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For Brown, it appeared his words last October in his annual State of the City speech had come back to haunt him. "I just hope that the irresponsible advocates of electing people just because they oppose Willie Brown don't load us down with a lot of crazy people, " he had said. [S.F. Election Loosens Mayor's Grasp on Board, SF Chronicle, December 13, 2000]

Talk about crazy people ?? Amos Brown should be right up there on the list for his support of every fascist idea he can come up with. With Amos Brown, forget civil liberties and compassion for the poor. He would have the cops take cars away from anyone they feel like accusing of using/selling drugs or sex. Is Amos Brown what Willie stands for? In district #11 Gerardo Sandoval got most of the endorsements with the notable exception of Nancy Pelosi - what happened to Nancy Pelosi - is she part of the Brown machine?

In the district elections supervisors Michael Yaki and Amos Brown were both defeated. In the 5th district, Matt Gonzalez beat Juanita Owens (a Brown supported candidate) 9,775 to 5,021.

Election for mayor of 1999: The "official" website is still up as well as the very "unofficial" Willie Brown for Mayor site.

The previous version of this site has been retired, it's here.

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Willie Brown : A Biography, a book by James Richardson (1996)
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He hasn't even taken office yet and already there is less fog in the Sunset District. -Herb Caen, January 8, 1996 Initial Press ...

Zpub's Truly Excellent Willie Page So good we wish we had thought of it first. But we didn't. So a tip o' the fedora to the creator. --The WorldWide WillieWeb (the Fang Examiner seems to have lost this)

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