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Know Your Enemies

The following groups and individuals have been in the forefront of recent
attacks on free expression and the arts.

Table of Contents

Gary L. Bauer, Family Research Council
Ty and Jeannette Beeson, The Report
Rev. Flip Benham, Operation Rescue
William Bennett, Empower America
L. Brent Bozell 3d, Media Research Center
Pat Buchanan, American Cause
James C. Dobson, Focus on the Family
William A. Donohue, Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
Jerry Falwell, Liberty Alliance
Edwin Feulner, The Heritage Foundation
Karen Jo Gounaud, Family Friendly Libraries
Dr. Robert Grant, American Freedom Coalition
Dr. Jay H. Grimstead, Coalition on Revival
David Horowitz, Center for the Study of Popular Culture
Beverly LaHaye, Concerned Women For America
Catharine MacKinnon
Martin Mawyer, Christian Action Network
Oliver North, Freedom Alliance
Robert Peters, Morality in Media
Randy T. Phillips, Promise Keepers
Thomas Radecki, National Coalition on Television Violence
Ralph Reed, Christian Coalition
Christopher Ruddy, The New York Guardian
Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum
Rev. Louis Sheldon, Traditional Values Coalition
Dr. Robert L. Simonds, Citizens for Excellence in Education
Bruce Taylor, National Law Center for Children and Families
Jack Thompson
Paul Weyrich, Free Congress Foundation
John Whitehead, Rutherford Institute
Donald Wildmon, American Family Association
Barbara Wyatt, Parents Music Resource Center

Gary L. Bauer
Family Research Council
700 13th Street NW
Suite 500
Washington, DC 20005
Gary Bauer, director of the Office of Policy Development in the Reagan White
House, now heads this Washington-based lobbying arm of James Dobson's Focus
on the Family (see below). When in 1992 the overtly political activities of
the Family Research Council (FRC) threatened the nonprofit status of Dobson's
operation, the two organizations became legally separate. Though often
treated as a mainstream social research organization by the media, the FRC,
by Bauer's own admission, conducts no research. Strenuously "pro-life" and
homophobic, the FRC opposes both public television and government subsidy of
the arts. Bauer claims the National Endowment for the Arts is run by "a small
cadre of cultural revolutionaries, militant homosexuals, and anti-religious
bigots who are intent on attacking the average American's most deeply held
beliefs while sending them the bill." Ask for a complimentary copy of the
FRC's monthly newsletter, Washington Watch.

Ty and Jeannette Beeson
Executive Producers
The Report
42640 Tenth Street West
Lancaster, CA 93534
Ty Beeson, pastor of the Pentecostal Springs of Life Ministry, joined his
wife Jeannette in establishing The Report as a production center and
clearinghouse for propaganda intended to stop gay rights legislation in
California. Their most famous product, a 17-minute hate video called The Gay
Agenda, has been compared to Nazi anti-Semitic films like The Eternal Jew.
The video was originally created for use by the Oregon Citizens Alliance, the
Oregon chapter of the Christian Coalition, which had obtained a grant from
its parent organization to develop educational materials. The educational
content of The Gay Agenda consists mainly of militant homophobe Paul Cameron's
bizarre, discredited statistics on the sexual habits of gay men, as
portentously interpreted by John Birch Society/Christian Coalition activist
Stanley Monteith. Other segments offer atrocity footage from Gay Pride
marches, as well as testimony from "ex-gays" who claim to have been cured by
a Pentecostal program called Love in Action. The video was an instant
success, selling tens of thousands of copies at $13.95. It has also received
widespread free distribution in states and cities facing anti-gay ballot
initiatives. Scores of copies were sent to Pentagon officials and members of
Congress during the 1993 debate over lesbian and gay military personnel. The
Beesons' other videos include The Gay Agenda in Public Education, Inside the
March on Washington, and Sexual Orientation or Sexual Deviation, You Decide.
They also market jeremiads about AIDS by such "experts" as Stanley Monteith.
Recently they have paid special attention to keeping homosexual materials out
of schools, fighting sex education, and stamping out AIDS awareness programs.
During 1993, the Beesons permitted Peter LaBarbera, former editor of
Concerned Women for America's Family Voice, to publish his anti-gay monthly,
The Lambda Report, under their aegis. They have since parted company with
LaBarbera and offer their own homophobic monthly journal, The Beeson Report,
for $30 a year.

Rev. Flip Benham
National Director
Operation Rescue
P.O. Box 740066
Dallas, TX 75374
Operation Rescue (OR), the notorious anti-abortion group begun in 1988 by
evangelical ex-used car salesman Rev. Randall Terry, specializes in blocking
access to targeted clinics and subjecting patients, physicians and staff to
intimidation and harassment. A queasy mixture of far-right fundamentalist
Protestants and reactionary Catholics, the membership includes many who would
criminalize all forms of contraception and suppress all family planning
information other than exhortations to abstinence. During the 1992 election,
Randall Terry warned his followers that "to vote for Bill Clinton is to sin
against God." With Clinton in office, Operation Rescue has shifted its focus
to include opposition to civil rights for gays and lesbians. OR has also been
known to launch attacks on the arts. In 1990 Boston-area members tried to
block access to Serrano's "Piss Christ" at the Klein Gallery, and threatened
to blockade Boston University's Photographic Resource Center. In February
1994, Rev. Flip Benham of the Free Methodist Church took over the
directorship of the organization from Keith Tucci, who left to found a
separate ministry, the Life Coalition, in Melbourne, Florida. Call or write
for a copy of OR's National Rescue Update.

