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Public Art Links - at Sheffield Hallam University [UK]

Buster Simpson's proposed $500,000 foot is generating controversy in San Francisco. But Is It Art?

Public Art on the Net

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"On the down side, there are an increasing number of works around the world which are little more than shop fittings, bright appealing objects scattered around so called public spaces to amuse customers resting between bouts of retail consumption." --"PUBLIC SPACE" - an Internet discussion

"...artists are leaving their century old position at the edge of the avant-garde for an open-eyed, responsible, collaborative role within their culture. Funding is shifting towards art projects with social service goals...." --"End of the Line" ...How much is an artist today expected to be a social worker?

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  • "End of the Line" is . . .
    A community-based artistic collaboration examining historic and contemporary issues in Pittsburgh's neighborhoods­ resulting in the creation of 5 digital collages displayed on 20 PAT buses for the duration of one month. [6/19/97]
  • ECOLOGICAL ART - by Katherine Kormendi
    One of the most interesting developments on the international art scene today is the growth of Ecological Art.
  • Public Art in Los Angeles
    This site documents public art works, sculptural works, mosaics, and murals, in the downtown area, the University of Southern California, and other places in the city. [5/6/97]
  • Philadelphia Public Sculpture
    200+ sculptures with 150+ pictures so far. Growing steadily.
  • The Soros Center for Contemporary Arts-Prague is organizing an exhibition "Artworks in Public Spaces" that is going to take place in September 1997 on the territory of the Czech Republic, mainly in Prague. They plan to present all the projects on the net, including accompanying theoretical and art historical texts dealing with the topic. To begin they have opened an internet discussion on the theme "public space" and "art in public". See: SCCA-Discussion on the theme "public space" - Katerina Pavlickova [14 Mar 1997 Prague]

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Public Art on the Net

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