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  • from a former agent ...
    Richard...the slaughter of two young agents by Leonard Peltier (with AK 47)  
    and his (AIM) band of 40 bushwackers
    will go down in history as the most cowardly deed ever perpetuated by an
    American Indian...You will not find any true facts concerning the case
    on the Internet...I was disappointed that you only linked to his side of the
            The strident maneuvers continue for a new trial for Leonard Peltier,
    convicted for the ambush murders of SA¹s Ron Williams and Jack Coler on
    June 26, 1975 on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.
           In the December 1992 Minneapolis City Council meeting a proposed
    resolution was presented for such a new trial. At the same time an article
    by William Kunstler, well-known attorney for numerous radical
    defendants and a spokesman for the ³new trial² group, had published
    locally an article captioned ³Why the FBI Wants No New Peltier Trial², in
    which he put out false statements and unfounded charges against the FBI
    investigation. The facts that Leonard Peltier was charged and convicted of
    two counts of first degree murder in connection with the agents¹ deaths,
    that the conviction was upheld by the Federal Appeals Court and the U.S.
    Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal, and that Peltier had been
    afforded all avenues of our judicial system were not publicized.
           Before the Minneapolis City Council took action, however, this
    omission was effectively corrected by a contingent of FBI Agents and
    Sheriff¹s Office deputies led by SAC Nicholas V. O¹Hara (now retired) of
    the Minneapolis FBI Office., who had been an active, articulate and
    effective crusader for justice in this case, which is of prime interest in
    this North Central region. By coherent arguments and presentation of facts
    SAC O¹Hara and his associates derailed the resolution by providing a
    convincing theme. Peltier should not get a new trial for a simple reason -
    he is guilty.....
    ...SAC O¹Hara decried the ³Hollywood type misrepresentation of this case.²
    He noted the portrayal on ³60 Minutes² and the 1993 book by Peter
    Matthiesen ³In the Spirit of Crazy Horse²; two films ³Thunderheart² and
    the Robert Redford movie ³Incident at Oglala²; and the unfounded and false
    statements of William Kunstler and former AG Ramsey Clark. These
    endeavors all urge a new trial for Leonard Peltier, something his
    defenders seek in the public media when their efforts in the judicial
    system have failed.
         The murders of SA¹s Williams and Coler are a sad and deplorable part
    of FBI history. In the sense of justice and loyalty, as the response of SAC
    O¹Hara and his associates shows, FBI agents past and present, will not
    allow the memories of these Service Martyrs to be besmirched.

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    Leonard Peltier & the FBI