Bowen Photos #2

this picture is one i took when i arranged a first time meeting for tim Leary and David Carradine at my studio in L.A. For a few years i kept a place to paint when i would travel to L.A. My studio was in David Carradines glass house in Laurel Canyon. The photo date is probably early 80s.During drinks after dinner, David was discussing his then new plans to re due Kung Fu. his famous strength without violence television series with a plot line that was configured to be a translation of eastern spiritual ideas to the west.. Many people dont realize that the Kung Fu tv series with which they grew up on their very own t.v.s was a well thought out plan by David to get these important ideas out in the world to match the drug awareness conciousness change that swept the world during the 60s. He , like the rest of our group were frantically trying in our own way to positively direct the tremendous social change which ensued with the emergence of the drug culture. David Carradine and I have been friends since 1954
This is a picture of the late beloved San Francico Chronicle art critic and author Tom Albright. Toms career is a San Francico legend in itself. His defining book, Art in the San Francisco Bay area was lovingly finished and published posthumously by his friends and fellow San Franciscans from the great Beat past, San Francisco Sheriff Mike Hennesy and his wife. The photo and copyright are by Roberto Ayala. I hope this is a small tribute at least to a great San Franciscan and a dear friend, Michael Bowen 1998" photo property of the I.Paoli beat library, Florence Italy
this foto by {copyright roberto ayala} taken in the 70s? of kaufman walking on grant ave is a perfect addition to the Satty is dead piece. as it illustrates the story exactly. by the way the collage is called "the magician" that is on the bottom of the story and is mine. it happens to be one of the 20 or so i did in that mode and which literally inspired Satty to the point that i sat down with him for a few days and showed him some of the tricks i.e. steel engravings make the best recopiers. what glues etc. this stuff will probably appear in my book, but he, not me, became , what i consider a great collageist. the fact that he used some of these works as posters during the rock and roll period was a matter of opportunity and money which i know he felt degraded about initially. But , in the end, if there ever is such a thing with art, it all turned out the way it turned out. who knows if the effete literati would have ever supported him as a purist.???
Roberto is my revolutionary/photographer friend. He is a just now being discovered as the important beat photographer he is. Several books have just come out in europe with his work, he was recently in the "somar " re beat show with me and others in the City. The inherent danger of  his international revolutionary activitie made it necessary that he suppress his work for 30 years. Fortunantly he did publish under another name. the most used, "Angel de la Valle" appeared, an mong other places,  in  now beat classic books such as Weed, Another great name of his was "charlie running dog" we were just together this year in the southwest. we reviewed over 10,000 of his fotos. it was 105 at 7. a.m. almost every day. copyright maitreya bowen
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