Chelsea Clinton

Being the daughter of a president has some advantages - but it also means that people are looking for you to screw up …

DRUNKEN Chelsea Clinton staggers out of a nightspot - and collapses. Chelsea, 22-year-old daughter of ex-US president Bill Clinton, had to be CARRIED by her American boyfriend Ian Klass, 22. She then slumped in the back of a car. The pair, both students at Oxford University, had been boozing with pals at the Embassy Club in London's Mayfair. An onlooker said: "Chelsea couldn't stand or even speak. She was wasted."

BEING the child of a head of a state in the free world must be quite stressful. Tony Blair's kid was found smashed outside a pub a few years ago, George Bush the Elder's son had problems with booze and cocaine, George Bush's daughters have had various problems and now British and Norwegian papers are carrying photos of Chelsea Clinton being helped from a London nightclub by her boyfriend. Yelled the Sun: "Bill's girl is going ... going ... gone!" The Daily Mail reported that Chelsea Clinton first tried to leave the club around 3 a.m. with a coat over her head, then lost control as she stumbled and was held up by Klaus and other friends on the way to the car. AFTONBLADET,2789,170212.00.html

Chelsea Victoria Clinton was born on February 27, 1980, in Little Rock, Arkansas, and named after the 1969 Joni Mitchell song, "Chelsea Morning." Her parents were William and Hillary Clinton. She weighed a reported six pounds one ounce at birth. In April 1995, Chelsea made what some called a "debut" to the national media when she joined her mother on a highly publicized tour of the Indian subcontinent. The press gave her positive reviews, noting her intelligence and compassion (talking at length about the history of Islam and holding babies at Mother Teresa's convent). One Nepal AP reporter described her as a "poised junior diplomat." [more] - The Unoffical Chelsea Clinton Fan Club

Clinton has been dating Jeremy Kane, a Stanford University classmate September 8, 2000 - Chelsea Clinton's boyfriend is a White House intern

Chelsea Clinton arrives in Oxford - October, 2001

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Parents Bill and Hillary Clinton