it actually has some NEWS to give us. All of these nanosecond updates have taken on a schoolyard gossip quality. Now, as far as Clinton having had or not had "sexual relations" with anyone, I think it's safe to say Duh! The question here isn't about the sex, it's the cover up attempt. If that has occurred (and this wouldn't be the first CLinton cover up) then it needs to be dealt with. By the way, the CLinton's have to be the most inept bunch of crooks ever. Nothing they've tried to cover up has stayed hidden! It's like ma and Pa Kettle at the White House!
Answered by Marion Douglas ( on January 26, 1998.
Personally, I don't feel that he should resign his post. His judge for this particular occurance is of a higher judge than any man, and that is the beginning and the end. Is anyone perfect??? And should you to be fired from your job because of rumors or other imperfect acts according to others, even though you have strenthed your company's growing power by any percentage? It dont appear to me that our country will be devided because of it. We divide ourselves because this is america. Is that your daughter on Jenny Jones?? Money is the root of all evil...
Answered by Gary Moore ( on January 26, 1998.
Step down.

And when is everyone going to learn that the President of the United States does not have sole control over the guidance of the American economy? Just because the economy is booming does not mean that it was something the President did to make it so. Do you really think that Alan Greenspan takes orders from Clintonocchio?

Answered by Duck Hunter ( on January 26, 1998.
I don't understand this the american people .You chase your presidents from the beginning for what , for a blow job , oh my god.? And at least if he dont know what to do and l betray you a little bit you throw him away. I beg you pardon for Bill Clinton. he is the best president you have had the last 20 years.
Answered by peter ax ( on January 26, 1998.
As a canadian citizen I'm as concerned as everyone else in north america as to what happens to the President of the United States of America.I don't think the media nor the majority of the people have given Mr.Clinton a chance to defend himself . He was asked questions by some prominent journalists, and he answered the questions.If he lied , that's a serious matter, and if he did, he certainly should be impeached. Meanwhile I will refrain from judging the Man and declare him guilty of alleged misconduct
Answered by Vic Bracka ( on January 26, 1998.
President Clinton's time in history will be short enough regardless if he resigns or is impeached. Seeing Mr. Bill's history of denial I will bet my two cents that he will be able to survive regardless of what evidence is eventually uncovered. I feel more poorly that I am surrounded by so many amoral morons that voted for him and still suport Clinton regardless of the abundant facts of corruption and abuses of power. I pray that the Union as described in the constitution is able to survive Clinton's brash attempt to undermine the principles of freedom, justice and liberty for his own benefit. If and when the citizens of the USA awake from our collective apathetic orgy of self-interest... the Clinton years will seem like a bad dream that was real. God help us.
Answered by Daniel Myer ( on January 26, 1998.
Bill Clinton has brought shame to the presidency of the United States. While I think what he does behind closed doors is HIS business, as a leader he must come to grips to the reality that it will--sooner or later, become public knowledge. As such, I feel that he owes the people of this country an apology for his disregard for the position he holds--one which should be held with dignity and integrity--two primary things he lacks. Personally, I think he should be impeached, not resign. He is a manipulator and a liar and should go down as a corrupt official.
Answered by D.M. DeMelo ( on January 26, 1998.
The president will continue to hide behind his lawyers, give more lies of his innocence, and try to ride this out. He has always gotten away with this behavior in the past and so will try again. If the chas of perjury, subornation of perjury and obstruction of justice are true, he should resign immediately.
Answered by ruth henderson ( on January 26, 1998.
What a sad moment for America. Just the turmoil that we have with each other is enough to notice the trouble that this administration, and specifically Clinton, is causing. It saddens me to hear all of the Clinton backers speak without really even thinking first. All of you defenders of Clinton who use the line of defense that you don't think that he had the affair and that this is all a scheme by his political enemies are blind and ignorant and are obviously choosing to believe only what you want to believe. The fact that he has already lied about one affair and obviously thinks he can manipulate the english language to deceive the the American people. Please don't tell me that you are too blind to know when you are being lied to. Most of you seemed to admit that he has had an affair, but it just doesn't matter to you.

So, for those Clinton defenders who say that he had the affair, but it doesn't matter, many of you are also saying that it's okay that he lied under oath. Those of you who say that obviously have a lack of respect for the American legal system. There is no way that anybody, whether you are president or not, should get away with perjury in a criminal investigation. Nobody else in this country would get away with it, nor should Clinton. Those of you that make this claim should have your thoughts and opinions dismissed from this debate of (hopefully) rational thinking people. There are also a fair number of Clinton defenders who believe he had the affair, but don't believe he broke the law. And many of you think that if it is proven that broke the law then he should pay the penalty.

At least the defenders have the common sense to see that Clinton is lying about the affair and have the decency to respect justice and the legal system by which we live (if you don't hold everyone accountable to the law then there would be complete chaos). However, the main defense is that he is doing a good job of running the country. My response to that is: How is he doing a good job of running the country? Most use the economy to answer that question. The economy is minimally effected by the president. The main way that Clinton effected the economy in a positive way was to keep the Bush appointed Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan. He's the one that has had the most control over the growth of the economy. It's also sad to think that the way that that the American people judge the highest office in the land is not by the reputation that he/she gives our country but by how fat he/she can make our pocketbooks. What our president does in his/her personal life certainly has an effect on how well he/she can perform his/her duties. How will women that have to work with Clinton change their behavior because of his past? How will foreign leaders change the way they look at him and respect him because of what he has done? By no means do the behaviors of Clinton compare to the atrocities of Hitler, but there is a good comparison. The Germans were willing to overlook the abuse of power that Hitler exercised over and over again because the economy was great, he brought them from post-war recession to international power and they believed they had a better life. I'm not making the claim that Clinton has commited any crime like that of Hitler, but the analogy holds true that no matter how well he acts as leader of our country, if you do the crime you must do the time.

Our poor, poor country. I don't care whether he resigns or not, the damage is already done.

Answered by Brad Dewey ( on January 26, 1998.
Yes, President Clinton has lost the credibility he needs to reamin effective in the White House. He is the leader of this country and commander-in-chief of our Armed Forces. One of the most important qualities of a good leader is leadership by example. It is taught in the Military, our Nation's school and should pertain to the leader of our Nation.

Former Air Force Pilot Kelly Flinn believes in this, I'll bet. She was a respected pilot who not only lost her job, but her commission as a United States Air Force Officer. Her ability to serve our Nation was taken away because of sexual relations with other people she worked with.

If that is a standard the commander-in-chief of our Armed Forces wants to hold to the individuals under his charge, then let it apply to him.

Just in case anyone would like to lash back at me by saying it hasn't been proven that he had a sexual relationship with Lewinski...he admitted to having an affair with Flowers last week.

I don't think that the American public can believe a statement that comes from the President on the current questions that are being asked of him. I think, that alone, is call for his resignation. (I am not the only person who feels that way, in a poll being conducted by MSNBC over the internet, 78% of 125,000 Americans polled stated that they do not believe the President's denial of the "Affair".)

Don't blame this on the Media...they are the ones who get the President elected...blame it on the President. He's the one I can no longer trust.

Answered by David W. Myott ( on January 26, 1998.
Answered by constantin zaharie ( on January 26, 1998.
Of course not. If anyone should resign, it is Ken Starr, who has sunk lower now than in his entire history as an 'investigator'. The President's 'scandals', such as they are, are not comparable to Watergate, October Surprise, or Iran-Contra, and yet, those were all treated as minor offenses by the corporate media and the GOP. Let's get a little perspective here, folks.

The perjury charge is somewhat more disconcerting, but in a nation with such a Vicotorian attitude about sex, a President would be lynched for admitting to an affair (assuming one took place). Democrats get beat up for trivial matters, the GOP gets away with murder. It's sickening.

Answered by Eric Ridenour ( on January 26, 1998.
With great power comes great responsibility. It is time the American people think about what it right instead of "Hey, the economy is great. What do I care?". He should resign.
Answered by Jim Robb ( on January 26, 1998.
After everything that has gone on with the current Admnistration, it would be best for President Clinton to resign. After that takes place, the DNC needs to be totally revamped - get rid of all the political garbage there.

Center for American Values From a poll taken from millions of concerned citizens, Center For American Values will tabulate and process information to all 535 members of the House and the Senate, as well as the news media, as an accurate reflection of the 105,098 members and supporters of the Center for American Values. Our President says he believes in family standards, good character, and qualities that our young people can look up to as examples of the idea of the American Dream:

1.Do you think Congress should begin impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton and Albert Gore? YES.

2.In your best guess, do you think either Bill Clinton, Albert Gore or both will be impeached or forced to resign before their terms expire? YES - But forced.

3.In your opinion, how serious is the “Chinagate” scandal - in which Clinton and Gore gave Communist China trade concessions and other special favors in exchange for illegal campaign contributions? Potentially criminal.

4.Which Clinton Administration scandal listed below do you think is probably the most serious? Undecided - Chinagate, Travelgate, Whitewater-gate, FB?I “Filegate,” Cattlegate, Troopergate, and Paula Jones’ sexual harassment charges.

5.Do you think the news media has been as tough on the Clinton White House as the Nixon White House? Or is there a double - standard? There is a double-standard. The media has been much easier on Clinton and Gore.

6.Do you think Congress has done a good job investigating allegations of wrongdoing in the Clinton Administration? NO.

7.Is good character important in a President of the United States? YES.

8.Who do you think the Democrats will nominate to run for President in the year 2000? Albert Gore - targeted.

What kind of trouble is our President in? China-gate (election fraud and treason), perjury, obstruction of justice, and unlawful abuses of power, to name a few.

CAV’s special reports and publications are always in heavy demand by Congress and the news media because their research is extensively documented and can be relied upon as accurate and authoritative.

Right now, you have the media, DNC Cabinet members and the Clintons in denial. The truth needs to come out. We need a president that will serve the American people and not the PACs that Clinton is really reffering to when he says he needs to get back to the American people.

Answered by Clifford A. Gavic ( on January 26, 1998.
NO! The only person who should care if Bill was fooling around is Hilary. It is none of our business. Why does the media have to rake every little thing over the coals. He has been a good leader. Leave the poor guy alone. Star is not being very objective in this matter if what the press says is true. He (Star) should resign.
Answered by val cummins ( on January 26, 1998.
I think this is totally out of control. First of all President Clinton should get a law started that no President can be sued while in office. This Paula Jones thing is out of hand. We have more important issues at hand...that have to do with the well being of the United States of America and it's people. Leave the poor guy alone and let him get on with his job. Geez for that matter if we want to prosecute him, then let us dig into every other politicians background and prosecute them all. Why pick on the President?...lets pick on all the leaders. We have Saddam out there and our press is worried about Bill Clintons dirty laundry. I think every good President had a mistress or two, so what ?? no one cared before, so why now? And his poor daughter..look at what the press is doing to her, it's hard enough for her to go to Standford and be the Presidents daughter, but now they are picking on her dad and she's totally helpless in school. This country has reached a sad day when it doesn't back it's own President. And why is it that nobody picked on the repulicans when Reagan was President and loosing his memory...and Nancy ran the country for him? Leave our President alone and let him get on with his job, for god sakes people, look in your own backyard, before you start cleaning out his!....
Answered by Rosemarie L. Rodriguez ( on January 26, 1998.
the pecker is quelty kill him
Answered by ben black ( on January 26, 1998.
Mr. Clinton's time in the Presidential Office has been filled with problems, inuendo, crises, and trouble from the very beginning. He has helped the country in some ways, I must admit. But he has also been a poor example to the youth of the nation. First as a draft dodger. Second as a drug user. And finally as an immoral man. Personally, I wish he would resign now, and maybe we can rescue some of the kids from his bad influence.
Answered by Marilyn Tolley ( on January 26, 1998.
It is obvious that this president has always seen himself above the law, and able to "finesse" his way out of any situation. Well, sorry Bill, but your lies have caught up with you. Why don't you do us all a favor and resign, so we can scrape together what's left of our dignity as a nation, and continue on. And yes, personal integrity DOES matter.
Answered by Susan Moore ( on January 26, 1998.
No!!!! Those who are seeking the media coverage and those who are in office may "Cast the first stone." if they are pure and righteous!!! Does this mean that every person out in the world who has had an affair or aledged affair must resign their jobs? Does this mean that they are unfit to perform their duties of their assignments and does this mean that they must make public their affairs. I know too many people who make decisions on a daily basis that immediately affect me and my family that have had or are having affairs. Does this mean that we cannot trust anyone or must question then left and right. Remember what happened to Princess Di and what the reporters did to her life--they took it away-----let them resign and pay first and then let the media who helped coverup and kill President Kennedy resign and pay and what about the other presidents who led this country and the affairs they had. I'm sure there are many goings on that we could never imagine nor want to. It's for him to answer to his daughter and wife and God--not us. Let him do his job. And for all you more holier than thou folks--suck it up-you're not perfect!!!!!!!!!!!
Answered by barbara s. kornuc ( on January 26, 1998.
I believe that Bill Clinton should resign now, rather than be pushed out through impeachment with no self-decency left at all.

This whole ordeal really bothers me. I was raised to believe that adultery is wrong. I was also raised to believe that the President should be seen as an honorable, highly respected individual. What should I do now?

I am only 20 years old, and I already have a sour taste in my mouth.

Answered by Berral Elway ( on January 26, 1998.
If a president has NO RESPECT for his own family,then what Kind of respect do you think he has for the American citizens?NO,the accusations have not been proven,but the way Whitehouse officials and respected members of the media are acting right now,I believe they will be! This whole issue cannot be blamed on the MEDIA(which every one wants to blame for everything) or the REPUBLICANS!The only one to be blamed for this embarrassment is the PRESIDENT himself!He has absolutely no Morals or character! I hear people say "look at what he's done for our country". What has he done??Maybe on a monetary aspect he's done very well in alot of peoples eyes,but look at the big picture. Look at how low morals in our country have fell since slick-willy came into office!I mean how could people care about morals when their own PRESIDENT has none what-so-ever!It's acually ironic that HILLARY writes a book "It takes a village"and talks about how it takes a whole community to raise a child,and the fact is that her own husband still acts like a high school senior,whore hopping every chance he gets!!I could go on and on but I'll end it here!! Should BILL CLINTON resign?YES,YES,YES,and please take the staff with you BILL!!!
Answered by John D. Holmes ( on January 26, 1998.
I think it is quite telling that the people who seem to be screaming the loudest for the President's resignation aren't able to spell the word, or put in into a properly structured sentence. I feel horrible for the President's wife and daughter, and I feel badly for him, too. This all feels very much like a Let's-Get-the-Hillbilly campaign. The man was a Rhodes scholar, for pete's sake! Just because he speaks with a Southern accent, don't assume that he's an idiot. The answer, then, is NO. He should stay where he is, and hang tough, and do the job.
Answered by Regina Brown ( on January 26, 1998.
The sexual misconduct is irrelevant. Bill lied under oath. He perjured himself. Doesn't anyone care about loyalty? Doesn't a man's word mean something to anyone anymore? He gave his word to us, the American people. He broke it. He has defiled us and his office. Whatever happens in this case it is clear the level of apathy in this country. Where a willing public allows this to continue. I do not care who they are. In public office, you represent me, my neighbor, and their neighbor. Keep your pants zipped, your lies to yourself, and do your job. After all we put him there, it is our fault. Time to fix the mistake and stop making them.
Answered by S. Lee ( on January 26, 1998.
As a Canadian I am appalled to see so much finger pointing going on. President Clinton MAY be guilty of indiscretion here, but whatever happened to the idea that everyone has the right to have his case heard by a group of his peers before he is found guilty. I honestly believe that all of us at one point in our lives have done something to cause pain for others but I dare say that at some point the truth has emerged and we either have or will pay the consequences. Only God and President Clinton know what the truth is. Therefore, let the man do the job he was elected to do and take a look at ourselves before we decide that we should be judge, jury and executioner.
Answered by Heidi Dickens ( on January 26, 1998.
Bill Clinton can fool all of the people some of the time, he can fool some of the people all of the time, but he can't fool all the people all of the time! How can anyone possibly believe him? Just think about the Flowers affair, where he urged Ms. Flowers to deny, deny, deny! I can not believe that the morality of America has sunk so low as to think that adultery is OK. People say that it's OK for him to be adulterous as long as he can run the country (what hogwash)...where has all our morals gone? People seem to think that he has singlehandedly solved America's problem, people have such short memories! He should do the best for the country when all is said and done and resign.
Answered by Bernadette Hughes ( on January 26, 1998.
As a Canadian I am appalled to see so much finger pointing going on. President Clinton MAY be guilty of indiscretion here, but whatever happened to the idea that everyone has the right to have his case heard by a group of his peers before he is found guilty. I honestly believe that all of us at one point in our lives have done something to cause pain for others and we either have or will pay the consequences. Only God and President Clinton know what the truth is. Therefore, let the man do the job he was elected to do and take a look at ourselves before we decide that we should be judge, jury and executioner.
Answered by Heidi Dickens ( on January 26, 1998.
Why is the subject of resignation even being discussed? The President has not been convicted nor ...(NEWS FLASH)...charged with any crime. It seems most unfortunate that he has already been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion before all the facts have been gathered and disseminated.
Answered by Debra Ashley ( on January 26, 1998.
Even thought the American people put Mr. Clinton into office he has been a complete discrace to the American people and what America really stands for during the past 6 years. So far there is not enough evidence to impeach him but there is enough to ask him to resign and the people should ask him too.
Answered by Jimbo ( on January 26, 1998.
If Bill Clinton tampered with a witness in a trail, he should be prosecuted. If he resigns, all the better. What I can't understand is all the press this one scandal has got. This is surely a minor incident compared to the others this White House has been a part of. Why are people outraged by the "secret" recording of Lewinsky, but not outraged by a "President", who may have had sex with an employee only a few years older than his daughter, used a bank loan set aside for minorities to finance a land deal, and vetoed a bill that would have stopped LIVING babies from being killed as they are delivered? How can any married couple endorse a man that cheats on his wife. Character matters, otherwise, how can anything he says be believed? This cannot be written off mean spirited Republicans out to get the President. I don't think Newt was in the White House, coaxing Bill to have extra-marital sex. As for the President presiding over the best economy, who controls interest rates in this country? Last time I checked, it was Allen Greenspan. As for the President reducing the deficit, I thought spending appropriations were generated by Congress. Fact is, if it weren't for Greenspan, and a frugal Republican Congress, this President would not be able to fool the ignorant masses. The man is a compulsive liar, he is a adulterer, he takes credit for successes he had little or no part of. If it takes a 24 year old White House intern to topple him, all the better. The intelligence of the average Clinton supporter is well documented on this page.
Answered by Sean McAloon ( on January 26, 1998.
No, President Clinton should not resign. The most important thing about being the President of the United States is that he can effectively run the country. Obviously, from his past record, from the booming economy, the decreasing crime rate and the decreasing unemployment rate, it is patently clear that President Clinton is a good President. I personally don't care what he does in his private life. If he indeed had a sexual relationship with Ms. Lewinsky, she is as much to blame as is he. It is difficult for me to take this claim seriously, especially as Ms. Lewinsky is friends with Linda Tripp, a woman who attempted to publish a 'tell-all' book about President Clinton's private life several years ago. It is absolutely ridiculous that President Clinton should have to waste his time responding to this trash. Let the man run the country!
Answered by Michelle Topham ( on January 26, 1998.
If the allegations are true (and by the way, the president should tell the truth - NOW!), he should resign. The President is our leader of our country and he should represent high morals and values (I think not cheating on you wife is a common good value we all should agree upon) and we, as the American public, need to be able to trust his word on matters of the leadership of our country(which we cannot if it has been proven that he lied). His resignation does not "fix" the problem though, Al Gore is not without a possible scandal either.
Answered by Chris Mokler ( on January 26, 1998.
no i don't think he should resign! i think that the public should stay out of his sex life and let hillary deal with that! he is and has been doing a wonderful job with out country. the econony is great! I have a lot of respect for him because he is trying so hard to stop these accusations from interfearing with his job of leading our country. Keep it up bill!
Answered by Amanda Carriker ( on January 26, 1998.
George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Truman, Roosevelt, Kennedy, etc,etc,etc. ALL presidents have been womanizers. During their presidencies, the media didn't hunt for scandals. They respected our President's privacy,(we now are finding all this out).In today's America, some citizens love to read about "dirty laundry". The media, a big business, is more than happy to dig up whatever they can. ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY. DUH!!! Tabloid mentality rules in this country because THE MASSES ARE ASSES!
Answered by Pete Garcia ( on January 26, 1998.
I am sure the president should resign before he gets impeached for the many alleged wrong doings, you don't have smoke unless there is a fire. I presonally feel that the american people owe it to themselves, considering the number and length of these scandals to date and the fact of the continuing intrusion into the personall lives of so many by the so called "health act"


Answered by martin e mallasch ( on January 26, 1998.
People of the United States and the media...get a life
Answered by Steve Odenthal ( on January 26, 1998.
I oppose Clinton on the issues, not his choice of women. Hell, I'd fuck her too!!!
Answered by Michael Johnston ( on January 26, 1998.
No. Bill has done a darn good job as President and that is the relevant issue. People say "he's guilty" - he should confess "he did it" - Did what exactly? Have an extra-marital affair ? Why are we so preoccupied with the sex lives of our politicians. Times they are a changing. Let it go. It is their business and has very little to do with an individuals ability to get the job done. If we were less concerned with this - politicians (in general not just Bill) would be more forthcoming more truthful about their private affairs.

Guilty of obstructing justice, hampering with an investigation ? - I don't see the proof and just like you and I - Bill is entitled to his day in court on this one. Until then he should stand fast.

Answered by ( on January 26, 1998.
As President and Commander-in-Chief, he should resign IF the evidence is verified. Specifically in the Lewinsky matter, if proven, Clinton should face the same consequences as Kelly Flynn and the Aberdeen Proving Ground gang: discharge. Actions may be consensual but inappropriate for the position held.
Answered by Rick Pasco ( on January 26, 1998.
While, as a Replubican, I would love to see a Democratic President impeached, I still believe in due process. Unfortunately, I have made up my mind toward his guilt based on whatever info that I have been able to garner from various sources. Clinton appears to be an immoral leader. He is an outstanding politician. I believe that he is a poor leader. Leader set the example. But, just maybe, that example is a reflection of the current state of the majority of Americans. It looks like more people are upset that he lied and not that he committed adultery. In my opinion, we do not want a so-callled "holy/upstanding leader": That would cause us too much self reflection in many cases. I have heard it put: Do you want a moral leader or one who has scandals from time to time but is still just your average "guy." I don't want an averaged guy, I want a President. I want someone in whom in whom I would be honored to name my children after. One hundred years ago, that was almost a fad type of loyalty. No longer. The problem is that we are dealing with people just like you and me. You know your skeletons. You know your short comings. President Clinton is just what we need. Someone who reflects our morays and desires on a general scale. If we had the perfect President, all of us would be disappointed. He would demand too much for our "democratic" minds. He would appear too "high and mighty" Well, I guess we just have to do with what we are given. After all, even though some of us lost, Clinton was voted in and we must accept it. Impeachment? We have to wait and see. But, why should we wish him the worst?
Answered by Ethan E. Harris ( on January 26, 1998.
Who gives a flying fuck about who he fucks, what he fucks, and when he fucks it. The question here is how long ago should he have resigned because his head is up his ass.
Answered by Dave Salusio ( on January 26, 1998.
Never have I been so ashamed to be an American. I can almost forgive citizens who voted for Clinton in 1992. But for those who did so in 1996, I can only wonder in absolute amazement at their utter, rampant, disregard for anything right. Are we that pathetically awash in unethical squalor that we still support this ogre? Clinton deserves nothing more than to live the rest of his life in absolute disgrace as an example of where poor character leads a person. This is yet another disgusting episode of rotten behavior exhibited before and after the Presidency. Clinton should walk. I'll take my chances with Gore. I may not agree with all of Gore's politics, but I do not expect to see him seducing 21-year interns for fellatio.
Answered by Ike ( on January 26, 1998.
No Bill shouldn't resign. Hey people I thought you were innocent until proven guilty in this country! I would be willing to bet that 90% or more of the CEO'S in this country are fooling around and no one seems to care about that. Bill is doing a pretty respectable job running this country and should be judged on that, not his private life. How many of you that have posted responses have been totally faithful and honest in everything you've done? Should you be fired from your job because of your personal affairs? I don't think so! Bill said he didn't do it. Monica hasn't really said one way or another for sure yet. Aren't we jumping the gun a little? And just in case no one has noticed the one person that brought this to everyones attention is someone who is mad at the president. What was she doing taping this stuff? I think it's revenge..He probably turned her down and she's pissed about it!
Answered by Mary J. ( on January 26, 1998.
This sexcapade is just a device to push Bill out of office before one of the REAL scandals, such as the probable murders of Ron Bown and Vincent Foster, surface.
Answered by Michael Rivero ( on January 26, 1998.
The answer, at this point in time, is NO! We don't have all the facts yet. We shouldn't be so quick to rush to judgement. What ever happened to "Innocent Until Proven Guilty"? Where is the proof? Is there proof beyond a reasonable doubt? Where is it? What is the proof? What is the truth?

Look at the players and their motives. Who is asking the hard questions and what is their agenda? Should the President be required to be judged in the cort of Public Opinion with the only evidence being Media Doctored Sound Bytes? Would you or anyone you know be able to survive this type of onslaught?

Should we require our elected officials to live up to a standard that none of us could? The fact is, at this time there are more questions than answers.

In the final analysis I believe the agendas of those involved will be revealed. We will know who the guilty parties are by their motives and the strength or weakness of their proof. The sad part of this whole episode is everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame regardless.

If, in the final analysis, it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt the President broke the law, the same laws any citizen of the U.S.A. has to abide by each day, then, and only then, should he resign. This would be in the best interests of the Country.

Answered by Mark L. Wright ( on January 26, 1998.
In 1992 the boy from Hope solemnly assured us that this would be the most most ethical administration in the history of the republic. But for those with eyes to see, this has been the most ethically challenged administration. The question is not if he should resign, but rather, impeachment procedings should begin ASAP. The purpose of an impeachment investigation and trial is to discover whether or not an official is guilty of impeachable offenses. The U.S. Constitution provides: "The president, Vice President, and all civil officers of the United States shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery,or other high crimes and misdemeanors." Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, Fostergate, Chinagate-the list goes on and on. I believe that the Lewinsky Scandal has hopefully opened the flood gates to truth. These and many more questions could be answered during impeachment procedings. Nixon was charged with, among other things, having"prevented, obstructed, and impeded the administration of justice" Sounds like missing Rose Law Firm billing records suddenly "discovered" in the White House. Nixon was accused of "making or causing to be made false or misleading statements" That one stands on it's own. Additional charges included: "Witholding relevant and material evidence or information" from authorized investigators, "Making false or misleading public statements for the purpose of deceiving the people of the United States into believing a thorough and complete investigation had been conducted" and causing "income tax audits or other tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner" From the evidence now available, Boy Clinton fits the bill. He is a disgrace to our country. Urge your Congressman to support impeachement procedings, and then maybe we can restore some dignity to the Presidency.
Answered by Lisa Vacek ( on January 26, 1998.
President Clinton should resign ONLY if every other male who has committed adultery or broke any other law also resigns.

What a quiet and very emply country you would have!!

Forgiving and understanding people are better than finger-pointing, sanctimonious hypocrites. Heads up Bill and Hillary.

Answered by Paula Arnts ( on January 26, 1998.
If he resigns we'll just get Al Gore. If he doesn't resign it may taint Al Gore's campaign so badly we won't get Al Gore. So, let's drag this out as long as possible, smear mud and filth over everything related to the Democrats and thus insure the next president is a Facist Republican!
Answered by glenn barfield ( on January 26, 1998.
Answered by Martin Marlin ( on January 26, 1998.
The political scene in the last few years has been devoid of integrity, honesty, and the Christian values that have shaped America from our country's very beginning. The answer is this dilemma is as simple as ABC: Anybody But Clinton! Let's find someone who can lead this country effectively with the integrity supposedly implicit within the office of the U.S. presidency.
Answered by Denise Hull ( on January 26, 1998.
My deepest feelings are with his daughter Chelsea, who left Washington so as not to be an embarrassment to her father by actions of young college students. Young people are cruel and my heart goes out to Chelsea for the hurt she must be suffering. Her father lacks the "Character" of an individual to atone for his own shortcomings that must certainly provide embarassment to his daughter. IF he does not care about this Nation, HE most certainly should have compassion for his daughter
Answered by gordon vinson ( on January 27, 1998.
Clinton should not resign under any circumstances. Who cares if he had phone sex with Lewinsky and lied about it? Does that make him any less competent to perform his presidential duties? Absolutely not. Right now, Iraq is busy constructing nuclear weapons, all of which will likely be aimed at us, and the president can't even devote his full attention to the matter because of some ludricous accusation! For crying out loud, lay off the president and let him run the country so that we can all live without the fear of being nuked!
Answered by Jeffrey H. Garvett ( on January 27, 1998.
The people of the USA has been lied to and decieved by many past presidents, and it goes on! and on!Clinton is a victim of himself as are we.So are all of the unborn that will not know life or the love of jesus.I know all the liberals will say religion dosen't enter into the issues,But clintom goes to church doesn't he? I don't think that Clinton is listening to what the word of the Almighty's speaking to his heart.Instead he worries about what the public thinks and how to COVER UP! so pull those covers up tight!
Answered by thomas dotts ( on January 27, 1998.
My personal opionion was stated when I voted for someone other then a cheat!!!!! Since all this crap broke out it only proves that I voted for the right person, which needless to say was not Bill Clinton. All the idiots who voted for him I hope you like what you freak'n elected because personaly I think you had your brains up your butts. As for this particular incident he should resign and save his what is left of his image hahahahahahahhahahahahahh
Answered by MF ( on January 27, 1998.
Answered by Barto ( on January 27, 1998.
My personal opionion was stated when I voted for someone other then a cheat!!!!! Since all this crap broke out it only proves that I voted for the right person, which needless to say was not Bill Clinton. All the idiots who voted for him I hope you like what you freak'n elected because personaly I think you had your brains up your butts. As for this particular incident he should resign and save his what is left of his image hahahahahahahhahahahahahh hahahhahahahahhahahahhahahah hahahhahahahhaha
Answered by MF ( on January 27, 1998.
Government has three jobs: to create, to carryout,and to judge the law. As the Chief Executive, Clinon is in charge of the carrying out part. I don't understand how the American people can possibly continue to trust the man to carry out their laws if in fact he is proven to have blatantly subverted them.. To me, his sexual relations with anyone aren't the real issue. The time for him to answer that came in November after we had had four y;ears to learn what kind of guy he really is. But if he is proven to have purjured himself or to have used his power to influence someone to, he should resign or be impeached.
Answered by Joel Scott ( on January 27, 1998.
I m not the american citizen but i simpaty about your tragedy Mr. President I now you not guilty and I pray forefer for my God for support Mr. President Bill Clinton & Fam. be pasion. Mr President. my fammily and Almost The hole Indonesian People trust you not guilty. God Bless You. The Indonesian People behind you go forward Mr President. Fithg him. Forefer to USA President Mr. Bill Clinton.
Answered by Marthen S Rundupadang ( (Indonesia)) on January 27, 1998.
I think that he should resign. If one person make's these acusation's--yes maybe a political ploy. If two well------ But geez---three sex scandals? I am concerned about a president who is able to not obstruct justice, but heck--I tend to want a president who has some self control. "The boy just doesn't learn"-Gennifer Flowers.

