Trivia from the Annual Reports Library

    Can you name ...

  1. The oldest library in the world still operating?
  2. The first people who used handwriting?
  3. Who founded the first "members only" library? and when?
  4. Where and when was the first tax-supported library?
  5. Who said "never judge an annual report by its movie"?
  6. The oldest printed annual report?
  7. The world's longest printed annual report?
  8. The first annual with CD-ROM, diskette copies?
  9. The annual with sunflower seeds?
  10. The annual which included a saliva drug screening kit?
  11. The smallest/shortest annual report?
  12. The annual which glued a penny to the cover?
  13. The annual which smelled of spices?
  14. The annual which came wrapped in a canvas sack? (the sack was reusable)
  15. The annual which included water?
  16. The first annual which included coupons for all the company's products?
  17. Who said, "the real purpose of a libraries is to trap the mind into doing its own thinking"?
  18. Annual shaped-cut into a deck of gaming cards?
  19. Annual covered with a laced-up sleeve which has to be unlaced to read it?
  20. Annual reads like and follows along like a game of monopoly?
  21. What Annual report put a warning on its front cover stating," WARNING: This Report is NOT interactive NOR entertaining" ?
  22. What Annual Report came inside a bank coin bag which when unzipped contained a simulated checkbook and large $100 bills all wrapped together and when opened revealed their annual report?

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