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  • Vol 2, #2 - October 1997
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    One of the most interesting developments on the international art scene today is the growth of so-called Ecological Art -- art created in direct response to the environmental crisis. Everywhere, artists are voicing their concern, creating works to dramatize this concern, and working directly on the earth itself -- sculpting it, transmuting it -- to repair the damage done.

    by Katherine Kormendi
    The Serpent's Eye gazes at the intersection of art and nature.
    Street Art Stylists of Seattle (S.A.S.S.), as photographed by Larry Neilson. Funky and far-out art from Seattle's street corners, North, South, East, and West: You got it! Our pages feature several aspects of street art (Silly Streets - Street Art), including the historical background, the most prominent artists, and portraits of people whose lifestyle is a salute to creative noncomformity. --Street Art Stylists of Seattle
    From May 6-8, 1998, the Seattle Arts Commission is hosting "Public Art 101," a 3-day conference to educate government agencies and arts activists in developing public art programs in their own communities. Conference presentations will include an overview of American public art programs; public art case studies; and three guided tours of public art. To receive the Public Art 101 National Conference brochure, please contact Bill Landram, Seattle Arts Commission at (206) 684-4186. . Seattle Arts Commission
    Martha Bennett of the City of Albany is looking for examples of percent for art ordinances. They have a brand new arts commission, and they'd prefer not to reinvent the wheel. appreciate any samples. Percent for Art ordinances?
    City of Palo Alto Art in Public Places program - Virtual tour of Palo Alto's permanent collection of outdoor sculpture.
    The Fairlie-Poplar National Register District is seeking advice and ideas for a public arts iniative. The Fairlie-Poplar district is Atlanta's turn-of-the-century central business district, which was developed between the late 1800's and early 1900's. The district is characterized by Victorian and Art Nouveau commercial structures. We are interested in public art (sculpture, murals, etc.) which blend with existing architecture, and reflect the areas history and historic purpose. The Fairlie-Poplar Implementation Task Force is interested in promoting the area as a mecca for the arts, attracting gallaries, theaters, and other public arts facilities. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Ideas for public art in downtown Atlanta historic district
    Towards a new analysis of Public Art
    The PhD research programme of Jeremy Beach
    Department of Historical and Critical Studies
    University of Northumbria, Newcastle upon Tyne, Great Britain
    UTOPIAS An interactive on-going project by Walter Martin and Paloma Muņoz at P.P.O.W. Gallery, New York, May-April 1998. utopian vision

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