Mike Wallace and Morris Dees - has 60 Minutes reached a new low?

Why has Mike Wallace stooped to using a scumbag like Morris Dees to discredit William Pierce, author of the Turner Diaries, in a June 2001 version of 60 Minutes II. Is Dees the most qualified person Wallace could find?

Mike, we'd like to suggest some shows you ought to do:

1. Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Use the resources of 60 Minutes to investigate the background of Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center - talk to Dees' ex wife and daughter and others who know him. Talk to former employees and journalists who have investigated the Center. Explore their fundraising practices, including the "Expect More Bombs" direct mail campaign. Look at where center money comes from and where it goes. Do some digging on Dees - I suspect you will find a story.

2. Do a story on the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith and it's director, Abraham Foxman. Get into the history of the organization. Talk to the couple in Denver who were just awarded a 10 million dollar judgment. Talk to Noam Chomsky and others who have been harassed by the ADL. Find out where they get their money and how they spend it. Be sure to mention the San Francisco spy case and ADL's support they provided the apartheid government of South Africa.

3. Do a real story about what is going on in Palestine. Talk about what has been going on since Oslo. How the Israelis continue to build settlements and the imbalance of power between the Arabs and the Israelis. Talk about water and how Arabs citizens in Israel do not have the same rights as Jews. Do a real story - not just more of the crap propaganda put out by the US press. Talk about how USS built F-16's and Apache helicopters are being used to carry out assignations and bombing of civilian targets in complete disregard of international law - and how US tax dollars are being used to pay for this.

4. Do a story about the role of the US military. Daily we hear about the bombing of Iraq - yet the media treats it like a uncontroversial story. Are we at war? Has congress declared war? Aren't there some constitutional scholars with an opinion about the legality of the US bombing other countries without a declaration of war?

5. Do a story about why people do not vote. You might find that many people are sick of both the Democratic and Republican parties and the elites like yourself who control politics in this country. You wonder why people are attracted to the message of William Pierce? The press talks about those killed at Waco and in Iraq as "collateral damage" while as FBI sniper at Ruby Ridge is never held accountable for murder. Why do you in the media not cover the ethnic background of those who were killed at Waco. Why are those killed at Waco not as worthy of compassion as those who died in Oklahoma City?

Do you have the guts to do this Mike Wallace? Or is 60 Minutes content to be another propaganda arm of the Zionist lobby in America. People (even many Jews) are sick and tired of the crap being dished out by the Israeli centric US media. When an Israeli is killed, they are given a name and a story - when Palestinians are killed, they are given a number and the blame is put on Arafat. How much longer do you thing Americans will see through this charade and understand that Arafat is little more than a prop created by Israel for the purpose of suppressing the Palestinian people.

As for your blatant race bating Mr. Wallace - using a story on William Pierce to try and pit Whites who feel powerless against Blacks who also may want somebody to be angry at - you should be ashamed of yourself Mr. Wallace. What would happen if poor Whites and poor Blacks got together and decided that most of their problems were because of Rich Jewish Bankers and Media execs in New York who control 90 percent of the money and power in the United States? Is this what you wish to prevent by joining with Morris Dees to whip up Black - White hatred ? - so that you in the ruling class can go on enjoying the privileges of your power and wealth, while the poor and powerless fight over the scraps left over. But perhaps this is your real goal.

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Mike Wallace
60 Minutes
524 West 57th St.
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Morris Dees
Southern Poverty Law Center
400 Washington Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104


Mike Wallace and 60 Minutes

Dear Mr. Wallace, I am writing to ask you to please do a story about Waco, and the coverup our government officials have so diligently waged over these almost seven years. I know for a fact that the coverup stories we hear are definitely not conspiracy theorists gone wild. I have been asking for information for years concerning the death of my son, Michael Schroeder. Sandy Connizzo's letter to Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes

MIKE (MYRON LEON) WALLACE. Born in Brookline, Massachusetts, U.S.A., 9 May 1918. Educated at the University of Michigan, B.A., 1939. Married: 1) Norma Kaphan, 1940 (divorced, 1948); 2) Buff Cobb, 1949 (divorced, 1955); 3) Lorraine Perigord, 1955 (separated, 1988), children: Peter (deceased)), Christopher, Pauline. Served in U.S. Navy, 1943-46. more

Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center

The Church of Morris Dees By Ken Silverstein Harper's Magazine, November 2000 - How the Southern Poverty Law Center profits from intolerance

