December 1997

Opinion: Microsoft sidewalk

by Richard Petersen
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F--- you, Microsoft. You think that you can come into town with your sidewalk - buy off all the weeklies with 2 page spreads. Is your goal to suck merchants dry by making them think that they need to buy ads in your cyberspace "sidewalk". What arrogance. You bring nothing to the community. Sidewalk is just a glorified list of events, movies and restaurants. Is your goal to get a percentage of all tickets sold? I hope not. I hope people shine your guide. There are already better movie guides, restaurant guides, and event calendars in town. Some are in print, some are online. You bring nothing to the city. You make no attempt to hire journalists and cover issues in the city. The Chronicle, Examiner, Guardian, SF Weekly all have real content and cover real issues in the city. So spend your dollars launching your service and go back home to Seattle. Is sidewalk what we need in the city - to have you suck up local ad dollars for your master in Seattle.

You are arrogant. The sidewalk staff thinks that their shit doesn't stink. They want other websites to fill out their forms to cooperate. Then they do not answer email. And they have the audacity to say that their lame excuse for journalism somehow has a better "quality of writing and editing". I hope your boss believes you Beth Cataldo, because I think that you are full of it.

Arrogance, arrogance, arrogance. Is this how Microsoft expects to take over the world? You did have a good idea in your ad format and in putting 4 ads down the right side of a page.

To be fair, I do have to admit that Slate is well done and that the Microsoft browser is better than the Netscape one that I used to use. Now if Microsoft can ever get it's buggy Windows to work without crashing...

more about siderwalk ...

Key to the vision is that such sites be run by locals with a stake in the issues - thus setting them apart from corporate publishing efforts old or new. "If Microsoft comes to San Francisco to create a local publishing company, where are their loyalties? Well, their loyalties are in Redmond," --McCarthy said.

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