Let's polish his hind with some Gore shoe leather.

Answered by Scotte Hansen ( on January 27, 1998.
What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?.The president's rating may have fallen.It would seem that most people are pointing fingers at this time.Well ,I would like to know how many of them have been faithful and remain a pure and free of sins . People should take a good look in the mirror.It would seem that the G O P has created a smoke screen trying to blind the American People. No one has spoken a word that always made headlines.and that word is THE DEFICIT.I would venture and and say it seems some people want to go back to Regan and Bush.
Answered by Kris Shivrattan ( on January 27, 1998.
What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?.The president's rating may have fallen.It would seem that most people are pointing fingers at this time.Well ,I would like to know how many of them have been faithful and remain a pure and free of sins . People should take a good look in the mirror.It would seem that the G O P has created a smoke screen trying to blind the American People. No one has spoken a word that always made headlines.and that word is THE DEFICIT.I would venture and and say it seems some people want to go back to Regan and Bush.No the president should no resign unless found guilty.
Answered by Kris Shivrattan ( on January 27, 1998.
Bill Clinton should not resign. the press caused Lady Di's death did we forget? Journalism has been reduced to supermarket tabloid status, and supermarket tabloids have been elevated to journalistic rags. Everybody who has a toung has a microphone selfishness and irresponsibility prevail. Everyone pines away for a great leader, and Jack Kennedy was one, yet he was unfaithful. This whole thing is a vicous attack on the democratic party, and the mudslinging of the campaign does not end with the election. Cut the crap and lets show that we deserve a decent leader by getting behind the president so he can try to work out solutions in an ever more dangerous world.
Answered by ( on January 27, 1998.
I understand that Bill's Pee Pee is "bent" Question: If he had it "straightened" would he be "tampering with evidence"?
Answered by Jim Sanders ( on January 27, 1998.
No, President Clinton should not resign. He has done more positive public relations for the US than any president in years. This is a witchhunt. Only the parties concerned know the truth and his accuser has already lied under oath. Think about it ... Instant fame for a nobody by bringing down a president. Clinton's family are standing by him, right or wrong -- and so should the American people -- whether you voted for him or not. Stop opening the doors for the rest of the world to laugh at you. Let Clinton get on with keeping you safe at night and let those who wish to defame him slide into obscurity -- which they deserve. What a sick kick some people get out of ruining famous people's lives.
Answered by REBECCA HAYNES ( on January 27, 1998.
From an European point of view, this question is bordering the ridiculous. Private life is independent of public life, and questions such as adultry concern only the people involved. You can invoke morality. That's fair, but very tricky: what I find immoral is to unbalance the government of a nation because of a private affair that has acquired the dimensions of a Watergate scandal. A Watergate is much worse for the moral responsability of the governors than sexual private affairs. And there is a question: what if all the scandal has been created just in order to unbalance Clinton's government? Isn't that truly immoral?
Answered by Africa Rubies-Mirabet ( on January 27, 1998.
I think it is time that the American constitution was scraped, and replaced with a new constitution based on the original but it should limit the power of the president. I also feel there should be a mass extermination of Americans beginning with the press corps and then moving on to all the ordinary Americans (as it is inhumane to keep alive humans with IQ's of between 30 and 40). I then feel the country should be left un-inhabited, and eventually by approximately 2300, settlers from Europe, Africa, and Asia will be able populate the land. - from the Monkeypeople
Answered by Archibald Johnson ( on January 27, 1998.
The American press has progressed past the point of sensationalism to being a threat to national security. The accusations against President Clinton are still so seminal that any mention of impeachment are as ridiculous and irrelevant as UFO sightings and should be reported as such (if at all).

The Press has made a mockery of the US legal system (OJ) and now has seriously hindered the effectiveness of the Presidency and embarrassed America throughout the world at a crucial time.

Who is reading this trash? Who are the people participating in the so-called "surveys"? It's time for the American people to let American media know we want some responsibility and maturity in the news we consume.

A day should be selected (in May of 1998) in which Americans concerned about the quality of American media simply boycott all media. We can, after all, go one day without newspapers, TV, radio etc. etc.

Regarding the printed media, the boycott should be a "demonstrative" boycott - not a commercial one (most print publications have their cash flow through monthly prescriptions and would not noticeably be harmed by a one day boycott). Each participant in the boycott should purchase that publication which most offends them on the appointed day, and promptly dispose of it in a conspicuous wastebasket in a public place.

There should also be community groups involved, perhaps distributing prominently placed wastebaskets precisely for this purpose on the chosen day, perhaps requesting local electronics store to turn off the TV's in their show windows on the day, or requesting local radio stations to devote the entire day to only local news.

Most importantly, major advertisers should be informed of the day of the boycott so they can avoid wasting money on advertising.

If Americans are as fed up with our media as they should be, then the effect will be noticeable.

Regardless of your feelings about President Clinton (or any of the other hosts the American media has fed on over the past years), you are being asked to react not to the content, but the irresponsible way in which important content is being delivered.

Those wishing to participate should contact me at DouglasWilliamSmith@Compuserve.Com.

Answered by Douglas William Smith (DouglasWilliamSmith@Compuserve.Com) on January 27, 1998.
I suspect that he should. My questions are for all those individuals who believe that the President's personal life does not impact the way he does his job: if your spouse cheats on you repeatedly can you continue to show faith and trust; whether written somewhere or not, is not the President of the United States the de facto ultimate role model for our children; when a sitting President's personal actions become so infamous does not that reduce his power; and finally is it not true that we wrongly place too much emphasis in how we perceive the job the President is doing by the state of the economy?
Answered by Bob Berenz ( on January 27, 1998.
No, he should not resign. This IS still America and President Clinton IS innocent until proven guilty. He is trying to do his job, while the Republicans are running one dirty tabloid style con game after another on him. Leave him alone. He needs the full 8 years to try and repair all that Reagan and Bush did to this country in the 80's. Think about it people. He is the President. He is surrounded by people all day and night. Like he could do anything at all and get by with it. Give me a break people.
Answered by Kasey Holloway ( on January 27, 1998.
NO! And what were they teaching in jounalism school when the current anchors and newspeople were in school? Haven't they heard about yellow journalism? Last night pompous newspeople were full of the news that a secret service man had seen President Clinton "in the act" Today.. surprise! It was a false story. There was no attempt to be even handed in the reporting. I am tired at the journalists hammering away at one angle of this mess, and not giving us even and honest coverage!

I don't believe this last girl, she sounds like someone with a real problem. But our biggest problem is uneven, scandalmongering, sensationalist journalists. I think the journalists will earn a place in history that will be much blacker than any Bill Clinton has earned. Whatever happened to checking and rechecking sources?

President Clinton has done a good job. I don't know how he is continuing to do as well as he has. He is in a position equivilent to a seige. Back off and let the man work! He is our President..and we are requiring him to try to run this nation with both hands tied behind his back.

Answered by J.K. Anderson ( on January 27, 1998.
No the President should not resign. He has been an effective leader for our country and has been the first President in my lifetime to balance the budget. He has performed the job we elected him to do. If we are going talk about moral issues, How moral is it to judge someone? What does the Bible say about that? He was elected for a specific "Job". He has done his job. I would surely hope our own employers are not looking at our personal lives to determine wheather we should continue working for them.
Answered by Belinda Silva ( on January 27, 1998.
This man is a disgrace to the Presidency and to the country. He should resign now and end his legacy of deciet and lies. He has no business as president of the greatest nation in the world. He always has an excuse and its someone else who is to blame. Bill Clinton should step down. The country deserves better.
Answered by Larry Henry (toni on January 27, 1998.
If it had been your daughter that had gone to the white house only to be subjected to being sexually disgraces, well?
Answered by Andy Carrico ( on January 27, 1998.
Clinton obviously has a serious psychological condition that needs treatment. He should temporarly give control of the Administrative Branch of the government to the Vice President. That would permit him to commit himself to a treatment facility, get the necessary therapy for his sexual additctions, and hopefully then return to office and finish his term.
Answered by Jerry Korrell ( on January 27, 1998.
I think that the President's reputation has been so damaged by this (whether he's telling the truth or not), that people cannot trust him. I think he should resign, I don't want a liar for a president.
Answered by Sharon Cabrera ( on January 27, 1998.
YES I believe the Clintons should leave office. Bill has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is incapable of telling the truth. Just watch his body language when questioned...he is lying only if his lips are moving.

The welfare of this country does not hinge upon anything good Bill has done since in office.

It is a pitiful day when our great Nation is being run amuck by a person who has no respect for Country, Laws, Morality, Self respect, and thinks he can just lie and get out of the bed he has made.

So what if you could overlook his adultry, what about his involvement in Election Campain Scandal, selling out US secrets, and taking illegal funds. What is this World coming to?

President Clinton step down, or better yet let this drag on a bit, and cripple the up-coming elections, then be ousted. Rember if you resign you can keep your pension....on the other hand when you are ousted, you loose it...this will save tax money. Well you have my 2 cents worth...That Dog Won't Hunt Get Out Bill

Answered by Ted Lewallen ( on January 27, 1998.
Yes he should resign-- along with the hole crooked bunch. I really don't know how he got elected in the first place. The country is all ready in a shambles. I just hope he doesn't start a war to cover is lying ass. IMPEACH NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Answered by Randy Richarson ( on January 27, 1998.
The fact is not known nor should the fact be explored. The President of the United States has a job to do. How can he do his job when he is being hounded by the story writing press! Now don't get me wrong, im not a democrat nor am i a fan of Clinton. However leave the poor guy alone and most of all leave his daughter out of it. This country is full of hypocrites, all which who report the news. Here we have people like Larry King, Peter Jennings, Sam Donaldson and the list goes. As if these people have the right to talk about family values. Lets first ask if these people have the credibility of telling the news?
Answered by Todd Koch ( on January 27, 1998.
You people are idiots. The question goes beyond whether or not Clinton had an affair, but whether he lied about it under oath. It's not about fidelity, but about honesty under oath.

You're welcome.

Answered by Gary's Father (kungus@kungus.kungus) on January 27, 1998.
Less than 50% of the American Electorate sewed a "bad seed" in William Jefferson Clinton, not once but twice, and now all Americans will collectively reap the whirlwind of national and international disdain and paralysis. Mr. Clinton is a confirmed liar, whoremonger, and political socio-path. If we as nation and government are to reclaim our honor and dignity, this Clinton malignancy must be excised, either by resignation or the result of impeachment.
Answered by J. Faris Holder ( on January 27, 1998.
Less than 50% of the American Electorate sewed a "bad seed" in William Jefferson Clinton, not once but twice, and now all Americans will collectively reap the whirlwind of national and international disdain and paralysis. Mr. Clinton is a confirmed liar, whoremonger, and political socio-path. If we as a nation and government are to reclaim our honor and dignity, this Clinton malignancy must be excised, either by resignation or the result of impeachment.
Answered by J. Faris Holder ( on January 27, 1998.
Answered by henry b. martinez ( on January 27, 1998.
First of all, I think the media is blowing this whole thing way out of proportion. I am truly tired of hearing about this scandal. Also, Kenneth Starr is supposed to be investigating Whitewater--that has nothing to do with Ms. Lewinsky. Secondly, Bill Clinton is supposed to be working for the American people, and that means he works for me! He supposedly lied when he said that nothing had happened between Ms. Lewinsky and himself, and then if he did that, he lied when he took his MARRIAGE vows! Perhaps Mr. Clinton shouldn't be impeached because he lied. But what sort of man is ignorant enough to do such a thing under political and public scrutiny? It takes a very ignorant man to pull such a stunt as the president of the entire United States! I think now he should just tell the truth. If he did so, I could live with it if Hillary could. I just wish that everyone would kindly be quiet about this, and let me get back to my regular news! I mean, this is taking away from what the President should really be doing!
Answered by Usagi Tsukino ( on January 27, 1998.
What does it take? His administration has been nothing but one scandal after another. Every member of his cabinet, past and present is either dead, in jail, or under investigation. He is the sleaziest person to ever occupy the White House. I can see the accident of his first election, but what morons reelected him knowing he is morally bankrupt. Now he says oral sex isn't sex??? Does it matter if she swallowed??? As for him being a great president, he has taken credit for all good, most of which came from the Republican Congress or his Republican predecessors. The economy we enjoy is Reagan's. Get real America...don't let him resign. That's the coward's way out (like draft dodging)...IMPEACH HIM IMMEDIATELY!!!
Answered by John Zamoski ( on January 27, 1998.
Clinton is a liar,and not even a good one. He clearly lied about the Flowers affair,and on tape told Her to deny the truth about it. The same thing as telling Her to lie about it. The only people that beleave him are the idiots that voted for him. Any conduct unbecoming the Office of the President should be grounds for possible impeachment. Subornation of perjury,perjury,and obstruction of justice are not only impeachable crimes,but are also punishable by imprisonment. Thats where he and his maul belong,in prison with the rest of their criminal buddies. No retirement and benefits for dishonorable service.
Answered by Earl Scrivner ( on January 27, 1998.
Sexual deviates of the Armed Forces are removed via Section.8 for Security risk reasons. This should also be applicable to a Draft dodging Commander in Chief, with his own Army, Navy Air Force and Marine Corps.
Answered by D.J.(Jack) Stoll ( on January 27, 1998.
It seems peoplle are hung up on morals. Wake up and look around you!! A large percentage of Americans don't even have morals!! Look at all the teens having babies, where are all their morals ? Or their parental guidance? There is so much infidelity and sex going on in this world it's almost like a contest to see who can screw who!!! People need to clean up their own back yards before they try cleaning someone else's. I don't think the President should resign. I think he has done a terrific job while in office and would vote for him again!! I believe this is all polical. The republicans and the press have been out to get the Clintons ever since he has taken office!! I think the whole thing is disgusting and hope whomever is responsible for all of these lies are found out and brought down!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Answered by Bonnie Arnold ( on January 27, 1998.
Why is it anybody's business who he sleeps with as long as he does what he was voted into office to do? I do not see the relation between one and the other. Hell no, he should not resign. If Hillary doesn't care, I can't think of any other person who should have anything to say about his personal life. His being the president does not mean his personal life belongs to the people he works for. Furthermore, who are we to judge anybody else? In regard to the person above who said they were humiliated, give me a break. Did you sleep with the president? Is your business in the street? I am not humiliated, embarrassed or scandalized by his actions or anybody else's. The only one who can embarrass me is me. God is the only one that matters. God is the only real judge. The people who are so overly concerned with his business, especially the media, need to get a life and find something interesting to talk about. This is just straight bullshit. WHO CARES? He could sleep with everybody in Washington D.C. and Texas [except me - :)] and I couldn't care less. He's a good president. The rest is irrelevant. I'll be glad when everybody who CARES finds something else to stick their noses into and gets over this foolishness.
Answered by Tia Shabazz ( on January 27, 1998.
Are you kidding? Does anyone recall the 96 election and the character issue? This sleaze needs to be run out of town now
Answered by dave johnson ( on January 27, 1998.
When the people elected Bill Clinton we elected him as the lesser of three evils(remember Perot?I voted for him) The people..the citizens elected Bill Clinton to rule over the land as a diplomat not as a priest. If he did fool around with this woman well that is between him and Hillary. We as a people are not to judge our own that is for God and CNN to decide. I voted for Perot during the elections and it was those who like Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton who elected him to office and I am allowed to complain about his actions not because I don't like him but because I didn't vote for him. If you voted for Clinton SHUT YOUR PIEHOLES. If you didn't voice your complaints/compliments for you are the ones who tried to stop Clinton twice before. Http://
Answered by Morgan O'Connell ( on January 27, 1998.
It has been proven by the Flowers scandal that the president is willing to play word games to mislead the public without out and out lying about an issue. No one can honestly say that he didn't do this in the Flowers case. He is doing it again in the Lewinsky scandal. Denying sexual relations but not sexual contact. It is a word game and that is what pisses me off. The problem is not that he has messed up in his personal life, we all have. My main concern is his propensity to play these word games in order to mislead the American public. There is no way that you can take him at his word. If he is doing something he shouldn't be in his private or more importantly his public life, he will find a way to mislead you while at the same time leaving himself an out just in case he is caught.
Answered by Troy Horton ( on January 27, 1998.
This is a man who has been unable to control his sexual perversions throughout an entire life devoted to being in the public eye; not a good combination. What other ramifications this disease encompasses we may never know. A thinking person, not swayed by politics, can only reach the conclusion that he should resign.
Answered by Burt Falke ( on January 27, 1998.
If quilty, then he has lied once again to the American People and should be tossed out of office. I have never voted for this man nor would I as he has been two faced from the begining. Why the public votes in crooks I can not fatham.
Answered by bruce bessler ( on January 27, 1998.
Bill Clinton has brought more disgrace on the office of the President of the United States then every president combined. If he truly loves this country he would resign and fade off into the background.
Answered by Michael Glatz ( on January 27, 1998.
Technically it comes down to what happens if it can be proven that he had lied as far as his deposition and affidavit concerning Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones, but he and Hillary disgust me even more if his deposition shows that he did in fact have a sexual relationship with Gennifer Flowers, then in all probability he would have had to have dropped out of the New Hampshire Primary six years ago and he would never have bcome the Democratic Candidate let alone President, But the Clintons were so bent on the Presidency they both LIED to get it, but hopefull that lie will now help to bring them down.
Answered by Ed Hagerty ( on January 27, 1998.
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Answered by Pierre Bourque ( on January 27, 1998.
Hello, I a only 15 BUT WATE I KNOW WHAT YOUR THINKING "I AM ONLY A KID I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT WELL........................ YOUR WRONG I HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING THIS FROM THE START." I think WE will never find the out the hole truth no mater how hard we try. Mr.Bill Clinton has made this mess his self. he had a chance to end this long ago when Mrs.Paula Jones Brought her charges up him He had a chance to settle this (I MEAN HOW DUMB IS HE(HE DIDN'T SETTLE))!!!!!! Now the press is in this so much you can hardly believe ANY THING that thay say. I do believe that thay should drop this hole mess!!!!!
Answered by Robert Shelley ( on January 27, 1998.
No, Bill Clinton shouldn't resign. Anyone associated with this tabloid journalism, with disseminating false information and with perverse rumor-mongering, should resign instead. Including you.

Good riddance.

Answered by Gary McLoughlin ( on January 27, 1998.
I think that Bill should talk to the United State about anything that might have happened. Then he should carry on with the Middle East troubles that we have been having. This controversy that has the whole country glued to the T.V. or newspaper/ magazines, proves that we only care about gossip and not the real troubles. If Bill did lie than he should be impeached or resign. If he didn't than what is the fuss about. These broads that are trying to "kill" Bill's life in office with tapes should just show them in court and get it over with or not. MAKE A GOD DAMN DECISION!!!!!!!!! There are bigger things that our president should care about. HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE GREATEST NATION IN THE WORLD, HE SHOULD ACT LIKE HE IS. The things Clinton does reflects on the whole country. Thanks Bill !!!!!!!!!!!
Answered by concerned about our future (''.) on January 27, 1998.
Should Mr. Clinton resign? No. Does he have a problem? Yes. It's a sad commentary that nobody believes him based on his past history. Mr. Clinton, look, nobody's perfect, but your behaviour has jeopardized your job and hurt your family. Doesn't this tell you something? This is an addiction, get some help.
Answered by Elena Gillespie ( on January 27, 1998.
yes. yes
Answered by skippy ( on January 27, 1998.
The mass madness in the mass media will be remembered as one of the ugliest expression of "freedom of speech" in American history, The Impeachment by Media Rantings is generated by a greedy drive for Ratings. Not by sane coverage of facts. ABV-TV, and especially Sam Donaldson, have sunk to new lows in my book of Ratings of Fair Reporting. Donaldson is an egomaniac, who stood before Ted Koeepl in Nightline, when the story broke, grinning from ear to ear, relishing in other people's misery. He is on an endless with-hunt, replacing facts with inuendos. TV "reporting" no longer distinguishes between reporting of facts, editorialising, and lynching. I for myself, will boycott ABC-TV and its sponsors for allowing such outrageous coverage of this tragedy. The President and Mrs. Clinton are doing fine. The president should not dignify the rantings of two frustrated female opportunists, exiled from White House service for improper behavior. It is amazing that some morons in public opinion polls believe these opportunists more than the President. The president should go on with his tasks and not dignify every sling cast on him with answers. The President's critics act like Medieval Inquisitioners. Mr. Clinton's concern is with present duties and America's future. You will overcome.
Answered by Ahuva Rabani ( on January 27, 1998.
The President should consider resigning immediately after everyone else in the country who has ever lied to protect the feelings of his or her loved ones, or to protect himself/herself from embarrassment, confesses and resigns/quits from whatever they do. The important thing is not whether someone lied or not, but whether it was a "material" lie. A Presidential lie (alleged) about a sexual escapade (alleged) is inmaterial. File it under "WHO CARES."
Answered by S. Davis ( on January 27, 1998.
Politicians commit hari kari with such regularity that I amazed they make an rational decisions in office. They assume the American people are total idiots and will swallow whatever tripe they serve to us; then wonder why many are booted out of office. Let me see if I understand this correctly - an individual named Starr is hired by the Republicans to investigate if Bill or Hillary Clinton committed any crimes regarding land speculation while he was governor of Arkansas? Independent counsel, no less. I thought that position was reserved for malfeasance while in office as President, not Governor of a state. Now we find ourselves a few thousand miles, days and issues removed from Whitewater and this guy, $30 million dollars and 5 years later, is looking into the president's drawers. Am I missing something here or this no more than a massive witch hunt by Republicans who have nothing better to do than waste valuable government time, resources and money to persue a man whom they hate and dispise worse than the Anti-Christ? Let Bill have his day in court and let him continue to run the country. He has done a hell of a job and I dread to think what the next Republican in office will bring. Whatever alleged sexual relations he may have engaged in are his business and why was this jerk counsel asking about his sex life anyway? What does land speculation have to do with lust? To me, Starr could stand on the highest mountain and will still not reach high enough to tie Clinton's shoes. Clinton is not a big president, but Starr is just a "teeny weeny (no pun intended) little man" (man may be too strong a word).
Answered by lc ( on January 27, 1998.
Answered by STEVEN KELLY (STONED@BIGFOOT.COM) on January 27, 1998.
If this is true, yes.

We don't know yet so this is very premature and nothing but sensantionalism by the press, being fueled by the conservatives. (Yes, I agree with Hillary)

I say he should resign if it's true, not because of the alleged sexual activities-I don't really care if the prez gets Oval Office blow jobs. What bothers me is the lies and the word games.

Answered by Raymond L. Kelly ( on January 27, 1998.
just testing this out. . .
Answered by somebody ( on January 27, 1998.
YES, How many times is he going to get away with his lies ?
Answered by Maddog ( on January 27, 1998.
The American people have a right to know every sordid detail of the alleged Clinton-Lewinsky affair if it is true. How many times did they copulate? How many times were there oral sex? Where in the White House did these sexual meetings take place? As taxpayers, it is our constitutional and civil right to know now.
Answered by gene knight (gene@kansas city, on January 27, 1998.
Well, I hope that Bill will be happy when he makes it into the history books, not as a hero, but as the 1st president to be impeached. Everyone believes that the country is doing so well because of Bills leadership, but that is not the case. Bill inherited a country that was already coming out of a recession when he took office. Bill Clinton is a joke and I hope the bastard hangs for this!
Answered by Nick Fields ( on January 27, 1998.
Bill Clinton has backed himself and this country into such a corner! What a sad legacy! I recall speaking with one of his fellow Arkansasans during his run for the White House. His comment was "The good Governor has been known to like his 'Pussy', but we're not the kind of people to hold that against him." Not only are his personal liaisons despicable and his lying degrading and insulting to the American people(after all, we were stupid enough to elect him for a 2nd term...), he has and will try to take credit for those parts of the Republican agenda he's stolen. Clinton should resign and apologize to the American people. CLINTON SUCKS, BUT HE DOESN'T INHALE (UNLIKE MS. LOWINSKY)
Answered by larry combs ( on January 27, 1998.
I am a canadian and I have something to say. I am amazed at the expressions of hatred and profound moral indignation Americans have uttered against this man. This human being. I can't think of one American president who hasn't been involved in some terrible incident. ie. Vietnam? Hiroshima? This affair is small potatoes compared to the flaws in the other men who have held this office. He is the first president in my life time that doesn't make me afraid for this continent. Perhaps Ronald Regan or Carter would have had affairs too. I highly doubt anyone would want to sleep with Regan however. Your press has become one giant National Enquirer since Gart Hart. I suppose everyone has forgotten that the press has more power and influence now than ever before, this is perhaps why this scandal has erupted onto the lives of your citizens. I think it's time that America re-evaluated their priorities. There are so many more indecenies happening is this world that are getting eclisped by this really quite insignificant event. So no I dont' think he should be impeached and I don't think anyone is perfect. I also don't think you can compare him to soldiers or naval officers who gang rape women which some people are comparing him to on this message board. No one is perfect and this idea that a president should be perfect is what is at the crux of the legacy of descructive bahavior on the part of your politicians and press throughout the last century. I repeat no one is perfect. Do you really want an automaton running your country? A very scary thought.
Answered by Sarah Carlsen ( on January 27, 1998.
Should President Clinton resign? No. So far all the information that has been printed and televised have been one sided, from self rightous reporters that have absolutely no skeletons in their closets. To all those reporters that are reading this,go to your closets,shake those skeleton bones,return in front of your network cameras and editorials and talk morality. I dare you, you bunch of hypocrites
Answered by Craig Hanson ( on January 27, 1998.
Should President Clinton resign? No. So far all the information that has been printed and televised have been one sided, from self rightous reporters that have absolutely no skeletons in their closets. To all those reporters that are reading this,go to your closets,shake those skeleton bones,return in front of your network cameras and editorials and talk morality. I dare you, you bunch of pompous hypocrites
Answered by Craig Hanson ( on January 27, 1998.
NO!! Bill Clinton should not resign! He has been an effective President and will continue to be so after all this is over. If Hillary isn't too concerned with who he sleeps with(If he did), then I could care less.
Answered by Tamara McRill ( on January 27, 1998.
Hey Bill, The only time I'll use your name in the same sentence is when I can call you EX-PRESIDENT Bill Clinton. And I can't WAIT for that to happen. Wake up America, Bill Clinton is a good for nothing LIAR. He lied about Ms. Flowers and every OTHER woman he's slept with.

I anxiously await the day, and I do think it's going to be soon, that we can all look back and understand what a pathological liar he is and for the day we can call him, Ex-President Clinton.

I'm counting the days. Tom

Answered by Tom Liddle ( on January 27, 1998.
The only concern that I have about Clinton resigning is that Gore would be our next President. Curiousity brought me to a site this evening that everyone might want to check out @

If there's any basis to this needs to think twice about just what HAS the President been doing "for" our country and what his position (current or future) is in the one world scheme of things. I also found the education link interesting from this site since the President is so all fired "interested" in education projects. Parents'ware!

Should Bill Clinton resign? Do you want Gore as President? He's lied too!

Answered by Packy D'Espaigne ( on January 27, 1998.
What I heard tonite @ the State of The Union Address, on top of everything else I know about Bill Clinton, just reinforces one fact... and that is - I think he is a great President! What I heard about our National deficit and financial prosper astounded me. I know I have personally contributed to this through my taxes ( married 26 no kids etc.../highest tax bracket). But it's really cool that our small sacrafice has not been in vane! I thin
Answered by KEN ALLRED (PHISHYBIZ@AOL.COM) on January 27, 1998.
For those of you who feel that the question of Clinton's behavior is between he and his wife... Would you would be willing to: A). Have your wife, daughter, girlfriend, sister, mother, etc. be the oral receptacle for Bill Clinton's sperm. B). Be the the oral receptacle for his sperm yourself.

If so, it's time to kiss logic and reason goodbye...Just avoid doing so on the lips.