In one case cited by Mr. Silverstein, Morris Dees won a judgment for a black woman whose son was killed by Klansmen. She received $51,875 as settlement. Mr. Dees, according to an investigation by the Montgomery Advertiser, pulled in $9 million from fund-raising solicitation letters that featured a particularly gruesome photograph of the grieving mother's son. Mr. Dees, who pays himself an annual salary of $275,000, offered the grieving mother none of the $9 million her son's death made for him. When a hate crime is something to love Wesley Pruden, Editor in Chief The Washington Times ... Mr. Dees took in $44 million from gullible contributors, mostly white, in 1999 and spent $13 million actually trying to help the poor and beaten down, mostly black, fight for their civil rights. He has been well known for years to reporters in the South, most of whom have never written much about who he really is. Mr. Dees, like the late I.F. Stone or the living Jesse Jackson, became a pet rock of the media, engaged in a calling so noble that it is regarded as tasteless, or at least suicidal, to notice that he runs around naked. ...

"You are a fraud and a con man," Stephen Bright, director of the Southern Center for Human Rights, which actually takes on dozens of death-penalty appeals for poor blacks every year, once told him. "You spend so much, accomplish so little, and promote yourself so shamelessly." Mr. Dees does not take death-penalty cases because this might scare off contributors in safe white liberal neighborhoods, many of whom imagine that the death penalty keeps black robbers, rapists and murderers off their streets. White guilt can be manipulated with black pain, but it has to be done carefully. It's a sordid scam. Some people would call what Morris Dees does a hate crime, but it's a living, and a very good one.

The son of a farmer, Morris "Bubbah" Seligman Dees Jr. (SS# 424-46-7003) was born on December 16, 1936 in Alabama. After receiving his B.A. and J.D. degrees from the University of Alabama he made a fortune selling cook books through the mail. In 1971 he founded a nonprofit organization known as the Southern Poverty Law Center, its stated purpose to fight racism, prejudice, discrimination, anger, hatred, anti-Semitism and to educate children through a program called Teaching Tolerance. Who is Morris Dees? from www.deeswatch.com

Morris Dees -- Child Molester, Pervert, and Liar? For the past several years, the Major Media has portrayed Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center as an "expert" on terrorism, militias, and the Patriot Movement. Is Morris Dees a trustworthy and truthful source of information, on a subject so dear to the American people as their liberties?

CounterPunch says SPLC purposefully creates hysteria and fears about the right wing and extremist groups to raise money. So far their strategy has worked: Dees and SPLC have built a $100 million endowment. "This is not the first time that the SPLC has covered for government thuggery," notes CounterPunch. The liberal publication said SPLC sided against Randy Weaver, "thus undercutting liberal outrage over the government’s violations of Weaver’s constitutional rights." Morris Dees and Southern Poverty Law Center

I began to see this long-term goal take shape when I learned in 1998 that with heavy lobbying from the ADL, the influential Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and its founder Morris Dees had for the first time in decades declared the Nation of Islam a "hate-group". This was a major development as the SPLC had traditionally targeted real hate groups that had for years physically attacked Blacks. The decision to include the NOI on the list was met with skepticism and suspicion by some Black groups but Dees, after admitting it wasn't an easy decision and that he was not fully informed of the NOI's track record, decided to maintain the "hate-group" designation. The Hate-Crimes Hoodwink at blackelectorate.com ... Interestingly, Black leaders and organizations did not speak out when the Nation of Islam was designated as a "hate-group" by Morris Dees Southern Poverty Law Center - an organization that works hand-in-hand with civil-rights organizations, the ADL and FBI and which is pushing for hate-crimes legislation that we believe is ultimately aimed at outlawing the Nation of Islam and other "unacceptable" groups in the Black community. A Deeper Look

The head of the anti-White hate group Southern Poverty Law Center is not just a great "civil rights" lawyer, oh no! Dees's talents go way beyond that. Read and learn... MORRIS DEES FUN FACTS: FROM THE COURT TO YOU...

Now that pro-minority lawyer Morris Dees has defeated the Aryan Nations and asked an Idaho jury for a mandate to "go after other groups" like those of Richard Butler, Nationalists are, likewise, daunting Dees by asking, "Where're the groups?"

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Southern Poverty Law Center
400 Washington Avenue Montgomery, AL 36104 (334) 264-0286

The Southern Poverty Law Center. An organization you can trust?
The current campaign against militias and the right is the biggest threat to freedom in America since the anti-communist campaign of the fifties. Today's witchhunters are people like Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center. There are two main ways in which the McCarthys of the left attack freedom. One is through propaganda, and the other is directly helping the state. Then They Came for the Militias...

