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City Financial mismanagement The San Francisco Investigator - See: City Hall Slammed by Independent Auditors by Peter Byrne
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    The "Unofficial"Bill Clinton
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    The time was long before the "second oldest profession" was led out of the red light district of American free enterprise into the green pastures of guild unionism. Yet there prevailed among newspapermen a feeling of emancipation, and also one of false superiority; we stood high and disdainful above the polloi about whom we wrote so much. This was a feeling we shared with such other individuals we frequently met as pickpockets and gangsters and professional law breakers, successful swindlers and philosophical anarchists as well as all the uprooted, tramps and hobos _ and such other really free men. --from: A Brief Biography of George Seldes - by Randolph T. Holhut

    "Anderson Valley Advertizer, one of the best newspapers on the planet. The motto of this paper is "Fanning the flames of discontent. Peace on the cottages. War on the palaces!" The quote up front say 'Newspapers should have no friends-Joseph Pulitzer' -From Boonville, CA.

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