MUNI campaign promises ignored. RECALL WILLIE buttons. Traffic Accidents. Arrogance. Lack of Vision. Party boy. All being said about the mayor. A Mayor who was welcomed into the city. Is Willie loosing his popular mandate?

Willie Brown - Issues neglected?

    The MUNI

    A campaign promise yet to be delivered on. This is one area the Chronicle, Examiner and The Guardian agree - The Mayor has not lived up to his campaign promises on the MUNI. " Brown was a demagogue on this in 1995, acting as if a new mayor is all it would take to fix a long-troubled system. Now Brown's the mayor, and things are about the same as ever. Grade lowered a notch for overblown promises. C- --Chronicle, June 20, 1997 The drivers do seem to be making a good effort to do their part - Cruz? It's time to dump him and take a more active role. Have a comment about the system? Leave it here. It's still time to Fix the MUNI.


    "Brown's solution has been to ignore it except when asked. ... C-" --John King, SF Chronicle, June 20, 1997

    Critical MASS ...

    The current showdown between the "rights" of car drivers vs bicyclists. Jon Carroll got Willie's number on this one. His column, "Got Your Arrogance Right Here" captures the hypocrisy of supporting civil disobedience of blacks and in India but not when it applies to Willie's limo. Where is Dick Morris when Willie needs some good strategy? Seems like Willie is setting up the SFPD to take a fall if there are problems. Is this leadership? For more about Critical Mass, see: sfgate and e-media.


    Willie talks about bringing the city into the world of 21st century information technology and has even appointed a Telecommunications Commission - the results aren't there and other cities are leading the way. TCI cable in the city is pathetic - no wonder they have less than 50% share of the market. The City has begun to use the Internet, but there still is room for improvement. might be a better URL than the "" which is now used. It would be useful to have the city budget online much like the Federal Budget.

    A Report Card on the mayors first year.

    Is Willie Brown loosing support?

The unOfficial Willie Brown

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