Answered by kentcarlson ( on January 28, 1998.
Yes, and the sooner the better for all of us. How much damage should this man be allowed to do to the reputation of the office of the President? As a former member of the military I've been overseas and seen what other people's impression of him and through him our country is. Believe me people he's seen as a joke. He's a disgrace as a Commander-in-Chief and a representative of our country. He did enough damage to our credibility in his first four years. It mystifies me how we could have elected him again.
Answered by Concerned Citizen ( on January 28, 1998.
Yes. I hope this scandal will be remember as ORALGATE "For our kids and children and a better future in the 21 Century"



Answered by Barto ( on January 28, 1998.
Yes...and save all of us the drawn-out scandal of each new day that the White House and Mrs. Clinton put a new spin on what is happening. Power corrupts, and no one is above the law. Let's restore dignity to the White House...before we be- come a complete joke to the rest of the world!
Answered by Linda Newbrough ( on January 28, 1998.
The needs of the people of the US and the world VERSES the ego and self rightiousness of a few people! The working poor and middle class people need the leadership of Clinton now. I do not want the people who have been hounding our president to distroy the economic & social calm my"community" is experiencing. The initiating case is a sexual harassment case-the questions asked that may be purgered were about personal relations between two people that traditionally are not talked aboutdue to consideration of innocent people . I AM OFFENDED at best and FEARFULL at worst by the actions of the INVESTAGATORS. Who will be next and at what cost to the country!
Answered by C.A.Dunbar ( on January 28, 1998.
I think that he SHOULD NOT give up! People & the media should leave him alone already. There are more important things going on in the world and we should pay more attention to those issues. President Clinton has my support - Leave him alone and grow up!
Answered by Alee ( on January 28, 1998.
What America wants to know is did she swallow? You know folks, it is dangerous to answer here...remember how he got the IRS after Paula Jones. Good luck on your audits guys....Why do morons assume this is hillary's problem and only between the two of them? He promised to God to be faithful in their wedding vows and he broke the vow. The man is a pathological liar, a crook, a sleaze, a sex addict. His cabinet is filled with the same. He has done nothing for this country except bring disgrace. And some of you consider him a great president. Our country is in deep trouble if that is how some believe. And Hillary yesterday calling it a right wing conspiracy???? Come on, who needs to exert any effort? He provides a scandal a day. He belongs impeached and in jail. Maybe he and Rostenkowski can be bunk mates. Liberalism is dead and hopefully we can undo the damage caused by it such as our current lack of a moral compass to accept this guy (the unabanger). How can you tell when Clinton is lying??? Whenever his lips move.
Answered by John Zamoski ( on January 28, 1998.
Absolutely no resign. Let his private life for his family to decide.
Answered by Florence Wage Eriksson ( on January 28, 1998.
Is there anyone that can stand tall and say they never did anything they were ashamed of? Can any of President Clinton's critics cast the first stone? IF any of these accusations are true, then it should be up to the President and his wife to work them out. Nobody every made a big deal out of the "affairs" other presidents had, why make it so big now? As long as he does his job, leave him alone. He has enough problems with Congress trying to get legislation passed, so remember it is not just the president that runs the country, and I am sure that all the Congressmen are not "without sin." As long as they do thier job WHO CARES about their personal life.
Answered by Dolores Stone ( on January 28, 1998.
Whatever the merits of any of the accusations against Mr. Clinton, he is guilty beyond doubt of allowing the White House to be consumed by OJ Trial Psychosis. This may be the worst threat to national security since the cold war. He must resign immediately. If he does not your guess is as good as mine what form our national crackup will take. I used to support Clinton but now he has left this little girl out there twisting in the wind for public dissection just like all the nominees he has dumped along the way. He has no loyalty to anyone. I doubt he is looking out for me. If Mr. Clinton resigns there will be no victory for either political side. But Mr. Gore will ably represent the ideas ably represented by Mr. Clinton last night, and the political battle will resume on equal footing as usual. Most importantly, Mr. Starr will be free to teach law at Pepperdine as he has wished to do in the past. Most importantly we will not sink into a gutter level political morass that will lead inevitably to a national tragedy. Mr. Clinton has amply displayed that he has no guts. Can he face up to the urgency of his resignation before he destroys us? Mr. Clinton, please resign.
Answered by Stephen R. Bolger ( on January 28, 1998.
I have all faith in the way Clinton is running our country. I am livid at the way the women have conducted them selves in this sitiuation. How will Paula Jones feel better with 2 million dollars? I think this women is as low as they come, this incident took place in 93? It all comes down to money and fame, to be gained by her, and her attorneys . Shakespere had the right idea "The first thing we do is kill all the lawyers" AMEN. Give the President a break and stay out of his personal business. I would lie about too , for THIS IS HIS PERSONAL BUSINESS. LET HIM RUN OUR COUNTRY AND STOP QUESTIONING HIS PERSONAL LIFE.
Answered by Laura Cook ( on January 28, 1998.
Okay, lets think about this for a moment. If bill clinton resigns, we get Al Gore! He is like a walking talking zombie (And his wife looks power hungry taboot). He will run our country into the ground. So what if Bill Clinton screws sluts. To look at Hilary you can just tell she won't give it up to her husband. If there are stupid whores out there willing to suck the presidents pecker, then they should not suck and tell. They should do it and then go back to the rat infested hole in which they came from. We all know Bill Clinton is a liar. He has been caught in every attempted lie, but come on people what should he say "yes america I let a big haired hoochie suck my dick". Lets get real and get over it. If his wife is willing to stand by her man & not be the slight bit upset that her husband is scum-pig, why should we? As for everyone saying it is an embarrassment to our country, get real, he is the only person who should feel embarrassed the whole country did not have Paula Jone's flog their log (Just Billie-boy. So either put the man in jail (where he will have everyone in there eating his sausage) or give it up and let the man have his boink fests! Poor Chelsea she is probably furious (her dad gets more than her)!
Answered by Pupi Vanetsky ( on January 28, 1998.
No! The President should not resign. Kenneth starr should resign and explain who put him up to his misguided task. There is no requierment for celibacy in the job description for president. If Mr Starr had kept that in mind, he wouldn't have asked questions about the Presidents actions, and hence, there would have been no possible fabrications. It's none of his business. It should only be the concern of Mrs. Clinton, and if she believes him, that's good enough for me. Keep up the good work for the country Mr President. And SHAME on Kenneth Starr and the PRESS. They're supposed to report the news, not make it. Thank You
Answered by paul j pickens ( on January 28, 1998.
why shouldn't he hide behind his lawyers? he has been hiding behind his wife. who gets paid the most anyway?
Answered by larry hartwell ( on January 28, 1998.
American voters did not put Bill Clinton in office twice because they thought he would only sleep with Hillary. We believed, and still believe, in his ability to run the country. If sexual compulsion were an impeachable sin, the halls of Congress would be half empty. The witchhunt engineered by the powerful men of the Right Wing and the Christian Coalition is a shameless attempt to punish someone they cannot forgive for winning two presidential elections. Regardless of what might have happened with this intern or with other women, Bill Clinton is at heart a compassionate voice in a country that still seems to want to destroy itself through divisive politics. Stop the investigation NOW.
Answered by Alan Haley ( on January 28, 1998.
No, of course not. He is an effective and lovable president. He just needs the White House chef and McDonalds to put some "salt peter" in his food.(we all know this was used for years to keep sex off the mind of our young men). He might also get some counseling from that black woman that was a Health Department guru who advised all the young men to stay out of trouble and masturbate, masturbate, masturbate, for God's sake and the country.
Answered by Jean Neil ( on January 28, 1998.
No, I think that he is doing a good job so far. As far as what is going on I think that he is telling the truth. There are people out there who try to ruin people's reputation. He is just in the middle of all this becausehe is the president. I think he should do his job and forget them.
Answered by Patricia Ann Fleck ( on January 28, 1998.
While hesitant to cast the first stone, I believe the time has come for the President to either step-down or be removed. The issue is no longer adultry in Arkansas or in the Whitehouse, the issue is perjury and possibly suborning perjury. We have to hold our representatives accountable for their actions. If these allegations are proven, and we do not take action, the President will no longer be to blame: The Voters of America will be to blame. We will have sent a horrible message to our children, and that is, it is okay to perjure yourself if the truth may embarrass you. Clinton must step down, if and when these allegations are proven. He has already conveyed a message to our posterity that adultery is not wrong. We can not stand for this any longer, Mr. Clinton. Resign or be impeached.

Charles Morris

Answered by Charles Morris ( on January 28, 1998.
The only thing scary about Bill Clinton Resigning is the thought of "ALGORE" as President.
Answered by Eric A. Zimmerman ( on January 28, 1998.
I believe the President has done more for lower class than any other President. President Clinton is a unique man he know how to attract younger groups of potential voters. This man smokes marijuana, is a "player" and still is idolized by millions, if he wasn't then why is he all over the news? So in closing don't " player hate " "player appreciate"!
Answered by Suellen Bennet ( on January 28, 1998.
What questions do we need to ask the investigators regarding the legality of their methods of collecting information? Wiretapping an unsuspecting person is illegal in Md. Can we in good conscience use information that is illegally aquired to procute someone who lied concerning a personal matter. I feel this is a bigger threat to our country than Clinton's afterhour activities.
Answered by C.A.Dunbar ( on January 28, 1998.
He should resign. Its not the sex that bothers me.Its that hes a BOLD FACED LIAR.
Answered by Melvin Kingcade ( on January 28, 1998.
The President has done a creditable job. What really outrages me as a citizen, is nobody seems to be outraged that Starr has spent over 40 MILLION AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS and hounded this man for 6 years to come up with this innunendo filled bill of goods and has successfully sold it to the press who has in turn rammed it down the tax payers throats without proof!!!
Answered by Gregory A. Betts ( on January 29, 1998.
Clinton, if he had any honor, would resign. He will not resign because he likes riding in Air Force One. Many say his sex life is his own business. I agree. This is not his normal sex life. The President is fond of saying he works for the American people. Well it seems he was fooling around on our time, in the Peoples House (WH) with a fellow employee. Then he lies about it and asks her to lie. If you had sex with a fellow employee at your office and your boss found out about it what do you think would happen? Impeach Clinton for the love of the USA. God Bless the USA!

Proud member of the Right Wing Conspiracy.!!

Answered by Pete Murphy ( on January 29, 1998.
I think you people need to get behind your country. The matter at hand has no use to any of you. Leave Bill alone, and be thankful of were you live. you could be alot worse off. So stop all your whinning and get a life.
Answered by Kim Scott ( on January 29, 1998.
Most Decidely NOT!!! Have we nothing better to do with our time than to cast disparaging remarks at our president??? The media has been a HUGE factor in this "scandal" and I can't remember when sexual intercourse became illegal. If the allegations are true, the ONLY people to be concerned are the Clintons. If the allegations are false, then SHAME ON ALL OF US FOR WASTING OUR TIME, ENERGY, AND MONEY WHEN THEY COULD BE FOCUSED ON REAL PROBLEMS FACING OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Answered by Brent ( on January 29, 1998.
This is our president, do you people really think he has time to mess around with some...... I personally don't think he did it any thing with Monica. Leave the poor man alone.
Answered by Cora Adams ( on January 29, 1998.
no I like seeing his body on tv
Answered by troy metcalfe ( on January 29, 1998.
I think President Clinton should not resign as president because he is human just like us. I'm sure there are alot of people who had sexual relationships. There are also alot of people who lie about things to cover thier butts. It's life we are all human and there's nothing we can do about it. As long as he is doing his job and cares about the American people then why are we worrying about his personal life? Let him do what he wants in his spare time!
Answered by S.Johnson ( on January 29, 1998.
Bill Clinton is a great President and and the news media has gone witch hunting like in old Salam. They put out stories with out checking them out first. All of you that want MR. Clinton out should look at your own sex life, would you want the world to know it? Let Him do his Job. Times have never been this good. Not in my adult lifetime. I think most of American's are not buying this hipe and whose who are should stop watching Jerry Springer.
Answered by Cheyenne Griggs ( on January 29, 1998.
Bill is obviuosly lying anyone with half a brain knows that! Should he resign? yes If he had any loyalty to his ideology or the democrats he would. Those who think not are either stupid or so caught up in their tunnel views that they would excuse anything Bill does to save face in their own views that got him elected. Its like OJ supporters with their racial agendas or Neo-Nazis denying the halocaust. What the heck does the good economy have to do with the President anyhow? Nothing...Capatalist countries economies are run by market forces unlike Communist countries that require the disaterous input of dictators to run an economy in to the ground! So the arguments that Bill's lies and bad morals are to be excused because of the economy's positive cycle is yet anouther example of the lack of intelligence and morality from the voting majority. God save us from this corrupt President and the ignorant people who gave he the opportunity to shame and tarnish this great nation!
Answered by Dennis Kowalski ( on January 29, 1998.
Bill is obviuosly lying anyone with half a brain knows that! Should he resign? yes If he had any loyalty to his ideology or the democrats he would. Those who think not are either stupid or so caught up in their tunnel views that they would excuse anything Bill does to save face in their own views that got him elected. Its like OJ supporters with their racial agendas or Neo-Nazis denying the halocaust. What the heck does the good economy have to do with the President anyhow? Nothing...Capatalist countries economies are run by market forces unlike Communist countries that require the disaterous input of dictators to run an economy in to the ground! So the arguments that Bill's lies and bad morals are to be excused because of the economy's positive cycle is yet anouther example of the lack of intelligence and morality from the voting majority. God save us from this corrupt President and the ignorant people who gave he the opportunity to shame and tarnish this great nation!!
Answered by Dennis Kowalski ( on January 29, 1998.
If you voted for Bill, then this scandel is proof of your ignorance and immorality!!!! If you still defend him and your vote, then you are not only stupid but narrow minded! It takes honor to admit when your wrong but, if you have no honor well then go on and defend the dishonorable! You dumb a$$ losers! He would just as soon help America as to F#CK your daughter.....but I guess that doesn't matter Huh?
Answered by Dennis Kowalski ( on January 29, 1998.
It takes two to tangle,! The woman is obviously engaged in another motive other than saying she had sexual; relations with PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!! I think that she was paid.....seriously. No person in their right mind would go against the president and not have some other type of bribe. someone really doesnt like Mr. President and they will do anything to have him impeached. This was a low blow, the president has had the economy looking better for the first time in a while and he hasnt made any bone head mistakes other than not allowing the haitian people enter the united states, but instead he allows the people of israel enter after going to frickin war with them, no other comment!
Answered by Romeocharles ( on January 29, 1998.
Get the pervert out of office! He is ruining Americas image. Who would want someone like that to represent you? I know that having Bill Clinton as the President of the United States of America makes me ashmed to be an American.
Answered by Ryan T. Melnyk ( on January 29, 1998.
Oh yes, In fact suicide seems the way to go for his slickness. The bible(that he keeps adhering to) clearly preaches, that heaven is A better place, thus creating A motive for Billy. Look at Jonestown, Waco, and Heaven's Gate.
Answered by Dave Matthews ( on January 29, 1998.
No!!! I cannot understand how Americans can persecute a man that they really don’t know. In fact, some of these readers actions are un-American. What happen to not guilty until proven guilty. I don't plan on ever going to court, but I would hate to have these hate mongers on my jury. Please folks, take a deep breath and step back.
Answered by J Lenard James ( on January 29, 1998.
Bill Clinton is by no means a saint, but I believe that he is innocent of the allegations against him. The President should not resign, and the Republicans should get off his back.
Answered by Quentin Fields, Jr. ( on January 29, 1998.
Bill Clinton is by no means a saint, but I believe that he is innocent of the allegations against him. The Republicans should get off his back.
Answered by Quentin Fields, Jr. ( on January 29, 1998.
Bill Clinton in my opinion has done everything he needs to do already. He denied the charges forcefully in public, and then he went about his business.( He just had to write and deliver the state of the union address, and then decide went to start bombing Iraq again..... nothing major.)
Answered by LMRandall ( on January 29, 1998.
He should not resign because he had sex with an intern, HE SHOULD RESIGN BECAUSE HE LIED UNDER OATH. He is saying the same things Richard Nixon said when he found himself in trouble. "The opposition is out to get me, it is all a vendetta." Mrs. Clinton must know that he is a sleaze bag, but she will do or say anything to keep him in power. She is just as guilty as he is. I hope everyone will ask themselves. "What if it were my daughter?"
Answered by ernestine mullen ( on January 29, 1998.
I feel he should resign espically if he lied--which he is very good at I can't imagine that all these women are making it up over the years about his sexual activity..I am dissappointed if this is true as we do need someone to look up to as I feel morals are down from what they used to be..I just wish he would tell the truth altho if he does will we really believe him as he lied about so many things. I feel sorry for his family.
Answered by Beverly Knight ( on January 29, 1998.
bill is a slimeball people say he has done so much for the economy thats a bunch of crap he has done nothing for our economy in fact if it wasnt for all of the natural disasters weve had over the last few years this country would have already bankrupted and if bill i mean hillary had her way it still will go bankrupt disasters create jobs not presidents. bill has done nothing for family values in fact he has tried his best to destroy family values can you people not see this gut has got to go I SAY LET'S HAVE A HANGIN"
Answered by who cares ( on January 29, 1998.
Absolutely. If nothing else, he has sinned. Slick Willie should be required to resign and Lightning Rodham should be sent to jail on the following counts: conspiracy, aiding and abetting, suborning of perjury (yes, it is she who made Slick Willie lie all along!!!).
Answered by You Know Me ( on January 29, 1998.
If the President of the United States is found guity of commiting adultery, as the Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States he should be held accountable and punished the same as any other member of the Armed Forces, or any and all former service members that were drummed out of the military for commiting the same crimes as our president should be allowed to reenter the branch of military they were thrown out of with the same rank and time in service.

I for one can not nor will i trust any one who can not keep the basic promise made before God and country, when the wedding vows were made.... after all if the promise can not be kept to the one person in the world you care the most about... how can any promise be kept to the rest of the United States or the World.

This is a true shame not only for our country but for our children.... after all it may take a village to raise our children but we do not live in a society were sleeping with all the villagers is the accepted norm.

Answered by Sandra Weatherford ( on January 29, 1998.
I would personally not cry one bit if he did, but realistically I don't think that he should have to. Even if the worst allegations are true--i.e. he had sex with her, lied about it in his deposition, and told her that he wouldn't mind if he did the same, I don't think that this is nearly serious enought to warrent impeachment or resignation. Bill Clinton should not be charged with perjury just because he was too embarrassed to admit that he had had an affair--the reason that he should not be charged is that the question had nothing to do with anything he had been charged with (no, this is NOT relevant evedence in the Paula Jones case). So since there is no attempt to decieve the court on any material issue, I don't think that this is perjury--It would be like if I were embarassed about my weight and told a court that I weigh 120 lbs. All the same, I'm pretty disgusted with the man and wouldn't be sorry to see him go.
Answered by Benjamin Drasin ( on January 30, 1998.
This Romeo Charles guy who posted here is a rocket scientist....Clinton hasn't made bone head mistakes???He is a bone head mistake and everything he does is. Who has time to list all the bimbo eruptions, $200 haircuts on the LAX tarmac, cabinet full of crooks, Joslyn Elders "The National Idiot", in Bosnia for only one year, there's one major screw up a day from him. However, I did like your reference to a "low blow"...nice pun given his addiction to blow jobs. Clinton had better watch out....we all know how Hillary (his co-antichrist) loves to shred evidence...the only thing Bubba knows how to use is his gonads and she might just shred that evidence too.
Answered by John Zamoski ( on January 30, 1998.
er...i got lost in the net, thought i just drop by, so who's this bill fella you guys are yakking about?
Answered by YiBin, WONG ( on January 30, 1998.
Why in the hell are we in the President's bedroom!!! Oh,yeah,I think I know why. The republicans(repubs) are setting the stage for the next election...although Clinton cannot be considered for more than two consecutive terms, the repubs damned well want to make sure that one of their own has his white ass in the white house next time around. Two terms of democrat leadership is more than the repubs can stand. This isn't about who Bill's laying the pipe to, it's about a calculated move to shift leadership in this country from one class of people to another; never mind that one's political skills are adequate, the name of the game is "he who has the most influence, has the most power", the repubs haven't had that rank for almost eight years now, and I know damned well they don't like it. They are in a hurry to fuck things up once again with their self-righteous asses. Take a 25-30 year history trip back down memory lane, which will show you that each time a republican has run the white house, taxes have skyrocketed in a manner that hurts the middleclass and poor much, much deeper than those in upperclass echlons. Note the high unemployment rates whenever the repubs are running the show. They are hurting to get their asses back into the white house so that they can undermine any progress Bill Clinton has accomplished for this country in their haste to "fix things" that they blame Clinton for "screwing up" for them which will lesson the tax burden on all the damned wealth they own. That's the REAL SCREWING the repubs are talking about. And some of you who aren't even repubs are aiding them in their quest to disrespect (as most in this country has always done) President Clinton until the very end. I truly believe this shit was all a calculated move to bring this shit to a boil during an election year so that Americans would be so clouded by it that we'd be more inclined to vote for a repub! How dare you people such as the media, and other movers and shakers that control the devices that spill such "ignorance with influence" into our society try to take me for a fool. I'm not buying into this shit about the President's personal life-hell I don't care! I'm more interested in his political agenda. This shit was timed to hit the fan just when it did. And by the way, IF HE DID DO WHATEVER IN THE HELL SOME OF YOU CLAIM, THEN I HOPE IT WAS GOOD TO HIM, AND THAT HE DID IT AS GOOD AS HE RUNS THIS FUCKED UP NATION....Some of you probably need to have some better sex yourselves, maybe you wouldn't have time to worry about the President's bedroom so much if you had more (or any) action going on in your own, backyard. America needs to get some damned business about itself. We, not the president, are making us look bad. He didn't bring this shit up, we did!
Answered by VKBates ( on January 30, 1998.
I think if the recent allegations are proven true, the president should resign and/or be prosecuted as any other citizen. I am a school teacher. If a superintendent of my school district had sex (oral or otherwise) with a student teacher in our school office, he/she would be fired and prosecuted. I do not want my students or our daughters growing up thinking that having sex with a supervisor is a way to advance her career. I thought this sort of thing was wjhat the feminist movement was trying to save us from having to endure
Answered by patty pfeiffer ( on January 30, 1998.
Answered by KCARLILE (MBC@HOLLOMAN.COM) on January 30, 1998.
If Bill is guilty, she SHOULD resign. It is very much our business. What does his affairs say about him AND our country? Plus, the fact that his approval rate has sky-rocketed since this incident is disgusting. Open your eyes, people! Our country is being lead by no-good, piece of dirt democrat scum, who doesn't have any idea what "values" or "morals" are. It's called a power trip, and Bill Clinton has been on it for almost 5 years now.
Answered by Mary ( on January 30, 1998.
Americans are missing the point. Bill's extra-marital activities alone should not drive him from office - But criminal activities he committed while in the office and those to support his addiction should. We are talking about perjury, subornation of perjury, obstruction of justice and witness tampering. All are Federal crimes.

By the popular reasoning, we should have forced Nixon to stay because of his brilliant foreign policy but overlook that Watergate hush money thing. If Bill won't leave then he must be impeached.

Answered by Mike Bedwell ( on January 30, 1998.
Who is this VKBates above?? Are you that stupid that you can't use language other than cussing?? Usually, people who use such language are not intelligent enough to have an expansive vocabulary of large, clean, meaningful words. Plus the fact, he knows no history....the true history is that democrats in the white house equals high inflation, high taxes, etc. I want them out of my pocket and Zipper Man out of the White House. The Democrats had Congress for 40 years where they systematically took money from those of us who work hard and gave it to those too lazy to work but not too lazy to give birth to more generations of welfare slobs. With no self-respect come no morals or ethics. Clinton is amoral and just plain a crook. Wake up VKBates....I cannot believe people still believe the tired old liberal rhetoric (f***ing words for you ignorant ones). Where's the NOW Gang??? Poor Clarence Thomas ALLEGEDLY mentioned he thought there was a pubic hair in his drink and the FemiNAZIS wanted him hanged. Here the great draft dodger is boinking everything female and they support him...gee liberals sure are hypocritical (and pathetic). Know what types of girls Clinton likes??? The ones with a pulse.
Answered by John Zamoski ( on January 30, 1998.
If it is proven that Clinton has lied and gone on national TV, wagging his finger at us like an angry father chastising naughty children, he has shown severe disrespect for the office of President. Such behavior demonstrates that he has no respect for the US public that elected him. He is only out to protect himself and holds himself above millions of Americans.

This is serious by itself and based solely on such a flagrant national lie, if proven, he should be removed from office.

If the allogations of illegality are proven they are certainly grounds for immediate impeachment.

This man has shown he has no morals. Many people have appeared on TV the last several days saying that up to 40% of youngsters list him as a hero. If we let this man stay in office (if allogations are proven) what example are we presenting to our children.

If he lied on national television, perjured himself or encouraged others to perjure themselves HE SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE.

If he is willing to lie to millions of Americans what else has he and will he lie about?

Also, the President is not the sole reason our economy is going well although his speech certainly made it seem that way. Congress and our senators have certainly impacted the economy as well as economic growth in service and high-tech industries. Our gross national product is the higest in years and Clinton is certainly not out there managing millions of US businesses - Americans are doing this themselves!

Answered by ( on January 30, 1998.
Answered by NANCI AL-KORDI (KATHY@MN.FRONTIERCOMM.NET) on January 30, 1998.
NO! Stay and fight like a man! Don't give up now that you are on the verge of insuring a strong Republican victory going into 2000. God love you, Bill. By putting a strong Republican majority in both House and Senate, and a Republican in the Whitehouse, you may well go down in history as the man who single-handedly saved the Republic. Resign, and only the Democrates stand to gain. Stay! Show America what you're really made of, you self-serving, lying, arrogant hipocrite.
Answered by Larry William McDougald ( on January 30, 1998.
As a person who voted twice for Clinton, and finds his policies a significant improvement over those of his predecessors, if he had a sexual relationship, as most of us understand the term, with Monica Lewinsky, then he should resign. I don't expect moral perfection from the President, and the nature of his and Hillary's relationship is between them. However, he clearly denied having such a relationship to all of us on national television. If that is proven to have been a lie, then he has lost the credibility necessary to lead the country. If he's actually telling the truth, which I unfortunately find hard to believe at this point, then his current course of action is the right one, and he should continue. I'm willing to give him his day in court, but it sure would be a hell of a lot easier to believe him if he would come forward and tell us exactly what the nature of his relationship with Monica was. There has got to be a way to do that without damaging his legal standing. Continuing to hide behind refusals to comment on an ongoing investigation does not inspire confidence.

I voted for him because I believed that he would do a better job in addressing the real problems facing the country and the world than either Bush or Perot. I don't regret that vote. I continue to want those problems addressed. The image of Yassir Arafat being reduced to a side note at a particularly critical time in Israeli-Palestian affairs is very disturbing to me, and this is just one of hundreds of important issues that need the President's attention. I don't give any President full credit or blame for the state of the economy or the world, but the position still enjoys tremendous power to shape personal, local, national, and global events. This scandal has sharply constrained that power for Bill Clinton. If he's telling the truth, it's survivable, and he can go on to be effective. If not, then let him get out of the way and give Gore a shot.

I'm also troubled by Kenneth Starr's investigation. I don't want my tax dollars being used to fund a standing investigation of the President, whether I voted for them or not. While the extension of his authority to cover these areas appears to be within legal grounds, it perverts the intent of the special prosecutor in my mind. He was chartered to investigate Whitewater. While I have serious doubts about whether that was a good idea, he did get a couple of convictions. Fine and good. The purported link of a pattern of suspected subornation of perjury is to my mind a little too tenous to support his involvement in this area, and I conclude that his motivations are partisan revenge. If he wants to finance this on his own, that's fine, but giving him license to use subpoenas and grant immunity is not something I want to pay for.

Finally, even if Monica Lewinsky went to Washington with the specific purpose of having an affair with the President, I still hold him accountable for his judgement. I expect the President to be an acute judge of persons. It's a job requirement. If, and I underscore if, the innuendo about her character is true, then he should have had enough sense to stay as far away from her as possible. If he did so, then I salute that. If not, it was an extremely bad call, separate from whether or not he lied. Although I'd like to see more respect for the private lives of public officials, Bill knows the times in which he lives, and the climate of scrutiny that he lives under because of past allegations. If, given all of this, he still had sex of any kind with this young woman, I feel he's betrayed my trust. If he topped that off by lying about it, I think it's best for the country that he resign. That would be a tragedy in my eyes, so I hope that these allegations are untrue.

Answered by Mark Philbrick ( on January 30, 1998.
Answered by TONY RAMIREZ (TRAMIREZ@RIVNET.COM) on January 30, 1998.
Absolutely not! He is one of the best presidents we have ever had, and he is totally concerned with working on the issues which will help all middle-class American citizens. We will waste much valuable time and effort with all this nonsense. By keeping Clinton from attending to business, the Republicans are effectively blocking all the legislation that they could not otherwise block. They can see that Clinton is the most popular president ever, and is totally committed to the American people. We need him and we are the losers if this nonsense over his personal life is allowed to consume our time and interest. Let him do his job! We elected him, let him work!
Answered by Pat Kostakeva ( on January 31, 1998.
I refer back to the message posted by Karyn A. Mari ( the 25th of January...

"God, you Americans. Canada didn't make this much fuss when part of our country threatened to seperate!" DON'T WE HAVE ENOUGH TO WORRY ABOUT WITHOUT SENDING DISPARAGING COMMENTS ABOUT OUR PRESIDENT?

(Thanks to Karyn. Well said!!!!!)

