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San Francisco Topic: Prostitution
There have been many calls for legalizing or decriminalizing prostitution in the city. It is easy to notice in some neighborhoods that people are offering sexual services. The weekly newspapers are filled with "escort" services - yet prostitution remains illegal. Perhaps this has something to do with the money that the city makes off of prostitutes and "johns" that it is able to issue citations to.

Articles & Organizations
  • San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution - March 1996 Report to Supervisors - includes decriminalization of prostitution, sex workers rights, police abuse, labor issues and more.
  • The Elimination of Prostitution? - Moral Purity Campaigns, Middle-Class Clubwomen, and the California Red Light Abatement Act by Patricia O'Flinn, Ex Post Facto
  • BAYSWAN - Bay Area Sex Workers Advocacy Network: for sex workers as well as activists, students and faculty.
  • PROMISE - mission is to offer services and support to women who have chosen to get out of prostitution.
  • San Francisco - from The World Sex Guide
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  • San Francisco Sex
  • Prostitution - at yahoo
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