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Leonard Peltier

    On June 26, 1975, at the Jumping Bull's compound on the Oglala Lakota Pine Ridge Reservation, two unmarked cars following a red pick-up truck came into the compound in which an encampment of the American Indian Movement (AIM) was located. A firefight took place between in which one native warrior, Joseph Stuntz, and two FBI agents died. The AIM encampment had been set up on the request of Oglala traditional Elders because Pine Ridge was under a state of terror brought about by a death squad call the GOON Squad. In just over two years 60 murders had taken place, homes had been shot up and many people assaulted. Those two unmarked cars came into the encampment in the same manner as many drive-by shootings had taken place. In no way did these FBI agents follow even the most fundamental police procedures. The AIM members believing that they were under another murderous attack defended themselves.

    There were reasons behind the actions by the FBI on Pine Ridge. First, uranium was found in the Sheep Mountain area of Pine Ridge. It was well known that the Oglala Lakota People would not approve the U.S. government taking even more of their land. Thus, a diversion had to be created. At the same time as the shoot out happen, in Washington D.C. the illegal signing away of that land was taking place. Second, the FBI had a program to suppress AIM because they feared that AIM was awakening Native People to stand up for their rights. [JULY 1ST STATEMENT]

    Leonard Peltier is presently serving two life sentences for the murder of two F.B.I. agents on the Pine Ridge Reservation in 1975. Subsequently media attention has focused on whether or not Leonard Peltier deserves support in his efforts to win a retrial of his case. Those whose concern focuses on the F.B.I. agents and families as victims may not be knowingly anti-Indian. However, they assume that this Indian leader must be guilty without knowing the facts of this case and it's ties to past and present Indian - U.S. relations. [In Support of Leonard Peltier]

    On February 17, 1990, in a small house in the Pacific Northwest, I was talking with Peltier's cousin Bob Robideau, when he lifted his gaze to acknowledge someone behind me who had quietly entered the room. ... It was this man who, on June 26, 1975, killed FBI agents Ron Williams and Jack Coler on the Pine Ridge Reservation. -Who Really Killed the FBI Men?

    "The United States government must share in the responsibility for the June 26 firefight... It appeared that the FBI was equally to blame for the shootout..."
    - Gerald Heaney, Senior Judge in the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, in a letter supporting clemency for Leonard Peltier. -TOP TEN REASONS LEONARD PELTIER SHOULD BE FREED, IN THE WORDS OF THE GOVERNMENT...

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