Answered by Brent Gillund ( on January 31, 1998.
PRESIDENT CLINTON hasn`t done anything different than any other president (EXAMPLE; Kennedy is thought of as an hero,yet he had orgies at the white house and it is common knowledge that he was having sex with Miss Monroe.) President Clinton has done more positive things for this country than all of the Kennedy`s put together !GET A CLUE !!!!!!
Answered by H.Hafner ( on January 31, 1998.
No I do Not think that Mr Clinton should resign or be immpeached or anything else What ever happened to innnocent until provern guilty. Or Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I do not believe that many in Washington man or woman is without sin. Alo I believe that it is very easy for a woman to get a man in treouble these days. I do not believe that Mr Clinton lhas done anything wrong. I do believe that the woman in question may have dome delutions of grandeur I think she has pushed herself into the limelight. Peeeerhaps she did not mean to. perhaps she did not intend to hurt. Maybe she just thought I can say these things and it will make me seem important to muy friend. She maaay never had thought that this would get out into the media. And speaking of the media. Why has some of our most prestidious newspaper and news people turned into nothing more than cjheap tabloids. I would expect more from them... Report nes whne you get the facts. Unti then do not convict anyone especially the Presiden to this great nation on innunendos nd half truths a
Answered by shannon clark ( on January 31, 1998.
What Mr. Clinton chooses at this point is not relevant. Are we not a government of the people, by the people, and for the people? If so, then the valid question is: what will WE do, people? Whether Mr. Clinton is guilty or innocent, the dignity and integrity of our highest office has been compromised and its integrity is called into question on a global scale. Perhaps it is time to look at ourselves and call to account a culture that allows such a degradation. We have a right to hold our President to a high moral standard, and to expect that his behavior will be above reproach. And we have a responsibility to live by that same moral code as an example to him. If our culture is amoral, can we anticipate that the President,as our representative, will be anything else? I think we should hold Mr. Clinton accountable for his behavior; I also think we should be held accountable for our own. Time to clean up our act and restore the dignity and integrity of this incredibly great nation.
Answered by Susan Peroutka ( on January 31, 1998.
P.S. He should not only resign, he ought to place himself in a shipping crate and transport himself to a remote communistic island somewhere in hell.
Answered by Susan Peroutka ( on January 31, 1998.
Yes -- and the 72% of the country that thinks he's OK should resign from the human race. Are they the same people who think abortion is OK? If this depravity is America, we should all be ashamed.
Answered by O. Arthur Stiennon ( on January 31, 1998.
If the Clintons are so concerned about the children of this country, as they so often claim to be, why do they exhibit the kind of behavior that they do? Surely they realize that their lifestyles must speak volumes to the American people,especially the very impressionable adolescents who are bombarded night and day with the media coverage of scandal after scandal. I keep reading and hearing people saying that the Clintons have not been found guilty of anything, as of yet; but I also keep reading and hearing of quite a number of their friends and/or their business associates being found guilty of various crimes and receiving prison terms, fines, etc.. It seems, also, that quite a few of Bill Clinton's cabinet members and political appointees have been found guilty of various crimes and/or ethical violations. I do not see how anyone could surround themselves with these kinds of people and not be involved with their dealings in some way, shape, or form. I think it saddens a great many Americans, myself included, that our country and it's people should have to endure the shame and humility that the Clintons have heaped upon us. I think that not only should the Clintons apologize and resign from office, but the entire executive branch should do the same! After all, this whole administration is the end result of the Clintons being elected to office in the first place. Sometimes, I can barely bring myself to forgive those poor, misguided souls for voting in these scumbags, not just once, but TWICE! There are those who say that this country could not survive the im- peachment or resignation of the president: to those people, I say BULLSHIT! I say this country cannot afford to surrender any more of it's dignity putting up with these bozos and their half-ass pseudo- leadership! Enough is enough! I say, let us not only throw these bums out, but then march on down Pennsylvania Avenue and throw out the bums and scumbags in Congress, too! We Americans deserve better leadership than what these so-called leaders have given us; so when next we go to the polls, Good People of America, let us draw upon the lessons and experiences of the last few years and strive to elect people who truly worthy of our trust and our vote. The vote of every single American is a very precious commodity. People, please! Before you cast your votes in the next elections, be they on the local state, or national levels: PLEASE DO THESE THINGS FIRST: inform yourselves about who and what you are voting; read articles, talk to your friends, your families, your co-workers; discuss the issues, the pro- blems, your own wants and desires in our leadership; in short, just become involved in your country and her future because, dear brothers and sisters, we are our country and its future! It's our country and our future and that of our children and all future generations! Let us take it back from the whoremongers, the powermongers, the moneymongers, all those scumbags! And as for those who neglect to vote and just sit on their asses and complain, shame on you! We can keep this country strong and great, ourselves strong and great, if we all stick together and demand the best, not just from our leaders, but from ourselves as well! Shame on you Bill and Hillary Clinton! Even if you don't embarass yourselves, you should at least acknowledge to yourselves that you embarass the American people. For once in your miserable, sordid lives, do the right, the honorable thing: go back to Arkansas, taking all your sleazebag friends and associates with you, and hopefully yall can find a rock big enough for all of yall to crawl back under! Sincerely yours, Robert E. Bain, American
Answered by Robert Bain ( on January 31, 1998.
If it proves to be true,Then Yes most definately.I still cant under stand how his approval rating could be going up.I dont believe the media to be asking the right questions,thus inflating the numbers. Either way his credability is hurt,and now could suffer as a lame duck.
Answered by Kevin Phillips ( on January 31, 1998.
Check Out my full opinion at


Answered by Doug McRae ( on January 31, 1998.
No I don't believe he is in danger of losing his office, but I do fell that his credibility has been compromised. Ordinarily I wouldn't concern myself with someone's sex life. That's none of my business. However, being the president, he represents this country to the world. It's awfully hard for world leaders to take him seriously after these allegations. The best thing he could do is to apologize right away, or if he is innocent, settle the situation and establish the truth. He still has time to save his credibility.
Answered by Lucas Cook ( on January 31, 1998.
To all you losers who think this is a conspiracy by republicans, go cry on somebody else's shoulder because I don't buy into your worthless conspiracy theories. If you think one man can run every aspect of our lives perfectly, you are dumber than advertised. Take some responsibility for yourselves. No one owes you a thing! Also, I forgot one important detail. He already took the stand. If he lied then yes he should resign. A person loses the respect of many when they commit adultery, but they lose the respect of all when they lie.
Answered by Lucas Cook ( on January 31, 1998.
You people are amazing, all of you who voted for him are just the ones complaining about him. You knew what he was when you elected him, and you certainly knew what he was when you re-elected him. He had NO MORALS then, what in the world makes you think he had changed.And all he is doing is making other countries think of our as one big joke, I mean how in the hell can they take us seriously with a Man like that running our country. Remember the time when children wanted to be The President of the United States, look what our children have to look up to now.I am truly ashamed to call Bill Clinton our president, that does not make me proud to be an american AT ALL!!!! I am appauled. Thank god I didnt vote for him either time. And I cant wait til he's out of office for that matter. SO YES HE SHOULD RESIGN!!!!!!
Answered by Mary Zeak ( on February 01, 1998.
NO! He did no more wrong than any other political person has in the past. Even if he did this, it has nothing to do with how he performs as President! I think he is the best President we have ever had,for him to resign would be a disaster! The Rebublicans and the Media should shut up and leave him alone. How can he do concentrate on the job at hand with all this going on? Do people not care about the concerns of the world? His personal life is no one else's business!!
Answered by Phyllis Lawhorn ( on February 01, 1998.
Why do the same folks who consider Ollie North a hero despite lying under oath now say Bill Clinton should resign or be impeached for (alledgedly at this point, unlike the certainty of Ollie's self admitted lies) lying under oath? Can you say double standard? I knew you could.
Answered by Carlos Wollard ( on February 02, 1998.
No , Bill Clinton should not resign . Ken Starr should, because he wasted 4 years and 40 million of our tax dollars trying in vain to discredit our President . To Ken I say give it up you can't prove anything . The American people are not as stupid as you and your right winged wacko pals think. We agree with Hillory Clinton , so go back and crawl under the rock from where you came from .
Answered by Joseph Guadagno ( on February 02, 1998.
No, he should not! He has done more for our country then the last six presidents. I am not concerned with what goes on in his personal life that is between him and Hillary. I also believe this is a republican conspiracy because he is doing so well in office.
Answered by Michelle Spellman ( on February 02, 1998.
No. Not even if he had an affair in the whitehouse! He should not disclose anything unless legally obliged to do so.

I see no reason why he should give any explainationas regarding his sex life. Most people are economical with the truth if asked detailed questions about their sexlife. I see no reason why the President should be any different.

The discomfiture of the over sanctimonious press is best thing about all this. Clinton does not to satify their prurient curiosity. Let them twist in the wind. They have got the public mood all wrong. The majority do not admire the press for prying into the private lives of people 'in the public domain'. While the public might be titillated by salacious claptrap they nevertheless deplore those who propagate such stories - fact or fictional. The media no longer enjoys the moral high ground. It wallows in the in same dirt of vested interests as do politicians. They are not going get a watergate in this one.

Clinton will be judged by the public by his policies and actions affecting their well-being. Let Hilary judge him for his sexual antics.

Answered by Javed Hassan ( on February 02, 1998.
Clinton HAS admitted his acts!

I'm here to ask As you'll soon see Did you grope Miss Lewinsky? Did you grope her In your house? Did you grope Beneath her blouse? I did not do that Here or there I did not do that Anywhere! I did not do that Near or far I did not do that Starr-You-Are. Did you smile? Did you flirt? Did you peek Beneath her skirt? And did you tell the girl to lie, When she was called upon To testify? I do not like you Starr-You-Are Some think that you Have gone too far! I will not answer Any more Perhaps I will go Start a war! The public's easy To distract When bombs are Falling on Iraq... Still confused, then HEAR THE FACTS! At HTTP://MEMBERS.XOOM.COM/FREE_MAN

Answered by Frank Freeman ( on February 02, 1998.
I find it amazing that Americans should be so concerned about unfounded allegations against their President. Why are they not concerned about the moral implications of having a friend (Tripp) betray another friend (Lewinsky), and surreptiously tape record her in flagrant violation of the law. Is this the lesson we want to teach our children? Similarly, why has there be so little attention paid to the fact that Lewinsky herself admits that she has lied her entire life. As a UK attorney, I would love the opportunity to cross examine her. An unimpeachable source she is not. Ultimately, I would be more impressed with the 'moral outrage' of some Americans were it not true that the US leads the western world in teenage pregnancies, broken marriages, etc. It is hypocrisy, and in attacking Clinton Americans are forgetting that everyone is supposedly innocent until proven guilty.
Answered by David DeOrio ( on February 03, 1998.
Gore for '98!!!!

How in the world do we expect to trust a man who cheats on his spouse that he won't cheat on America. She is suppose to be his most intimate friend, companion, and partner. Here is a man whose spouse can't trust him and we, perfect strangers are expected to. Do you really believe that we the American people, whom he doesn't even know, won't be sacrificed for his own promotion and gain. He did'nt trust us to know the truth about Jennifer Flowers feeling he wouldn't be elected if we knew. So WHY should we think he will tell us the WHOLE TRUTH now. WHY should we trust him with America's destiny, he didn't trust us with his. Kudos to Hillary for standing by her man, but we think it's sad she would rather have the White House than a faithful husband. The sex is not the issue, HONESTY and INTEGRITY are. He is bound by the presidential oath and breach of THAT oath is grounds for impeachment. And no one is above the law.

Answered by Rich & Michelle ( on February 03, 1998.
no he shouldn't resign - nothing can be proven at this point. that's not to say i approve of him as a president or a human being. his policies are centrist although his rhetoric can be left-leaning. his reliance on big government (witness the fiscal 98-99 budget) automatically disqualilies him, in my view.

what i find most objectionable is that he seems to think that everyone is a dupe. he has, to this point, proved that a plurality of voters are fools, but he seems to be genuinely amazed that not everyone buys his feeble excuses and explanations.

what i find most amazing is that women still support him - the abservation that women wouldn't put up with this behavior from their husbands has been, quite correctly, been put forward often enough. what would these same women be saying if their boss carried on in the same fasion, even if the company were reporting record earnings? or their childrens teachers? or their children themselves? hey - even hitler "compartmentalized" - he gave germany the autoban and the volkswagen.

Answered by bruce mikolajczak ( on February 03, 1998.
I think it is imperative that Bill Clinton resign from the presidency of the United States now
Answered by Andrew E. Stegon ( on February 03, 1998.
No. Absolutely not! Leave the man alone. Anyone who has never lied before has the right to judge him but no one else. All the rest of you hypocritical assholes, sit down. This means you:-- Purtitanical, racist, classist, Republicans who only want to make a buck and forget the next guy. Just because Republicans can no longer run this country into the ground and piss on the deficit doesn't mean you have to impeach the president. He's done great things for this country. You're all a bunch of hypocrites. ---Maybe you should go pray...because the Republicans on this page are all just a hoard of jerks.
Answered by Joanna Biggs ( on February 03, 1998.
To some Bill Clinton's reputation has sunk so low that he has lost the credibility he needs to remain an effective President. Those are the people who have nothing else better to do than to stick their noses in Bill's business. I personally do not want him to resign and only because he has done good for the economy. His mistake sets an example to the public eye that we all make mistakes and his love affairs are none of our business. I do have to admit that he is a coward for not admiting to inhaling when we all know, how could you have not? Also, Bill's a coward for not fully admiting to the charges. Notice he says, "I am not having an affair, I am not sleeping with her.." Of course your not now, (maybe) but the ? is did you not whether you are presently. Anyhow the point is I'm happy we have a choice whether or not we may vote and that is why I did not, becuse of things like the whitewater disaster, the present charges and I'm sure so many more. But what I'm trying to get at is why do we care who he's sleeping around with when our economy is at America's highest peak and he's handling all our affairs that we can't handle ourselves. Think about that, not who he's been boinking! Bill should stay...and finish his term in office.
Answered by Angele Dijere ( on February 03, 1998.
What is happening in our country, are we not all Americans? What has happened that we cannot respect what our country stands for. If you live in this great land, and enjoy what America stands for, then why not respect the offices of leadership.

There are many influences in our World today, many forces, many powers; but, all peoples need a symbol...something to be valued, treasued...believed in.

I believe in the President of the United States of AMERICA....the office.......the Man!

It is easy to be a target these days. I say...Hail To The Chief, Hail To President William Jefferson Clinton has there been a more dedicated public servant? I think not!

As for giving an answer, telling the truth............credibility....this has been done. President Clinton will remain the President...for now...for AMERICA!


Answered by Darrin J. Taylor ( on February 03, 1998.
YES, YES, YES, Bill Clinton should resign. He has brought much shame to America....we are the laughing stock of all Europe! But, sad to say, I am more ashamed of Americans who are willing to turn their heads and say "so what? It's his private life...and everybody's doing it!" Have we totally lost our reasoning! Don't people understand that a person's character affects every part of their life. If Bill Clinton has lied to the American public....and he has admitted to lying to us about G. Flowers, then what makes Americans think he won't lie to us about a major foreign policy move or a national security risk, etc., etc. There's much truth in the quote: "He that is unfaithful in little, is also unfaithful in much". When will American's get it...this man is not fit to be in the Oval Office. 1. He's a coward who dodged the draft to stay out of battle!!!! and today he's ready to send our young boys into battle so easily. Makes me want to vomit when he stands aboard a naval vessel and salutes. 2. He used drugs, liked about it, then bragged about it...what a wonderful role model for our children.

3. NUMEROUS allegations, suspicions and deception follow him from his governorship in Arkansas. 4. He's lied and admitted to America he lied (ie, G. Flowers) AND THE LIST GOES ON............................................

Those that continue to support Clinton and think he's done such a great job must have their heads buried in the sand. May God have mercy on us if we let this man continue in office.

Answered by Louise Bennett ( on February 03, 1998.
Whose buisness is it if the President is having an affair? Men and women all over the world are sleeping with people other than their spouses. Why is it any different when it is the man who is running our country? It would be nice to think that we live in an all-American country with an all-American family living in the White House. But really what would be all-American about that?
Answered by Katie Wientzen ( on February 03, 1998.
If a man will cheat and lie to his wife and daughter he will cheat and lie to you. We have already seen that he will sell out his family for sex. Will he sell the country out for power or money? In a flash!
Answered by Fred Gonzales ( on February 04, 1998.
I think you all should suck clinton's dick thanks.
Answered by Jon Plummer ( on February 04, 1998.
No! Our President has NOT lost his credibility or his ability to do an effective job for our country. Infidelity, has NOTHING to do with his credibility nor his abilities. I'm not saying that I believe the scandle, what I am saying, "if it is true, so what......" I am sure if you put some of the "House" and the "Senate" under microscope, you will be amazed at what you will find. Most of the public don't care. Hillary is in absolute disbelief, so why should we continue on probing into this scandle. We should leave him and his family alone so that he can focus on doing his job! As for as I am concerned he has offered full disclosure when he addressed the issue. Nothing else is left to be said!!!!
Answered by Michelle Price ( on February 04, 1998.
Clinton, intern seen by steward -- newspaper
Answered by Pete Murphy ( on February 04, 1998.
I am surprised that feminist groups have not demanded further investigation of the President. Just his position of power constitutes ‘harassment’ as they define it. Why is it that managers in private industry are counseled that any sexual advances, even if consensual, may put the manager and the company at risk of liability? I believe, as in Nixon’s case, that the original (mis)deed is not what will end up creating the greatest problems for the President. It’s the cover up and the lies that finally take the toll. Haven’t they learned that in politics and religion, you will be extolled to grander by confessing? This President will probably weather this, but at a great toll to his party.
Answered by Lance Havilland ( on February 04, 1998.
The question: "Should the President Bill Clinton resign? presupposes that he is moral, responsible, and noble and inclined to admit his serious shortocomings. Since none of the above is true, no one in his right mind can ever suppose that he will resign even if he should. A better question might be: "Should President Bill Clinton be impeached and removed from office? Unfortunately, the present majority opinion is that why should we get excited about a few sexual hangups? The real problem is not about sex at all. It is about the commission of "high crimes and misdemeanors", as the Constitution says when considering impeachment. What are some of these high crimes? How about perjury, subornation of perjury, obstruction of justice, selling out the country by accepting bribes from "campaign contributors" from Communist China? The real tradedy is that at present the nation does not care about the law nor does it care about morality. It can be proven that the present occupant of the White House cares about neither. If our nation condones such conduct in any elected official, we are most likely to be destroyed just as the Roman empire fell, not from attack from without but from corruption from within.
Answered by Raymond Dunn ( on February 05, 1998.
The question: "Should the President Bill Clinton resign? presupposes that he is moral, responsible, and noble and inclined to admit his serious shortcomings. Since none of the above is true, no one in his right mind can ever suppose that he will resign even if he should. A better question might be: "Should President Bill Clinton be impeached and removed from office? Unfortunately, the present majority opinion is that why should we get excited about a few sexual hangups? The real problem is not about sex at all. It is about the commission of "high crimes and misdemeanors", as the Constitution says when considering impeachment. What are some of these high crimes? How about perjury, subornation of perjury, obstruction of justice, selling out the country by accepting bribes from "campaign contributors" from Communist China? The real tradedy is that at present the nation does not care about the law nor does it care about morality. It can be proven that the present occupant of the White House cares about neither. If our nation condones such conduct in any elected official, we are most likely to be destroyed just as the Roman empire fell, not from attack from without but from corruption from within.
Answered by Raymond Dunn ( on February 05, 1998.
Yes. How do we respond to our children regarding his known "problem"? What moral authority to we base our instructions to them to tell the truth at all times? What impact will this have on their faith in the government?

The most important job in the country is held by an individual who would be fired from any corporation for the same track record. No officer in the military would survive such charges.

Is he guilty? If he is then what he is doing to our country is unforgivable. Those of us who condone his behavior are guilty of being an accessory to his sin.

He has hurt us all significantly and the only redemption for him would be to tell the truth now and vacate the office.

Answered by Mark Eichler (MEICHLER@EXTERRA.COM) on February 05, 1998.
The real tragedy is not what our disgracefull president has done. The tragedy is realizing what a bunch of morons live in our country.How could ANYONE with an IQ over their shoe size possibly still like Clinton. He lies, he steals, he murders, he's an admitted adulterer, probably a pedophile, etc., etc. I know that most Democrats are more than just a little short of brains but I never knew until this president just how stupid many Americans are. Do they really think the president is responsible for our booming economy??? Remember welfare reform that the Republicans forced him to enact?? I guess if you're an idiot you'll believe your fellow idiots and even if Clinton is a good dodger and liar he is still the biggest idiot and fool I've ever read about. Democrats SUCK- they are also major league MORONS!!
Answered by dale w martin ( on February 05, 1998.
I fear for the future of this country and our children. President Clinton, as any President, is our EMPLOYEE. We pay his salary. Has HAS A RESPONSIBILITY to us. If he were the head of any major US corporation, his stockholders would have demanded his resignation. He needs to come clean. Yet, realistically, if he was unable to keep his responsibility and commitment to his wife and daughter, how foolish we are to think we would be treated any differently.

William Jefferson Clinton is a liar. Always has been, always will be. Hillary is worse than he is. Quite frankly, I don't care how outraged she is over the alligations. How ironic she's upset over a "conspiracy", but she's not upset with an admittedly unfaithful husband! If she is willing to put up with a womenizing liar, that's her choice, but don't think we are so stupid we don't realize what Hillary is truly in love with is the power, not Bill. Bottom line is, she isn't important. She isn't the President....or is she?

As far as Mr. Clinton is concerned, he is a disgrace. Fortunately, I never voted for the man!

Of course he should resign! For the first time in his life, he should be a real man (Hillary, it's your time to step aside and let Bill wear the pants in the family! -- that is if he can find them!). His entire adminstration has been full of mystery and coverups. It's time to put an end to it. The Presidency of the United States is at an all time low. I am disgusted with the entire situation!

I've read many of the previous comments. Most you Bill lovers say..."He's doing a good job, I don't care what he does in his private life". Well guys, his total lack of morality, honest and integrity is EXTREMELY RELEVANT! What kind of message have we sent to our kids, to the future of this country. He admittedly dodged the draft, lie openly, "sold his home" and broke many of the rules (White House Coffees), he has been unfaithful to your spouse (just to mention a few of his legacies). Now kids, if you do all this perhaps some day, you can grow up to be President of the United States too!

Please, give me a break. It's time to get some morality back if this country is going to be saved. At the rate we're going, we won't have to worry about what he has done to tarnish the Office of the President. There won't be much of a country left to govern!

While the state of the economy is generally good, I pose a question to all you liberal comrads of Mr. Clinton. How much of out improved economic health can be attributed to Mr. Clinton and how much can be attributed to the fact that for the last 4 years we have (FINALLY) had a majority Republican Congress that helped put the brakes on Bill & Hillary's socialization of America?

Answered by Marta Beth ( on February 05, 1998.
i can't believe that there are those of you who still support him. so what if he had an affair lots of CEO's do, you gotta be kidding, any person in a position of power who has a tryst with a subordinate is subject to sexual harrasment charges, BECAUSE OF THE INEQUITAL POWER ARRANGEMENT. as for lying about previous engagements, UNDER OATH? and what's all this other stuff i read about? INFLUENCE PEDDLING? campaign contributions from CHINA? congressional supeona's served upon close Clinton friends who decide to VACATE THE COUNTRY? its a wonder that he's not already impeached, to all you supporters of Clinton, all i can say is that you fulfill the world's image of you as UGLY AMERICANS.
Answered by brent ( on February 05, 1998.
What's next, Bill gets caugth letting his puppy lick butter off his penis? Would morals count then?


Answered by Resign ( on February 05, 1998.
I do not believe that Mr. Clinton's personal life has any bearing on how he runs the country. Some people say that he is a role model for our youth, and that our youth might emulate his behavior. I say the children of this country are smarter than that. Our children know how to behave, they know what is morally and ethically right and what is wrong. Just because the President of the United States cheats on his wife does not mean our children will do the same. But I really wish he would make up his mind and do something about the Iraq crisis. It's about time we take Saddam Hussein out of power and let the Iraqi people live a normal life.
Answered by Michael DeFilippo ( on February 06, 1998.
All you people complaining about Bill Clinton's sex life MUST NOT HAVE ONE. If the only thing you have better to do is to put your grubby puritanical nose into someone else's sex life---YOU NEED TO GET LAID.
Answered by Corrine ( on February 06, 1998.
Who's the one without moral's now? "Puppy lick butter off your penis?" YOU MUST BE SPEAKING FROM EXPERIENCE!
Answered by Demo Cratic ( on February 06, 1998.
What can we do to help? How can we get Sam Donaldson off your back? Don't let them get to you.People of sound mind are with you and Hillary.
Answered by Ahuva Rabani ( on February 06, 1998.
the prez is a reflection of our own country, the majority won't complain because we do the same things or put up with them in our own hometowns. no, i don't think he should step down; the american people should get a better set of values to live by and demand the same from all our leaders at election time. he has enough to worry about in the middle east, which is where our focus should be!
Answered by ( on February 06, 1998.
Bill and Hillary Clinton should have resigned 40 scandals ago. It's funny that the press completely ignored the previous 40 scandals (that were all true) and pounce on scandal number 41. Are they so stupid that it takes them six years to get the message? The Clinton's corruption is known by everyone in Arkansas, and well documented. Maybe the press should take a trip to Little Rock and educate themselves. Each of the previous scandals has resulted in the Clintons attacking the messenger, instead of admitting their guilt, just like number 41.
Answered by Ron Coleman ( on February 06, 1998.
I Have observed for over two weeks now the evasive use of our english language. Give Starr enought time and let's see what happens. It's a forgone conclusion that either Clinton is guilty or very stupid. In either event, we surely can do better. I pray that cool heads will pre- vail and we can once again bring the moral condition to that, that the founding fathers fought for.
Answered by Jerry F. Swicegood ( on February 07, 1998.
Bill Clinton should resign, and so should Newt Gingrich and all the rest of the corrupt Demublicans and Republicrats. I mix up the parties names because there really is no major difference between them. All that most of them care about is getting re-elected, getting paid, and in some cases getting laid. We the People do not have to put up with the Washington Three Ring Circus any more. There are alternatives, and the one I suggest is the Greens Party USA. Compare the 1996 Greens Presidential ticket to the Demublicans and Republicrats. The Greens nominated Ralph Nader and Winona LaDuke-both people of the highest integrity and honesty, who truly care about people and are willing to do what is right. The Demublicans and Republicrats offered up the same old liars and figureheads for the ruling class.

Since it is unlikely that Clinton, Gingrich, et. al. will actually resign, We the People must retire them and their bankrupt ways of governing. Boycott the two major parties, and support alternatives like the Greens.

Answered by Vince Prygoski ( on February 07, 1998.
RE: To what sould Bill Clinton do. He sould get out!

You people that think he was a good pres. must ask you what did he do that he was not forced to do? I can not think of one thing he has come up with on his own. Thank You Bob

Answered by Bob Hurley ( on February 07, 1998.
I believe President Clinton should resign immediately. He is a disgrace to our great country. He has made us,America, a mockery among the other nations of the world. Leadership and morals can not be separated. It was a terrible mistake for the prime minister Tony Blair to ally himself with President Clinton as a friend, as one of the British reporters alluded to at the press conference. May God help us as we face the conflicts of this world with a leader that could use war to cover for his lack of morals. May God bless our military.
Answered by Joel Branch ( on February 07, 1998.
Clinton will resign by August. What differentiates this scandal from all the rest is that the cover-up team and its tactics stand fully exposed. The tapes, which show what Clinton and his people are really like, provide an uncensored view of what is really going on in the Clinton administration. It's not pretty. Clinton had no choice but to lie about the Lewinsky affair. His political power was eroding. If its one thing Clinton cannot do without it's political power. It took him four years to get it. He will violate any ethic or law to maintain it.
Answered by Doug ( on February 07, 1998.
I'm am answering this from a Caribbean point of view. NO, he should NEVER resign!!!!!! What is the difference who your president sleeps with? (that is IF he did, I don't believe a word of it! and if he did, who cares? this should be between him and his wife, not the whole world......) He is doing a damn good job being president. We in the Caribbean depend on a strong economy in the USA, we live off tourism, so please let him stay, and for all I care, let him do a third term if he succeeds well with his second one! NO, NO, NO, don't resign!!!!!!
Answered by Gerrit Koelers ( on February 08, 1998.
Should Bill resign? No, definitely not. It could be years before the next guy can be proved to deal more in lies than the truth. At least now we have no illusions. Bill in office promotes a health scepticism toward all public officials and leads the average person to question authorities of all kinds when he might never have done so otherwise.

How do we run a democracy if the populus is not told the truth? The same way it's always been done I suppose. A complete and full disclosure of the truth would likely paralize government. Deceit is one of the more highly developed human skills. It comes in handy on the personal level as well as the public. It keeps the wheels oiled and smooths over the rough spots in life. A little white one or a big black one, it's still a lie. If it promotes the liers best interest she can easily justify it on other grounds. A lie told in a legal context is called perjury and can punished criminally. Even so, plenty of that is done, too.

Rather than resign, I suggest Bill tell another lie. He could say he has a sexual addiction problem. He could seek professional help and enter a treatment program. He could even say that in that area he is a compulsive lier. People would buy it and it could get him out of legal trouble. He might even meet some attractive women in the process.

Should Bill go scotfree? No. I recommend that all public officials do prison time equal to their time in office. No trial, no investigation. Off they go to pay their debt to society. Term limits would be unnecessary!

Answered by KR Bissett ( on February 08, 1998.
Clinton is a prime example of the '60's mentality. I am my own judge, and I will set my own morality. I believe he truly believes he has done nothing wrong. In his mind, and in his "world" no one has the right to judge him. He also lives by "situational ethics", if it seems right at the time, then do it. He is truly leaving his "legacy". One of total disgrace.
Answered by Kim B. Harbison ( on February 08, 1998.
Saya telah mendapat peluang untuk memberikan jawapan kepada soalan diatas.

Saya tidak pasti adakah rating beliau sudah menurun dikaca mata rakyat anda khasnya atau didunia amnya.

Beliau sebagai Presiden Amerika Utara pada kerseluruhannya tidak memberikan pandangan berdasarkan rasa luahan hatinya, melainkan dengan sogokan nasihat dan maklumat oleh penasihat-penasihat yang kebanyakan nya adalah terdiri para cendikiawan yang ternama.

Apa yang berlaku sekarang ialah jika segala tindakan beliau selama ini dispoon feeding oleh penasihat-penasihat, jadi melalui mereka juga pandangan perlu diperolihi adakah perlu beliau berhenti sebagai presiden Amerika.

Saya rasa kebebasan, kekuataan, kebolehan, dan kekuasan demokrasi ala Amerika boleh menentukan sendiri akan nasib presiden nya sendiri. Lihat saja akan sejarah bermula daripada penubuhan Amerika Syarikat. Sejarah tidak pernah lupa pada kejadian alam dan manuasia tetapi manusia selalu melupai sejarah.

Dunia pada masa kini tidak mementingkan morality sebagai asas untuk kehidupan manusia sejagat.. lihat lah disekeliling anda jiran anda.. baik didepan rumah, belakang rumah dalam negeri, luar negara, atau lihat dunia ini melalui tropong setelite Hubble. Kita sebagai manusia tidak diberikan peluang oleh sekelompok manuasia lain.. untuk menentukan kehidupan kita sendiri. Begitu juga dengan presiden Clinton telah ditentukan oleh kuasa anda semua sebelum ini, dimana pemerikasaan asal usul beliau tidak diteliti terlebih dahulu sebelum dibuat pemilihan buat kali terakhir.

Jika manusia faham akan keujudan dirinya serta bagaimana dirinya boleh ujud.. dia tidak akan duduk diam memerhati akan alam sekelilingnya dimana ada satu kuasa yang lebih berkuasa yang hanya satu menentukan kehidupan dirinya. Akhirnya dia tidak akan bongkak dan sombong terutama pad kekerdilan dirinya.

Oleh itu, siapa kita untuk menentukan adakah Clinton kena berhenti sebagai presiden Amerika sekarang. Tiada siapa ada kuasa untuk masa kini.. tetapi anda, rakyat Amerika akan diberi peluang sekali lagi untuk menentukan masa depan beliau sebagai presiden..peluang itu adalah diberikan sekali dengan satu calitan kertas undi..

Semuga dikau dikasihani dialam dunia dan akhirat nanti.

Answered by Rahsia diri sendiri ( on February 08, 1998.
Answered by Bobby Parker ( on February 09, 1998.
No. President Clinton should not resign. The matter it's not about the allegations of sexual relation with a lady other than his wife, but that he told her to tell a lie. In any case, if this young lady really did anything, it was what she wanted, not what it's claimed that Mr. Clinton told her to do. So, first: determine if it really happened; second: distinguish between public affairs and President's private life; third: verify that besides any recomendation the young lady received, she did what she wanted, not what she was told to do. Main area of interest should not be the President's private affairs but the country's real problems. Besides, as a president Mr. Clinton has done great. Isn't there a limit to this prosecutor? I mean, maybe he could investigate something really important and of consecuences to our nation. Looks like hes trying to build a reputation, or a name, or something, but...really, what is this alleged prosecutor really trying to do?????
Answered by Felipe Torres Torregrosa ( on February 09, 1998.
No, he should not resign but somehow the repubs. should find a way to let him twist in the wind for the next two years...with a dash of Gore revelations re: money laundering visa vie the Buddhist affair, et al. If Clinton were to resign now then we would all have to suffer the Rev. Elmer Fudd Gore.
Answered by Brad Isaacson ( on February 09, 1998.
while you guys debate if he should resign or not, his real problem is: now that monica cannot "visit his secretary" anymore, with whom is he to do it?
Answered by senza fine ( on February 09, 1998.
kenneth starr: stop wasting my money! how about spreading those millions around to starving children, the unemployed or homeless? i don't think it's cool for clinton to be waving his dong around to monica (who probably begged for it) or paula (get over it, it's just a penis, but i don't want to know about it! it's not my business or yours (rest of america, obsessed by soap operas, jerry springer and tabloids). how would you like to have your private life scrutinized by puritan america? not me. signed, "it's nobody's business if I do" in portland
Answered by carolyn johnston ( on February 09, 1998.
Plain and simply "YES"

Bill just takes credit for all the good times, he has no plan. He couldn't even decide how many years to balance the budget. Was it 5, 7 or 9 years. Now there is a surplus. I think not! Anyone can play with the numbers and make it look that way. We're in this great economy, no thanks to Prez, more like Greenspan, and the private sector. His thoughts are in his pants. What happen ever happened to "...the era of big government is over?" Lies! Who will pay for the Clinton social programs? The MIDDLE CLASS! What is left of it! The Democrates solution to every problem is solved by they spin doctors, blame it on someone else or we all do it!! The Problem with Republicans, they sit on their ass and let the Democrates get away with it. They should start acting like the majority party. 30/40 years of being the minority party and they don't know how to play the game.