William Bennett
Empower America
1776 I Street
Suite 890
Washington, DC 20006
FAX 202/833-0388
From its mission statement: "Empower America is a unique combination of
public policy institute and grassroots political organization whose mission
is to promote progressive conservative public policies at both the state and
national level based on the principles of economic growth, international
leadership, and cultural empowerment." While Empower America bills itself as
a "nonpartisan, nonprofit organization," its board of directors is a
blue-ribbon panel of right-wing pro-corporate Republicans, and the
organization itself is a kind of stepchild of the Heritage Foundation.
Amazingly for a nonprofit entity, Empower America proudly declares political
candidates to be among its "products." Its popular training sessions for
reactionary candidates have enhanced the success of the pro-business
theocratic right in recent years. Its four co-directors are former HUD
Secretary Jack Kemp, Reagan's UN Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick, former Minneso
ta Congressman Vin Weber, and -- most visibly and actively -- Heritage
Foundation Fellow William Bennett, former Secretary of Education and Chairman
of the National Endowment for the Humanities under Reagan, drug czar under
Bush, senior editor at the National Review, professional pompous bluenose,
and prolific author of such Pecksniffian titles as The Book of Virtues. In
recent years Bennett has achieved considerable notoriety as a self-appointed,
self-congratulatory guardian of "traditional values," zestfully demonizing
art forms, individuals, and real or imagined trends in American culture. Some
of his efforts have placed him in unlikely partnerships with such purported
liberals as C. Delores Tucker of the National Political Caucus of Black
Women, with whom he conducted a joint campaign against rap music in 1995.
Write or call for Empower America's terms of membership. Members receive a
quarterly publication called Highlights.

L. Brent Bozell 3d
Media Research Center
113 South West Street
Second Floor
Alexandria, VA 22314
Brent Bozell, a zealot of impeccable right-wing pedigree, is the nephew of
columnist William F. Buckley and the son of L. Brent Bozell, Jr., who
assisted Barry Goldwater with the writing of Conscience of a Conservative. A
close associate of the late Terry Dolan, the closeted gay founder of the
National Conservative Political Action Committee, Bozell served for several
years as the Dolan organization's finance chairman and president. In 1991, he
helped orchestrate a smear campaign directed at the opposition to Clarence
Thomas's appointment to the Supreme Court; in 1992, he was the chief
fund-raiser behind Pat Buchanan's unsuccessful bid for the Republican
Presidential nomination. The Media Research Center provides Bozell with a
platform from which to bash the arts and popular culture. Recently Bozell has
been part of the drive to eradicate PBS. TV, etc., "the Media Research
Center's review of the politics of the entertainment industry," is a monthly
newsletter that is oddly enamored of celebrity for a publication whose
relentless theme is the abject rottenness of Hollywood. (Some celebrities,
like Robert Redford, are ridiculed for their liberalism; others, like Tom
Selleck, are congratulated for their conservatism or, as in the case of Mel
Gibson, their homophobia.) The garish inaccuracies of TV, etc., like the
claim that the film version of Last Temptation of Christ shows Jesus
"engaging in sex acts and committing adultery," are sometimes entertaining,
but the accretion of drivel it contains can be wearing. A subscription can be
yours for $35 a year.

Pat Buchanan
American Cause
6862 Elm Street
McLean, VA 22101
The indomitable Pat Buchanan, right-wing columnist and television
commentator, scourge of the 1992 Republican convention, announced the
formation of American Cause in the spring of 1994. The organization evolved
out of the 1992 Buchanan for President apparatus and is clearly meant to be a
support system for the next Buchanan for President campaign. The kickoff
event for American Cause, held in Washington in April 1994, was a two-day
conference called "Winning the Culture War," which Buchanan proclaimed "the
Boston Tea party of the cultural revolution." Whatever else it may have been,
the event was a bigoted revel designed to enhance Buchanan's stature in the
eyes of his fans and allies. Speakers included professional homophobes Lon
Mabon of the Oregon Citizens Alliance and Will Perkins of Colorado for Family
Values; "traditional values" advocate Michael Medved; Dan Quayle's vice
presidential chief of staff William Kristol; home schooling proponent Mary
Kay Clark, who described the National Education Association as "the training
camp of the enemy of the family;" and Ezola Foster, representing Black
Americans for Family Values, who referred to public schools as "socialist
training camps." The emphasis was on curbing freedom of expression in the
name of "taking back the culture" for the reactionary right. As the 1996
Presidential campaign heats up, American Cause will become more visible.
Write for information.

Dr. James C. Dobson
Focus on the Family
P.O. Box 35500
Colorado Springs, CO 80935
Focus on the Family (FOF) is called "perhaps the largest and most dangerous
censorship group today" in Dave Marsh's book 50 Ways to Fight Censorship.
Dobson is a Christian fundamentalist family counselor who promotes
"traditional values." In his best-known book, Dare to Discipline, Dobson
advocates beating children with switches, beginning at the age of 18 months.
In 1985-86 he served on the Attorney General's Commission on Pornography (the
Meese Commission). He claims to have extracted a confession from mass
murderer Ted Bundy saying that porn made him do it. Dobson actively opposes
blasphemy, the teaching of evolution, and the "homosexual agenda." In 1991,
FOF relocated its 700-employee national headquarters from Pomona, California
to Colorado Springs, in time to promote and help pass Colorado's anti-gay
Amendment 2. The organization is active throughout the country, operating
through such loose affiliates as the Massachusetts Family Institute, and
disseminating propaganda through its syndicated radio shows and more than a
dozen periodicals. Ask for a complimentary copy of the slick monthly Focus on
the Family magazine.

