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How to find a Company's Annual Report Online

    Many companies have created online Investor Relations pages which contain a version of their Annual Report(s) as well as copies of quarterly 10-K and other information for current and potential investors. Company websites can be usually located quickly by searching Yahoo! or one of the Useful Investor Relations Sites listed by National Investor Relations Institute. The Investor relations page is usually linked from the company's home page.

    An aternative is to use Yahoo! Finance to find a company's finance page.

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    Hint: Select "Profile" under More Info

    Another option is Hoover's Company Capsules. These contain information on more than 10,000 of the largest public and private companies in the United States and around the world. Each capsule includes a description of the company, address, officers, sales and employment figures, and hyperlinks to more information, like financial reports, stock quotes, S.E.C. filings, and news searches. Check: Global Symbol Database

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