How many ...gates surround the president? Whitewater gate, foster gate, travel gate, fbi gate, china gate, temp gate, zipper gate,....?????????????????????

Hillary & Bill love the power. Absolute Power corrupt! Resign! Never! Never ssy NEVER! God Bless America and those who stand for truth & justice!

Answered by Anthony Chiang ( on February 09, 1998.
I wish everyone would just worry about their own lives and do something to make themselves all better people. It really isn't our place to tell the president how to run his private life. Has anyone stopped to realize that all this investigating is costing alot of taxpayer dollars, you know, the ones that they take off your and my paychecks every week! You know, Hillary doesn't seem to mind! She is standing by her man! Hell, maybe she know about it all along! Next we'll hear that she likes to watch! You know, it is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS! Get real people! How about if everyone's dirty laundry was put out for public display? Let us all mind our own business!!!!!
Answered by Rob Shaub ( on February 09, 1998.
The Christian Right is Neither. How is it that our tax $ is being spent on a Joe McCarthy-type witch hunt? Aren't there a few folks who could be helped physically, mentally and/or emotionally by that $. How can Starr keep a straight face? This is not about's about power. If Clinton had never looked at another woman, they'd have found some other weakness, which we all have. Work for campaign reform, work for spending limits. Demand IDEAS and ACTION...not dirty tricks and sleeze ball back room and juvenile tactics....I don't believe that Jesus Christ would ever act in the anger and hostility and scheming nature that self-serving "Christian" appointees have. And the press?????!!!!!! Leaking totally unsubstantiated information on page one and then retracting it the next day on page 3? Shame on all of us.
Answered by ( on February 09, 1998.
Clinton has had NOTHING but a dark cloud over his head from day 1...We need to look into Ross Perot as HE is the one who got Clinton into the white house...He & Clinton had this worked out BEFORE the 1st election....Look at who backed him..Perot that is....Alot of LEFT wingers...So he was NOT as he claimed!!!! Now WHY is it that we do not hear how Clinton is seeking to trun our schools over to the United Nations...Also how he has sectioned off millions of acers of our land to the United Nations...LOOK OUT AMERICA!!!!!!! Clinton is doing more harm than you can think off.....GOD HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES he needs to go....He is & always has been DIRTY!!! All around him people are being found GUILTY!!!!! Yet Ohhhhh Billy & hillary are always NOT GUILTY???????? We did not know of any of this they always say...then if they do get caught, it is always the OTHER GUYS FAULT!!!


Jim Leonardt

Answered by Jim Leonardt ( on February 10, 1998.
I just re-read the original question and we have just wasted a lot of time folks...It asks has the Slick Meister lost credibility...he never had any to lose. And where again are the Bull Dyke NOW Gang...of course they'll support their own kind (Hillary the Lesbo) and Liberal Bill. We as a Nation are at the lowest point in the history of man (not person you wacko Femi-Nazis) if we accept this. Of course, the polls are part of Clinton's machine...Only liberals are called....same with the economy, all the layoffs and downsizing everywhere and unemployment is low....sounds like creative math. Oh yes, there is a vast conspiracy but it's where it has always been...the far left liberal commies. Clinton is a sleaze who belongs back in the gutter as someone to heap disdain upon, not in the White House. The fact that he makes women give him blowjobs and that he doesn't consider it to be sex goes against everything lezzie Ireland's bunch have been preaching and yet they are silent...this is someone crazed about power. We are the laughing stock of the world and he should be in prison with the rest of his cabinet.
Answered by John Zamoski ( on February 10, 1998.
Clinton deserves to be locked up or worse! The latest scandal is just the tip of the iceberg as far as he and Hillary are concerned. If he had any guts (which we all realize he doesn't) he would resign. Unfortunately he and Hillary are so power hungry they won't leave unless forced to by impeachment. Maybe more than anything else the Clinton administration illustrates the ignorance and gullibility of the American people. If they elected a man such as Clinton knowing he is a reprobate of the worst sort than perhaps they deserve everything they get because of him. Bob Dole has more character and integrity in his lame little finger that Clinton has in his entire being. Shame, shame, shame on the U.S.A!!!!!!!!!!
Answered by Tony MacDonald ( on February 10, 1998.
The person elected to the presidency of the United States is not elected to be our moral leader. He is the political leader. We are all hypocrates. We should remember the story of the harlot that was brought before Jesus. He challenged her accusers to cast the first ston against her, if they were inocent. None stoned the woman.

Mr. Clinton is doing a great job, politically, the one he was elected to perform. We just let his personal life be. His wife and family must be content with it. Why should we be concerned if he wants to, and if true, obviously able to fornicate/ comit adultry with class-less women. The women who screw and tell are quite class-less.

Answered by Richard Mitchell ( on February 11, 1998.
I get real tired of people using the story of Jesus who did not condemn the adulteress...first of all, no, he didn't condemn her and yes, he asked those who were ready to stone her "let those who say they have no sin cast the first stone", but he also told the adulteress to go and SIN NO MORE. We seem to keep forgetting that part.
Answered by Casey Thompson ( on February 11, 1998.
The full spectrum from hate to adoration is already on your board. But a side issue - and I believe an important one - to all this is what I would call the "battered Clinton supporter syndrome". Look at the droves of women knee-jerking to this man's defense. The parallels with O. J. Simpson's wife repeatedly ignoring reality and trying "to make it work" are undeniable.

There is something very deep in the female psyche coming to the surface here.

Answered by James J. Hill ( on February 12, 1998.
What can you expect? If it's all true, or even if a portion of it is true, and the sheer volume of it is hard to discount Whitewater; Filegate; the travel office; Jennifer Flowers; Paula Jones; Lewinsky; fundraising calls from the Whitehouse; Chinese campaign money; Vincent Foster; Mina Airport--I've run out of fingers...what else am I missing? What can you expect? If it's all true, or even if some of it is true, (and the sheer volume of it is hard to discount) it just goes to show the logical effects of a lack of respect for the dignity and value of human life. Whenever you start with the premise that it's okay to kill unborn babies, the dignity of all life is debased, and the use and abuse of any other persons is easily justified. We should have seen it coming when we elected him.
Answered by Tim ( on February 12, 1998.
I think that Clinton's sex life is between him and Hillary. If he had sex with Monica Lewinsky or not should not have mattered. If Hillary wanted to file for a divorce should have been the only way for it to reach the court system. Also if every time a president has an affair with another woman and is made to resign, then Thomas Jefferson, John F. Kennedy, and several other should have resigned also.
Answered by Lorianne Mossbarger ( on February 12, 1998.
Yes Bill Clinton should resign. He can't tell the truth about anything. If he were innocent he would have had a press conference and said so, but all he has done is said I didn't have sex with this woman. The question is not did he have sex but did he have some kind of sexual activity with her, which the answer is yes. He cant answer because he wants all his cronies to make up lies for him. Only problem if he were to resign is that he is bad what would we have with Al? Bill will remain in office though he doesnt know how to quit people think he is the greatest person ever, boy are the in a cloud.
Answered by martin ( on February 12, 1998.
YES! YES! YES! However we all know that Mrs. C is the one running the country.
Answered by Bob Campbell ( on February 13, 1998.
The question is not whether he had an extramarital affair. Its whether or not he is guilty of a form of bribery (such as using influence directly or indirectly to get someone to commit a criminal act in exchange for a job). I think its too late for the President to resign. He has already claimed innocence and if its later discovered that he has been covering up now then he should be impeached, tried by the senate, removed from office, and face criminal charges through the criminal justice system in America. America needs to be tough on criminals who defiantly break the laws. What would happen to our country if everyone stopped paying taxes and became serial rapists, murderers, and bank robbers? It would be the end of the United States of America and it would become a state of anarchy.

If he's telling the truth then he should do one of 2 things: A) If he really loves his country and the people he is serving, tell everything and answer every question regarding his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. He had some sort of relationship with her. We just don't know what kind of relationship: whether it was 2+ public hugs or a full-blown affair or somewhere in between. How many of our forbears sacrificed their lives for the USA? Where is Clinton's commitment? B) Ignore the media and let people wonder whether its important to obey the laws of the land.

Answered by Jerry Carson ( on February 13, 1998.
Frankly, I hope he does not. I am looking forward to the Democrats running on the "who cares" platform in November, since it is already becoming an obviously ridiculous posture. This thing has the potential to destroy the Democratic (Socialist) Party, not a bad prospect, as well as other far left organizations such as N.O.W. (which does not represent women at all). I say, "hang in there, slick" - oh, has anyone invited Slick to come to their district to raise funds for the party ? hahahahahahahahah bye bye leftists...
Answered by john ( on February 13, 1998.
Mr. Clinton should allow the office of U.S. President to maintain a small bit of the dignity that it once had. Resign before this scandal becomes any more damaging to our nation.!
Answered by John M. Bernhisel ( on February 14, 1998.
As a Viet Nam veteran I say the coward should never have been elected.
Answered by mike Tilley ( on February 14, 1998.
Yes, WJC needs to stop putting the nation through the shame of having him as our president. We need a leader that can be trusted to make life and death decisions. Based on the constant scandals and the obvious inability to tell the truth and take responsibility for his own actions. I feel the sooner WJC resigns the better. I don't want to hear that he is doing a great job because most of us know he has had to be forced to take correct stands on every issue. WJC is nothing more than a puppet and the only reason he hasn't been thrown out is the press keeps him for the entertainment value!
Answered by Mickey S. Price ( on February 14, 1998.
Yes he should resign;once it is proven he has lied to the american people. He can no longer hold the respect the office demands ,once the people find out he is human ,we can no longer keep him as our leader.
Answered by harvey ( on February 15, 1998.
My father served in WWII, and my brother served in Vietnam. When I found out Bill Clinton dodged the draft, that cinched the deal for me. I didn't vote for him either time. How can we have respect for or faith in a man who is willing to send others to die, but was never willing to go himself?

For those of you who think he's an angel, innocent of all charges, a victim of a smear campaign, I encourage you to quit being a sheep, disengage your denial, engage your brain, and do some research. Yahoo is a great search engine. The information I found on Whitewater (there's a chronology of events available), Harold Ickes, campaign finance, and the death of Ron Brown was more than enough to get the cogs turning for me. The true victims of conspiracy are the American people.

In addition, this man is supposed to work for us. We are a government by the people and for the people. How many of you out there who support this man are business owners? If you are, do you allow your employees to screw around in the office on the job? WHAT HE DOES ON TAXPAYER TIME IS OUR BUSINESS.

And for those of you out there who think these women are completely at fault? This man is 53 years old, he should be adult enough to say "no." And if he really had the character necessary to run this country, "these women" wouldn't have the ability to stain his credibility.

I say he should resign. If he won't, consider contacting your Congressmen and urge them to support House Resolution 304, sponsored by Congressman Bob Barr of Georgia. The resolution urges the Committee on the Judiciary to investigate and report to the House whether gorunds exist to impeach our president.

Answered by Kelley Pounds ( on February 15, 1998.
As soon as possible. He is a disgrace as a leader of our country and has lost the credibility to be an effective President. His time in office has been filled with problems from the very beginning. Do us Americans a favor, resign.
Answered by Jamie Jones ( on February 15, 1998.
I think that Bill Clinton should resign or be impeached if found guilty of perjury. The President of the United States should be a role model for all, especially the youth of America. The morals of the youth are decaying as it is without the President being involved in a sex scandal and most of all perjury. If he gets by with what he has done it is telling the people and the youth of America that infidelity and perjury is okay--just hope and pray you don't get caught! If the American people let the President get by with his conduct it only proves that we as America have really lost touch with God and his commandments (they weren't suggestions--they were commandments).
Answered by Shirley Braun ( on February 15, 1998.
Yes step down, "for the children".
Answered by Bob Hawley (HAWLEY@TFS.NET) on February 16, 1998.
Certainly NOT! A person is innocent until proven guilty. But the media is acting as judge, jury & prosecutor. Shame on you!

Besides there are too many people out there capitalising on the whole scandal to gain stardom or superstar status.

Justice must be done and must seen to be done.

May the force be with you Mr. President!

Answered by Yoda Weiss ( on February 16, 1998.
Why should someone be above the law, just because they have an important job? If Bill obstructed justice or committed perjury, he should face the consequences that you or I would have to face if we did the same. That's America. We're all equal before the law, right?

This "Bill's personal life is none of our buisness" moan is irrelevant. Whether or not Ken Starr is a meany is also irrelevant. The only thing relevant is whether Bill lied in the Paula Jones case. If so, prosecute him.

Answered by Robert Arthur Geary III ( on February 16, 1998.
It is a really hard time for Bill. What he should do now? What he should say about his relationship with the young intern? For my idea, Monica Lewinski is not young woman who knows nothing about her romantic relationship with her man. I think Monica Lewinski knows exactly what she is looking for and how can she get it. She is not alone, she has her mother, she has Linda Trip, she has a lot of friends to talk about her relationship with Bill. Did she think that Bill would do everything for her. she has a daydream about the romantic story with Bill by talking about her story to many different people, it sound like she is Free to express her emotion to her mother and friends male and female even her boy friends. Does anybody ask a question Why? or is it true?. It seems like every day a new witness comes up to the stage and tell people that they heard or they saw something, what is the connection of this story, Who is the victim? Bill Or Lewinski. This story cost nearly 40 millions, Why the U.S government is spending too much money in this course. We need those money for many good things to do for this country. Bill do a geart job for this country, he is a great leader and I hope that he can prove to the American his will. I wish this story is ended as soon as possible because in this story just Bill and Lewinski are the two persons who know the truth and they should speak out.
Answered by tuyet la ( on February 16, 1998.
For the good of the country Bill Clinton should resign. It has been about a month now,and Clinton has failed to come up with a plausible explanation of an innocent relationship with Monica to the American public. The only logical conclusion is that the Tripp tapes are real and unrefutable. Otherwise the Clinton lawyers would have ferociously attacked tjem as fakes. I believe that a man or woman occupying the position of President of the United States should be in the top 5% of intelligence, and the top 5% of talent in speaking ability. (I'd put Clinton in the top 1% in this category.) It is said that 60% of married men cheat on their wives at one time or another. Why is it unreasonable to expect and demand that our president be in the top 40% in this category as well? At least while he is in office. I don't enjoy this dirt digging, but I think that it is necessary because the real truth must be determined in the Paula Jones case. If Monica is telling the truth on the tapes, then we know that Clinton is a liar and a cheating husband. Sex with Monica isn't enough for resignation or impeachment. Exposing himself and humiliating Paula is. Also lying to the American public is. (After all, we are HIS boss. The definition of democracy is of the people, by the people, and for the people.) It is Paula's word against his. I wasn't ready to believe Paula before, but it now looks to me like Paula is telling the truth after all.
Answered by Jane Edgley ( on February 16, 1998.
Answered by BOB PRO. (PRO@GILROY.COM) on February 16, 1998.
Answered by BOB PRO. (PRO@GILROY.COM) on February 16, 1998.
The president's sexual values and behaviour is not the business of the public. It has no bearing on his conduct of his office. Bill Clinton was not elected to be an ethical or sexual role model for the public. Leave him alone. He need only be accountable for his sexual conduct to himself, his family and friends.

Mac Callaway Copenhagen, Denmark

Answered by mac callaway ( on February 17, 1998.
No, way! Hang in there Bill, we are with you! We see through the smoke screen!
Answered by ( on February 17, 1998.
I admit, although I am tired of the media I am still interested in the "latest" when it comes to the scandal. I have a few points - this is not about "sex" per say it is about perjury, obstruction of justice and sexual harrassment. I also have a few questions...Do you want Bill Clinton to be an idol, or role model for your children? If the president of a company (any large company) got caught in the same sexual harrassment suit, what do you think would have happened to him by now? If someone lies about one thing, do you think he'll lie again? Do you think some of that campaign money that was raised could have gone to help all the needy that so many of you talked about? Have we ever had a president so wrapped in scandal after scandal? These questions concern me as does the conduct of Mr. Clinton. Yes, he is innocent until proven guilty and I'll let my judgement fall then, but I'm admittedly suspicious because there is just too many questions that have been left unanswered. I am a former democrat who voted for Clinton in 1992, but not 1996. I don't want my precious daughter to look at the leader of the country and hear it's o.k. to kill babies, it's o.k. to have an affair, it's o.k. to do what you want as long as it feels good and you don't get caught. That we need to have restraint, just because 60% of the nation has an extramaritial affairs it's not o.k. for me. Hey Mom, half the kids at school do drugs, why shouldn't I? It's none of my business what they do, right? It doesn't hurt me, they're nice to me. I hear a lot of double standards in these replys. Do we know what our values are and are we willing to stand for them? I hear a lot about Jesus ... Hey what would Jesus do? Would he lie, have an affair, kill babies? If we're going to look at the Bible let's not just pick a verse that suits us, but read the entire thing. That's all I have to say and I will continue to pray for this nation and President Clinton. I suggest we all do that, we could use God's power to make things right.
Answered by Andrea ( on February 17, 1998.
Should Miss V. Williams resign, should the bomber pilot lady resign, should the top enlisted man in the army (TOPS) resign, should that Senator who felt up pages in Congress resign, Of course NOT, They should not be held to a higher standard then the President..
Answered by Denise Duhon ( on February 18, 1998.
Answered by Alice Garland ( on February 18, 1998.
Should the president resign? Do we really know enough FACTS about this crisis that we can make that decision yet? We have stories of this and that coming from all directions, but do we really know any hard core FACTS? Of course we don't. The only "fact" that I'm aware of is the fact that the media is publishing anything and everything relating to this situation, whether it's verified or not. Oh, I know they all say "According to a source close to the investigation," but we shouldn't trust that. Don't let the media make up your mind for you based on unsubstantiated reports. Wait until the FACTS are known before you make up your minds my friends. That's one of the fundamentals of our country.

Having said that, let me say that if when the FACTS are revealed they indicate that Clinton obstructed justice or tried to influence anyone's testimony, then yes, he should be removed from office. If the FACTS only indicate that he had a relationship with Monica Lewensky (sexual or otherwise), than he should remain in office. Anyone who looks to politicians for moral leadership should look elsewhere. Believing a politician has morals is like believing the Titanic is unsinkable--both beliefs are bound to dissapoint.

Answered by Tom Phillips ( on February 19, 1998.
Absolutely not. Clinton is the target of a right wing smear campaign that is really unparalleled in modern times. While Clinton isn't perfect, he has done an outstanding job as president and has comported himself in an exemplary manner given the tirades against him. Romove the unproved allegations and inuendoes against him and his personnal life has been fully as commendable as most of his critics.

Rather than Clinton's reputation sinking, it is the reputation of a scurrilous right wing unwilling to accept that the American public has twice elected Clinton and an undistinguished press whose reputations are at an all time low.

Starr and his buddies should resign.

Answered by Jerrold E. Kronenfeld ( on February 19, 1998.
An individuals exploits in the bedroom are his or hers own business, The Clinton;s own the distinction of being the Arkansas Mafia. Clinton lied and perjured himself about Jennifer Flowers. Hillary is suspect about perjury in three different situations.

The life of the Clinton's is the pilgrimage of a couple who aspire to power and will avail themselves of every opportunity to achieve that power. Both are consumnate liars and there are a myriad of un answered questions about Nena, AR: Foster: Brown: a private detective in AR. as well as dozens of other "hidden issues:

Clinton will not resign! He has neither the moral or religious integrity to acknowledge his transgressions which have relegated the office of President of the United States to the lowest level it has ever reached. When YOU express belief in the honesty of statements from the Clintons, they then regard you as a foolThe only way to rid this country of this scum bag family and return the office to one of respectibility , is to IMPEACH CLINTON. May God have mercy on his soul.

Answered by Gordon Vinson ( on February 19, 1998.
Clinton rules. He is the best president in my life time (born 1971). No way should he, or will he resign. Talk of impeachment is a 'joke'. Kenneth Starr is biased and is a tool of the right-wingers and Mr. Scaithe. Star started investigating Clinton over 5 years and $30+ million dollars ago over a little land deal in which Clinton "LOST" $40,000. What does an "affair" have to do with that. Starr should be kicked off for the following: 1. Illegal leaks, 2. intimidation of witnesses, 3. Con- flict of interests, 4. Illegal wire taps, 5. Pressuring witnesses to lie, 6. and many more things you "ditto-heads" won't admit/believe. Unless your'e a rich and greedy you should not vote Republican....oh I forgot about being a racist or religious zealet( you should vote republican too). Liberal Democrats stand for "F@ck you" freedom of speech, and helping the elderly, children, and the working other words Govt. should help the little guys 'cause Bill Gates and other rich people are doing just fine on their own!!! Clinton Rulez!!!
Answered by john smith ( on February 19, 1998.
Well, everyone is just human. The US has absolutely poor moral standards, and I say as Jesus said, let only those who have not commited Adultury raise his hand against Clinton. Do I see 80 % of the people not raise the hands?
Answered by Albert Einstein ( on February 20, 1998.
Yes! Yes! Yes! What are our children and grandchildren to believe in if they cannot believe in the "leader" of our country?
Answered by Gwen S. Evarts ( on February 20, 1998.
Let Bill Clinton wax Saddam's tail first. Then give Slick Willie the boot. That way Bill Clinton can leave on a positive note.
Answered by Steve Lenores ( on February 20, 1998.
Yes, Clinton, MUST go! I don't understand why it is so hard for people to understand that his private life is just as important as his public life. If he is can be a liar, cheat, and filander to his wife and child, he can be the same to the USA citizen and foreign people. Who can trust him? NOT ME!! Those who support Clinton and think Starr's motives is the sex scandal are stupid! The sex scandals were blown up by the media to sell papers, etc.. Starr is investigating all the legal infractions Clinton & associates have done. Unfortunately, there are so many each time he closes one door, there's another door opening to investigate another infraction. THAT IS THE PROBLEM! Too many laws have been broken. The Clinton supporters are either stupid and can't follow the facts, or they are just as slimey as he. (Remember, Starr was successful in getting some of Clinton's cronies in prison.) You know the adage--"tell who your friends are and I'll tell you what you are". The money Starr is spending well worth it as it acts as a cleansing not only for this adminstration, but for the future of this country. The USA will be stronger and more moral once this man is chased out of office. The world will see that we truly are a nation where all are created equal and the laws of the land apply to each of us.
Answered by Sally Meyer ( on February 22, 1998.
First of all, that lying, philandering, flip-flopping bum should never have been elected (at least not to a second term, after we had a chance to see what he stands for, or to see that he stands for nothing other than his own political existence). Nevertheless, after nearly single-handedly bringing about the destruction of his own party in the mid-term elections in '94, Bill basically became a Republican for his second campaign, just in time to take credit for everything the Republican Congress jammed down his throat (like Welfare Reform and a balanced budget), and the liberal mopes all voted for him. Yes, he should resign, but we all know that will not happen. Bill has lots of people willing to defend him, in spite of the FACT that he has proven himself to be a liar to the American people (his recent admission that he did in fact have a sexual relationship with Gennifer Flowers, allegations of which he stated in 1992 were "false, and without substance" (sound familiar?)). What amazes me is that so many people keep saying, "He's doing a good job, everything's great, his personal life shouldn't matter." I can only shake my head in pity for the poor fools. The state of the economy, the low unemployment rate, the possible budget surplus - none of these things has anything to do with Bill Clinton. Get it through your heads! The economy runs on a cycle of about 8 years (this is basic college economics, and is supported by historical fact). In 1989 we had a tremendous recession, and lo and behold, 8 years later in 1997, we had a boom. Wow, what a great prez Bill is, what a leader, He turned it around! NOT! Bill needn't resign, because eventually, he won't be able to weasle his way around the truth with his carefully selected, lawyerly phrases like "There was no improper relationship."
Answered by Christopher J. ( on February 23, 1998.
The office of the Presidency is the most honored job in the federal government. Think of the people who have held that job: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt. Men like these brought honor to the office. Bill Clinton has no such honor. Bill Clinton has been followed by controversy since he first entered the spotlight. I will not even bring up his sex life. Let us look at some of the other things he has done in the past. How about proposing a huge pay increase to the Arkansas state medical examiner, after this same person clears his mother from any wrongdoing involving the death of one of her patients. How about giving multi-million dollar state contracts to a business man who gave his brother a job. And after this same business man was convicted of dealing cocaine, he spends a couple of years in jail and is then pardoned by guess who....Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton lets drug dealers out of jail. Boy is he tough on crime. How about the consultation jobs for his man Webb. Go to jail for me and I'll get you 500,000 dollars. How about Charlie Tree? Where is Charlie Tree? Mabye he is dead in a park somewhere, another victim of suicide like Vince Foster. How about the shredding of the Rose Law Firm papers. The list goes on and on. What a disgrace this man is to the office. And all of you suckers out there who thinks "he may may be a woman-chaser but he does his job good" are lost. Would you go to a doctor who cheated in medical school? What if he were a good doctor? What if it was only just one test? He is still a good doctor! Would you still go see him? If he told you what you wanted to hear, you Clinton apologists probably would.
Answered by robert baker ( on February 23, 1998.
For the good of the country Mr. Clinton should stay in office. The special prosecutor has overstep his bounderies, he is going after anything he can dream of with a political zeal only used agains mobster and the sindicate. After all this years of investigation on a small matter and spending so much tax payers' money, it is the prosecutor who should resign.
Answered by Ray Sarria ( on February 24, 1998.
Boy VKBates, that's a terrible razz on the Prez's sex life, considering he runs this country like a complete idiot. He dodges questions as well as he dodges drafts! It might interest many of you to know that instead of a 1.4 trillion budget of the Reagan years, we now have a 1.7 TRILLION BUDGET! The President's right; now is not the time of big government, its the time of REALLY big government. The only reason he wants to save Social Security is because he borrowed from it to reduce the deficit. His State of the Union address was a banquet of bullshit. Our armed services are at an extremely poor quality not seen since the 70's! Saddam Hussein bought himself enough time with his pact to hide is chemical-and-biological weapons so he can fool the UN inspectors like back in '93. Now he wants to turn ourf country into an egalatarion quagmire that would give Huxley and Orwelle nightmares.(If you hadn't read the great classics written by these gentlemen, I suggest you do; the comparison between the novel governments and what's happening in ours is frightening!) Reno somehow wasn't able to summon the gleeful gusto in pursuing possible campaign scandals that she had when she was slaughtering a bunch of religous fundimentalists down in Waco with her federal stormtroopers. I know Koresh was a nut and a child molester and should've been arrested, but the way the siege was handled and the fact that late-Senator Sonny Bono found that CS gas was harmful to the children even though the Justice Department said it wasn't, is utterly shameful. Given that Clinton had only told us about Gennifer Flowers when he was conveintly elected suggests he is lying to us now. I know there is no obligation for our President to be a moral leader, but it something that should be pursued by him in respect to the office, our government, and the people which he is subordinate to.

Frank Young

Answered by Frank Young ( on February 26, 1998.
But getting back to the issue, I don't want the President to resign nor do I think Republicans want him to, despite how much we hate him. Why you ask? Because then we'd have that pagan nut-case Al Gore as President!


Answered by Frank Young ( on February 26, 1998.
Of course not. He will not and should not tell us what happened, because we don't need to know. This story will die a slow death over the next 5 months, and the only end results will be an embarrassed media, a Republican party no closer to recapturing the White House, and a temporary ratings spurt for AM talk radio idiots.

Can't get 'em on policy? Get 'em in the bedroom. There's no future in that.

Answered by chris alfe ( on February 27, 1998.
...I think I'm going to answer this one with a little excerpt from SNL: "Buh-bye...Buh-bye... I'm sorry, what part don't you understand [Bill Clinton] the 'Buh' or the 'bye'?" As a tax-paying American male (in his early 20's) I'd like to 'invite' you to leave, Mr. Clinton.
Answered by Dan Esparza ( on February 27, 1998.
Yes, of course Bill Clinton should resign! Let me count the ways: 1-Whitewater 2-FBI files 3-Travelgate 4-Chinese money in wrong places 5-Lincoln Bedroom rentals 6-Jennifer Flowers and so on ad nauseam.. Has any other president totaled up such a long list of "scandals"? The Monica Lewinsky case is not primarily about sex - it is really about lies, perjury, obstruction of justice etc. etc. These are big things to be accusing anybody of, let alone the president of our powerful nation. Trust - that is something utterly essential to living in any society. (How else could we use pieces of green paper to buy goods?) No, I do not trust Bill Clinton. Does anybody trust Slick Willy?
Answered by aoife sullivan ( on February 27, 1998.
If the president is guilty of illegal activity, such as obstructing justice or accepting money from foreign sources, he should be impeached and imprisoned. All others in the government guilty of the same thing should also be imprisoned. If the president stepped down, it would give Al Gore a chance to show his leadership before the election. He has remained very quiet. The Republicans should realize that he's the one they will be campaigning against. They should also not do witch hunts looking for things. The constitution protects the rights of everyone, even the president. If he stepped down there would be little affect on the country. Is there anyone out there who wants Al Gore to take over?
Answered by steve smith ( on February 28, 1998.
No--I think that Lewinski is a deeply disturbed person who developed a crush and let a fantasy become too real to her. So she bragged to people that she was having an affair with the president. I could go around bragging that I'm sleeping with the King of Siam--that doesn't mean it's true. Why does she want immunity? She can then lie--say she had the affair--and then go on to write a book about her sick little fantasies, have it become a movie of the week, and become a billionaire. So she destroys a great career and a wonderful family? She doesn't care--all she wants is $$$$$$$--just like that Jones broad.
Answered by Melanie Addams ( on February 28, 1998.
Yes, yes, yes. President Clinton is in a 'gotcha' situation. We will never know who "got" him. Clinton should stop attacking sworn prosecutors, and tell his story in full. If he can not, and still wishes to serve America, he can leave the Presidency to Gore. He'll carry on Clinton's work. This is a moment Clinton has to think if he will put America above himself. The end does not justify the means. I will admire Clinton if he resigns.
Answered by P. Judice ( on March 01, 1998.
No, I don't think President Clinton should resign. We don't know the truth. I think we should be more intune with the issues of the government instead of what happens in the Presidents bedroom. I don't know if he did have an affair with this woman, But I feel that if he did the only people that should be worried about it should be Mr. and Mrs. Clinton and the woman. There are so many men and women who commit adultry in this world. Why is it that nobody says anything to or about these other people? President Clinton is human. We have to open our eyes and realize that these things do happen no matter how wrong it may be.