William A. Donohue Executive Director
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
1011 First Avenue
New York, NY 10022
A right-wing group denounced by many mainstream Catholics, the militantly
homophobic, anti-choice, pro-censorship Catholic League has links to
organizations ranging from the Heritage Foundation to Operation Rescue. In
1985, the League spearheaded efforts to ban Jean-Luc Godard's film Hail Mary
nationwide. Three years later, they joined Donald Wildmon and others in
attacking Martin Scorsese's Last Temptation of Christ. In 1990, the
Massachusetts chapter (then led by Heritage Foundation alumnus and former
Pilot editor Philip Lawler) tried to have the work of Robert Mapplethorpe and
other artists banned in Boston. In 1995, the League began waging a campaign
against the Disney organization after Miramax, a Disney subsidiary, acquired
distribution rights to the acclaimed British film Priest. William A. Donohue,
an NYU-educated sociologist formerly attached to the Heritage foundation,
succeeded John Puthenveetil as head of the organization in 1992. Membership
is $25 and includes a subscription to the national newsletter, produced in

Rev. Jerry Falwell
Liberty Alliance
P.O. Box 190
Forest, VA 24551
"I just can't stay on the sidelines any longer!" Falwell, host of the "Old
Time Gospel Hour" and founder of Liberty University, emerged from temporary
retirement in 1991, announcing that he might reactivate the Moral Majority,
the now-defunct organization that first brought him fame outside the Bible
Belt. While this threat has failed to materialize, he has put together a
relatively small-scale operation called Liberty Alliance. Falwell remains a
visible presence, continuing to crank out inspirational books, anti-gay hate
videos, and other fundraising paraphernalia. His greatest recent hit is the
video Clinton Chronicles, which accuses President Clinton of skullduggery of
preternatural proportions. At $44.95, which includes membership in Liberty
Alliance, the Clinton video is no bargain. Ask to be placed on the Liberty
Alliance mailing list.

Edwin Feulner
The Heritage Foundation
214 Massachusetts Avenue NE
Washington DC 20002-4999
According to National Review editor William A. Rusher, "If any conservative
organization deserves pride of place, surely it is the Heritage Foundation.
Launched in 1973 by Paul Weyrich, Joseph Coors, and Edwin Feulner, it set out
to provide the conservative movement with an aggressive and competent think
tank that would provide the sort of policy guidance... that such
organizations as the Brookings Institution had long furnished for liberals."
The thinking that occurs at the Heritage Foundation involves finding a
saleable rationale for preconceived right-wing positions. Its resources
helped engineer the success of Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America.
The Heritage Foundation issues "backgrounder" reports that give a stamp of
credibility to misinformation and errors of fact; Backgrounder No. 803, its
January 1991 report on the NEA, was especially influential. Send $18 for a
subscription to Policy Review, the Heritage Foundation quarterly, or ask to
be placed on the mailing list.

Karen Jo Gounaud
Family Friendly Libraries
7597 Whisperwood Court
Springfield, VA 22153
Phone and FAX 703/440-9419
Church FAX: 703/425-0205
Though Family Friendly Libraries (FFL) publicly portrays its mission as
broadly altruistic and concerned with all aspects of children's education and
development, its motivating force and unifying obsession is the fear that
public libraries are a vehicle for homosexual indoctrination. Now in its
infancy as a national organization, FFL grew out of battles in Fairfax
County, Virginia over free distribution of the Washington Blade, a D.C. gay
weekly, and the presence of "pro-homosexual" literature in local libraries.
During this struggle, which began in about 1992, Karen Jo Gounaud rose
quickly to prominence as a fierce and tenacious opponent of the so-called gay
agenda. The wife of a retired Air Force officer and mother of two grown
children, Gounaud is an evangelical Christian who holds a degree in education
from the University of Nebraska. It was she who mobilized Christian parents
of Fairfax county in an effort to end the availability of the Blade in the
lobbies of branch libraries; led a drive to drop or sequester books she
considers harmful to children; and pressured the Fairfax library system into
spending a chunk of its budget on obscure and in some cases self-published
books with titles like Steps Out of Homosexuality and You Don't Have to Be Gay
. Her influence, long felt throughout northern Virginia, is beginning to have
national impact. Her statements on the evils of spending taxpayers' money on
"the type of books people don't want" bear depressing similarities to
pronouncements that have badly eroded public support for the National
Endowment for the Arts. Her campaign to demonize the American Library
Association is beginning to see results, with some local library systems
rewriting the Library Bill of Rights to eliminate all provisions that condemn
censorship and uphold freedom of expression. While much of Gounaud's dogma
can be traced to Focus on the Family and the rabidly homophobic Family
Research Council, she has received major tactical and (we think) financial
support from the Christian Coalition. The event that launched Family Friendly
Libraries as a national entity was a conference held in Cincinnati on October
21, 1995 at the invitation of Phil Burress, founder of the militantly
anti-gay, pro-censorship Citizens for Community Values (CCV), the Christian
Coalition's Cincinnati affiliate. A newsletter is promised; write for

