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Where did the name San Francisco come from?
Who designed Golden Gate Park, and when?
How did the 'Tenderloin' get its name?
Who is Coit Tower named after?
What was the transit agency before BART?
What was the population of SF in 1900?
How did the 49ers get their name?
What role did San Francisco play in the Civil War?
Who discovered San Francisco?
What is the origin of the fortune cookie?
What is the name of the island where immigrants use to go to first?
Where was Potter's Field?
Was the Embarcadero a military base?
What was the Vigilance Committee of 1856?
Who was Van Ness Ave named after?
Who was Haight Street named after?
Who was Peter York?
Which SF neighborhood was called "butchertown" in the 1920's?
What was Kelly's Army?
Who was Emperor Norton?
Who was the first African-American mayor of San Francisco?
Why is San Francisco considered a forward looking city?
Who was here before the Spanish?
What is the name of Robert Louis Stevenson' s Poem in Portsmouth Square?
How did the Sunset district get its name and when was it developed?
Where is Goat Island?
Is it true that Lake Merced had an outlet to the Ocean?

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