Vol 2, #2
October 1997

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  • Vol 1, #1 - Buster Simpson's Foot, End of the Line/Pittsburgh, Ecological Art, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Prague/Soros
  • Vol 1, Links - Veiled Histories, initial list of articles, tours, programs and requests, artists, resources
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  • San Francisco Art

  • Mural Art in Santa Cruz, California

    Public Art on the Net

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    Gadget Goes to Hong Kong - An interactive archive on Hong Kong Transition 1997 and beyond, administered by a cyborgian prosthetic entity named Gadget.
    Public Art in the Inland Empire (California) - A growing exhibit of historic and modern public art in the communities of Upland, Ontario, Montclair, Mt. Baldy, and Rancho Cucamonga (California). Exhibit includes images, written description, artist, location, and date of installation.
    "GLASS CITY..." - "Glass city..." Pixel painting, silence of dust light... Art of future? Maybe... Images created by PC... English version not yet... Pre nego što nastavite da čitate, pogledajte ...
    Public Art - public art public sculpture - Departament d'Escultura, Barcelona
    City of Albuquerque, NM Public Art Program - Everything you ever wanted to know about the Albuquerque Public Art Program, sans pitcures. Great informaiton for new program administrators and guidelines for artists who wish to work with the City of Albuquerque. Check out the listings of current Public Art opportunities/Prospectus for current projects. E-mail Public Art staff.
    Mural Art in Santa Cruz, California - Image library of murals and wall art in Santa Cruz, California. Both public- and privately-commissioned murals abound here, in part as an effort to revive the downtown after the '89 quake. New images added monthly. (Relatively) fast downloads!
    IS YOUR BODY YOUR HOME? - YOUR BODY - HOW DOES IT REMEMBER? ARE YOU ALONE? WHAT IS SACRED TO YOU? ABUSE. PLEASURE. PAIN. TOUCH. FEAR. NATURE. LOVE. BIRTH. INTOLERANCE. WHAT IS NORMAL? HOW DO YOU DEFINE YOURSELF? ARE YOU AT HOME IN YOUR OWN BODY? EQUALITY? BLOOD. SEX. DEATH. NUDITY? BEAUTY. BODY=HOME? deals with one of the main issues of the new digital era: what will become of human body in the future information environment when, increasingly, life is projected through technology leaving real human emotional and physical experience to the background.
    City of Raleigh Arts Commission Public Art Program - The City of Raleigh Arts Commission formulated a Public Art Plan for Raleigh and its first project, LIGHT + TIME TOWER by Dale Eldred, was installed on Raleigh's gateway Capital Boulevard in August 1995. Read about this program, the tower project and other North Carolina public arts projects.
    The Art DEADLINES List - Juried competitions, jobs, internships, call for entries/proposals/papers, contests, scholarships, residencies, auditions, fellowships, casting calls, tryouts, grants, festivals, funding, financial aid, and other opportunities for artists, art educators and art students of all ages - A good place to list a competition!
    From our Guestbook: Currently the City of Alb is researching Memorials Policies of other municiplaities. We're looking for creative ways cities handles the public's request for memorials to victims of gang violence, domestic violence, DWI deaths or other chilling circumstances? --Sherri Brueggemann

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