Dr. Robert Grant
American Freedom Coalition
800 K Street NW
Suite 830
Washington DC 20001
The American Freedom Coalition began in 1987 with a merger of Robert Grant's
fundamentalist organization Christian Voice and the American Constitution
Committee of Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, with the Moon
conglomerate providing the initial funding. Its first activity, orchestrated
by direct-mail expert Richard Viguerie, was a massive fundraising effort for
the Nicaraguan contras and Oliver North. The AFC has set up field offices
around the country and regularly comments on US foreign and domestic policy.
During the Gulf War, the AFC organized patriotic pro-war rallies nationwide.
Local cells of the AFC have become increasingly shrill in their campaigns
against abortion, gay rights, and "weird art." A minimal donation of $15
provides a 6-month membership, including a subscription to the American
Freedom Journal.

Dr. Jay H. Grimstead
Coalition on Revival
P.O. Box A
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
FAX 408/253-8825
Jay Grimstead, a Christian counselor educated at Fuller Theological Seminary,
founded the Coalition on Revival (COR) in 1984 as a non-profit front for
fundamentalist political activism. The stated mission of COR is "To affect
with the Biblical message of reality, and justice, and truth, law,
government, economics, education, obedience, science, the arts, and general
culture." COR Steering Committee members must take an oath promising to work
toward a Christian America and to live by Biblical precepts until death. The
COR magazine, Crosswinds, is published twice a year; a subscription costs
$25. The significance of this organization is that it brings the more
mainstream elements of the Christian right in contact with the lunatic
fringe. However, the influence of Christian Reconstructionist extremists is
prevalent enough to have caused such former Steering Committee members as
Donald Wildmon and Tim and Beverly LaHaye to disassociate themselves from
COR. The Institute for First Amendment studies notes that "Gary DeMar, a
leading Christian Reconstructionist author and lecturer, is a member of COR's
Steering Committee and the executive committee of Crosswinds magazine.
Reconstructionists advocate, among other things, the death penalty for
abortionists and practicing homosexuals. While they believe and teach this,
they often try to obscure this when speaking to general audiences. When
questioned about this, Gary DeMar said, `The Bible doesn't say that
homosexuals should be executed. What it says is this: If two men lie together
like a man and woman lie together, they are to be put to death.'"

David Horowitz
Center for the Study of Popular Culture
12400 Ventura Boulevard
Suite 304
Studio City, CA 91604
David Horowitz, a lapsed leftist and former speechwriter for Senator Bob Dole
(R.-Kansas), and his Cochair Peter Collier head two interrelated
liberal-bashing organizations, the Committee on Media Integrity (COMINT), and
the Center for the Study of Popular Culture. COMINT spearheaded recent
attacks against the Corporation for Public Broadcasting; CSPC focuses on
"political correctness" and publishes a newsletter, Heterodoxy, full of
mean-spirited rant about blacks, feminists, and homosexuals. Subscriptions to
Heterodoxy or COMINT's Journal cost $25.

Dee Jepson
Enough is Enough!
P.O. Box 888
Fairfax, VA 22030
P.O. Box 30117
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(VA) 703/278-8343
(CA) 714/435-9056
"Enough is Enough! is a project which serves women and men from diverse
backgrounds and perspectives who want to rid our social environment of
abusive child pornography and hardcore/illegal pornography. Enough is Enough!
provides information and action initiatives and offers materials which can be
used in the following ways: individually, together with friends, neighbors,
and associates; in existing coalitions and/or organizations; in developing
new local task forces." This pro-censorship lobby, which has input from both
Women Against Pornography and the Christian right (but mostly the Christian
right), was founded by Sarah Blanken in 1992. The organization tries to give
the impression that its agenda spans the political spectrum, even citing
Hillary Rodham Clinton as a supporter, but its propaganda is shot through
with the rhetoric of theocratic conservatives. Dee Jepson, its president,
also serves as Chairman of the Board of Regents of Pat Robertson's Regent
University, and as Cochair of Washington for Jesus. In addition, she is a
former member of the Steering Committee of the Coalition on Revival. Basic
membership in Enough is Enough! costs $25 and includes a subscription to a
monthly newsletter filled with disinformation.

Beverly LaHaye
Concerned Women for America
370 L'Enfant Promenade
Suite 800
Washington DC 20024
"Protecting the rights of the family through prayer and action." Beverly
LaHaye is the wife of Rev. Tim LaHaye of San Diego's Scott Memorial Baptist
Church, former head of the Moral Majority and founder of the American
Coalition for Traditional Values. Both are alumni of Bob Jones University.
Together they have written such Christian bestsellers as The Act of Marriage
and, most recently, A Nation without a Conscience. CWA dispenses "Action Kits
to Help You Fight the Gay Lobby," and promotes such sentiments as "[Since]
the ranks of the homosexual lobby have been decimated by AIDS... now is the
optimum time to resist, and even roll back, `Gay-Rights' laws." A $15.00
membership fee includes a subscription to the CWA newsletter, Family Voice.
Men and organizations may join.

