San Francisco Cab Companies

Company Phone Comments - from postings
Bayshore Cab (415) 648-4444 rude on phone
Black & White Checker Cabs (415) 468-9090

operator disconnected me with an unintelligible remark after I told him where I was going

City Wide Dispatch (415) 920-0700

My partner and I bought the old City Cab radio service 2 and 1/2 years ago. Our new phone is 920-0700. We have Big Dog City ,Metro,City Wide, S.F. Taxi,Pacific,Express,Pacific, Golden Gate ,and Bay Cab on our taxi radio system. Give us a call, we think you"ll like our service. - just had a horrific experience in a Big Dog City cab - City Wide is the best SF cab company, hands down. They show up on time and they don't treat you like shit or give you a migraine with fucked-up full-volumne jazz tunes the way the prima donnas at Yellow do. The bigger guys are all using computerized dispatch systems and half the drivers out there don't know how to use them effectively. City Wide does it the old-fashioned way, with a radio dispatcher putting calls out to hundreds of listening drivers. I've been using them for over 5 years now and the longest I've EVER had to wait was 10 minutes, and that was on a raining weekday morning. Go with City Wide and fuck the other guys.

DeSoto Cab Co (415) 970-1300

took my order politely, and the cab came in 10 minutes - De Soto Cab is usually prompt and polite but tonight I've called them 50 million times and there's no answer, no recording , nothing - DeSoto Cab + people pick up the phone more often than Yellow, really fast service and radio dispatch - long hold times, some cabs are in bed condition may be dangerous in rain - De Soto dispatcher is a total asshole! Don't call them. When he picked up, he immediately recited an address to me, asking if that was my address. I said no, and he said "Call back when you have a land line at your address" and hung up on me. I was on a land line at my address, so I called back to explain, and he hung up on me again. Unbelievable.

Luxor Cab (415) 282-4141 Luxor Cab + lots of cabs (i always catch them on street), good, professional drivers - doesn't pick up phone (?!)
Metro Cab (415) 920-0715

good service - polite, and responsive - Metro is definately the one! The lady was friendly and great service call 920-0700 - dispatcher was so rude!

Veteran's Cab (415) 552-1300  
Yellow Cab (415) 626-2345 kept me on hold for 10 minutes - Yellow Coop and finally got the checker, use 206-1900 - left us waiting for two hours, despite 5 phone calls - Yellow Cab + excellent cars, safe and well maintained - long telephone wait time and most drivers are confused by digital dispatch system

Called every # on this page on fri night @ 9pm. Only two that picked
up were Yellow and Luxor. Yellow kept me on hold forever. Luxor
answered in 1 min. 5 mins later my cab had arrived.
- Ish Harshawat, Oct 2004

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