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Pie in the face - February 4, 1998

Bill Gates received a pie in the face as he entered a meeting hosted by Flemish Minister and President Van den Brande. Gates responded mildly saying the pie, "just wasn't that good." Says Noel Godin, "This man told us he really loved Bill Gates in the past, saying that he was very cool and passionate. But little by little he considered that his power had tainted him, and that he was becoming more and more haughty with his own collaborators. So the man who gave us the information considered, and he's not alone, that it wouldn't be bad to teach Bill a lesson, to bring him back to reality. That's how he explained to us why he was doing it. He's far from being a member of our band, he's not an anarchist and he likes his work with Microsoft, but he thought it had to happen." See: Let's Pie! Let's Pie! - an interview with Noel Godin, TIME Digital, June 16, 1998


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