Catharine MacKinnon
University of Michigan School of Law
625 South State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1215
Since 1983 MacKinnon has worked with radical feminist Andrea Dworkin drafting
and defending anti-pornography legislation in the US, Canada, and abroad. In
the US so far her efforts have been defeated by vetoes, legislative and voter
rejection, and legal rulings on First Amendment grounds. In 1986 the
Indianapolis version of her "Victims of Pornography" act was held
unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court. However, her definition of
pornography as the "sexually explicit subordination of women" was recently
accepted by the Supreme Court of Canada and continues to gain ground in the
US (Among the many gay, lesbian, and feminist works seized by Canadian
customs officials applying this expanded definition of porn were two books by
Andrea Dworkin.} Confident that the current right-wing US Supreme Court will
rule in her favor, she has supported efforts to reactivate her bill. Although
MacKinnon works closely with the right, she is especially dangerous because
of her ability to sell her agenda to the left as well. An avowed Marxist,
Mackinnon is the author of Toward a Feminist Theory of the State. In her
lurid hundred-page Dworkinesque polemic Only Words, which perpetuates myths
about "snuff" films and rape pornography, she equates speech with action and
makes statements like: "Pornography does not simply express or interpret
experience; it substitutes for it. Beyond bringing a message from reality, it
stands in for reality; it is existentially being there." MacKinnon's efforts
to eradicate material she dislikes belong to reality in their entirety, and
have included such escapades as her 1992 involvement in the shutdown of an
installation by artist Carol Jacobsen at the University of Michigan.

Martin Mawyer
Christian Action Network
POB 606
Forest, VA 24551
Martin Mawyer, a longtime associate of Jerry Falwell, first rose to
prominence on the Christian right as editor of the Moral Majority Report.
After the Moral Majority disbanded, Mawyer founded the Christian Action
Network (CAN) to fight "radical feminists and militant homosexual groups," to
foil the alleged plot to "put homosexual textbooks into every school by the
year 1999," to fend off "atheist and amoral secular forces," to promote
censorship, and to seek the abolition of the National Endowment for the Arts.
The NEA became Mawyer's special cause, and by 1993, when other
religious-right organizations had at least temporarily shifted their
attention away from the arts, the Christian Action Network had almost made
art-bashing a full-time career. Among Mawyer's exploits was a guerilla
exhibit, set up in and quickly ordered out of a cloakroom in the U.S.
Capitol, intended to document allegedly obscene and blasphemous art created
with NEA funds. It was Mawyer who sounded the alarm about the "Abject Art"
show at New York's Whitney Museum, and who made performance artist Ron
Athey's 1994 Minneapolis appearance (indirectly supported with about $150 fr
om a grant to the Walker Art Center) a cause celebre. Mawyer's 70,000-piece
mailing of a "Declaration of War" against the NEA over the Athey incident
helped move Congress to slash the agency's budget, and paved the way for the
anti-art rhetorical frenzies of the 104th Congress. While Mawyer's overtly
political activities have threatened CAN's non-profit status and have
precipitated an investigation by the Federal Election Commission, Mawyer is
now on a roll, and has the satisfaction of knowing he has seriously damaged,
if not doomed, the NEA. To receive examples of Mawyer's hilariously strident
but effective propaganda, ask to be placed on his mailing list. A newsletter,
Family Alert, is available for a donation.

Oliver L. North
Freedom Alliance
POB 96700
Washington, DC 20090
Freedom Alliance, which emerged in 1990 from fundraising efforts by and for
Iran/Contra figure Oliver North, is a nonprofit "educational" foundation
designed to promote extreme conservative views. One of its more noteworthy
efforts, undertaken with the aid of Florida attorney Jack Thompson , has been
to urge police associations across the nation to take legal action against
Time Warner, Ice-T, NWA, and rap music in general. Freedom Alliance produces
its own radio show, Freedom Report. Its newsletter, Free American, states:
"Nothing in Free American is to be construed as... an attempt to influence
elections or the passage of legislation before Congress." Freedom Alliance
nakedly paved the way, however, for North's strong though unsuccessful bid
for a U.S. Senate seat in 1994. In his new career as radio talk-show host,
North continues to expand his influence and promote his patriotic fundraising
schemes. Membership in Freedom Alliance costs $25.

Robert Peters
Morality in Media
475 Riverside Drive
New York NY 10025
From The Pilot, weekly publication of the Archdiocese of Boston: "Morality in
Media, founded in 1962 by Jesuit Father Morton Hill, works to stop illegal
trafficking in pornography by urging enforcement of obscenity laws." Morality
in Media's idea of "pornography" includes Robert Mapplethorpe's photographs,
MTV, and a wide range of books, films, videos, songs and works of art. MIM's
annual visibility action, the "White Ribbons Against Pornography" campaign
held each fall, has enjoyed increasing success. Typical of this
organization's leadership is M. Rita Burke, head of the Massachusetts
chapter, who in a 1992 talk-show appearance exclaimed repeatedly, "We are a
Christian nation!"

