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1950 The 49ers struggled in their NFL debut, winning only three games. A rival coach described them as "not big enough or tough enough."--49ers

Attempts by the State Alcoholic Beverage Commission to close down The Black Cat, a gay bar owned by Sol Stuman, end when the California State Supreme Court rules that bars cannot be discriminated against because they choose to cater to gays or lesbians. --Social ..

1952 Founded in 1952 as the Bay Area Educational Television Association, the early volunteers began a long, uncharted journey forming the basis for what is today KQED, one of the first public broadcasting companies in America --A Strong History...
1957 The obscenity prosecution of Alan Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti for the publication of Ginsberg's poem Howl ends with the acquittal of both men. --Social ..
1965 January 1, 1965 New Year's Eve costume ball at California Hall to raise funds for the Council on Religion and the Homosexual was harassed by police. It became a turning point in the San Francisco gay rights movement. ACLU took the case, which was dismissed. --Chronology of San Francisco Rock (and more) 1965-1969
1966 The San Francisco Diggers became one of the legendary groups in the Haight-Ashbury during the years 1966 to 1968. Shrouded in a mystique of anonymity, they took their name from the original English Diggers of the 1640s. The San Francisco Diggers combined street theater, anarcho direct action, and art happenings in their social agenda. Their most famous activities revolved around Free Food (every day in the Panhandle), and the Free Store (where everything was free for the taking.) They produced a series of events that mark the evolution of the hippie phenomenon from a homegrown face-to-face community to the mass-media circus that splashed its face acrosss the world's front pages and TV screens. --The Digger Archives

San Francisco History 1966 - 1996 - at MCSF

1969 The November 9, 1969 occupation was planned by Richard Oakes, a group of Indian students, and a group of urban Indians from the Bay Area. Since many different tribes were represented, the name "Indians of All Tribes" was adopted for the group. They claimed the island in the name of Indians of all tribes and left the island to return later that same evening. In meetings following the November 9th occupation, Oakes and his fellow American Indian students realized that a prolonged occupation was possible. --Alcatraz Indian Occupation

A collection of photographs which historically document the 1969-1971 occupation of Alcatraz Island by Indians of All Tribes, Inc. These rare photographs were contributed by Ilka Hartmann, Michelle Vignes, and the National Park Service ... --The American Indian Occupation of Alcatraz Island - 1969 - 1971 by Professor Troy Johnson

1974 Charles Garfield founds Shanti Project to provide free volunteer counseling to people with life-threatening illnesses. --Chronology of AIDS in San Francisco: 1968-1980
1978 Harvey Milk was born May 22, 1930 in Woodmere, New York. He became a sucessful Wall Street investment analyst and supported Barry Goldwater for president. He got involved in Broadway theatre which began eroding his conservative views. He moved west and decided that he wanted to be Mayor of San Francisco! His new found liberalism, charisma, weird sense of humor, and belief in politics as theatre, set the stage for his San Francisco political career. ... t's 11 AM on Monday morning, November 27, 1978 in San Francisco. The startling news comes to us from KSAN, the popular rock-and-roll station. Dianne Feinstein, President of the Board of Supervisors, in a shaking voice says: "Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk have been shot . . . and killed. The suspect is Supervisor Dan White." --Harvey Milk

Dan White was a typical all-american-boy born and raised in San Francisco. He was a policeman and then a fireman and then ran for Supervisor in the heavily conservative Irish-Catholic working class neighborhood known as District 8. He promised to restore traditional values to San Francisco city government. He promised to rid San Francisco of "radicals, social deviates, and incorrigibles"... However, he did not bother to contact White at any time during the weekend. By Monday morning White's rage had reached a peak and he loaded his gun and went downtown. He entered City Hall through an open basement window to avoid the metal detectors at the entrances. He went first to Moscone's office and shot him in the chest and then delivered a bullet to the head at close range as the mayor lay dying on the floor. As he walked down the corridor to the Supervisors' offices on the other end of the building, he reloaded his gun. He asked Harvey for a few minutes in private and led him into his former office where he slew him in the same manner including two bullets to the brain... Dan White left City Hall without further incident and was found a short time later with his wife praying at Saint Mary's Cathedral, several blocks from City Hall. Dan White was paroled from Soledad Prison on January 6, 1985 after serving a minimal sentence for manslaughter. He committed suicide on October 21, 1985. --Supervisor Dan White

1987 In June of 1987, a small group of strangers gathered in a San Francisco storefront to document the lives they feared history would neglect. Their goal was to create a memorial for those who had died of AIDS, and to thereby help people understand the devastating impact of the disease. This meeting of devoted friends and lovers served as the foundation of The NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt. -- The History of the NAMES Project
October 17, 1989 - 7.1 magnitude Earthquake hits Bay Area - The Loma Prieta Earthquake at The Museum of the City of San Francisco. Some images at Faultline - Images from the news staff of the San Francisco Chronicle - Photos from San Francisco and other cities from the U. S. Geological Survey - the 5 04 PM?

AIDS Patients Flock to San Francisco When Jonathan Samoan found out he had the AIDS virus he knew where to go -- San Francisco. If there is a mecca for AIDS patents this is it. (John) "I knew that there were doctors in the San Francisco area that were very knowledgeable about treatments and I wanted that for myself." --AIDS Patients Flock to San Francisco - by Greg Lefevre

1992 Mayor Frank Jordan announces a state of emergency and a curfew after looters and vandals hit downtown following the Rodney King beating verdict. Police Chief Hongisto is fired after he orders his officers to clear the racks of 2000 copies of an issue of the gay Bay Times which criticizes his tactics against King demonstrators --Social ..
1993 July 1 - Apparently dissatisfied with the legal services he had received from the law firm of Pettit & Martin, he entered their offices on the 34th floor of 101 California Street at 2:57 PM and within 4 minutes had killed 8 people and wonded 6. --John Luigi Ferri
1995 January 31, 1995 - The year of the boar starts today. --Celebrating the new year - by Audrey Wong

Pt. Reyes National Seashore Fire (Oct)
May 28 - Carnival - in the Mission
Sept 1 - The new "F" line dedicated
Sept 24 - The Folsom Street Fair
Willlie Brown elected Mayor

1996 It's been over a year since Jerry died. His spirit lives on. --Jerry Garcia Haight Street Shrines

December 31 - Symphony Musicians on strike --San Francisco Symphony Musicians's Web Page

CNN - 1996 Year in Review

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