Studying Annual Reports can be interesting and educational. Annual reports are an original financial art form. They reveal our social, economic and cultural history unlike no other illustrative art. Annual Reports can be a useful introduction to understanding the fundamentals of Capitalism.

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    Some questions students might ask when researching Annual Reports.

    1. Is the company making money?
    2. How financially healthy is the company?
    3. Do the people running the company seem to know what they are doing?
    4. How does the company view it's employees and the community in which it resides?
    5. Who are the directors? Those with access to the Internet may be able to do original research about directors, management and how the financial community views the company.

    Most companies will send a copy of their latest Annual Report by sending a letter with this one sentence paragraph:

      ``Attention: President's Office
      Dear Sir:
      Please send me your annual report.''

    Today many companies are choosing to offering their Annual Reports Online.

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