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This is a Bowen work, I know Michael would like people to see. We love Michael Bowen, or Baba as we call him, even though he has a difficulty now with the old polio come back for him, and the heart attack, still he help people, even the contadinos in the village love him. He think people should not smoke the TOBACO from the corporate/govt. as is shown in this, his assemblage after a recent heart failure. Baba is o.k. and sends love to San Francisco. I.Paoli copyright I.Paoli I.Paoli private Beat museum Florence Italy
etruscan memories
Beat Party "This oil painting, which Michael Bowen  painted from memories of the Beat period is a masterpiece of Bowens Beat Symbolist style. "Beat Party" is held in private hands . These Bowen collections are all over the world. It is rare that any of his works are released to museum shows. There was even some difficulty in the De Young Museum of San Francisco obtaining its second painting by Bowen "Miracle of Humanity" for the  Whitney Museums "Beat Culture and the New America" show, which Director Tim Burgard and the De Young hosted on its American tour.. Fortunantly its owner, musician/art collector and San Francisco Bon Vivant, Mr. Charles Molle, let the Museum display "Beat Party"  Most of Bowens work is privately owned., and therefore doubtfull that it will ever appear on the market. Forces are at work however to see that this large oil is the next is displayed to the public" I.Paoli, director, Beat pvt. collection. Florence Italy
maitreye earthquake
a line drawing of bob hope and gerald ford in palm springs. it is a simple part of a series i did on palm springs and the folks who"live" there. if you can use it or any of the palm springs series let me know. its from my forth coming book "mandalla, the path of Kali" it has a lot of writing too. some of it is kind of funny to some people, {i could be your beverly hills reporter, it is my hometown and i actually still know people and was there for 10 days 4 months ago, In this line drawing ex pres Gerald is with Americas greatest comedian, you know ,i could never figure out why while America rotted at the bottom for all too see,the person who became its officialy funniest man, was named HOPE (he was always there to entertain the troops) anyway,, All the guys, (you know who they are} gathered near the 13th hole. All their ears straining to hear the messages and directions which they had been following for years as it was broadcst from this bottomless golf course hole in Palm Springs where , directly from hell, their Presidential instructions had been given. Of course these guys (you know who They are) actually all competed with unbrideled deadliness to comply with every nuance which He , SATAN,ordered them to do.I think its only natural to think... " One might ask " why? The answer is unfortunantly, both banal, and true MONEY
Big Sun, 1975
aquatint etching with hand colored crayon
530 x 785 mm sheet
@FAMSF Imagebase
"Bob Kaufman's funeral parade", 19__
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