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Photographer, conservationist; born in San Francisco. A commercial photographer for 30 years, he made visionary photos of western landscapes that were inspired by a boyhood trip to Yosemite. He won three Guggenheim grants to photograph the national parks (1944--58). Founding the f/64 group with Edward Weston in 1932, he developed zone exposure to get maximum tonal range from black-and-white film. He served on the Sierra Club Board (1934--71).

Masters of Photography: Ansel Adams
- from The Encyclopedia of Photography (1984)
A biography of Ansel Adams by Nan Deyo

A Timeline

1902 - Ansel Easton Adams born on February 20, at 114 Maple Street, San Francisco, the only child of Olive and Charles
1915 - Despises the regimentation of a regular education, and is taken out of school. For that year, his father buys him a season pass to the Panama-Pacific Exposition, which he visits nearly every day. Private tutors provide further instruction.
1916: Family Trip to Yosemite, Californina.
Decides to become a pianist. Buys a grand piano.
First acknowledged photograph.
1940 - Teaches first Yosemite workshop, the U. S. Camera Photographic Forum, in Yosemite with Edward Weston.
1953 he collaborated with Dorothea Lange on a Life commission for a photo essay on the Mormons in Utah
In 1962 Adams moved to Carmel, California, where in 1967 he was instrumental in the foundation of the Friends of Photography
1984 - Dies April 22 of heart failure aggravated by cancer

A more complete Timeline and Chronology


The History Place - Best of Ansel Adams
Featuring 25 photographs taken 1933-1942.

Original Photographs - by Ansel Adams for U.S. Department of the Interior 1933-1942

Ansel Adams' Manzanar War Relocation Center Photographs - Library of Congress and Picturing the Century : Portfolio: Ansel Adams from the National Archives

Ansel Adams Fiat Lux Database - 1,761 images taken of the University of California campuses taken in the 1960s. In March of 1963, Clark Kerr, the President of the University of California, asked Ansel Adams and Nancy Newhall if they would accept a commission to produce a book to commemorate the centennial celebration of the University in 1968.

Masters of Photography: Ansel Adams - articles and photographs

Ansel Adams Landscapes []

Exhibits & Articles

Ansel Adams: An American icon - By David Hume Kennerly
Environmental News Network, November 2, 1999

Peter Barr Essay, "Ansel Adams, America's Saint George of Conservation"; November, 2000 - includes lesson plan & activities

  • Ansel Adams : An Autobiography, by Ansel Adams, Mary Street Alinder [amazon]
  • Ansel Adams at 100 - edited by John Szarkowski. [amazon]
  • America's Wilderness: The Photographs of Ansel Adams With the Writings of John Muir [amazon]
  • The Camera (Ansel Adams Photography, Book 1), by Ansel Adams, Robert Baker - 1st of a 3 book series [amazon]
  • Yosemite, (October 1995) [amazon]
  • My Camera in the National Parks (1950)
  • Ansel Adams : Classic Images, by James Alinder et al, [amazon ]
  • Born Free and Equal by Ansel Adams, Emily Medvec ISBN: 0931547008

Ansel Adams - Related Books [ocaiw]

Books and pamphlets by Ansel Adams

Educator's Guide: Ansel Adams
From the Center for Creative Photography The University of Arizona
Introduction to the view camera, Adam's zone system and suggestions for discussing and interpreting the photographs.

The Ansel Adams Gallery
Stores located in Yosemite National Park and Monterey, CA
Sells books and posters.

The Friends of Photography - San Francisco
The Friends of Photography is a not-for-profit, member-supported, international visual arts organization that operates the Ansel Adams Center for Photography in San Francisco. It was founded in 1967 by Ansel Adams and other prominent artists and historians.
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