The Gates "Ecology House"

On the shores of Lake Washington. ... originally spun as an "ecology house". It took seven years to build the 40,000-square-foot mansion on a wooded five-acre compound in the moneyed Seattle suburb of Medina. Designed by James Cutler. Estimated cost: $97 million. Is the square footage 40,000, 66,000 or 48K as listed in county records? [1835 73rd Ave NE, Medina, WA 98039?map - arial photo]

Gates house (and more photos) at Seattle in 2002

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Bill Gates House - October 16, 2001, itmweb

As we careen down this path, we will find some solacing entertainment in the unfolding saga of the Gates House. Gates' plan for a wired-to-the-max "home of the future" -- rigged with centrally controlled music, "smart" lighting and video-wall entertainment -- looks sumptuous, if a little antiseptic, in the demo on the "Road Ahead" CD-ROM. But does anyone really expect it to work? It's a bug-fest just waiting for Gates' first dinner party, whose guests will doubtless learn the hard way that the absolute control promised by the computer industry is and always has been a myth. Lost Highway page 3 -

Construction photo by Jeff Miller

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