Dr. Sterling Bowen

1937 Son Michael Bowen born in Beverly Hills California, first son of wealthy Hollywood dentist, Dr. Sterling Bowen Dr. Bowen was the son of Welch immigrants to America.

He became educated in dentistry at northwestern university in Chicago Ill during the period of depression and alcohol prohibition in the United States. In order to pay for his schooling he worked part time for the bootlegging Moran gang, picking up cases of whiskey shipped across the great lakes from Canada and delivered to warehouses in Chicago.He was almost killed in the St. Valentines day massacre. This ended his involvement with the Chicago gangs of that era. He continued to make part time money for medical studies as an amateur prize fighter. After graduation from Northwestern University he journeyed to California to seek his fortune as a Dentist. He first set up his practice in the Wilshire district of L.A. Soon after he met the actor/singer Bing Crosby. Bing and his angelic wife Dixie were prominent in the film industry. They persuaded him to open his dental practice in fashionable Beverly Hills. "Doc" Bowen began to prosper, and within a short time he became the celebrated creator of the "Hollywood Smile" the Hollywood smile was of course the first use of teeth capping. An innovation which became an integral facet of the growing Hollywood film industry, Grace, also of Welch ancestry was a talented art student when she met and married young "Doc" Bowen. Grace had received several grants to study in California art schools, most notably, an offer of apprenticeship with famed Mexican painter Soto Mejor at his studio in San Francisco.

1944 Sterling and Grace married and divorced.

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