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Local Newspapers

Newspaper Freq Web Search Staff
San Francisco Chronicle Daily Yes Yes Yes
San Francisco Examiner Daily Yes Yes Yes
The Independent Daily No No No
San Francisco Bay Guardian Weekly Yes Yes Yes
SF Weekly Weekly Yes Yes Yes
San Francisco Frontlines Monthly Yes No Yes
San Jose Mercury News Daily Yes Yes Yes

A list of some of San Francisco's Neighborhood newspapers

The Dailies ...

San Francisco Chronicle
901 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

The San Francisco Chronicle, with the largest circulation in Northern California, is the most representative of traditional "establishment" views. With the exception of the rather unpleasant Ken Garcia, there are many good writers working at the Chronicle. Perhaps the biggest problem is that their readers are dying off and they have not found a way to engage a younger audience. The Chronicle is reluctant to confront the powerful. Perhaps it all about keeping the Macy's account. They are slow to cover stories of election fraud. I continue to find the use of the term "snail mail" on their website immature and juvenile.

San Francisco Examiner
110 Fifth Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

As the other locally produced daily (it shares printing, advertising and classifieds with the Chronicle), the Examiner seems a little more willing to take journalistic risks. The paper continues to get better and better. Perhaps this has something to do with the new editor, Phil Bronstein. At 25 cents, the Examiner is often worth it's price. The is clean and well produced.

New York Times - West coast edition
229 West 43d Street New York, NY 10036 - News Staff

Widely available (even has Bay Area home delivery). A little more "east coast establishment" oriented - it does give the local dailies a run for their money with the intellectual crowd. A good idea is to check out FAIR's list of articles about the Times for a perspective on the paper's biases. Has tended to be blindly pro Israel - though they seem to be going the direction of more balance.

The Independent
1201 Evans Ave, SF, CA 94124
415-826-1100, FAX 415-826-5371

A free daily. Features column by Warren Hinckle. Owned by Pan Asia Venture Capital Corp?

San Jose Mercury News
750 Ridder Park Drive, San Jose CA 95190
Fax 408-271-3623

Silicon Valley's daily. Bowed to the New York Times - Washington Post - LA Times establishment with it's CIA Contra Crack connection series.

The Oakland Tribune is available in the city as well as the Los Angles Times

Weekly free papers

San Francisco Bay Guardian
520 Hampshire, San Francisco, CA 94110
415)255-3100 fax: (415)255-8762

Over 30 years old. A mixture of traditional 60's leftism and Arts & Entertainment coverage. Supported by ads from local businesses, dating and sex lines, cigarette and liquor companies. While publisher, Bruce Brugmann plasters his less than attractive face around the city, editor Tim Redmond exposes a rather up to date progressive agenda (circulation approx 75K city, 120K Bay Area) Add your comments to: Who likes the San Francisco Bay Guardian?

SF Weekly
John Mecklin, Editor
185 Berry, Lobby 4, Suite 3800, San Francisco, CA 94107
415-541-0700, Fax 415-777-1839

Owned by Phoenix based, New Times Inc, attempting to give the Guardian a run for it's money. Willing to take journalistic risks with long investigative articles. Now online. (circulation approx 100K city, 120K Bay Area)

The weeklies provide the most competitive journalism in the city and are filled with ads clearly directed at a younger audience than the daily papers. For a perspective, see: Weeklies add new wrinkles to old rivalry by Examiner media writer David Armstrong (Sept. 29, 1996)

Other newspapers distributed locally

San Francisco Frontlines
3311 Mission Street, Suite 25, San Francisco, CA 94110
415.642.3704, Fax 415.648.5257

A new monthly calling itself, "A Newspaper for the Progressive Majority" Already stirring up the local newspaper scene and providing some much needed new blood. (circulation 60K city only)

The San Francisco Business Times
275 Battery Street, Suite 940, San Francisco, CA 94111
415-989-2522 Fax: 415-398-2494

Jewish Bulletin - Weekly
Libertad - a bi-monthly from Texas published by the National Commission for Democracy in Mexico

More: Neighborhood Papers

TV and Radio

Most local TV and radio stations have created websites. The money seems to still be in TV. (i.e. annual salaries - Dave McElhatton, KPIX-TV, around $750,000; Pete Wilson - $725,000; Gary Radnich - $500,000; Pete Giddings - $475,000; Terilyn Joe - $410,000; Kate Kelly - $400,000; Dan Ashley - $375,000 --Examiner, June 23, 1997, By Bill Mann)

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