1998 #1

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Past Issues:

  • Vol 2, #2 - October 1997
  • Vol 1, #1 - Buster Simpson's Foot, End of the Line/Pittsburgh, Ecological Art, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Prague/Soros
  • Vol 1, Links - Veiled Histories, initial list of articles, tours, programs and requests, artists, resources

  • Chaos (in progress)

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    The city of Austin is building a new airport -- due to open 5-99. It is our goal to reflect and communicate the Nature and Character of Austin in the design and operation of our new airport. Public Art Master Plans & Request for Proposals -
    Public art commission annual budgets -
    The Net as a Public Sphere? - By Mark Poster ... CyberDemocracy ... Poster, Mark@yahoo
    GSA's Art-in-Architecture Program - established in 1963, in response to the recommendations of President Kennedy's Ad Hoc Committee on Federal Office Space. ... view the database by state or by artist
    Athena Tacha - Public Art Commissions ... The Human Body ... An Invisible Ecosystem
    P.A. & B. Reader public art projects - Australia - The work celebrates the City's commitment to Aboriginal reconciliation. The Armidale Aboriginal community determined themes relating to five totemic animals, Kangaroo, Emu, Possum, Koala, and Ecidna. Local Aboriginal Artist, Derek Moran provide some initial motifs ...
    Guide to Public Art in Cincinnati -
    Upon entering the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, visitors are greeted by the work of Canadian artist John McEwen Sculpture on the Grounds -

    The Art DEADLINES List - Juried competitions, jobs, internships, call for entries/proposals/papers, contests, scholarships, residencies, auditions, fellowships, casting calls, tryouts, grants, festivals, funding, financial aid, and other opportunities for artists, art educators and art students of all ages - A good place to list a competition!
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