The China Clippers

A list of the Sikorsky S42s, Martin M130s and Boeing 314s on The Clippers @varsity-nj

Clipper Name Tail # Type Years Notes
Alaska NC16735 Sikorsky S42B 1940-1941 Renamed Hong Kong Clipper
American NC18606 Boeing 314 1939-1946  
Anzac NC18611 Boeing 314A 1941-1951  
Atlantic NC18604 Boeing 314 1939-1946  
Bermuda NC16735 Sikorsky S42B 1936-1941 Renamed Alaska Clipper 1941
Betsy Ross NC16736 Sikorsky S42B 1937-1943 Crashed in Manaos, Brazil
Brazilian NC822M Sikorsky S42 1934-1946 Renamed Colombia Clipper
California NC18602 Boeing 314 1939-1950 Renamed Pacific Clipper
Capetown NC18612 Boeing 314A 1941-1946  
China NC14716 Martin M130 1935-1945 Started transpac. Mail svc.
Colombia NC822M Sikorsky S42 1937-1946 Scrapped 1946
Dixie NC18605 Boeing 314 1939-1950 Started transatl. pax. Svc.
Dominican NC15376 Sikorsky S42A 1936-1941 Lost in accident
Hawaiian NC14714 Martin M130 1936-1938 Started transpac. Pax. Svc.
Hong Kong NC823M Sikorsky S42 1937-1944 Sank in Cuba
Hong Kong NC16735 Sikorsky S42B 1941-1941 Destroyed by Japanese bombing
Honolulu NC18601 Boeing 314 1939-1945 Sank by US Navy
Jamaica NC15373 Sikorsky S42A 1935-1946 Scrapped 1946
Pacific NC18602 Boeing 314 1939-1950 Sold to World Airways
Pacific NC18609 Boeing 314A 1941-1946  
Pan American NC823M Sikorsky S42 1934-1937 Renamed Hong Kong Clipper
Pan American NC16734 Sikorsky S42B 1936-1938 Renamed Samoan Clipper
Pan American NC16736 Sikorsky S42B 1937-1943 Renamed Bermuda Clipper 1940
Philippine NC14715 Martin M130 1935-1943 Crashed in Boonvile, CA
Samoan NC16734 Sikorsky S42B 1936-1938 Crashed in Pago Pago
West Indies NC823M Sikorsky S42 1937-1944 Renamed Pan American Clipper
Yankee NC18603 Boeing 314 1939-1943 Started Transatl. mail svc.
China Clipper