I don't think President Clinton should be judged for what he does with his personal life. I think he should be seen for what he does or doesn't do for our country!!!!!

Answered by mrb ( on March 01, 1998.
As an Australian, I am not too concerned with what Clinton did or didn't do. From a moral perspective, if he raped someone or forced himself on someone by abusing his position as president, then he does deserve to be tried and convicted like all criminals. But none of the aligations have been proved. If he personally chose to have an affair, then that is his business. Why should his personal life, if laws are not broken, be public knowledge purely because of the position he holds? If he chooses not to respect his marriage vows that is up to him. Didn't the American public vote for him because of his ability to be a good president and political policies; not because you thought he had a good marriage?! If Clinton is still doing a good job as serving you as president, then stop wasting time focussing on the wrong issues. If the American people keep feeding off the scandal the media presents then you will contribute to Clinton being unable to operate effectively as president, you will make him the laughing stock of other nations.
Answered by Fiona Lusik ( on March 02, 1998.
Bill should resign because of bad taste. Monica is no prize and neither is Hilary. But considering all the Ugly women in the White House I understand. I wouldn't admit it if did Monica either. I would have been too embarrassed.
Answered by Steve Lenores ( on March 02, 1998.
I have great respect for the President of the United States whether he is a Democrat or a Republican. I do not agree with President Clinton and his politics but I do not wish for this situation to get out of hand. Unlike some Republicans I do not wish for him to go down, that is, if he is not guilty. I do think that Starr and all the other prosecutors, as well as the nation, have a right to know what is happening or has happened. I do not wish for Clinton to go down but if that is what it takes to get an immoral man out of office then so be it. I feel bad for Chelsea in all this because she is the one to lose out. How is she feeling when the papers and government say that her father is cheating on her mother? She is the loser. I urge Clinton to do what is right and not what is politically correct or what will keep him in office.
Answered by Kate Schultz ( on March 02, 1998.
Answered by WALTER W THOMAS (WWT8865592 on March 04, 1998.
Folks, Clinton will NEVER resign. If only because he has nothing to resign to. He has spent his entire life angling toward the White House. Everything about Bill Clinton has been meticulously sculpted to accommodate his presidential aspirations. His name, originally Bill Bligh, was changed to the last name of a step father only because 'Clinton' is better suited for politics and not because he valued step dad. He was born and raised as a child in Hot Springs, ARK but he claims Hope as his home town because Hot Springs is rife with corruption while Hope sounds better. Today, his close circle of confidants, beginning with wife Hillary Rodham, are there only to serve his presidency. Does anyone doubt that had Clinton lost either the '92 or '96 election that he and Hillary would no longer be room mates today? Nothing reveals his obsession with being president more than his actions while in the White House. He has been nothing more than a political weather vane. All of his stated "accomplishments" are the result of his acquiescence to a Republican congress. The only time he has resisted the Republicans since '94 is when the pressure from Hillary was greater than the pressure from congress. What has served Bill Clinton best has been his mastery of the outward pathos of genuine concern while being free of the shackles of any inward substance. One day soon Bill Clinton will not be president of the United States. Then all of his oft displayed self destructive impulses will, for the first time, no longer be checked by a compulsion to be "politically viable". When the final chapter is written about William Jefferson Bligh Clinton of Hot Springs he will be remembered as the empty and tragically flawed man that he is.
Answered by ( on March 04, 1998.
Bill Clinton should not resign, but rather hang on, continuing to bring discredit to himself and his political parasitism, until Congress exercises the option of impeachment. He is a despicable coward and liar, completely unfit to govern this nation. The notion of engaging the US military against Iraq (although simple aerial bombardment could neither remove Saddam from power nor prevent his acquisition of chemical and biological weapons, our stated objectives) to divert the nation's attention from his pathetic sex scandal is exactly what can be expected from a demagogue who holds individual liberty in contempt and whose only concern is the continuation of his own prerogatives and the nagging question of what lie to tell the nation next. Josef Goerbels' spiritual descendant, Bill Clinton has spewed falsehood the entire time he has filled the office he has disgraced. When he has been impeached, and convicted, and still tries to hold onto power, Ferdinand Marcos-like, he will reveal his true character for all to behold...
Answered by lawrence brown ( on March 04, 1998.



Answered by CHARLES I. CROSS (CROSS@BIGNET.COM) on March 05, 1998.
I am not sure if he should resign or not,JFK rumor has it had an affair with Marilyn Monroe and no one asked him to resign. If he had not been killed would he have been asked to resign? I feel that the American people have put the president on a pedestal as if he can do no wrong. The man is human so he will make mistakes. If he did have the affair then going on nation wide tv and stating that he made a mistake and apologize for it, will go a long way with getting his credibilty back. But if he is telling the truth then some one is doing a really good job of trying to destroy him. The people that I fell sorry for are is wife and daughter who have to listen to all the cruel jokes and sly comments. I thought that in this country you were innocent until proven guilty. Why don't we just wait and see what happens in the court of law.
Answered by K.Sigler ( on March 05, 1998.
Should Clinton resign? No, at least not over the Lewinsky matter, even if -- and I do mean if -- he perjured himself about his sexual relations.

Some might ask, what's the difference? Perjury is perjury. No, it's not. Without getting into legal-eze, proving a charge of perjury, especially one between two people when one of them (Lewinsky) has already lied under oath is a daunting task for the most skilled prosecutor. It comes down to he said/she said. But, does this technicality absolve Clinton from perjury, if indeed he committed it? No. But that's not why he shouldn't resign.

Simply, what choice would he have had but to lie about sex? We Americans would accept nothing less. We hold an ideal of moral conduct, regarding sex, that is impossible for anyone with any near-normal drives to fill. And look at the reaction so far. Lying in this case was the only recourse, if he was guilty. And I'm not so sure he was (is).

Some would now pompously state something about honesty, integrity, honor, and in a sense they would be correct. But so what? Honesty, integrity, and honor are not requirements for any elected office in the US, either by law or fact of tradition. We prefer those qualities, but we certainly don't demand them. In fact, we like politicians who tell us not the truth, but what we want to hear. Some examples of how telling the truth doesn't matter -- Ike and the warning about the military-industrial complex; Carter and his sermon about our greed. We instead want twisted facts that support our beliefs, even when they are mistaken.

Clinton is like the topic of abortion; people are polarized, there's just damn little middle ground. The economy is good, there are no major conflicts abroad involving Americans, and some still want Clinton (who has little to do with either of those previous conditions) not to resign, but commit sapukku. Others claim Clinton to be the greatest thing since sliced bread (invented, I recall, sometime during the Bush administration).

Facts are entirely irrelevant when people start thinking with Bubba. Opinions are all that matter, and minds are already made up.

Answered by Dunn Datt ( on March 05, 1998.
No! He shouldn't be allowed to resign. He and Hillary are the modern day versions of Ahab and Jezebel and deserve similar fates. Bill is a weak, pathetic, sniveling little coward. Send his butt to Bosnia or Iraq. Don't let the coward come back. Hillary should be taken to the top of a tall building and allowed to jump. Have about a dozen hogs waiting to clean up the mess. Then load the hogs in 12 different trucks and race off in 12 directions, turn 'em loose and let 'em shit her out in 12 different places. Have a nice day!
Answered by R.E. Collier ( on March 05, 1998.
Should he resign? No, I don't think that he should resign. I believe that he should be impeached where the nation can see (via CNN of course) what this man has done to the integrity of this nation. He has usurped the office of the presidency to the fullest, just as he did while governor of Arkansas. He is a liar, draft dodger, sexual predator and he is bound to be brought to justice before the whole mess is over. Monica Lewinski, Jennifer Flowers and all the others are nothing compared to what he has done to our military, our justice system, violations of civil rights of thousands of people (remember the FBI files) and has sold our nation's highest secrets (both military and commerce) to the Red Chinese. Look at all the people in his cabinet that has been indicted or convicted of crimes. There is no end, but resign? No. Let him be impeached and brought before the people to be forever condemned for what he has done to our great country. Believe me, he can not survive what is coming and I relish seeing him squirm before the senate during his impeachment. Let the liberal news media cover for him as much as they want, the American people know what is going on and will eventually demand that justice be done!
Answered by Bobby W. Taylor ( on March 06, 1998.
No, Bill clinton should not resign. My personal beliefs are that the republican party is trying to bring Clinton down because he is doing a better job than Bush. Come on, let us think and be realistic while doing so, Clinton is handleing his business in office. Bush republican ass came in office starting wars. Now, we get a president who knows what his job is and how to do it, we have these sluts running around I slept with the presiden. I we as a people just stood here ant took a look at Hillery and than looked at Monica who is the classy one. I don't want to make this sound like a racial issue, which it is, Clinton is the only president who appointed a BLACK supreme court judge. The only president who openly tries to help black people. I think had the slut came forth and lied someone would had told another lie. Let Clinton handle his business. We sould mind our own business.
Answered by Tasha Robinson ( on March 06, 1998.
Yes, save us from the soap opera to unfold. Next episode: he will leak more of the bad news and blame an honest man. Then more of the same, bit by bit. Preacher Billy Graham has forgiven him even before the confession. And when the confession comes, it will be a tear jerker. The Hollywood producer joined the defense team in mid January. How could one top off the CBS confession? My choice: kneel in front of family and priest and ask for forgiveness, on prime time national TV. Nominate Bill for best actor and Hilary for best actress.
Answered by P. Judice ( on March 06, 1998.
Resign over a sex scandal--get some perspective. Reagan didn't resign when it was learned that his head of the National Security Council traded arms for hostages, illegally supplied money to the Contras and lied under oath to Congress.

Ollie North raised his right arm while wearing the marine uniform and admitted to Congress he had lied to them, and had shredded documents. He became a national rightwing hero, candidate for high office and successful talk show host.

President Bush pardoned his secretary of defense Weinberger so Bush wouldn't have to testify as to what he knew about the Iran/Contra affair.

Those same zealots who supported all these Republicans now want Clinton to resign over unproven allegations about sex. If this was a standard for requiring resignations, Congress would be empty as would all the Corporate Board rooms in this country.

Answered by Strause in Montana ( on March 06, 1998.
While reading these comments here is what I see: Those who love him.....It is the media, Republicans, Regan, Bush, Monica, Paula, Hillary, the Press who are to blame! They are mean, hateful, just want to destroy him! From the get go.

The truth is hard for some to cope with. Bill Clinton " I just had a friendly relationship with Jenifer, and Hillary agreed on 60 minutes..1992" Deposition 97 "Bill yes we (Jenifer) had sex in 1977 only once!" LIE

Bill Clinton 1991 "When elected to office I will give the Middle Class a Tax Cut." 1992 Three months later Bill Clinton " I can not find anyway to give the Middle Class a Tax Cut." 1993 America receives the Largest Tax increase ever! LIE

Bill Clinton 1996 "The Republicans will destroy Medicare, starve the children, and deprive the old of there medicen." Bill Clinton His adminstration enacted the same policy that he so strongly opposed in the election campaign. 1997 LIE

Bill Clinton 1998 "I did not have sexual realtionship with that woman (Monica) and would never ask anyone to lie."

How many lies does it take to convince you?? He will lie in a minute.

Answered by from TR ( on March 07, 1998.
The answer to the question is NO. The answer to the Republicans is GET OVER NIXON, and GET REAL LIVES.
Answered by John D Martin ( on March 08, 1998.
Although I did not vote for Clinton, have to admit that is one of our best Presidents. Don't care that he lied about sex (if he did). Let the man continue to do the fine job that he is capable of doing. Let the person who has never lied about sex, cast the first stone.

Ken Starr should resign. He is wasting our time and money for using dirty prosecutor tricks on our President. Not saying that does not have a right to use these techniques. Simple saying that he is not showing any intelligence or independence as to where the techniques are applied. The President's personal scandals, such as they are, are not comparable to Watergate, October Surprise, or Iran-Contra. Those were all treated as minor offenses.

It's the media's Victorian attitude toward sex that is causing the sensationalism. It's tabloid journalism at its sleziest.

Answered by John McDonald ( on March 08, 1998.
No, I don't think he should resign. I think he should hang around long enough to be impeached for treason! Now that we know (beyond doubt) that he will lie about smaller things, i.e.; Gennifer Flowers, how can we trust him with bigger things such as our national security. All the info isn't in from China-gate yet. I shudder to think what concessions this guy might have made to an antagonistic, Communistic, foreign power in order to boost his election, re-election.

As for "the economy, stupid...", Go back to Econ. 101 and rediscover. The president, as one individual, has very little to do with any improvement in the economy today. The dynamics of a good (or bad) economy are set in motion often years ahead of any president's term and no one president ever (even FDR) has much to do with it. If you like today's economy, thank the nearest Republican Congressman or Congresswoman. Chances are that person had more to do with it.

Answered by G. "Bubba" Smith, WEBMESSER ( on March 08, 1998.
Well, well, convenient that Jim McDougal croaked. Let's see, how many stiffs lie in Clinton's wake....Vince Foster, Ron Brown, tons in Arkansas. Let me guess, they've already cremated McDougal so an autopsy can't be performed. Whenever anyone testifies against Clinton, they mysteriously die. Get real you liberal morons....Clinton is a murderer, liar, treasonous, draft dodger, whore monger, pot smoking...he and Hillary are the co-antichrists. Who do you think is really leaking the information...Clinton is to get everybody off him and onto Starr and you pathetic idiots are falling for it again. This is normal method of operating for him. As for his job, the only jobs he is doing is doing a job on America and getting blow jobs for himself. Wake up. I cannot believe this country has sunk this low. You'd better read the Bible and see what is in store for you. It is clear in there what God thinks of queers and people like Clinton and those of you who support him. You probably don't believe which you may do at your own peril. I surely won't be seeing the likes of you in eternity, at least you'll be plenty warm where you are going.
Answered by John Zamoski ( on March 09, 1998.
My answer is still NO! Please see my posting dd. 16th. Feb., 1998.

First they framed the President. Then they try to hang him without a fair trial. This whole damn 'scandal' should be renamed 'The Framing & Hanging of a President'.

Don't give up Mr. President. The opera ain't over until the fat lady sings. May God be with you & Hillary.

Answered by Yoda Weiss ( on March 10, 1998.
The Names William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton are names that will live in infamy and perhaps William Graham too!
Answered by Bill Russell ( on March 11, 1998.
Bill Clinton? Who is Bill Clinton? Do any of us really know who this so called great leader of our nation is? I believe the answer to the questions above is so obvious to all of us. No!!!!!! The economy is good because of Bill Clinton? Give me a break, it's very clear that most of the people giving him credit for the economy don't have a clue as to how the economy works. The people of this country would demand Bill Clintons hide if they all weren't stoned on money, dancing around that golden calf called the stock market. Speaking of credit, the main reason for the good economy is cheap credit via the privately owned Federal Reserve who continues to print this cheap money out of thin air. Wake Up America!!!!! By the time the good times end it is going to be to late to undo all of the damage done by this President and our illustious 104th Republicrat Congress. Resign? If we force him to resign, what about all the corrupt slim balls in Congress. They are using this crap to hide all of the divious, coniving, underhanded, unconstitutional bills right under our noses. You people should get a hold of the bills passed by the 104th Congress (congress and senate) and find out just how screwed you are. The president, congress and big business are screwing all of us and all we can concern our selves with is a BJ. If the broke the law he should be held accountable, so should congress, so should all of the judges who are making unconstitutional rulings. We the People better wake up and stop letting these criminals treat us like sheeple before it is to late. Their plans for us are not good, we have got to quit letting them drive wedges between us with money, racism, etc. Think about this would you. He will not leave office, all of this garbage is intended to cover up all of the covert activities going on behind our backs and a major push to eliminate our constitutional rights. We are so busy listening to the media and television that we are not looking for the real news, the things that really concern us, our children and our childrens children. God has removed his protecting hand from this country of ours and now it is up to us, if we don't ask him back in, we will parish the same as the jews, gypsys and christians of the past. Think About It, Would You? RESIGN???? Is it really important? If not, what it's.
Answered by Randy ( on March 11, 1998.
Yes, I favor President Bill Clinton's complete resignation. I believe this way because of his display of poor judgment. I cite is poor judgment in appointing people of poor character to high positions and his compromising the Office of the President by carrying on privately, and secretively with women behind closed doors.

Character does matter. The Office of the President will benefit by his resignation. He will eventually will be forced to resign anyway. If he resigns now, President Al Gore will be able to pardon him. If he waits too long, the political pressure might be so great that President Gore will not be successful at both pardoning President Clinton and obtaining reelection.

Answered by r. magart ( on March 11, 1998.
I am PROUD to say I voted for Clinton twice and would love to again!The right wing demagods are acting like abunch of spoiled brats they could not beat him so they are doing thier damn best to ruin him with lies and leaks. Do we the American people want a bunch of Jesse Helms, Jerry Falwell and Newet Gingrich clones(should've said clowns)running things,Isure as hell don't!Iam much more concerned about Iran Contra,the S&L scandle (which we the taxpayers are still paying for)and the deficet which mushroomed under Regan-Bush.It is time for all those millons of peple that voted for Clinton to SPEAK-UP and tell the Starr's,Robinsons and Armays to keep their hands off our President or else.
Answered by Michael Lockwood ( on March 12, 1998.
Why do so many of these comments focus on the sex scandals? That is just a smoke screen for the real scandals. Our National security is at stake! Clinton may well have been blackmailed by foreign Govts. JFK, Bill's hero was involved in many Sexcapades, and his National Security Advisors were so concerned about it, they asked him to stop, but he wouldn't. Perhaps that is why he was eliminated. Now, many things are happening which suggest the selling out to Foreign Govts. Who now controls the Panama Canal? Rumor has it that China does. How did this happen? We had better start asking the tough questions! Aloha from Hawaii. I am retired from the Secret Service and the National Security Agency, where I became an abused and persecuted whistleblower, after trying to expose wrongdoing and illegalities. There are very few whistleblowers today, because of the persecution that goes on in our Fed. Govt. Have a nice life-----for now. It may not last too much longer!
Answered by Bill Russell ( on March 12, 1998.
I think enough is enough!! President Clinton should be left alone. I feel it has nothing to do with his running the country. The Republicans have nothing better to do but this!!! They along with alot of other people have been wanting him out of office since he was elected. If he had an affair so what. He's not the last president or the last to do it (if he even did it). Does everyone forget about President Kennedy. That speaks for it self. President Rosevelet had a mistress and no one did anything about that. He's only human and I feel his private life should be left alone. Think how this is hurting his family. Life is to short to be using our energy for something as stupid as this. People are getting killed,children. getting molested, and just are loved ones dying. This is a sorry site if that's all are brains can think of. So much work has to be done in the United States and I think we should concentrate on the important issues first. I don't blame President Clinton at all. After all, he twisted her arm to do this. Come on Monica grow up. Why did she wait till Paula Jones started all of this. If someone did what she says he did, I would of taken care of it right away. Why because she wants to make a name for herself and make lots of money. Paula Jones should get a nose job and grow up. It seems awlful funny that now they both have new hairdo's teeth fixed new clothes and anything else that goes along with it. I think instead of people doing things to President Clinton they should take both of these so called Woman and drag them through the street s of Washington or give them a good beating and maybe that would fixed them right up!! Remember I never blame a man, I always blame a woman. Let's get on with the important stuff and leave President Clinton alone. I think he is doing a great job. He is a caring, loving person. He really wants to help people and I just love him alot. He wants to change things and it's too bad people can't leave him alone and let him do his job. Why should he have a hard time trying to run our country. Everytime he trys to get something done he gets a door slammed in his face or someone has something to say. Someday I wish I could meet President Clinton even if he's not President. He is such a nice person that it would be great to sit and talk to him. You go Bill. I also feel that people want to ruin his life now, so that when he's not President everyone will remember this and not help him if he needs help. Asking him to leave office is a disgrace and people should lay off of that idea.

I have wanted to vent my feeling for along time and now I feel better in doing so. I hope that President Clinton or someone reads this and he answers this by a letter. I would be so honored if I EVER got to talk to him. Dolores

Answered by Dolores S. Baker ( on March 12, 1998.
Yes, he should resign. Public pole puts this man at 60 or so percent in favor. This is hard to belive. I have never met anyone who voted for him. Why is he above the law in every investigation that has been conducted. When other people doing the same thing he is get 55 years or more in prison. People involed with him in these matters suddenly die. It seems as if he can do whatever he wants even murder...Something has to change first with the American people, the people who voted for him, welfare recipants and just plain stupid people.
Answered by Scott Young ( on March 12, 1998.
We are, it seems, gradually becoming a very silly version of everything we spent most of the twentieth century trying to defeat. The cultural morons on the right scream for blood, the idiots on the left moan mea culpa's, and both shred the Constitution between them.

There are far more important matters to be dealt with, folks, than this crap.

Answered by Andrew Murphy ( on March 12, 1998.
Stay in office and do the job we elected you to do! Screw the NY Times, the Washington Post, LA Times, Time, Newsweek, Ken Starr, Trent Lott, Newt, Chris Mathews, Ariana Huffington, and the rest of the bussy bodies.
Answered by francisco fernandez ( on March 12, 1998.
I personally feel that the president should have resigned a long time ago. I do not understand why people keep defending this guy all the time. It starts back with the Whitewater scandal or whatever it was. I do not understand how certain documents seemed to have disappeared from the files of our government, that right there should should turn a light in everyone's head. The Clinton's (that is Bill and Hillary) have been acting a little weird and everyone knows it. Now, these documents suddenly show up in the whitehouse and nobody knows how they got there. I question all of the people that live in the whitehouse and whoever it is that is in charge of protecting the whitehouse. Now there could have easily been a bomb in there, wouldn't you think that the Clinton's would be a little more worried about how easy it is to have all these things planted. If someone is planting evidence trying to conspire against them. Why are they not checking into the video and audio tapes in there to find out who is doing it and why. If our government is the best in the world, and the strongest, the smartest, whatever it is that these egotistical jerks like to brag about than why can they not find out any information. There were too many things that were suspicious about this scandal to talk about. As far as the scandal with these women I do not know who to believe but that does not matter. I feel sorry for the people who think that he should just be left alone because our economy is so good. Yes I do admit that is nice, but I will tell you what, it is a real shame how people have become so self-centered and all that they care about is money. There is a lot more to this country than just money. We started out as a small group of people that stuck together broke away from England. We believed in freedom and happiness that were based on your basic family values. People have twisted, crushed, and demoralized the basis of our beliefs. People need to take a good look in the mirror and ask themselves "Would I be happy without all the money that I got now?" People in this country are hated more than any other country because we are arrogant and egotistical slimeballs that have done nothing but create a melting pot of pure evil. The people who started this country long ago would be totally horrified if by some crazy chance they could come back now and look at it. I feel that about at least 90% or more of our government officials are not in there because they care about the protection and betterment of our nation's people. But for their own personal gratification of being accepted by the rich and the famous. When was the last time that anyone can remember here when a government official worked just for their family's (If they have one) neccessities and maybe a little more, or that they had to fly 1st class instead of with the people who put them there, the last time that they bought a cheap suit that made them look just as professional as an expensive one? Now I got off the subject of president clinton here but I feel that people are being narrow-minded about this whole deal. I do believe that Clinton has done some good things, but as far as over all I do not believe that he ever had the intentions of serving our people to the best of his abilities. Imagine if tomorrow Every single piece of paper disappeared, the whole world would shut down. These rich people who have all the money in the world on paper would be shut right down. They would be the same person that they were when they were born, they would have nothing! I on the other hand would have a family and a good chance of surviving because I do not try to base my whole life on money. I look more to family and friends as source of wealthiness. Material things are nice and I do appreciate what I have got, but I look more to nature and things that you can not put a price on and I believe that if a country could be based on caring and sharing instead of squealing and stealing we would have about a quad-trillionth of the problems that we face today. I would love to hear other people's ideas and comments on this. Also, thanks for listening to my opinion on this whole deal.
Answered by Josh Allen ( on March 12, 1998.
Yes, this has gotten to be ridiculous; should we consider his "private" live....10:00 A.M. in the Oval Office is not private life. President Clinton had dishonored the Presidency; he is a sexual preditor; (1) Uses power to get sexual favors (2) turns on his victims Geniffer Flowers, Paula Jones. (3) Never admits responsibility for his acts... (4) Becomes the victim himself---right wing conspiracy. If President Clinton were the Superintendent of your School District and had an affair with a 21 year old student teacher wouldn't he have to resign. Would you trust your 21 year old daughter in a room alone with President Clinton? It is time to make some sense out of this; we would not have a sexual preditor as a policeman, or a doctor, or a psychologist, or a teacher Why do we want one as the President of the United States? Resign President Clinton save the Country and the Democratic Party from any more damage.
Answered by Marilyn ( on March 14, 1998.
Folks, I just sent this e-mail to the President. I hope it generates some thought and a few comments here as well. Here it is:

This sets the stage for this letter. From today's headlines:

Jones Depositions Could Help Starr By Larry Margasak Associated Press Writer Saturday, March 14, 1998; 5:24 p.m. EST

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The 700 pages of information revealed by Paula Jones' lawyers could be a bonanza for Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's criminal investigation, regardless of whether the material is admitted in Mrs. Jones' civil case, legal experts said Saturday.

The Jones lawyers on Friday detailed at great length alleged attempts to cover up President Clinton's sexual past, including job offers and hush money -- all of which could be used by Starr.

And sworn testimony by other women claiming sexual encounters with Clinton could be submitted by Starr to House Republicans for a possible impeachment inquiry.


"In light of all the swirl of activity and commentary and so forth, I think it's important for us to return to basics in terms of what this phase of our investigation is about. It is about issues of subornation of perjury, obstruction of justice and intimidation of witnesses," he told NBC News. --Kenneth Starr

Mr. President,

Until now, I've withheld my comments concerning the scandals surrounding you. However, today's headlines trouble me. It is with a deep concern for the Presidency, this country, and the declining moral fabric of our society, that has prompted me to write:

Be warned in 2 Timothy 3:1-7, 1 Corinthians 6:9, and Hebrews 13:4

Take comfort in Psalm 51.

Follow James 5:15-16, John 5:14, 8:11 and sin no more.

It's time for you to come clean, confessing your sins, first privately to the Lord, and then publicly to the American people. Forget about your own earthly legacy, even as it ends up being one of disgrace, and think forward to where your eternal life will be spent. To gain earthly things will not matter at all, if Heaven itself is not sought.

Please know that, as a Nation, we will survive without you as our President. Prayerfully consider resigning from the Presidency before the final tag of "Impeached" is applied and becomes your legacy. Know that God can indeed save your soul, and desire to do so (Luke 9:56a).

In closing, while I don't agree with most of your political stances, I do care for you as a fellow Child of God. Please provide a personal written response to this letter as time permits.

In His name,

Andrew J. Milan

Answered by Andy Milan ( on March 14, 1998.
Bill Clinton has been an excellent President. Economically, our Country is doing better than it has in years. Somehting that can't be said for the years under recent Republican Administrations..

Is Clinton immoral? Depends on how you define immoral. For me, moraltiy is not so much a concern of the bedroom as it is of how you treat and care for others.

Cutting benefits to the poor. Cutting school lunch programs. Favoring the rich and helping business at the cost of workers - that, to me, is immoral.

Ronald Reagan, in my mind, was a far more immoral leader than Clinton is currenntly judged to be. Reagan's policies hurt the poor and benefitted the rich. It was under his leadrship that the deficit ballooned. He was alienated from his family. He did not go to church. Let's not forget all the scandals involving persons in his Administration. Remember why he was called the "Teflon President"?

In all this discussion and self-righteous talk about the fears some people have for this country based upon the fact that the majority of Americans do not care who the President has slept with, I am more concerned about those people who feel morality is judged by your sexual acts and not by your acts of love, kinddness and caring towards fellow human beings.

Answered by James R. Polzner ( on March 15, 1998.
If guilty of the allegations, Bill Clinton should first come to terms with himself and his family. Then as President he should come before the American public, ( his employer,) and tell the truth.

I think resigning is not the answer. He is not going to be President again anyway, and I do not think Congress would want to impeach him. If he would tell the truth, the honor of the Presidency would be preserved. I think many people (even those like myself, who didn't vote for him) would have more respect for him because he had the integrity to admit his lies, his wrongdoing, and we could go on with the more important issues at hand.

A lot of people which support President Clinton often say they don't care what he does in his private life, but the Whitehouse is only his home because of his public office, and the Whitehouse is primarily his workplace, and " We the people" are his employers. We pay his salary.

If we are guilty of sexual harrassment in any place we work, we must go through disciplinary action and change our behavior ! With Monica this appears to have been consensual but it should not have happened at the work place, especially in the Office of the man we elected as the most important public servant in the world ! With the other two women, the allegations are definitely sexual harrassment, and subject to all the laws which Clinton himself supported.

The moral fabric of our society is deteriorating. I'm sure many people think its OK to have an extra-marital affair, but it is the primary reason the most important unit of society, the family unit, is suffering...

I will continue to pray for our President and his family, and our Nation...

Answered by Jan W. ( on March 15, 1998.
I was in favor of Nixon's resignation....Clinton has done much worse than anything Nixon did. He should resign, but, being the egotistical fool that he is, he'll try to lie his way out. I'm not too sure that Bill Bennett shouldn't be prosecuted. Clinton embarasses me.
Answered by anon ( on March 16, 1998.
Whoops, should have said Bob Bennett.
Answered by anon ( on March 16, 1998.
In this land of rugged individualism, it depends on the individual perspective. This president has an unprecedented number of accusers all following the same line. The accusations go back for many years and include people froma variety of backgrounds, Democrats, state troopers, lawyers, politicians, young, old, rich, poor and so on. They all have one thing in common, they have called Bill Clinton a liar. He has either stonewalled or denied it all except when he had no choice. He has admitted lying to the nation, but has never admitted to lying under oath or any other civil or criminal offense.

So, If you believe that a sitting president should not resign unless it can be proven in a court of law, beyond a shadow of doubt, that the president actually and truly broke a law of the land, then he should not resign. If on the other hand you follow those who ask 'have you no sense of shame?', then he should resign.

In a democratic soceity, people generally get what they deserve.