Randy T. Phillips
Promise Keepers
P.O. Box 18376
Boulder, CO 80308
FAX 303/421-2918
"Promise Keepers (PK) is a Christ-centered ministry dedicated to uniting men
through vital relationships to become godly influences in their world....
Promise Keepers believe God wants us to be a spark in His hand to ignite a
nationwide movement calling men to reconciliation, discipleship, and
godliness." The organization develops material to be learned and discussed in
small Bible-study groups, then brings those groups together in national
gatherings, regional convocations, and "leadership conferences." One of the
most rapidly growing movements on the religious right, Promise Keepers was
founded in 1990 by Bill McCartney, head football coach at the University of
Colorado, after he came under fire for homophobic diatribes. The 1990
inaugural gathering, held in Boulder, attracted 72 men. Last year's PK
rallies drew over 230,000. In 1996, this overwhelmingly white organization
hopes to bring a million men together in Washington, DC. PK tapes and lit
erature, such as Seven Promises of a Promise Keeper by Tony Evans, condemn
homosexuality, stress male primacy in the home, blame most of the ills of
society on "the feminization of men," and offer strategies for silencing the
opposition. Gatherings attract a broad range of reactionary Christian
fundamentalists, including some extremists. Information booths at PK events
are smorgasbords of Christian-right propaganda, and tend to include hate
literature from defrocked "psychologist" Paul Cameron and radical Christian
Reconstructionist sources. From April through October 1995, a series of
two-day Promise Keeper "Wake Up Calls" filled sports arenas across the
country. Ask to be placed on the PK mailing list.

Thomas Radecki
National Coalition on Television Violence
POB 2157
Champaign, IL 61825
217/384-1920 (disconnected)
According to 50 Ways to Fight Censorship, NCTV "represents the height of
censorship pseudoscience...[its] real agenda is to define a spurious
category-`violence'-which is always and inevitably a bad thing... to which
free speech doesn't apply." A psychologist and a self-proclaimed "devout
non-believer," Radecki works with his born-again wife and has served on the
board of Tipper Gore's PMRC. The Radeckis support all grass-roots efforts to
suppress NC-17 films, which he labels "extremely harmful to adults."
Believing the MPAA too lax, they have been campaigning to establish local
movie-rating boards across the country, even creating a second purported
organization, the National Association of Ratings Boards, for that purpose.
Since Radecki was stripped of his license to practice psychology following
allegations of misconduct with a patient, the future of NCTV is in doubt.
This organization may now, in fact, be defunct.

Ralph Reed
Executive Director
Christian Coalition
829 Greenbrier Circle
Suite 202
Chesapeake, VA 23320
804/424-7777 ("700 Club")
804/420-0700 (Prayer Line)
"It's happening! Christian Coalition is building a grass-roots organization
that will be the strongest political force in America by the end of this
decade!" At the rate this organization is growing, such claims may not be
hyperbolic. The Christian Coalition has taken on a king-making role in
Republican politics, and controls the Republican Party in at least 18 states.
It grooms and supports "stealth candidates" for public offices ranging from
local school boards to the U.S. Senate, and was a key player in the
conservative Republican anschluss of 1994. This group is a project of Rev.
Pat Robertson, Yale-educated lawyer, sometime presidential candidate, founder
of the fundamentalist Regent University, host of TV's "700 Club," and media
czar. Offshoots of this obsessively homophobic organization have been leading
anti-gay, pro-censorship initiatives in Oregon, Colorado and elsewhere across
the country, and lend support and encouragement nationwide to anti-abortion
fanatics. A token donation may secure you a lifetime of bigoted fundraising
solicitations, as well as a subscription to Christian American.

Christopher Ruddy
The New York Guardian
316 Great Neck Road
Great Neck NY 10021
POB 175
New Hyde Park, NY 11040
FAX: 718/229-8134
The work of predominantly Catholic pro-life zealots who helped oust Mario
Cuomo, this monthly newspaper has been in existence since June 1991. Since
then it has gained notoriety through attacks on the NEA that have exceeded
those of Jesse Helms in vehemence and inaccuracy. Complimentary copies are
sent to the White House, every member of Congress, every member of the New
York Legislature, and every major talk show host across the country.
Increasingly, this publication is cited as a source. Much of what is reported
here seems to have been invented out of whole cloth; some information is
obtained fraudulently by reporters who misidentify themselves; much is
reprinted from other publications and robbed of context. A subscription may
be obtained by mailing $20 to the New Hyde Park address.

Phyllis Schlafly
Eagle Forum
Box 618
Alton, IL 62002
"Leading the pro-family movement to victories since 1972." Basic membership
includes a subscription to The Phyllis Schlafly Report and costs $15.00. Mrs.
Schlafly, whose husband Fred used to head the World Anti-Communist League, is
the person considered most responsible for the defeat of the ERA. Her book A
Choice Not an Echo, published in 1964 to support the presidential aspirations
of Barry Goldwater, is one of the seminal texts of contemporary American
conservative politics.

Rev. Louis Sheldon
Traditional Values Coalition
100 South Anaheim Boulevard
Suite 320
Anaheim, CA 92805
From People for the American Way: "The Coalition opposes gay rights,
reproductive freedom, the teaching of evolution... and sex education that
does not stress abstinence to the exclusion of information on birth control
and disease prevention. It was recently active in battles over constitutional
amendments outlawing civil rights protections for gays and lesbians... [and]
is now organizing anti-gay ballot initiatives in California and elsewhere."
Testifying in 1991 against the National Endowment for the Arts, founder Lou
Sheldon said, "The elitist avant-garde arts community uses the NEA to
advertise and disseminate their political beliefs. The NEA then uses our
scarce tax dollars to fund works which are intended to shock Americans into
an acceptance of dysfunctional behavioral lifestyles and to destroy the
family." In 1993, the Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) produced Gay Rights,
Special Rights, one of the more influential anti-gay hate videos. After the
Republican electoral victories of 1994, TVC established a Washington office.
Late in 1995, Congressional hearings held at Sheldon's behest propagandized
against alleged gay influences in public schools. Send for additional