The Press Many in the press seem willing to take material spun by the Southern Poverty Law Center without any concern for the source. In the interests of more objective coverage of SPLC, we present the following information:
Tolerance While tolerance seems to be the theme of the new SPLC website, one wonders how tolerance SPLC is of views not their own. They are intolerant of those critical of the government saying that, "anti-government rhetoric is really only a disguise for racism and bigotry". Excuse me, but I fail to see how concern over how the government treated citizens in Waco and Ruby Ridge can be classified as "racism" or "bigotry". Would SPLC have called those against the war in Vietnam "bigots"? The SPLC seems to have forgotten about the First Amendment and that we are supposed to be able to be critical of government actions in a democracy.
Holding authors accountable for actions of those reading a book? A new trend?

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The U.S. Supreme Court announced November 30 that it would not hear an appeal of a judgment that the Center won against William Pierce, author of the infamous race-war novel, The Turner Diaries, and leader of the National Alliance -- one of the country's most notorious neo-Nazi organizations. The court's ruling means that Center attorneys can now move to collect an $85,000 judgment for the family of a black sailor, Harold Mansfield, murdered by a white supremacist. (Source: SPLC website, 4-Dec-98)

Is the implication here that if you write a book the SPLC does not approve of they will sue you? Chilling thought. It is interesting to note that the Turner Diaries sells substantially better than Morris Dees's book at amazon.com (8165 vs. 54,283 Sales Rank on 4-Dec-98) I wonder what the ACLU would have to say about this. "Natural Born Killers" made me do it!

Follow the money A Better Business Bureaus Philanthropic Advisory Service report listed assets: $62,510,092 as well as the following information: (Note SPLC is no longer listed)

Chief Executive Officer: Edward Ashworth, Executive Director

     1994 Compensation: $150,143

Highest Paid Executive: Morris Dees, Jr., Chief Trial Counsel

     1994 Compensation: $155,041

Chair Of The Board: Joseph J. Levin, Jr.

Source: http://www.bbb.org/reports/pas/SPLC.html
Expect More Bombs ...

A direct mail campaign from the Southern Poverty Law Center. David H. Stern, M.D. in a letter to Mr. Morris Dees expresses well SPLC's willingness to exploit sensationalist journalism ...

"I have, until recently, been a contributing member to SPLC for several years, and until recently, I have been proud of that association... But rather than seek justice for those so abused, the Center has chosen to exploit sensationalist journalism, to which the SPLC itself has contributed heavily, inducing largely irrational fears to fight against the so-called "Patriot Movement" and its related "Militias". In the SPLC campaign, this heterogeneous group is painted with broad strokes in threatening ways which are very unfair to the great majority of those in the movement... If we in the SPLC are truly concerned with the threat presented by these groups, we should be looking for ways to constructively address their legitimate concerns, rather that seek to blindly discredit and destroy the entire movement." --From an excerpt of a letter to Mr. Morris Dees from David H. Stern, M.D. dated May 8, 1996

Morris Dees

At that time "Mr. Dees, together with Abe Foxman of the ADL, [were] seeking 'quasi-official' status as an arm of the FBI;[to investigate Patriot groups.. and recommend actions against them] the SPLC and ADL would become a spy and enforcement agency outside the oversight of Congress " I haven't heard if they got the "job" or not. --Subject: Bad Info Alert on Dees

In January, 1994 I received word from a contact in Ithaca, New York that lawyer Morris S. Dees, was to speak at Cornell Law School on Tuesday, January 25. Dees, age 58, co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, has become a multi-millionaire through his work with the SPLC (which should more accurately be called the Southern Millionaires Law Center.) Posing as a "civil rights" lawyer, Dees has eroded freedom of speech, press and association by using lawsuits in civil courts against outspoken White racist organizations. These lawsuits are intended to finan- cially destroy such groups by convincing racially-mixed juries to bring multi-million dollar judgements against the organizations for the independent actions of individual members. --On the Trail of a Hustler by Jack Wikoff

Morris Seligman Dees Jr. was born in 1936 at Shorter, Alabama, the son of a farmer and cotton gin operator. ... Dees lives on a ranch in Mathews, Alabama. He has three sons, Morris III, a physician, and John and Blake, both builders. His daughter, Ellie, has a masters in art education. --Morris Dees @splcenter.org

"Morris this is not accusatory, it is just a question, DID YOU REALLY GO AFTER YOUR SIXTEEN YEAR OLD STEPDAUGHTER WITH A VIBRATOR/DILDO, as sworn in your court papers?" What followed was a brief silence and then little Morris threw the phone at the receiver - Dees ran! Morris got rabbit in his feet and ran! The day before, as we conspired to trap this slime-ball, Carl had agreed that if Morris absconded, (which I knew would be the case) then Carl and I would complete the hour. And I was permitted to continue long enough to cover the incident where Dees hid in the hotel toilet with a P.I. while his wife had intercourse with O'Daugherty of the National Endowment. I described how he had jumped out taking pictures and busting his wife's jaw. I went on to show Morris at Joe Levin's cabin where he arranged a meeting with his wife and mistress so each could tell him how much they loved him so he could decide which he wanted.
--Morris Dees, a man we can Trust?

