The "Real" Lola [source]

Fig. 3.12 Lola Montez. Klauprecht & Menzel. Lithograph. 11.2 x 8.6 in (28.5 x 22 cm). Fliegende Blätter 1, no. 33 (May 13, 1847), facing p. 124. Cincinnati Historical Society Library

Georg Dury (nach Joseph Stieler) Lola Montez 1848 - Münchner Stadtmuseum

This photograph by daguerreotypists Southworth and Hawes, taken in 1851, shows Lola Montez, the international celebrity, soon after her arrival in America. [source]

Home of Lola Montez California State Historic Landmark 292 - Location: 248 Mill St, Grass Valley, California - Source:

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