Special Exhibit:

Technical Equities Corporation 1983-84 Annual Report

"Balancing autonomy and cooperative exchange, the diverse members of Technical Equities Corporation operate in an unusual way, as a family of companies" -- from the 1983-84 annual report, which is now considered to be fraudulent and a misrepresentation of the company's true condition.

The Board of Directors - what was their responsibility to the shareholders?
(left to right: Ridge L. Harlan, Paul M. Kouns, Herbert L. Barovsky, Donald D. Doyle, Eugene A. Cernan, Weldon B. Gibson, William F. Gates, Harry C. Stern, Judd C. Leighton, William E. McKenna, Robert D. Campbell, Ernest G. De La Ossa, Paul C. Knauff - source: page 14 and 15 of the Technical Equities Corporation 1983-84 Annual Report)

Senior Company Officers - who knew what?
(left to right: Herbert L. Barovsky (Senior VP & CFO), Paul A. Webner, Paul A. Webner, Paul M. Kouns, Joseph C. Brooks, H. Conrad Blackerby, Craig A. Foster, Ray M. Wabba, John A. Lindberg, Linda A. Penny, Joel S. Baylson, Albert J. Green ---- source: page 16 of the Annual Report)

Auditors: Main Hurdman
Transfer Agent: Crocker National Bank
Principle Market Maker: Bear Stearns & Company