more cabs = less cars

A relpy to Mark,

Maybe I am missing something here, but what is the justification for not letting anyone who wants to drive a taxi to drive one. Assuming they pay permits, licensing and abide to any city regulations (like any other business) I don't think the government should be preventing people from earning a living.

I am of the opinion that if more taxis were available, people will use them as an alternative to driving and PARKING their own car. This would be beneficial.

To be more environmentally friendly, we need to see bike racks on taxis, alternative fuel taxis (including pedal power) and more courteous drivers. Lets face it, taxi drivers are known to be very aggressive drivers, and don't contribute to safer streets.

And while I am at it. How about instituting queuing so drivers don't have to aimlessly drive the streets but can park at designated taxi drop-off/pickup locations, and only drive when they have a fare. (Works great in Hong Kong) And judging from the queues at the airport, drivers have already had good practice at it. Not that that helps those of us here in the city.

Cabs are an important part of this cities public transportation, but they not well integrated. I would love to see a 'share a cab' to work day. Promotions to businesses and individuals for repeat business between drivers and regular commuters (shared), and links or tie-ins to other forms of public transportation.

That said, let's get 400 (or more) cabs out on the street ASAP, and even more people out of their cars.

David FitzGerald
Wed Jul 29 1998

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