Bill Gates
why a bill gates website

why a bill gates website
From an article "Why would anyone want to create a website about Bill Gates?" published in the book:

the book
ISBN 4-89436-106-X by Village Center, Inc.

"Does Bill Gates have a better life than you? He is reported to work harder than most people do. He does not have to sweet the cost of most consumer items. But is he happier? Who knows? He undoubtedly has to be more concerned about his and his family's personal security. His mother died in 1994. He has a young child. Wealth may help in all of this. A former girlfriend reports that he had to be "brought out" in a group. Perhaps in his role as emperor of Microsoft this is easier. One wonders if this will go to his head, having everyone around him having to kiss up to him - who will risk their job to speak up to him? Will he actually begin to believe that he is god and begin to exhibit the arrogance that seems to follow those who rise to powerful positions?

As for why I created the "unofficial" site, I was intrigued with how Mr. Gates was becoming a symbol and mythic character. I was also interested in what he represented and how people reacted to him. Mr. Gates has the potential to become a major philanthropist. What he does with his wealth can have a major impact on how philanthropy is done in the 21st century. What he does sets a model for how a person who has amassed far more wealth than he personally needs to live relates to others with his wealth. Will he give some of it away? How much and to whom? Will he follow the model of George Soros and by investing in areas relating to the "open society"?"

The "Unofficial" Bill Gates