Dr. Robert L. Simonds
Citizens for Excellence in Education
P.O. Box 3200
Costa Mesa, CA 92628
People for the American Way has accurately described Citizens for Excellence
in Education (CEE) as "easily the most destructive censorship organization
active in the schools today." CEE is the activist arm of a second Robert
Simonds organization, the National Association of Christian Educators.
Simonds founded CEE in 1983 to implement "our Lord's plans to bring public
education back under the control of the Christian community" and to stamp out
"the atheist dominated ideology of secular humanism." In 1985, Simonds wrote:
"There are 15,700 school districts in America. When we get an active
Christian parents committee (CEE) in operation in all districts, we can take
complete control of all local school boards." In 1992, CEE claimed to have
120,000 members organized in 925 chapters in all 50 states. CEE has
supposedly helped elect 1,965 candidates to school boards nationwide since
1989. It gives wide distribution to political action kits, visual aids, and
books such as How to Elect Christians to Public Office ("America is now
groaning! Atheistic secular humanist's [sic] should be removed from office
and Christians should be elected. We can all then rejoice continually as our
children and our nation will be more safe."). CEE has also been particularly
zealous in efforts to purge schools and libraries of curricula and books it
finds offensive-characterizing most traditional fairy tales, for example, as
"occult" and "demonic." CEE's portrayal of the popular "Impressions" reading
series ("a massive occultic program with over 822 stories on violence, death,
witchcraft, magic, animism, mutilation, child abuse, fear and horror") has
won surprisingly widespread support. To receive CEE's Education Newsline and
strident subliterate pleas for more money, send a minimal contribution.

Bruce Taylor
President and Chief Counsel
National Law Center for Children and Families
4103 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 410
Fairfax, VA 22030-4105
FAX 703/691-4669
West Coast Office:
Janet M. LaRue
Senior Attorney
National Law Cnter for Children and Families
1221 East Dyer Road, Suite 225
Santa Ana, CA 92705
FAX 714/435-0523
The National Law Center for Children and Families (NLC) describes itself as
"a law enforcement assistance and public education center with a staff of
attorneys who provide legal advice, assistance, and reference materials to
state and federal prosecutors, police investigators, and legislators," as
well as "a specialized resource to those who enforce state and federal
obscenity and child exploitation laws" and a "training and information
clearinghouse on the specialized issues involved in pornography and First
Amendment related cases." Bruce Taylor, the guiding light of this insidious
organization, is a former Ohio prosecutor whose obscenity cases have numbered
in the hundreds. He has served as Senior Trial Attorney for the Justice
Department's Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section (set up in the wake of
the notorious Meese Commission), and for a decade acted as General Counsel to
Citizens for Decency Through Law (CDL), the Cincinnati-based group of smut
vigilantes founded by Charles H. Keating, who is now serving a prison
sentence for various felonies committed in the course of his involvement in
the Lincoln Savings and Loan scandal. (CDL, which was partly responsible for
the 1990 indictment of Dennis Barrie, director of Cincinnati's Contemporary
Art Center, on Mapplethorpe-related obscenity charges, has been known by
various names at various times, beginning its career in 1957 as Citizens for
Decent Literature and evolving into the National Coalition Against
Pornography before assuming its present designation as the National Coalition
for the Protection of Children and Families.) Taylor maintains close ties to
both the National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families,
whose Vice President Rick Schatz serves on the NLC's Board of Directors, and
to the Justice Department. Until recently the NLC shared a suite of offices
in Fairfax, Virginia with the erstwhile Keating organization and Dee Jepson's
Enough Is Enough. All three groups are now tightly focused on cyberspace
indecency. Taylor proudly claims to have been one of the principal architects
of Senator James Exon's egregious Communications Decency Act, and to have
drafted "significant portions" of its text. He is also believed to have
assembled Exon's notorious "Blue Book" of porn samples used to frighten
members of Congress into supporting draconian measures to censor online
communications. The NLC, a small 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit "educational"
organization that strives to maintain an august, quasi-governmental image, is
a wellspring of sometimes loony, frequently destructive misinformation about
international pedophile networks, vast porn conspiracies, the nature and
purpose of pornography, and the social cost of smut. Taylor's impeccable
connections among law enforcement officials, the theocratic right, and the
anti-porn left, coupled with his almost Messianic sense of mission, make the
NLC one of the most dangerous pro-censorship groups in operation today.

Jack Thompson
POB 73
Coral Gables, FL 33114
A Christian fundamentalist attorney retained by Oliver North's Freedom
Alliance, Thompson began his operation as a one-person crusade. His chief
targets are homosexuality, African American culture, and rap music. He is
best known for having precipitated the prosecution of 2 Live Crew in Broward
County, Florida, and for waging an international campaign against the rap
group NWA. In the summer and fall of 1992, he led the charge against Time
Warner and Ice-T. When the Boston Coalition for Freedom of Expression
defended the Boston-based rap group Almighty RSO against attacks by
pro-censorship forces abetted by Freedom Alliance, Thompson fired off faxes
describing the BCFE as a group of "left-wing extremists."