Answered by Peter Mason ( on March 16, 1998.
The President of the United States is not just a politician, he is a leader. As a leader the example he sets affects many people. If we as a country accept this sort of behavior, then we are getting what we deserve. As for me this is not the example that I want set for the boys of this country who will one day date my daughter. And if a man is willing to cheat on his wife so casually, what is he doing with the trust of the people who are relying on him to faithfully preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States. Mr President, if you will not resign, then it is our duty as citizens to see that you are impeached. This country was set up with checks and balances on the powers of the three branches. It is time for the Congress to exercise its duty.
Answered by Darren Smith ( on March 16, 1998.
It's Hillary's problem, not ours...... i'm tired of all of it. I believe he has had illicit affairs, however, I also believe that the Williy woman on 60 minutes was not being truthful. If she was 'extremely distraught', how could she have been viewed as 'joyful' when she commented (from her own words) 'you won't believe this one' to her 'friend' after leaving the oval office (while her husband was missing even?). I can't imagine being so outraged in her situation, as to ask " aren't you afraid someone will come in'... I think perhaps I would just leave. Something's wrong with that picture. Should he resign? No. He's doing a good job, let Hillary take care of what needs to be taken care of, and lets get back to the business of running the government. Not offering excuses, but I do find it comical as I try to think of ANY man who would not tell 'half-truths' or whatever was needed to keep themselves out of this kind of mess.
Answered by nicole jensen ( on March 16, 1998.
First of all, assumed infidelity does NOT make a criminal. If that were true, then the divorce rate in this country would be fifty times that of what it is now. Secondly, assumed criminal activity also doesn't make you a criminal. Just because the media bombards us with negative information about the president and his misgivings doesn't make it illegal. If he is found guilty by a court of law ( which, judging by things, probably won't happen anytime soon ) he should resign. Nixon resigned when he was proven guilty of perjury. Until then, your opinions don't mean a damn thing, and condemning a man simply because you believe him to be a criminal is akin to what dictators, like Hitler, Stalin, and even Saddam Hussein, have done in the name of their own brand of justice born of paranoia. You know the rules here: A man is only guilty if proven by a court of law and a jury of his peers. You can't will him to be guilty, and you definately cannot consider him guilty if you don't know a damn thing beyond what the media tells us. In short, belay your judgement until after the trial. Oh, yeah, that's right, the trials won't be over too soon, and you'll have to wait out a couple more years. But don't worry, you made it this long, didn't you? I guess you will have to wait until the next election to vote in your political favorite, just like the rest of us.
Answered by ( on March 16, 1998.
I relaaly don't care about what the president is doing (that's Hillary's problem), but I can't resist a publice forum to make this announcement. JOANNE RUSSLE, of Buffalo, NEW YORK (Yes, Richard's mother) is a home-wrecking whore who sleeps with other women's husbands. May you burn in hell slut!
Answered by Ann Onimous ( on March 17, 1998.
This Delores woman who posted earlier is a typical Clinton-supporting moron. You want to meet this sleaze? I hope someday you do so you can see what a sleaze he is as he tries to jump your bones. So now another woman comes forward and der Schlick Meister has an answer for her too, and the liberal polls still support him. All this reference to this being Hillary's problem is first of all not true to anyone with morals. Secondly, Hillary doesn't care, power is where she achieves her orgasms. She is a lesbian and she and Bill probably just share bimbos so it works out swell. So we court marshal the Sergeant Major of the Army over far less and we excuse Clinton??? I think that soldier blew the best defense he could have had..."I was only following the example set by my Coward in Chief". Clinton should be impeached immediately and sent away to prison for a very, very long time.
Answered by John Zamoski ( on March 18, 1998.
Should Clinton Resign? Oh yes, most definitely he should! Will he resign? Never! Here’s why. First, he is a sociopath. He doesn’t see himself as having done anything wrong therefore he has no need to make amends in the only way open to him which is through his resignation. Second, Hilary would never allow it and make no mistake, despite his behavior toward women, he is subordinate to her psychologically. Third, (and this is the main reason) he knows that if it comes down to being impeached by the Senate he can depend on (1) the proceedings will never begin or (2) if begun they will not succeed . The reason I say this is because he knows he will be judged by fellow politicians and the last thing any politician wants is to set a precedent which will require honest and ethical behavior as a requirement for public office. Does that sound harsh and perhaps a little trite? It may sound that way but I don’t think it is harsh or trite. From all you know about politicians, what do you think is the main concern of at least 99% of them (I’m willing to concede there may be a scattering of idealists in Congress)? Getting reelected is the answer. It doesn’t matter if you are a liberal or a conservative chances are you can agree with that. Therefore any politician worthy(?) of the appellation is going to have to do what is politically expedient at all times if he wants to be reelected. Most of the time that means he will have to consider his sources of money first when he is deciding what to do. Why, you may ask, does congress occasionally do the right thing? The answer is, because in those cases the right thing was also expedient. All politicians know this. They know they will never throw Clinton out of office. They also know in their hearts that Clinton will never resign. Therefore they will not allow impeachment proceeding to ever begin and if begun will narrowly fail (They’ll decide who can take the flak by voting no and who must look good by voting yes). The problem with this country is politics and politicians. Let me give you an example of what I mean. This story involves a Republican and a Democrat so no one need be offended. In the February 21, 1998 issue of the Corvallis (OR) Gazette-Times there was an article about former Senetor Bob Packwood. During an address to the Hillsboro Rotary Club the previous Thursday he made the following remarks. (I will be quoting the G-T.) He recalled dealings with former Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, D-Ill., the chief tax writer in the House during negotiations over the 1986 tax reform bill. He recalled lobbying hard for a savings and loan provision Rostenkowski thought was worthless. When Rostenkowski asked him why it was so important, Packwood told him he wanted it for an old friend, Dave Barrows, a lobbyist. “Danny goes ‘Done. Why didn’t you say so?’” Packwood related. In return, Packwood said he supported, at Rostenkowski’s request, a $400 million capital gains break for Seagrams. “What could I do?” asked Packwood. “That’s the way things happen. It had nothing to do with money or anything else. It’s about two people dealing with each other.” This is why I say the problem is politics and politicians and this is why I say that if it is up to the Congress to get rid of Clinton it won’t happen.
Answered by John Boyd ( on March 18, 1998.
The definition of the word president is the chief executive leader of a government, corporation, or association. If Bill Clinton has been our leader I would like to know where we have been lead. And I would also like to know if Clinton continues to lead us where are we headed in the future? Anyone ever heard the phrase " Going to HELL in a handbasket?"
Answered by T.Embly ( on March 18, 1998.
My initial response would be to say that Mr. Clinton should resign. There is no doubt that Clinton has not performed to the expectations that his position demands. The presidency is one of the most important positions in the world. He is our elected leader to represent our great nation at the national and international level. We cannot afford to have a weak leader. Weather it be morally, ethically, or in the ability to make critical decisions which can affect our entire nation, and the way others look upon us as a nation. To ignore these factors is to follow blind leadership, which can and will only lead us to our destruction. God help us.
Answered by Raymond Alexander ( on March 21, 1998.
What one does in his/her bedroon is indeed private.....but if one lies to his/her spouse.....commits adultry.....sexually pressures staff.......uses state troopers to cart him around at late hours of the night to private homes/hotels/ for sexulal encounters with married and single women......uses state officers / gaurds of the gov. mansion to let certain femaloe persons in to see him at late and very early hours......and tells these male officers of his encounters.........and repeatedly had state officers get names and phone numbers of women who had the "come hither look"......and on and on and on..............well then, he should, as the President of the United States (the highest and most trusted office in the world) be HELD FULLY ACCOUNTABLE......AND DEALT WITH IN A MANNER THAT COMMUNICATES TO ALL THAT THIS SORT OF BEHAVIOR, DECEIT, LYING, AND SLEEZE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED BY ANYONE IN THIS OFFICE.


Answered by j.taber ( on March 21, 1998.
On exertion of 'Executive Privelage'and forthcoming escape to Africa:

When I was youg, was taught this rhyme Whose meaning, you heled me find:

Georgy Podgy, pudding and pie Kissed the girls and made them cry And when the boys came out to play Georgy Podgy ran away

P. Judice

Answered by P. Judice ( on March 23, 1998.
Yes he should resign. The reasons for our economy doing well, and people being employed are not due soley to the efforts of the Clinton administration. Alot of the good things we see now are due to past administrations efforts. Bill Clinton is just getting the credit. I think that the President of the U.S. should have some class. I think he or she should be dignified and at least attempt to be a little better than the the rest of us. After all this person represents this country to the whole world, and makes decisions that affect us all. He has lied since day one and I still cannot figure out how he got elected in the first place. (He smoked pot but did not inhale??? He said he did not like it??? If he did not inhale how would he know if he liked it or not???) It has been one scandal after another with both Bill & Hillary. For some reason the news media has just loved Bill over the years and alot of the scandals have been reported but I think downplayed ALOT. Unfortunately most people believe everthing the read or hear from the news media(which is extremely biased)and since they didn't make a big deal of it, it was no big deal. So they went and re-elected him. Now we have this President that has no class, little to no morals,lies about everything, has little to no respect for women and is not above trying to use his position and power over them, and wants alot of sex. And the whole entire universe now knows this. I wish he would before it gets any worse.
Answered by rhonda daily ( on March 23, 1998.
Answered by Steve ( on March 24, 1998.
YES!!! The phrase "ONE NATION UNDER GOD"is clear in its intent. We are, as citizens, under an obligation to live by a set of moral rules. Hilary craves the power she is not intitled to so she looks the other way. How sad to be so insecure as to allow your marriage vows to be violated for power. The concept of her being so grand to forgive him is ignorant. One indiscretion is forgivable however, she is just a pathetic, power hungry, sour woman who could not make it on her own so she is selling her integrity for what she thinks is power. What a poor example of womanhood she is. What a poor example both William and Hilary are to a daughter. William is a sad little BOY who never outgrew the trama of a bad childhood. He is lead by his hormones. Such a rotten example for my sons who have to hear of his escapades. He is a deceiver, manipulator, and whoremonger. He should get out and at least let the country try get back to the business of "ONE NATION UNDER GOD."
YES! Bill Clinton has betrayed the trust of the American people and he has broken the law. There are four people who have come forward with not just allegations of adultery, but consistent allegations and proof that he lied under oath. Furthermore, Clinton has engaged in a campaign to destroy the lives of the people involved. The tactics have been the same in all four instances. It is time to end this disgrace.
Answered by Les Nixon ( on March 24, 1998.
Wrong question. Mr. Clinton will not resign no matter what is uncovered. He continously hides behind the law, his power, and his friends. His tatics for dodging the truth has wrote a new chapter in history. When he came into office the economy was already on cruise control by the previous administration. All he did was sit back and make liberals feel good. Maybe, the tatics he has used as governor will not work where he is sitting now. If the Republicans launch an impeachment hearing they had better be ready for the entire process unless of course Mr. Gore can pardon him. Do Not Hold Your Breath.
Answered by ( on March 25, 1998.
No, President Clinton should not resign. To begin with, no one has proven any wrongdoing, even though Kenneth Starr has spent $40 million of our money trying to. I am utterly disgusted with the American people, the Republican party, and the press for their lack of decency and respect for our President. To all of you who want to chastise the President on what you deem his "lack of morality" and "character flaws" I say shame on you!! Who deemed you our country's moral keeper? You say you are "concerned" and "scared" about the lack of morals in the White House. You should be concerned and scared that an Independent Counsel who was appointed to investigate possible wrongdoing in Whitewater believes that Monica Lewinsky is in any way related to Whitewater. Youl should be concerned that a conservative Republican organization is footing 100% of Paula Jones' legal fees and that the trailer park trash isn't PAYING ONE DIME IN LEGAL FEES!! You should be concerned that Republicans in Congress want to discuss impeachment just because President Clinton has accomplished what they could not and for that reason they do not like him. These things should concern you more than who the President allegedly has sexual relations with, because they have greater implications for every citizen.

President Clinton has done a great job in office. Our economy is better than it has been in years, unemployment is lower, and I could go on. YOU GO, BILL!!!

Answered by B. Newman ( on March 25, 1998.
"Honesty is not so much a credit as an absolute prerequisite to efficient service to the public. Unless a man is honest, we have no right to keep him in public life; it matter not how brilliant has capacity..." --Theodore Roosevelt, May12, 1900

"The whole art of government consists in the art of being honest." --Thomas Jefferson, 1774

Answered by Allan ( on March 25, 1998.
We are certain Mr. Clinton is guilty of extramarrital affairs, right? Did he ask Lewinsky to lie? and purger himself? Should he resign for this? or for the fact that he has lied for the past 2, 4, 6 more years to his wife and to the American people (and the people of Arkansas). He has not done a good job. Unless you call selling out to drug dealers in Arkansas, to the Chinese government, and numerous others, a good job!!! No, he should not resign for his actions with Monica, but for all others. America would be better off.
Answered by Kyle Keling ( on March 25, 1998.
Men in much lower political jobs, but mith much more concern for their political careers, have done much more drastic things than resign. In my opinion Clinton has sank so low he is even too big a coward to even resign. God help America!
Answered by Darkling Prince ( on March 26, 1998.
Bill Clinton is a horney son of a bitch, and should be shot for fucking some ugly 20 year old whore
Answered by John A Smith ( on March 26, 1998.
Enough is enough. Who cares? I don't. Why has this gotten so out of hand? How is this going to benefit Starr? Well Bill, I got-cha-back. The media has taken this way beyond the norm.....With all the drugs, kids killing kids, rapes, etc... in the nation, why are we focusing on how to get rid of Clinton instead of getting drugs off the streets, stopping babies from having babies. Our focus needs to be on the future of this world (CHILDREN) and not what's going on in White house rooms.

With all the talk on how many times Lewinsky has visited the White House, my question is do anyone have proof that she went to visit just him?? I THINK NOT. Did she not have other friends she could have gone to see?

What Clinton does behind closed doors on a personally level is nobody's business but his own and the person he is with.

I think Starr might need to be laid himself. Jones is so insecure with her ugliness that she probably seduced Clinton the first time and he gave it up. But when he refused the second time she decided to take him to court, PEOPLE'S COURT. Linda Tripp, the culprit behind all of this MESS wanted Clinton to screw her and he refused (WHO COULD BLAME HIM?) so this is her way of getting back at him for not giving it up..Wiley just want some attention and some money.

Personally if a man EVER, EVER made any type of unwanted advances towards me, you could rest assure that charges would be filed immediately and not years later.

Answered by Annette Pinkard ( on March 26, 1998.
As a resident of Cabot Arkansas, and a person that suffers the fallout of a corrupt and useless goverment, I say HELL YES! In this moment in time you have to look only at the current investigation and satisfy yourself with the inner Washington Power Struggle. But look with a unbiased eye at some of the actions that could derail the Vice Presidents attempt to win the next elections. Clear your mind and think back to say, the year before the elections. Find the name Ruth Steele, the Pulaski County School District Head. Was this the fear of the Administration? Could the effort to insure that the canidates support workers, family and the help was pure of any in activities that would tarnish the surroundings of the elections. If the School Board administrator was relocated in Mr Gores Distrc to administer the schools, what could have been the reason. Was the scramble to insure this move more important than a Presidential image? Could the driving force of our President elect have been derailed? Just a thought, speculation mostly, for I am suffering massive money woes from the Arkansas Goverments protection of industry, and the failure to aid the consumer if not only for the reason of inept inability to act in a knowledgeble manner. Have the questions of the misshandleing of the NEA Insurance Funds ever been addressed outside of Arkansas? Why is the Arkansas Goverment Staffing headed mostly by Media personalities from the past? Why has the Major companies like, Coca Cola have clothing for sale in the Schools? Has a structured aggrement been attainded by Nabisco? Or is the clothing for sale in the Arkansas School system just ugly? Is the State Insurance Fraud division protectiion political contributors? Maybe.
Answered by Anthony Smithey ( on March 27, 1998.
Bill Clinto should stay screwing his wife and daughter and not involve other dick sucking maniacs.
Answered by John A Smith ( on March 27, 1998.
The President should resign. His misuse of our (I didn't vote for the guy) money and trust is abismal. Everyone on this board should learn to spell and use correct grammar. Hey! Guess what!? Nelson Mandela is angry with our proposed new trade agreement with his nation. He fears that adopting it will preclude his country getting more aid from WE THE PEOPLE...Clinton promised though to return aid levels to where they used to be. From 700 million to about 800 million a year...Gee, could there possibly be any use for that money in America? They're giving your money away in droves and you all think that Washington needs your tax dollars to run the country. Wake up! They're robbing us!!!! Bye.
Answered by Carl M. Coger, Sr. ( on March 28, 1998.
I wish first to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the writer above. Proper grammar and spelling are two of the most important means by which we convey our intelligence and engage in public discussion.

There are innumerable counterpoints to be made in response to the Liberal Democrats who walk about with blinders on, totally oblivious to the cries of reason and intelligence which issue forth about them in not-so-subtle suggestions that William Jefferson Clinton is engaged in criminal wrongdoing. However, there are also several tacit points that I feel many people who call for Clinton's resignation may have overlooked. Of course, one could easily write a substantial volume, and indeed many authors have already done so, detailing these many issues. In short, I wish to suggest to those on the Left who place their unwarranted faith blindly in the leadership of Bill Clinton that you open your eyes to the world about you. Politics and history aside, there exists an abundance of existence condemning Mr. Clinton, the preponderance of which suggests that he is a criminal. To those who place their political faith across the aisle, I implore you to consider seriously the prospect of referring the occupant of the White House as President Gore. Many find this notion unacceptable, as I suspect the majority of elected Republicans would concur, and there is no guarantee that the pupil would be any less corrupt than his teacher. Setting aside religious and moral issues for the moment, you should consider Clinton's actions from the perspective of the Constitution he has twice sworn to uphold. Has he indeed executed faithfully the duties of the office of president in the manner dictated therein?

Answered by Roget ( on March 29, 1998.
Yes he should resign immediately.It is quite apparent that even if he is not legally bound to resign he is not morally fit to be President of the USA.He has no character,integrity or morals.
Answered by Chuck Grant ( on March 29, 1998.
I agree with the New York Times article. Clinton should tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. Of course this would be very difficult for him to do considering the past lies he has told. The most recent example is his testifing that there was no available correspondence between him & Willey. Then a week ago the white house release numerous letters from Willey in an effort to show she remained friendly with President even after encounter
Answered by MaryBrownn ( on March 29, 1998.
I don't think bill should resign at all. After I carefully watch media and read news, I strongly fell that bill's accusers are more suspecious to lie a lot than bill with various motivation.

judge Star behaves as one horrible prosecuter somewhere who had prosecuted all half of small town's adults of child's sexual abuse and later on had been proved to be wrong, but damages were done to many inocent people there.

Answered by henry smith ( on March 29, 1998.
If Bill Clinton is guilty (and the evidence appears to be overwhelming at this point), he should resign quickly and quietly.

To those who scoff and say that the President's person life doesn't matter, allow me to say that it does. We are not talking about a the head of a company here. The United States is a soveriegn nation. The Presiden't actions and lifestyle can compromise the security of the nation. A company executive is primarily responsible for making money. A Nation's President is responsible for the security and moral character of a nation. Clinton should definitely resign.

Answered by Michael G. Sears ( on March 30, 1998.
Yes, President Clinton should resign or we should impeach him. I will be the first to say what you do in you personal life should be your own business. But, when it comes to the president of the US you are scruntized by morality. If he lied about one afair how many others has he lied about while in the oval office. Sex is a very powerful tool and some of the conversations that could have gone on during his encounters are enough to put this country in a very comprimisng position. Who knows what could have leaked out of his mouth.
Answered by Ivar Gill ( on March 30, 1998.
No, President Clinton should not resign. He has not murdered anyone, stolen anything, compromised any political principles, or been negligent in carrying out his leadership responsibilities. At what point does Mr. Clinton enjoy the privacy privelages enjoyed by most regular citizens. After watching the tabloid press' feeding frenzy, I say "who cares, let Bill Clinton continue charting a course which has produced economic good times and few military conflicts". As a Canadian observer; I believe most Americans simply don't appreciate the many positive qualities of Bill Clinton. He's welcome in Toronto anytime.
Answered by Jim Chapman ( on March 30, 1998.
...And you can bet if there was a war, and Bill Clinton was eighteen, Toronto is the first place you would find him. And no doubt with a fifteen year old tokin' a little weed.
Answered by kcarlson ( on March 31, 1998.
Isn't Bill Clinton some role model for our future generations!!!!!!!!! If he has a speck of decency left in him...he WILL RESIGN!
Answered by Betty Winstead ( on March 31, 1998.
If he doesn't resign...he should do something at least. The office of the presidency has been severely damaged. At an official military function the other evening, two toasts were offered. One to the Emperor of Japan. The second toast to the President of the United States. After the second toast, there was much snickering and "name calling" under the breath. This was NOT something which instilled much pride in my country. Since Bill won't talk, I'm tired of waiting for the full facts. The only fact now that concerns me is how far this office has fallen in the eyes of the world. When George Bush was queried by the press about an alleged affair, he did not WAIT to respond. He immediately rebuked the reporter for the question and the issue died. Why? Because there was nothing to the story.
Answered by Barbara Moehlenbruck ( on March 31, 1998.
Although El Sr. Clinton may have lied a bit about his sexual relations, the fact remains that those relations have nothing to do with the Office of the Presidency. If Clinton ever resigns, it should be because of some foul-up he made that is relevant to his job, not to morality. Some people will say that Clinton has some sort of greater responsibility, or that he's some sort of moral example or role model. I think that's a bunch of squat. Clinton was elected to do a job, not to be a wonderful person. If Clinton is doing a decent job as president, why is it our business what he does beyond that? He hasn't even done anything illegal here, like drugs or embezzlement.
Answered by Mike Abbott ( on April 01, 1998.
You bet,Clinton should resign. He has disgraced himself, his wife, his daughter, the office of the president and every decent person in the country with his lack of morals. He has the moral standards of a bitch in heat. He has groped, lied, bribed, abused power and, in all of it, makes Nixon look like a saint. He has earned nothing but contempt. Let him resign and live with it!
Answered by Clay W. Nichols ( on April 01, 1998.
Everyone who raises the morality question, those on both sides of the issue, are missing the point. There have been immoral and amoral presidents, rulers, leaders, etc., since civilization began, and there will doubtless be more in the future. So what if Clinton has sex with one girl or even if he makes Wilt Chamberlain look like an inexperienced high school boy? I'll tell you so what. While Bill Clinton the individual may be entitled to have sexual relations with anyone he chooses, Bill Clinton the individual does not reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The person who resides at that notable address is Bill Clinton the President of the United States of America. When he ran for the highest office in the land, he knew, or at least should have known, that his private would be on hold from the moment he was sworn in. Bill Clinton the individual is a nonentity until the moment Bill Clinton the President is replaced by the next President. Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar, and doubtless a very, very intelligent man. Don't think that he isn't aware that his personal life should not exist while he is President. He is a public servant, indeed, the epitome of a public servant, in the capacity of his status as President. Those who think that his detractors are preventing him from going about the business of being President are ignorant of a much more basic fact. It is Bill Clinton who is interfering with his ability to be President, and it's not just a matter of him bringing these problems on himself. The essence of the issue, to put it into terms his defenders will understand, is that while he is playing bedroom golf with his interns, flight attendants, or anyone else, he is not being responsible to the duties of the office of President which he is sworn to uphold. The presidency does not entail a 9-5 schedule, and the President is not entitled to keep bankers' hours. Being President is a 24-7 job, and one which does not incorporate time for Bill Clinton or any other President to fornicate with a new girl every time he turns around. Until the American public understands that the very essence of his sexual activity violates his sworn duties as President, Bill Clinton will continue to laugh at the populace, content with the knowledge that he pulled a fast one on over 260 million people, and he will go to bed at night (who knows with who or what) satisfied that he is more intelligent than anyone else. Wake up, America! Are you such fools that one man can pull the wool over your eyes and laugh at you while you stumble around blind, thanking him all the while for making fools of you? I hope not. Make me proud. Show your mettle and kick this sadistic genius out of our White House.
Answered by Bobbo ( on April 02, 1998.
Read your constitution folks! Bill Clinton is not responsible for the economy or condition of our country at present. Congress appropriates all revenue, levies all taxes, and approves all expenditures the president is only an executive with limited power. If you remember the great threat of the naughty republicans to shut down the government, well do you remember, Clinton had to deal with those naughty republicans and we are all benefitting from the effect. Don't resign Bill we need you as a role model.
Answered by Tim Bolden ( on April 02, 1998.
the president has completely degraded the office of the president..he is a two faced liar and a moralistic cripple..the first lady falls in the same catorgory however I cannot help but pity her;they surley do deserve eachother but the country desn't deserve them......NOW...check my background and try and ruin me..what goes up will come down..
Answered by thomas e.crow jr. ( on April 03, 1998.
Mr. Clinton wil continue to hide behind his Lawyers, he has no other choice. He is hopeing that the media will remain focused on the sex scandals, and cover up his more serious crimes. There are dozens of laws that have been broken by this Administration. Not minor laws either. We're talking major felonies, including election fraud, bank fraud, bribery, and possibly using IRS audits to intimidate political opponets. It is also possible that treason may have been committed,when American Policy appears to have been sold to Communist China in exchange for campaign contributations. What happened to Travel Gate? Keep everyone focused on the women and the restof it will go away or not be believed.
Answered by Robert Woodburn ( on April 04, 1998.
NO ! absolutly not. These women are just looking for their 15 minutes of fame. He's probably the fines President the US have had for many years. Ever since he became the Presiden people have worked against him and why just because he dare to bring up the issus no other President have dared to do. He have probably just like all the others done his share of mistakes, but cut him some slack. I really hope that now when the carges against him have been drop wirh Paula Jonse I really hope the other dose to. My advice to you America is, stop working against him and listen to what he has to say lots of it is not that bad. Phetra Hedlund in Sweden.
Answered by Phetra Hedlund ( on April 04, 1998.
No he should not resign. Why should he, these women are just looking for their 15 minutes of fame; and now they've had it. I can't believe you let your own President be treated this way. It's a shame you believe them 3 women from nowhere. Do you really believe he would be able to become the President and do his job as good as he has done, at the same time as he harrass 3 women. He can't be human. You probably have the best President ever, you haven't had one for many years. Let he do his job, give him a bennefit of a doubt.
Answered by Phetra Hedlund ( on April 04, 1998.
No. The real question now is: Is it time for Kenneth Starr to quit wasting taxpayer money on an inappropriate, unpopular, and ultimately unsuccessful investigation? The answer is a resounding yes. Kenneth Starr is the one that should resign.
Answered by Connie Phillis ( on April 04, 1998.
Kenneth Starr is the one to resign, after spending about $40m just to bring down one man, I can't imagine how he feels when he's all alone & thinking what's the next vicious step. Shame to you,Ken S. Hillary you need to shape up your man, though.
Answered by Antoinette Adjei ( on April 13, 1998.
Answered by Nancy stafford ( on April 13, 1998.
Definitely, Bill(Slimeball)Clinton should resign, and the sooner the better, even though he has said"NEVER". This man has harnessed the government to serve him in carrying out his corruption. The partisanship of the Democrats is almost criminal in their defense of this slimeball. He is not King!!!!!!!! We don't have a king in this country, so there is no reason to suffer him any longer than necessary.
Answered by Hankus Mankus ( on April 13, 1998.
Should Bill Clinton resign? Yes! Will he? NO Should Bill Clinton be impeached? YES Will he? No! Why? The republicans do not want Gore as President because that would give him an advantage in the comming Presidential elections. Actually the United States of America deserves Bill Clinton as its' President. This is a nation that allows unborn children to be murdered and partially born children to have their brains sucked out. President Clinton agrees with all this. This is a nation that has children having children then murdering some of them or going on welfare if they keep them. President Clinton agrees with this as he is not saying it is wrong. Excuse me there is no right or wrong anymore in America. It is all a grey area now and each individual has to make up their own mind as to what is acceptable. If it feels good do it seems to be the accepted standard for right or wrong in America now. President Clinton really believe this!! Violence, murder,rape and robbery are normal occurances in America now and if the person or persons guilty of these crimes are caught some "caring" judge will let them off and only require some community service from them. With President Clinton's legal problems now facing him I"m sure he hopes he will be judged in the same way! Drug abuse is growing each day and nothing is stopping the increase in this area. President Clinton didn't stop this same activity in Mena, Ak while governor and he is not doing much to stop it as President. If one is to believe rumors President Clinton is a participant in this activity and at one time had to snort at least 5 lines a day. Do you ever wonder America why he will not release his medical records? Perhaps Cocain Clinton is not a nick name he wants to carry nor does he want the American public to find out he overdosed. Billy Graham is making excuses for the President and I have read how none of us can throw the first stone(most of the people who quote this do not add the rest of Jesus's words on this subject which are: Go and SIN NO MORE). President Clinton is such a Bible scholar that he has found what no other person has i.e. oral sex is not adultry! I guess God was just fooling when He said that if a man look at a woman with lust that man has commited adultry in his heart. America is well on its' way to becomming another member of a One World Government that will have the elite rulling us common people because only they know how to give us what we need. President Clinton is very much for this idea since one of the groups that believes this One World Government premise is running him. The name of the group is Bildenberg and the President's dear friend Vernon Jordan introduced him to them at a meeting they held in Germany before he officially delcared himself as a candidate for President in 1992. When this same group met near Atlanta,GA Hillary Clinton gave the welcome to America speech. Now I know this all sounds like some conspiracy theory but read some of President Clintons speeches and look at his pet policies that are leading us to becomming a member of this One World Government. I believe having Bill Clinton as President is a wake up call to all Americans to look at what the United States Of America has become. A morally decaying nation whose citizens will re-elect a morally decaying individual to be President. A nation that is not outraged by the lies,adultries,cover-ups,spins on truth,and numerous "gates" commited by a seated President of our once great nation! If individuals with moral convictions and common sense do nothing to correct this distruction of America we will be destroyed just like Rome was so many centuries ago. Bill Clinton will have to answer to God for the things he has done in his personal life but each American Citizen will also have to answer to God for the things they HAVE NOT DONE to restore the United States of America to ONE NATION UNDER GOD!
Answered by nancy ann smith ( on April 14, 1998.
I bet Monica gave him the best blow he ever had, I would like her to give me one and I would have poked her in the butt!! :)
Answered by a ( on April 14, 1998.
I think he should pimp. It seems that he already has a good method for picking up women, why not use that talent to help raise money to lower the deficit since the tobacco deal seems to be falling through the floor :)
Answered by andy kilroy ( on April 14, 1998.
The president of the United States of America Bill Clinton has gained credibility for our country and the people of the United States of America. The respect for our country comes from the success of those in our society and those we elect to lead our country. I voted for Mr. Clinton for his ability to, Make it Happen. From the word go his ambitions have been to serve the people he represents. Critics came out of the woodwork when his leadership thinking crossed then historically political bounderies. Some accused him of stealing their political ideologies in the persuit of the success of our country. This Man is of extraordinary genius in pursuit of the number one job in the world, history will be HISTORY! by this man and "political and economic innovator" will define Him. Those who elected him have directly shattered the glass ceilings of every American with a hope of achieving their vissionary goals. The people of this Country that have lashed out at The President are in turn allowing their own hand to distroy the Rights of every American, that would mean you. The personal Rights of EVERY American must be at the top of every citizens list. Your personal doings remaining private weather your a clerk, salesperson, office personnel, senator, CEO, or a religious figure is what Libery is all about. A majority if not all people have odd private lives, in the eyes of others likly to be immoral. So what. As long as others Rights are not violated, it's none of my business what you do and none of yours what I do. My throwing stones through your front windows, tiolet papering, and vandalizing your cars on a dayly basis at all hours is exactly what is going on in the political world of The President. I pity those who knowingly judge The President in his private life and join Ken Starr and his Nazi Club, the Media and 'many others'. If the President was an evil man we would wake to a newspaper with an obituaries list listing all these reckless fools. (Isn't history beautiful?) The shame is a large number of entertained Americans have stood by, arms folded watching for the outcome. This isn't High School people this will directly affect us all. Think you have a backbone? Then do something, speak up, E-mail your representatives and tell them to break it up! If they started out with The President of the United States what makes you think you'll have ANY RIGHTS when they show up at your door?
Answered by Hugo Ferrer ( on April 15, 1998.
No, president Clinton should not resign, he has done more good for the poor working class peoplle like myself! Ken Starr has been on a political witch-hunt ever since this whitewater (wastewater) thing started years ago. The American people are sick and tired of this garbage being on there tv set everynight and most people are turning it off! 30 Millions dollars spent on what, who knows, time for this waste of money to stop. Janet Reno should have made a stand for what right and descent and fired Ken Starr, not give him the power to cover up the Hale investigation!
Answered by Charles Fairbanks ( on April 15, 1998.
bill clinton is liar. I believe he has lied so long, and so repeatedly, that he has come to believe the stories he tells about himself. Of course bill clinton should step down, but we know he won't because he has no consciece so...the next best thing needs to happen, that is, he needs to be impeached. When your daughter is dating a guy that is morally bankrupt, you sit back for little while and hope to see her tell the guy to hit the road. Although her deision to date the guy in the first place was a terrible error, yet there is a little redemption in the fact that you have witnessed her using sound judgment in hindsight and riding herself of this man. If in time, the daughter did not recant of her error and rid herself of this individual, the parent must step in and have him gone themselves. So it is with America at this point. clinton, by stepping down, would commit his first true act of love towards this country. But as we have watched, and seen clearly, that he will not step down, we must step in and have, via impeachment proceduresa and public outcry, this morally bankrupt character that occupies our white house ousted.
Answered by Rusty Hawkins ( on April 16, 1998.
The history of the US is an interesting one and it proves that allegations are a universal constant over time. Indeed, two of the greatest Presidents in our history were similarly accused. George Washington apparently had an unrealized liason with the wife of his best friend, Sally Fairfax. In fact, he even sent her a love letter while being engaged to Martha Custis. And FDR, he died while having his portrait painted with his "other partner" looking on. Now, I'm not equating Mr. Clinton to GW or FDR. But they prove that even the greatest leaders in our past have had ghosts, banshees, whatever in their closets and still have been effective leaders. I think this applies to Mr Clinton. How many of us could withstand the intense scrutiny that he has had to endure? How many of us would not want some of our past relationships dug up and presented to the masses? And taken out of context, how would our lives appear? I shudder at the thought. Now, Mr. Clinton been accused of lying about his relationships under oath. Well...don't we all do that in some sense, especially if it's an embarrassing story. Change the story a bit to lessen the pain. This doesn't excuse his actions, I merely point out we all do the same. It has been countered that Mr. Clinton has to uphold a higher standard as the supreme representative of this country. Well...yes, that is true. Have you looked at the lives of other world leaders? They are not particulary shining either. And for goodness sakes, Mr. Clinton is a man, not Jesus. I'm not a religious man but does not Jesus preach "He who has never sinned, may cast the first stone." I wonder how many of those stone throwers are hypocrits. Mr. Clinton has been good for the country, he represents us very well. He trully reflects our society. He who condemns the President, condemns the United States.
Answered by Brendon Hutchinson ( on April 16, 1998.
Do frogs have water tight assholes?
Answered by Seymore Plotz ( on April 21, 1998.
I think he should resign but I know he won't. The president of the United State set an very bad example for the American people and the world. How could we have a president that does not respect his wife and his country to run the goverment. What kind of example are we gaving to our children. If he stay in the office most of the people would think is ok to lie and it's ok to have no moral. The next generation may have a slogan like"if you want to be a president be like clinton ".
Answered by zheng annie ( on April 22, 1998.
I think that President Clinton is the best president that the US has ever seen. His personal life should not be the business of the American Public, or anybody in that case. Was any other president ever harassed as much as he?? NO, not until they were dead. Look at Kennedy, he did all sorts of "bad" things, and the press and the FBI and other officials knes, but no one said anything, because it was kinda like a "gentlemen's policy." I think if anybody is at fault, it is the American journalists. The good journalists have come together with the tabloid journalists and that's wat we read now, just trash. everyone should just leave President Clinton's private life alone, it's his business, and as long as he is doing a good job as president, that's all that matters. And besides, everyone makes mistakes. And another problem is that he is being charged with all this sexual harassment, and relationships, how the hell is he going to do his job as president? He may end up screwing up, becasue of the American public, and not focousing on much more important things such as problems with Iraq, (I live in the Middle East)

