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New times and now we are in December of 2013. Willie has his own column in the Chron - Willie's World — Willie Brown at:

In his latest column Published 5:35 pm, Saturday, November 30, 2013 Willie says:

The White House is steaming over San Francisco's lack of vetting of the people who joined President Obama onstage in Chinatown last week for his immigration speech - especially after one of them started yelling at the president about halting deportations. Mayor Ed Lee is going to have to rethink whom he puts in charge of future presidential visits - assuming there are any. On behalf of the city, Mr. President, I apologize for our bad behavior.

Willie - you are exactly wrong about this. The President needs to hear more from regular folk and stop hiding behind his bubble of advisers and NSA types that have been gaming him for all these years. It should not be only people with $50K for lunch that get to speak to this President. Willie - You have to agree that Obama is a major disapointment as a manager - If the president of any company managed the rollout of Obamacare as he did he would be fired. Obama and his advisers are simply incopetent in managing the process - and we are expected to trust the Federal Government with our tax dollars? They spent over $600 million on the website and it does not work. Google does not screw up like this. And we do not even know how much is wasted on the military or how much is given to NSA to spy on us. Love you to get my Obama Briefing into the Presidents hands - I know you have access to him. Obama's problem is that he is TOO isolated from everyday people. No one has the guts to tell him that in some areas he is not doing that great a job. He simply has people around him who do not know what they are doing. Certainly those running the Obamacare website were not competent to do the job and Obama was not copetent to find the right people.

As for your comments about MUNI - don't think it is just a money problem. The management is stuck in the 1940 style top down structure. The drivers and manaintance people need to be empowered to work as a team - think you would see a lot of changes in how the organization runs if there was more decentralized control. Have you seen my FIX THE MUNI page?

And by the way - why don't you respond to emails sent to Do you read these or does some flunky tell you what they think is important. I have been trying to reach you and will keep trying. In general I love your column and think you are an inspiration for a lot of people. But apologizing to Obama - this one you got wrong - it should be Obama apologizing and explaining his reason for oking the killing the grandson of Nasser al-Awlaki using drone killing machines.

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Mayor of San Francisco - January 8, 1996 to January 8, 2004

The era of Willie Brown as mayor is nearly over. He came in 8 years ago with high expectations. He was going to fix the MUNI and the the problem of homelessness. Only in his second term did he get serious about improving MUNI. He gave up on the homeless. Some of the highlights of the Willie years ....

Eight years later the Willie legacy does not look bright. The general feeling is disappointment. How did such a successful politician not make better use of the opportunities offered? Times were good with ample budgets. Why are most people in the city glad to see Willie go? Some answers to the evolving Willie legacy ....

"I promise to fix the MUNI in 100 days" - Dec 1995

"The only thing worse than being misquoted is not being talked about at all." - Willie Lewis Brown Jr. [*]

"If it works for Republicans, all you've got to do is raise enough money. I have enough money to have it work for Democrats. And believe me, I think the Democrats will do it" -- San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, threatening a second recall election if Gray Davis falls, August 4, 2003

"I'm trying to get the French to invest in a new quarterback because Elvis Grbac is an embarrassment to humankind"
San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, speaking from Paris, on the 49ers' 20-17 loss to Dalla -- after which Grbac admitted he'd been distracted because of his infant son's recent spinal operation. Brown later apologized.

“I hope I never get over [segregation]. Because I have not [“made it”]. I am still looked at differently. When I walk out that door, in the eye of the total stranger, I’m the bus driver. Or I’m the potential mugger. Or I’m a dealer. So no, I have not made it.” former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown (Newsweek, December 25, 2003)

"I've got to assume that these people are so misguided that they are actually aiding the enemy by doing what they are doing," Brown said. "Most of these people who are being arrested and have been arrested, probably more than 75 or 80 percent, are not San Franciscans. I just wish they'd stay in their own communities and protest rather than put the expense on us."
-- Willie Brown, as quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle

"You are full of shit! You don't know me, motherfucker, you don't know what a killer I am!" - Willie Brown to Supervisor Peskin, 2003 *

"The quality of our water is superior to anything else we produce in the city."
San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, suggesting the city bottle and sell its own water, which comes from the Hetch Hetchy Valley in Yosemite National Park. (June 98) [Las Vegas Review-Journal, The Best Quotes of 1998]

"Brown is the best politician in the nation. What other politician could crack outrageous jokes about sex, race, drugs, flaunt his affairs, father an illegitimate child while in office and get no criticism at all." - Rob Morse

Courtesy of Dan Siegler -

Born March 20, 1934, in Mineola, Texas. Inaugurated as Mayor of San Francisco on January 8th 1996 after a run as the longest serving Speaker of the Assembly of the state of California.

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Endorsement by Brown seems to be the kiss of death. He has come a long way from his Initial Press - gone is the optimism of having a liberal flamboyant mayor - he has come to represent what is wrong with patronage and machine politics. Many in the city look for a political future in San Francisco free of Brown and the Burton machine.

The latest to bite the dust is Kimiko Burton (daughter of State Senator John Burton). Brown appointed her to the head the office of Public Defender over the more qualified Jeff Adachi. If ever there were an election which pitted nepotism and cronyism vs. merit - this was it. Fortunately the citizens had the wisdom to throw the machine candidate out. Will this trend continue?

Losers endorsed by Brown in the supervisorial elections of November/December 2000:
Amos Brown
Michael Yaki
Juanita Owens
Chris Dittenhafer
Mabel Teng
Linda Richardson

Favors and favoritism Underqualified and overpaid: Meet the beneficiaries of Willie Brown's patronage politics. By Savannah Blackwell, Guardian, September 15, 1999

The MUNI is working better, but the city and Brown are getting a little tired of each other.

Willie Brown : A Biography, a book by James Richardson (1996)
Review at SF Bay Guardian
Reviews and purchase at: or barnesandnoble

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