Paul Weyrich
Free Congress Foundation
717 Second Street NE
Washington, DC 20002
In 1974, a year after Paul Weyrich had founded the Heritage Foundation with
seed money from Colorado brewer Joseph Coors, he launched the Committee for
the Survival of a Free Congress (CSFC) with additional backing from the Coors
fortune. (The friendship between Coors and Weyrich had begun when Weyrich was
an aide to conservative Senator Gordon Allot of Colorado.) The purpose of the
CSFC was to influence the electoral process through fundraising schemes,
circulation of propaganda, recruitment of conservative candidates, and
grassroots organizing. Out of the CSFC grew the Free Congress Foundation,
which has branched out into lobbying for conservative judicial appointments,
communications schemes like "National Empowerment Television," and efforts to
defeat gay rights initiatives. Weyrich, a member of the extreme Catholic
right and a professed admirer of the pro-Nazi demagogue Father Coughlin, has
founded or cofounded numerous right-wing organizations, including the Moral
Majority. The Weyrich juggernaut played a decisive role in the ascendancy of
Newt Gingrich and the right-wing Republicans of the 104th Congress. Among its
top ten "Censored News Stories of 1994," Project Censored cites the press's
lack of coverage of the political machinations of Weyrich's Council for
National Policy, a secretive high-level strategy-formulating organization
whose membership is a Who's Who of the far right. Admitting that he and his
colleagues are not conservatives in the traditional sense, he has described
the New Right as "radicals who want to change the existing power structure."
Weyrich was one of the earliest commentators to advance the idea that the
United States is engulfed in a cultural civil war. "It may not be with
bullets, and it may not be with rockets and missiles, but it is a war,
nonetheless. It is a war of ideology, it's a war of ideas, it's a war about
our way of life. And it has to be fought with the same intensity, I think,
and dedication as you would fight a shooting war." Write for information, or
visit Town Hall, the almost encyclopedic system of World Wide Web pages the
Heritage Foundation unveiled in 1995.

John Whitehead, Esq.
Rutherford Institute
P.O. Box 7482
Charlottesville, VA 22906
A resource center formed in 1982 to provide legal aid to right-wing causes,
the Rutherford Institute has ties to the radical fringes of Christian
fundamentalism. R.J. Rushdoony of Chalcedon, a West Coast Christian think
tank in which the Christian Reconstructionist Movement was born thirty years
ago, cofounded the organization and has helped steer it toward a key role in
the growing attack on public schools. The Rutherford Institute has been
especially active and often successful in trying to stop condom distribution
in public schools, as well as sex education, AIDS prevention programs, and
programs that teach tolerance. Send $25 for a subscription to the monthly
Rutherford Journal.

Dr. Donald Wildmon
American Family Association
P.O. Drawer 2440
Tupelo, MS 38803
"A Christian organization promoting the Biblical ethic of decency in American
society with primary emphasis on TV and other media." The organization, which
grew out of Donald Wildmon's National Federation for Decency and Christian
Leaders for Responsible Television (CLEAR-TV), adopted the name American
Family Association in 1987, as it sought to broaden its agenda. Wildmon, more
than any other individual, precipitated the current culture war-first with
his campaign against the film Last Temptation of Christ, then with his
million-piece mailing on Andres Serrano's photograph "Piss Christ."
Membership in the AFA, including a subscription to the AFA Journal, costs
$15.00. The AFA Journal, which claims a circulation of over 425,000, can
always be counted on to provide such gems as the suggestion that "Rocky and
Bullwinkle" teaches children that bestiality is acceptable. Currently Wildmon
is one of the cochairs of Pat Buchanan's Presidential campaign.

Barbara Wyatt
Executive Director
Parents Music Resource Center
1500 Arlington Boulevard
Arlington VA 22209
Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) was founded by Tipper Gore, wife of Vice
President Albert Gore and author of the astonishingly dimwitted Raising PG
Kids in an X-Rated Society. She became an activist in 1984, after listening
to Prince's Purple Rain soundtrack album, which she had bought for her
11-year-old daughter. Mrs. Gore has officially resigned from PMRC but
continues to support its agenda. Until recently the core of the PMRC, which
remains heavily influenced by the Christian evangelical attempt to demonize
rock music, comprised about 15 Washington wives, most notably cofounder Susan
Baker, wife of the former Secretary of State. Mrs. Baker also sits on the
board of James Dobson's Focus on the Family. PMRC's most significant
achievement has been to help create "Parental Advisory" labels which, though
unsystematic, unreliable, and purely voluntary, have been used as a guide to
censorship by state and local governments. Barbara Wyatt, the former Reagan
Administration official who has headed the organization since December 1994,
has tried to give PMRC a hipper and more diversified image. One of Wyatt's
projects has been a telephone service (1-900-288-PMRC) for parents who want
to keep abreast of lascivious and Satanic song lyrics by paying $1.75 per
minute to hear them read in a monotone by office volunteer David Chamberlin.
(He just reads the good parts.) Wyatt, who advocates more and tougher
labeling, takes credit for bringing William Bennett, whose wife is on PMRC's
board, together with C. Delores Tucker in order to stamp out evil rap.


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People for the American Way
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Institute for First Amendment Studies
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Sara Diamond, Spiritual Warfare: The Politics of the Christian Right
William A. Rusher, The Rise of the Right
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...and material provided by the listed organizations.
Written and compiled by James D'Entremont. Revised version issued March 1,
1996. As this document continues to evolve, we welcome your questions,
comments, and corrections. For more information send email to

Another version at: http://www.eff.org/Groups/BCFE/bcfenatl.html

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