Just leave the president alone!!

Answered by Victoira (mmorriss@abu-dhabi, on April 26, 1998.
Clinton's uncontrollable penis is not the issue.

The Clintons are under investigation for obstruction of justice, perjury, racketeering, money laundering, and tax evasion ... not the mere act of banging interns ... and beauty contestants ... and secretaries ...

Clinton has taken unprecedented measures to seal evidence and silence witnesses. Liberals, take the time to read up on what your leader is actually about. He takes us all for fools. He breaks laws, seals evidence, and then counts on his spin doctors to pawn off one-liners to divert us from the real issues behind the investigation. Clinton is one of the most corrupt and immoral presidents in US history. I'm ashamed of him.

Once he stops abusing his executive power and lets all of the evidence reach the court, resignation won't be an option. Impeachment, baby!

Answered by I Poland ( on April 28, 1998.
He should resign. Yeah, I know--everyone's innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. But, that only in the legal sense. In the realm of common sense, it's apparent that the president has a lot to hide. Then, there's the shameful stuff that he's doing out in the open. Like, allowing a transfer of missile technology to Red China. If I were to do that, I would be tried for treason.
Answered by Donald A. Tevault ( on April 29, 1998.
Clinton should tell the truth instead of just beating around the bush denying all of the accusations against him. I am not surprised about how he turned out in his years as president because I saw from the beginning while he was campaigning for president and didn't vote for him and sure didn't vote for him when he ran again. He has really let me and other people down and I am displeased because nothing has been done yet to impeach him from office. Most of all he has really let God down. I am a Christian and am striving to be as close to perfect as I possibly can even though I won't be completely perfect, but at least I know right from wrong. These reasons are based on my Christian convictions. He may and probably will get away with what he is doing on earth but he will give account to God on judgment day. I don't mean to be condemning to him. I love his soul, but I do not love his nature to do what he has done and what he is doing now. I hope and pray that if Bill Clinton can change and tell the truth he needs to do so before it is too late.
Answered by Dudley Tyrone Short ( on April 30, 1998.
To all you Clinton apologists:

If you suspected your child of using drugs, and they used the same tactics that Clinton has been using in answering your question, would you believe them? Would you not be suspicious at all? I believe anyone with half a brain would suspect something wrong. And as for those who wouldn't suspect anything, there is no hope for them.

Answered by Thomas Kouhsari ( on April 30, 1998.
No!!! President Clinton is doing an excellent job, despite the attacks of the ultra conservative "right wing." That is why his approval rating is at 70% It is only the 30% who have never wanted him to be president that are holding the negative opinion of him. Unfortunately, there are many of them with lots of money and lots of power. The Rev. Sun Mun Yun, Pat Robertson, etc., and some staunch right-wing "Christian and Catholic" churches. In my opinion these groups are more political in nature that religious. Perhaps we should investigate them and determine whether we should allow them to continue with their "non-profit, charitable status." You and I pay for that in our tax bill. Since they don't pay taxes, we have to pay more. This right wing, media generated, scandle has once again made Americans the laughing stock of the world. Ken Star is and has been from the beginning on a "witch hunt."
Answered by Shirley Ward ( on May 01, 1998.
In my opinion Mr. Clinton should not resign. He should be impeached to show the world that we really not the laughing stock of the world as we appear to be today.

If this process was implemented we would be showing the world that we still have the values of our forefathers who wrote the Constitution. Lets get back to real values like "if you don't work you don't eat" "remaing true to your wife" I find it very disturbing that some folks believe that they are above the law. The message this President (using the term loosley) is sending to our country and God forbid our kids is that if you have enough money you can get away with anything. No wonder the world sits back and laughs at us.

Answered by lou cline ( on May 01, 1998.
Perhaps not-Although he has made a mockery of the second amendment and seems to take every possible step to move this country toward communism, we have never in the history of this country seen such a proponent of the FIFTH AMENDMENT.
Answered by Jerry Sparks ( on May 02, 1998.
The answer for any respectable leader with the good of his people and the dignity of his nation as a high priority in his agenda would be yes. It is sad that as a serviceman I do not have a leader for whom I can be proud to serve under. We tend to think so much on our own political little causes that we must be blind to how the nations of the world now hold such little respect for us. I am shamed as an american and hold that feeling of shame for my fellow citizens. I am glad that my grandfather a World One veteran is not around to witness America's disgrace.
Answered by wave walton ( on May 02, 1998.
No, he definitely should NOT resign. He's doing a great job with out country. That he has likely dabbled (alright, again and again) where he shouldn't have tarried, well, that his and his women's personal affairs. There would never have been talk about tossing out FDR, or Kennedy, who both did much of the same, but without our press's voracious appetite for scandal.

Let the man run the country, and let the press mind its own business.

And let Kenneth Starr be indicted himself. He's as tainted as Bill.

Answered by wendy jordan ( on May 03, 1998.
I think that Bill Clinton is a very good speaker. I have heard about a friend of Lewinsky's had tapes and the neighbor and friend was put into the hospital and the tapes were stolen I think it is a little suspicious. I think if Bill Clinton did it that he should come out and say he did instead of hiding behinde the media and his lawyers! Another thing I think is if Hilary reallt knows about it and if so what she thinks. This may not mean anything to you because I am only a 13 year old but that is what I think and I think I am old enough to express my feelings an opinions about this case. I hear it everywhere I go, on t.v., on the radio, and from my friends and teacheers we all talk about this and if he did it I think it would be better to come out now instead of hiding becasue it could be a lot worse if he does. Thank you, Ray Ortega
Answered by Ray Ortega ( on May 04, 1998.
I have one word to say "NIXON"
Answered by Dave Walsh ( on May 06, 1998.
Clinton is a bum who can't keep his dick in his pants. Granted unemployment is down, abd the economy is doing well, but if he did indeed have an affair with lewinsky, then he broke the law. It isn't a matter of whether or not he is sleeping around. I could give two fucks about who the president is sleeping with. It is more important to know whether or not the man broke the law. Just because he holds the executive office doesn't mean he's above the law. He needs to come out with the truth on what really went on. All he has said is what he didn't do. What we want, deserve, and need to know as voters and as citizens, is what he did do.
Answered by R. Drew Conklin ( on May 07, 1998.
No! His resignation would only help delay full disclosure of the facts. He would do what Reagan did during Iran-Contra if he had any integrity; Wave all priveledge and let the investigation take its course. I think full disclosure is essential to an open government. Attempts to hide or delay disclosure is worse than the alleged offenses.
Answered by brent howe ( on May 08, 1998.
It would be ironic if Clinton were impeached due to his perjury and sexual misconduct, since that is the least of his crimes. Clinton's administration has been one of the most corrupt in history; just look at the cabinet members who have been indicted or have resigned. The President himself has been responsible for deaths in Bosnia, escalating the War on Drug Users, and one of the largest tax increases in history. The economy has been doing well *despite* Clinton's administration, not because of it. The President has lied and cheated the American people enough. Bill Clinton should resign.
Answered by George J. Lee ( on May 09, 1998.
Some of you are real Hugo. It's obvious that you DO inhale, unlike your lying, draft-dodging, penis-centered jerk in the White House. Now it's Starr's fault? Let's learn a little something, Starr was duly appointed to get at the truth. Now, Clinton gives him scandal after scandal to investigate, then lies and covers-up which prolongs the process. So, if I punch you in the face, I guess it's your fault that your face got in the way of my fist? No wonder you idiots tolerate and support this. You have no morals and no brains. Just remember that when you die, you won't need to pack long underwear, where Clinton and his imbicile supporters are going, you'll be plenty warm. Grow up, the man is the antichrist. Read Revelation...Oh yeah...his supporters need to buy and read the Bible to do that and I guess that won't happen now will it.
Answered by Lone Eagle ( on May 12, 1998.
I am amazed that with all of the answers to this question, none have addressed the fact that the REAL responsibility for ALL of the corruption in our government lies with ALL eligible voters. If you doubt that this is true, check your local election statistics. You will find on average maybe 20-30% eligible voters decide most issues which affect all of us. Now here is the important part, those who don't vote are not the biggest problem--IT'S THOSE WHO GET MOST OR ALL OF THEIR INFORMATION FROM TELEVISION!! LEARN THE TRUTH THEN VOTE!!
Answered by randy nowell ( on May 12, 1998.
Yes, Bill Clinton should do the right thing and step down. Those defenders who say his private life is his business are apparently forgetting that he denied the relationship under oath and on national television in front of the American people. Had he said, "Hillary and I have worked it out and we have nothing more to say on the issue" or something like that, we could engage in a debate on private lives vs. public morality. But he took it out of that realm when he denied it. Most Americans believe that he was less than truthful in his denials. We should not have to function with a President who is the epitome of legalistic deception. We should demand better than that. His lies will eventually be known to all and the honest Democrats will live to regret their blind allegiance to a dishonest man.
Answered by Stevens ( on May 13, 1998.
With all the horrible things going on in the world, I cannot believe the White House Scandal is tops on the most interested list. Now read this: "Heal thyself, Doctor!" "Let he who is free of sin, cast the first stone." "Takes one to know one." "People who live in glass houses, should not throw stones." How much money is all this crap costing the taxpayers? How is Judge Starr going to live long enough to spend all the money he is spending by minding everybody else's business. Have we really heard about all the bad things that are happening in Washington, there must be more than one, and some of these have been happening for years. Enough Already!!!
Answered by Liella Pichardo ( on May 13, 1998.
Not knowing the truth in the Bill Clinton ordeal is the most dificult. I think the american public deserves to hear the truth which is not slanted with a political agenda. What kind of standard are we setting if the leader of our country continues to dodge the true. If he is telling the truth with his statements why is he seeking executive privilege protection for himself and his closest advisors. It sure smells like a rat to me. I believe he should resign if he has committed wrong doing and lied about it.
Answered by Mark C. Griffin ( on May 16, 1998.
LEAVE THAT MAN ALONE, PLEASE!!!! Bill Clinton is the hardest working president ever!! I don't care if he knocked her over and pulled her PANTIES off!! He's a still gonna be a better man than any of you could ever be!!!
Answered by Whatever ( on May 16, 1998.
Bill Clinton should resign, in shame. But short of shame, which he doesn't seem to have, he should still resign. He is not even responding to subpoenas from Congress, and he's having his staff persecute persons who critize him (see the Wall Street Journal, 05-18-98, page A-22). He has abused the power of his office repeatedly. If he doesn't resign, he should be indicted by Ken Starr and impeached by Congress.
Answered by Doris Clapp ( on May 18, 1998.
SHOULD clinton RESIGN? NO you individuals should get exactly what you want a nogood chicken-hearted,liar,lowlife. WAKE UP PEOPLE !!. here is an individual turned his back on his country, by running away from his obligation to the military that paid thousands of dollars for his education. what are you thinking the army gives all that money for college and then says thats ok bubba now run along smoke your pot and chase females. then you elect it govenor so he could get state policemen to be pimps for him. then you allow him to become representative for you and me and everyone in theUnited States. I don't know about you but I don't like one bit having rest of the world thinking I hide behind anybody that I can so I don't have to face-up things that iv'e done. WAKE-UP you fools before we lose a good thing.
Answered by DENNIS BLASHACK ( on May 22, 1998.
As of May 22, 1998...We now know that Mr. Clinton has given to the Communist Chineese in exchange for help in his election, top secret technology that will make China's nuke's more acturate. You or I would Be shot as traitors (with nearly no trial) if we did this. For Clinton to be allowed to resign would be to good for him...firing squad would be better.
Answered by U.S. Government-D.o.D. ( on May 22, 1998.
President Bill wanted a legacy, now he has one, as a fool, a womanizer and the one who brought back the fear of the cold war.
Answered by Jack ( on May 22, 1998.
Bill Clinton has sold out the country to the Chinese for a few dollars into his campaign fund. He personally approved the transfer of technology that the Dept of Defense warned would damage our National Security. The Rosenbergs were executed for this.

Now, Bill's friends in the media help to divert attention from this just like they have so many times before. All of the other scandals, some big and some little leave a clear pattern of lies and obfuscation. This is far worse than Watergate, but we fail to get the daily drumbeat of the press to get to the bottom of it.

When I think about what what has been done by this administration, I think about the oath that all Federal office holders and military officers must take..."to defend the constitution from all enemies, foriegn and domestic". Is this what is meant by a domestic enemy of the constitution?

Clinton resign, but he doesn't have the sense of honor to do it. We should force him to by raising our collective voices. We should be marching in Washington, and in our hometowns, to regain control over our government. There is no need for violence, just voices.

Answered by Ken Gardner ( on May 26, 1998.
Should he resign?? No.... So he may have had sex with Monica.. So??? It's not as if he's the first president to be unfaithful. If he was a Republican old Newtie would be patting him on the back. When his term expires you can bet the GOP cronies will let this one go and attack the next Democrat president.
Answered by Jeffrey Snyder ( on May 26, 1998.
Answered by Joseph Zifer Jr. ( on May 26, 1998.
We who live in NW Iowa wait for Mr. President to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth..we are so disappointed in his inability to answer questions directly and completely..I think he should admit to his infidelities..and apologize to the people of our nation for his very un-presidential behavior..we expected better from the leader of our country..I do not belive he should resign IF he will tell all of us the the saying goes "The truth shall set you free!" We wait and we wait..our patience will not last forever!
Answered by Mary Rehder ( on May 26, 1998.
no. Mr. clinton is the best thing that has happened "for" the republican party since Mr. carter, get real people, look who is in the house and senate by majority. REPUBLICANS they are making it better, Mr. Clinton is just a bumbling buffoon for "we the people" to be entertained by. Look at his record, leader of men, yea right
Answered by Jeffrey D. Vickroy ( on May 27, 1998.
What in the world does Clinton's private life have to do with this country anyway? It is better than it's ever been, or ever will be. Once a republican is elected, you can be sure it will be down hill, fast. Who he slept with is of no concern of ours, he is not the first or the last. He certainly did not hurt anyone, maybe we should learn from listening to the media, don't believe everything you hear or read. You are feeding their egos. I guess we just live in this country with a bunch of saps.
Answered by Marlene Easley ( on May 27, 1998.
No way in heck should Clinton resign. I think that it would be great for all of America if Ken Starr would stop squandering our tax dollars and his right-wing vendetta. Clinton is the best president we've had in a long time and is the only protection we have from the anti-people, pro-gun agenda of the republican congress. Fire Starr, and by all means impeach that hypocrite Gingrich!
Answered by Howard Brickner ( on May 27, 1998.
No. Lying about who you are together with is not an impeachable offense. Republicans in Congress have used the legal issue of perjury to advance their political cause. Fundamentalist Christians and other groups on the ideological right have used this same legal issue to advance their political and religious beliefs. Feminst groups have siezed on the legal aspects of the case because they don't like men to have sexual power over women. The American press loves the story because it sells newspapers and increases TV ratings. And so on.

This case is about sex, politics, and ideaology - business as usual - and not about "impeachable" offenses.

In retrospect, what would have happened if the President had simply said from the start: "Yes we had sex...."? I wish he had.

Answered by John M. Callaway ( on May 28, 1998.
Should he resign? Probably. Will he resign? No way! Bill Clinton will do whatever will make him popular. His resignation will not add to that popularity, so no, he will not resign. From his early days, even before he was involved in public office in Arkansas, he has done the things necessary to further his own hunger for power, protect himself from his own illicent and at times illegal actions, and bring about a marxist form of government in this constitutionally limitted republic we call the USA.

The allegations should be clear to anyone who looks beyond the popular media hype: 1. Obstruction of justice by lying and asking others to lie to grand juries. 2. Obstruction of justice during the Whitewater and Filegate fiascos by refusing to release documents and stonewalling investigators. 3. Purjury in front of a grand jury. 4. Possible treason by comprimising the security of the USA.

Though each of these, except for treason, is not in and of itself an impeachable offense, it's the last one that should scare the hell out of us all. Why the mass media has not covered these events is beyond my comprehension.

The basis of these allegations is that against the recommendation of many government departments, including the National Security Administration, the CIA, and the FBI, Mr. Clinton signed an exception that allowed satelites carrying top secret payloads to be shot into space atop Chinese rockets. The Chairman and President of one of these companies is a close ally of Clinton, having contributed over $100,000 to the Democratic party. The two companies involved have contributed over $2 million to the Democratic party over the last few years. Hmmm.

After the explosion of one of these rockets after launch, the US was able to recover all fragments except some computer chips. These chips are what is used to decode classified US military communication. Additionally, the Chinese, an admitted enmy of the US, 'coincidentally' now have the rocket technology to land nuclear missles on US shores. Our government has confirmed that a number of Chinese ICBMs are now pointed at American soil.

Mr. Clinton, by these actions, has endangered the very American children he so longinly wants to protect. Ladies and gentlemen, if by going against his security advisors recommendations and providing the technology for the Chinese to threaten our very existance, Mr. Clinton has committed treason. Treason is one of the three actions SPECIFICALLY identified in the constitution as an impeachable offense.

Who Mr. Clinton touched or has sex with is not the issue here. What should concern us all is that our President has put the American way of life in grave danger. If you want to continue to enjoy your freedom as an American, and provide those same freedoms for your children, we should DEMAND investigation into this matter. After all, those in Washington are supposed to work for us, aren't they?

Answered by Jim Irwin ( on May 28, 1998.
How sad that so many believe that the president's responsibility to comply with the law is inversely proportional to the level of the Dow Jones.
Answered by Eric Fitch ( on May 28, 1998.
President Bill Clinton should not resign or be impeached. His time spent conducting the "affairs" of the nation are more important and are visable and benifical to all americans. There are more people working today then ever before because of his efforts in combination with the Republican majority. Interest rates are down to where more middle class and real low income people can purchase homes. The economy of the nation is at an all time high and the people see it and know he is in part greatly responsible. He has my vote.

About his personal life. Leave the man alone. He hasn't jeprodized the working class or the high class with his alleged affairs. It's no skin off my butt or theirs. He hasn't done anything that most men and women aren't doing on a daily basis, married or not. I don't care about his personal life as it should be personal, because that's what a personal life is, PERSONAL.

Yes, I do hold My President to a higher standard, however, being a good citizen and a reasonable man, I say, leave him and his friends alone and quit trying to make somthing out of nothing.

Starr and his fasciast party that are creating and manufacturing mini laws to serve his goals should be terminated and Starr should prosecuted for Treason crimes against the President of this United States. Also the person responsible for Starrs' appointment should be fired and we should put their linen out to dry in a public forem.

Answered by Claude M. Adams ( on May 28, 1998.
There is no doubt that the President should resign. His lack of ethics, honesty, and character has diminished the office and all that it represents. His delay tactics, his lies, his "leaks", his attacks on others (even friends, his willingness to sell out this country, and much more, are factors in his need to step down. I am absolutely sick because of all that he has done during, and before, his time in office that speaks of his lack of integrity.

One has to look past the evidence, go fully upon emotion, to support this man in any way. This has nothing to do with "his private life" as he was in the Oval Office in much of his predatory actions. This has to do with lying, with encouraging others to lie on his behalf, obstructing justice, and the like. Mr. President, we have had enough. Do all of us a favor and step down today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answered by ( on May 28, 1998.
No! Bill Clinton should not be allowed to resign, that would be too easy for him. Of course, Bill is a guy that has taken the easy way out all of his life. He ran from military service, sold his country out to the highest bidder and can't remember doing any of it! If he is so great, why are so many of his friends in jail, or dead?
Answered by Curtis A. Hall ( on May 30, 1998.
Answered by John H. Adams ( on June 01, 1998.
Yes! You're ruining the moral ambiance in this country. Your shifty lying, attempts to obstruct justice, persecution of critcs, and undermining of our national security for personal gain mean you could certainly not get a security clearance. So, you certainly should not be the leader of our country.
Answered by Doris Clapp ( on June 02, 1998.
Yes, he should resign, and I believe he will, when the truth comes out at last, probably this Summer or Fall. This is because he will lose support from his own Party, finally, but only because of his selling out to China and other foreign governments. All the other sins are nothing in comparison. The word is TREASON.
Answered by Bill Russell, retired Secret Service ( on June 02, 1998.
What Clinton did is definitly wrong and I in no way agree with it. We are spending too much time and energy on this problem and are therefore missing another problem that is a real danger to all of us.That is the computers that are not going to be able to make the change to the year 2000 in a little over 18 months. There is a real possibility that we will lose all of our electrical power and all of our access to our banks. It is also possible that they will not be able to restart the system because nobody knows where to begin. THIS COULD BE THE END OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION AS WE KNOW IT. WHY ISN'T ANYONE SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS? I refer any questions to this statement to This man has spent 20 to 30 hours of his own time researching this problem for over 2 years. He says we are too late.
Answered by Gary Furlow ( on June 02, 1998.
It is my understanding that anyone in this country is innocent until proven guilty. (Unless of course you are being pursued by the IRS)

So the answer to this question is no! He has not been convicted of a crime. All I see is overzealous republicans with the taste of blood in their mouth.

Answered by Scott Bush ( on June 02, 1998.
Geez. Captain Kenny Starr is going a bit haywire in his investigation. He automatically assumes that Clinton is guilty and should be tarred and feathered. Starr's a looney with a personal obsession with Clinton. All this over whether or not the Prez kept his pecker in his pants..... almost pathetic. Don't resign, Clinton! You got too many things to clean up first (nukes in India & Pakistan, Iraq, year 2000 bug, etc.) Someone should kick Starr in the head, seriously. This guy is demanding the President of the United States, the highest-appointed civilian in the country to be stripped of basic Constitutional guarantees. If Starr was doing this int he 50's, he'd be labelled as a Commie and shot. Time to stop rambling now.... :) And split the damn forum into pages already! 500k? Yikes...
Answered by Josh eikenberry ( on June 02, 1998.
Bill Clinton is doing a fine job as President of this country. Most Americans feel the same way as I do. Just look at the polls! The only people who really seem to be bent all out of shape are the Republicans! Why? Because this whole mess is, without a doubt, politically motivated. The American people are smarter than that. Do you really think that most people care if Bill is having an extramarital affair. The only thing people care about is how their families are doing and if there is enough money to put food on the table. Starr ought to stop wasting our taxpaying funds on this political witchhunt and start providing more services for the people of this country. Starr should go out a get a life, and a real job, and stop wasting MY tax dollars. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I'm getting sick!!!!!
Answered by Bob Leposki ( on June 02, 1998.
No, this entire presidency has been nothing short of a joke and I always enjoy a good laugh. If we didn't have the pres. around the joke would be over and we might have a serious presidency.
Answered by b. brimhall ( on June 02, 1998.
If there is a good reason for Bill Clinton to resign it has nothing to do with any sexual mis-conduct nor a sinking reputation. His obviously self-fullfilling relationship with the Chinese should make people take notice.

Any president who would advance a communist contry's ability to deliver nuclear warheads by allowing the selling of missile guidance technology to them puts us and many of our allies at risk. The fact that it appears to be a BIG "Thank you" for illegal campaign contributions makes it deplorable. The attempt to make it look as if it were done in exchange for a human life indicates Mr. Clinton thinks we are all very stupid.

Mr. Clinton has no respect for anyone, certainly not the United States. His promiscuity hasn't hurt anyone. Other countries, even his own wife don't seem to give it a second thought. If we want him fired let's not flatter him by acknowledging his sexaholism. Let's do it for his violation of our and our allies trust and his dangerously greedy personal agenda. This should occur shortly after the pictures that will be taken in the Square when he visits China.

Answered by Duane Graham ( on June 03, 1998.
Americans are insane. All your presidents lie: Kennedy cheated to win the election in '60 and then cheated on Jackie countless times; Nixon -- 'nuff said; Reagan -- ignored the law and encouraged arms dealing with terrorists to fund "freedom fighters" in Nicaragua; Bush -- international criminal and allegedly cheated on the Quaker Oats man to whom he is married. Thus, surely the issue is one of degree. So Clinton bagged a bunch of babes and then lied about it, maybe even encouraged one of them to lie about it. Big fuckin' deal. You're demented freaks who could use some time in Bosnia to develop some perspective. Idiots!!
Answered by Gipper McPinhead ( on June 03, 1998.
If Bill Clinton is removed from office due to the Monica Lewinsky incident, I will NEVER vote again in a presidential election. Why waste my time, I will gladly vote for the Governor and local officals. Presdient Clinton may be a scumbag, but he is a politician not a boyscout.
Answered by MIchelle R ( on June 03, 1998.
Is is just me or does anyone else find it ludicrous that politicians, long a bastion of infidelity and dishonesty, are attacking the Prez? Ok, that's fine with me. After the Prez steps down, we will line up every member of congress & the senate and ask them 1 simple question under oath: Have you, since marriage, ever had sex with anyone other than your spouse? You wanna see obstruction of justice????? Watch them scurry like the rats they all truly are.
Answered by jerry helm ( on June 03, 1998.
No I dont see anything he has done to jeapordize his job. If that was the case there would be alot of unemployed people in this country. But he will go down as one of the best Presidents this country has seen in the past thirty years. This is not the place for tax payers money to be spent on something as foolish as this.This is a place for his wife . Not taxpayers money.

I wish there was no such thing as term limits I would vote for you again. Yours Truly Devin Perry N.Y.C.

Answered by Devin Perry ( on June 03, 1998.
i say hell no!f every president that was caught with his pants down were to resign, then almost every president would step down from office. i believe he should keep his mind on running the country, as he was elected to do. anything that happens in his private life is his to deal with. we as americans should stand behind our president.



Answered by louis m. corratti jr ( on June 03, 1998.
The "Unofficial" Bill Clinton