Montgomery Advertiser Investigation A nine day series of articles critical of Morris Dees was published in the Montgomery Advertiser, a three- time winner of the Pulitzer Prize and Alabama's capitol city daily. The Montgomery Advertiser investigated the Southern Poverty Law Center for more than two years in preparing the series. According to The Advertiser "What emerges is a complex portrait of a wealthy civil rights organization essentially controlled by one man: Morris Dees."

Following are some of The Advertiser's findings:

  • Since August 1, 1984, the Law Center has taken in about $62 million in contributions and yet only spent about $21 million on actual programs, according to federal tax records.

  • During the same period, the Center's total income from its investments ($22.1 million) exceeded the amount it spent on its actual programs ($20.8 million).

  • A random sampling of donors -- people who receive a steady stream of fund-raising letters and newsletters - - showed they had no idea the organization was so wealthy.

Brian Levin From EmergencyNet NEWS Service ...

If you thought that militia, hate groups and extremist organizations were only a product of the South, Southwest and Northwest portions of the United States ... you were wrong. Last week, Brian Levin, the associate director of Klanwatch, which is a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, said that in the past few years six militia groups have sprung up in Massachusetts and eight have appeared in New Hampshire. New Hampshire is one of 21 states in which regular paramilitary exercises are being conducted. There are also at least 12 other militia organizations operating in the rest of New England.

Levin said that the militia movement in the U.S. is "growing." He said, "The vast majority of the movement is benign. The groups just want a rhetorical sounding board for their theories. But that ten percent underbelly are plotting against the government and carrying out illegal paramilitary training."

The Southern Poverty Law Center acts as a clearinghouse for information on military militias, hate groups and extremist organizations. They are recognized as being experts in this field. Levin said that support for militias and armed citizens' groups is now coming from other groups such as Second Amendment gun "fanatics," tax protesters and even radical anti-abortion activists. In practice, any number of these groups that oppose the government and the current administration seem drawn to ally themselves in preparing for potential violent actions.

It appears that in the 1990s the militia and all other types of movements have become united in their anti-government rhetoric. Three developments brought this into being. They were: the Ruby Ridge incident in 1992, the Waco, Texas, incident in 1993 and the passage of the Brady Bill in 1993. And, many are now waiting and watching for the outcome in Jordan, Montana; perhaps the next rallying point for anti-government forces.

Levin said, "It's a rallying point for these groups." He said that the movements anti-government rhetoric are really only a disguise for racism and bigotry. "I call this 'stealth bigotry.' You can't use the n-word, but if you talk about the government, people will listen to you," Levin added.
--MILITIA GROUPS INVADING NEW ENGLAND By Steve Macko, ENN Editor - Sunday, May 26, 1996

Mr. Levin seems to be saying that anyone who is critical of the government's behavior in WACO and Ruby Ridge is somehow a " racist" or "bigot". The SPLC site talks about "tolerance" yet Mr. Levin does not seem to have much tolerance for those who think it is wrong for the government to go around murdering it's citizens. As for Second Amendment gun "fanatics," and tax protesters - why does Mr. Levin label people who believe that the government should not go against the second amendment as "fanatics"? Mr. Levin, name calling is not practicing tolerance.

Joseph J. Levin Jr. was born in Montgomery in 1943. ... Levin has three daughters. --bio @splcenter.org

preparing for war? MIAMI (Apr 11, 1996 6:24 p.m. EDT) - The threat of terrorism from anti-government "Patriot" groups in the United States has increased sharply in the past year and paramilitary units are preparing for war, the Southern Poverty Law Center said in a report released on Thursday. --Militias pose rising threat to United States_ (Reuter Information Service)

The Center of Hate Morris Dees:
Fear-monger, Profiteer and Hypocrite...
An Expose

by Paul Hall

Southern Poverty Law Center, Waco and conspiracy theorists - Clips from deja.com posts - 11-Sep-99

Hate: Who decides? - Expect more Bombs

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